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upper lip hair

Question Posted Thursday December 9 2004, 11:24 pm

im 14/f...and the hair that i have above my upper lip has gotten really dark and noticeable...its mom says not to shave it, im scared to get it waxed, it hurts when you pluck it, and well is there anything else?!

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iantnocidychick answered Monday June 11 2007, 6:48 pm:
Hi, I'm 16 and I've kinda had the same prob, I know how you feel! :S Put (real!)lemon juice on the area and sit out in the sun! I'm not for sure how long, but I guess til you're satisfied! This naturaly bleaches(lightens!) the hairs!
I learned this from my older sister who loves to read, she read the diary of Anne Frank book, and apparently! Anne had the same thing! And she used lemon juice, or so the book says so!
I've also read somewhere online that you can use cucumber juice AND lemon juice. But I've never used that, so I don't know for sure.

Good luck!


[ iantnocidychick's advice column | Ask iantnocidychick A Question

aimeeluvzya answered Sunday January 23 2005, 1:50 am:
SHAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! and u could try to wax it! ~Aimee

[ aimeeluvzya's advice column | Ask aimeeluvzya A Question

josiechick0289 answered Thursday December 30 2004, 11:41 pm:
bleach it

[ josiechick0289's advice column | Ask josiechick0289 A Question

*Kate* answered Saturday December 25 2004, 10:31 pm:
Do NOT shave it, wax it, or pluck it, honestly just BLEACH it...totally, I swear it'll be better and you only have to do it like every three months, and the bleaching kit is only like $5 at the drug store and it lasts along time.

[ *Kate*'s advice column | Ask *Kate* A Question

cheesepie1234 answered Friday December 24 2004, 2:19 am:
there is this stuff by sally hansen if you know that brand and you can bleach the hairs. but if you want to get it waxed i jsut want to let you that when if grows back it will be prickly and your boyfriend wont enjoy kissing you very much. there is also laser removle but that costs tons of money.

[ cheesepie1234's advice column | Ask cheesepie1234 A Question

yippe14 answered Wednesday December 22 2004, 5:35 pm:
get it waxed it stays away longer guys like that

[ yippe14's advice column | Ask yippe14 A Question

goodadvice4teens answered Sunday December 19 2004, 12:43 am:
cut your lip off

[ goodadvice4teens's advice column | Ask goodadvice4teens A Question

lildesidevil143 answered Thursday December 16 2004, 5:16 pm:
well actually waxing your upperlip doesnt hurt that much as much as if i were you i would 13 and i've been waxing since 11 so it doesnt hurt that much...but the thing is the more you do wax the less the pain is!
hope this helps

[ lildesidevil143's advice column | Ask lildesidevil143 A Question

roxy_gurl2164 answered Wednesday December 15 2004, 8:19 pm:
What ever you do, don't shave it, the hair will then grow back thicker and darker. Try nair, that might work, but that stings if u constantly use it. The most reasonable thing to do is wax it. I know it hurts but you should go for it, it won't hurt that much if you try not to think about it. Hope i helped<333 roxy

[ roxy_gurl2164's advice column | Ask roxy_gurl2164 A Question

Stephanie4lchs answered Wednesday December 15 2004, 7:10 pm:
Sweetie, get it waxed. It doesn't hurt (much) and you'll be thankful that you got rid of it! Your mom is absolutely right though. Dont shave it or it will grow even darker and longer.


[ Stephanie4lchs's advice column | Ask Stephanie4lchs A Question

orphans answered Sunday December 12 2004, 10:48 pm:
Try Nair it'll work...Promise!!!!!!!!!!1

[ orphans's advice column | Ask orphans A Question

vineswinga answered Sunday December 12 2004, 9:47 pm:
just wax it

[ vineswinga's advice column | Ask vineswinga A Question

GeekGirl answered Sunday December 12 2004, 7:15 pm:
I used to bleach my hair, but I developed an allergic reaction to the bleach and any nair like products. I can't wax for similar reasons.

I shave my upper lip. It WILL NOT grow in thicker. It WILL NOT grow faster. Period. This is a fact of nature.

It may look a bit thicker, because you've cut off the hair at the thickest part.

[ GeekGirl's advice column | Ask GeekGirl A Question

NEVERLETG00 answered Sunday December 12 2004, 2:37 pm:
bleaching is the best technique for hair above the lips. x0

[ NEVERLETG00's advice column | Ask NEVERLETG00 A Question

mrs_radcliffe answered Saturday December 11 2004, 5:10 pm:
bleach it to your colour of your skin dont shave or wax if you do it gets more noticeable and busher if you do it roxie xxx

[ mrs_radcliffe's advice column | Ask mrs_radcliffe A Question

queenbianca2004 answered Saturday December 11 2004, 9:23 am:

YES its ok. I have the same thing. See I am hispanic so I get really hairy. Just go to Wal-Mart and look for upper lip nair. all it is is a lip cream. Put it on for 4 minutes then get a wet warm towel and wipe it off. it really works. But make sure to read the directions. DONT SHAVE IT!! I have a friend who shaved hers and now she shaves like a man. And waxing doesnt hurt too much after your used to it. And tweesing is only if you have like 2 hairs. So I hope I helped...


