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hey everyone!im kayy,im always here to help.i love giving advice and one day i hope to be a therapist or something like that :]ive been thru alott and pretty much know what im dealing with. i couldnt live without my is liife. need help?!feel free to ask
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I have this friend that is a very jealous woman over her husband. I am one of her husband's favorite people to talk to, but we have not talked in a very long time because he got a new job halling traliers across the country. I don't have any type of communication with him, but I do get to talk to her all of the time. She is actually more like a mother to me, or I thought. He recently came home for a visit and had dinner with her, some more friends and myself. After dinner she had to go somewhere and he went back home I am assuming, I went off and played with some of my friends and then went and talked to a classmate about some homework. According to my roomate she came up to her and asked her where I was in a angry or worried tone. She has never asked where I was before? My roommate said that maybe it is because she suspects that something is going on between her husband and I but that is totally bizarre and disgusting on so many levels. I don't know what to do, and I am afriad to ask her since all she told me when I got back with her was "I was just wondering where you were that's all" What should I do? And what are the likely thoughts of my friend? (link)
you need to make it blatantly clear that there is NOTHING whatsoever going on between you and her husband. let her know that you two are just friends and nothing more. explain it calmly to her and let her know that she can trust you. let her know how you feel about her husband [that he's JUST your friend and he's like a brother to you]. make sure you pick a good time (i.e. when you two are alone and her husband is out of town) that way she knows that you arent with him and it gives you two a better chance to talk. you may want to confirm your suspicions before you talk to her because she may overreact if you approach her out of the blue. best of luck

I appologize for the length in advance. I have a friend "dave" who wants to move into our apartment with me and my other friend "mike." Me and dave are constantly getting in fights, and he's pretty much an alcoholic.Dave was gonna move in until he decided not to move out of the dorms. But he's living with Mike this summer and he loves the new apartments. Now he's begging me and Mike to send letters to the campus housing people to request him to come next year (it's his only ticket out of the dorms). I told him I would send them a request, but now I'm seriously having second thoughts. I dont want to have him drinking all the time in our apartment (where it is prohibited) and be bugging us all the time. BTW, mike and dave somewhat get along but dave always says stupid stuff to mike, so its kinda rocky between them too. Anyway, should I call the campus and request that Dave not move in? Should I try to confront Dave about it and just say that we'd be screwed the first time we have a fight? Also if I do nothing, I'm pretty sure Dave would get into our apartment, and then it'd be a year of hell for us. I dont want to hurt his feelings, but it seems like anything I do or say would do just that. Thanks (link)
well i think you should tell dave that you dont want him to move int. just explain things out to him and have mike there too. if things are rocky between you and dave he probably shouldnt move in. and if things are kinda rocky between mike and dave then that would only cause bigger problems.
you should also just request that dave not move in with you guys.because theres a chance that he'll request to move in with you and mike.

I don't know what's happening, my and my cousin are best friends ever since we were like 5 years old and well I hate to admit it but like deep inside of me I've been just randomly hating her for the last 2 years.

Maybe because she's kind of copying me? Somehow it's like she snoops at everything I do. Like we're both really high academic students but she's a year older than me so she can do things slightly better then me but is way mroe better then me socailly with relatives and family. Like she snoops in my interests and stuff and TRIES to like it!

Like one time I just got a super cool video from a different palce and my sister told me that when she went to her house she saw a list of movies to rent and all the movies are the movies that I bought by myself. Like maybe I wouldnt' get mad if maybe she asked me to borrow my movies or talk about how she likes it to but the fact that she's secretly liking it or something definitely gives me this suspicious feeling.

Like I like this certain thing for 10 years and she never liked it but recently since a BOY likes it, she all of a sudden 'likes' it when I KNOW that she doesn't. She just saves pictures of it and think she knows but she doesn't. I go! I love her yet hate her at the same time! Now if I ever talk to her with my best friend all i mentain is what I hate about her or any bad stuff.

It's hurting me! What can i do? I'm techniquely nto back stabbing because I'm nto spreading rumours but I'm just talking out my feeling to my best friend who keeps it all a secret. Am i a bad person? (link)
no your not a bad person. youre just in a bad situation.

she sounds a little insecure and is just kinda going along with whatever someone else likes.

maybe just try distancing yourself from her for a little while. or if you guys hang out alot or talk alot then just kinda say the opposite of what she says.. like if she says "oh i really like that movie" or something like that..just disagree with it and be like "oh well...i thought it was okay but it wasnt amazing" or something like that. just as long as you arent lying to her about it or anything. just maybe try to not talk to her as much unless she approaches you,or maybe disagree with a few things she says. eventually she should stop

or if you want to confront her about it just talk to her and let her know how you feel.

xo kayy

theres this guy, lets call him.. jon. well, i like jon. i really like him, in a LIKE like way. in the beginning of the year, when i met him, i really liked him a lot. we talked for a couple of days, but then just sort of stopped talking. a little while later we were talking again, and he asked me to sneak out with him. i said yes. we snuck out and made out in his car for like an hour. then, we kinda stopped talking again. i mean, we still said hi when we saw each other at school, but we didn't really talk. winter break came around, and he came on vacation. i missed him really badly. when he came back, he started talking to me again. he said he missed seeing me and hugging me at school and stuff. we talked for a while and snuck out again. then i had sex with him. after that, we sort of stopped talking again. then we snuck out together again, but we didn't really do anything. then we stopped talkng for a bit again. it was always like that. we'd talk for a few days, do something, n stop talking again. last monday, we started talking again. we talked every day. he told me i was cute n called me cutie n stuff. then he took me out on friday. we talked a bit, made out, n had sex. i had soccer yesterday, but after, i talked to him for a while. i had soccer today too, but i talked to him today too. i don't know what's going on. i don't know what he's doing or thinking or whatever. what should i do? (link)
i know how you really like this guy..but i hate to say me it sounds like hes using you.
sorry but think about dont talk for awhile.. then you start talking and he has you sneak out and then you guys like make out and have sex? he tells you he misses you and then you guys start doing stuff again.but then you stop talking.
idk if he is..cause idk the entire situation.. but just try to pay attention to that a little more and if you notice it then just do something about it..unless of course you like the relationship you currently have with him

xo kayy

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