[ queenbianca2004's advice column | Ask queenbianca2004 A Question

JSIMT answered Saturday December 11 2004, 2:25 am:
for the love of GOD do NOT shave it, wax it, or pluck it, honestly just BLEACH it...totally, I swear itll be better! when your older, you can get it taken off with laser surgery babe! just dont remove it until you laser it!

[ JSIMT's advice column | Ask JSIMT A Question

snowwalker69 answered Saturday December 11 2004, 12:41 am:
your only option is to wax. yes, do not for the love of god shave it. It will grow in thicker. There is nair, which is a hair removal cream. You put it on, wait a couple of minutes and wipe it away. It's 5 dollars and something.

[ snowwalker69's advice column | Ask snowwalker69 A Question

here2helpyou answered Saturday December 11 2004, 12:33 am:
Try nair!! its great, just a lotion that you put on for about 4 minutes, take it off, and the hair is gone....hope u try it, and hope i helped!!-here2helpyou

[ here2helpyou's advice column | Ask here2helpyou A Question

OMGigiveADVICE answered Friday December 10 2004, 11:07 pm:
My friend has your problem. She bleaches it. Dont shave, wax, or pluck cause the hairs will just get darker.

[ OMGigiveADVICE's advice column | Ask OMGigiveADVICE A Question

Genius101 answered Friday December 10 2004, 8:59 pm:
well my friend has a really bad upper lip hair. and she bleaches it. i havent tryed it personally but i heard it works, hope i helped.

[ Genius101's advice column | Ask Genius101 A Question

gibson123 answered Friday December 10 2004, 7:29 pm:
just shave it with a razor, you will have to do it like twice every 3 weeks or so but its better then waxing!

[ gibson123's advice column | Ask gibson123 A Question

Tinkerbelle answered Friday December 10 2004, 7:27 pm:
You can bleach it so the hair isn't as noticable.. But I really don't know anything else you can do. You either have to get it waxed or get one of those electric things that's sensitive enough to shave it.

[ Tinkerbelle's advice column | Ask Tinkerbelle A Question

vickidee123 answered Friday December 10 2004, 7:07 pm:
dont shave it. try nair for upper lip. my friend used it and it worked good and it didnt leave any marks on her skin. =)

[ vickidee123's advice column | Ask vickidee123 A Question

Shaylee answered Friday December 10 2004, 7:00 pm:
If you are afraid of waxing then get a salon to do it, also another great alternative is the creams you can get from chemists. I would highly recommend Nair, its by far the best on the range in my opinion. Don't shave it, use cream or get it waxed. Much better, and just one thing about waxing- it hurts for that second but after that its fine. Don't not wax because of the pain- plucking is a much worse alternative- but don't feel that you stick out, many many women have this problem.

[ Shaylee's advice column | Ask Shaylee A Question

BeAuTiFuLsTaLkR6 answered Friday December 10 2004, 6:32 pm:
If u dont like waxing ask your mom to get lazer removal but that hurts more than waxing and waxing dont hurt at all!!

[ BeAuTiFuLsTaLkR6's advice column | Ask BeAuTiFuLsTaLkR6 A Question

*-LyL-RyAh-* answered Friday December 10 2004, 5:26 pm:
Bleach it with bleaching cream. I just did that it's like blonde now. I got it at my pharmacy.

[ *-LyL-RyAh-*'s advice column | Ask *-LyL-RyAh-* A Question

nOt_sO_sHy_3_2_8_3 answered Friday December 10 2004, 3:55 pm:
Use Nair!

[ nOt_sO_sHy_3_2_8_3's advice column | Ask nOt_sO_sHy_3_2_8_3 A Question

Babii_Soccer10 answered Friday December 10 2004, 3:35 pm:
dye it

[ Babii_Soccer10's advice column | Ask Babii_Soccer10 A Question

Dixie_Priss_789 answered Friday December 10 2004, 3:24 pm:
Well it does hurt when you get it wax but its the best thing and its not like it hurts for ever

[ Dixie_Priss_789's advice column | Ask Dixie_Priss_789 A Question

veekiez answered Friday December 10 2004, 11:17 am:
A lot of my friends get their lips waxed and theye say it doesnt hurt at all. I would definetly try it. Plucking hurts, but they also make bleaching kits and Nair has creme that takes of the hair, you can get this all at hte grocery store or walgreens! Good luck, and lip hair is SExy! dont be ashamed

[ veekiez's advice column | Ask veekiez A Question

netsirk07 answered Friday December 10 2004, 10:22 am:
Waxing dosent hurt at all i thought it would too but it dosent but get hair bleacher its available in walmart by the comsmetic dept. thats a lot easier thats what my sister uses!! it really works!

[ netsirk07's advice column | Ask netsirk07 A Question

lilcutie1212 answered Friday December 10 2004, 10:13 am:
Use nair as you heard from sexybecky1212

[ lilcutie1212's advice column | Ask lilcutie1212 A Question

Daisy answered Friday December 10 2004, 9:54 am:
You can bleach the hairs. Don't whatever you do shave as the hairs will grow back thicker and darker, don't pluck or wax either. - Bleaching definitely, you can buy kits in most drugstores and don't worry, you're not alone!

[ Daisy's advice column | Ask Daisy A Question

Ditsy answered Friday December 10 2004, 9:49 am:
well i get my eye brows waxed all the time. and it hurts for a second i think u should just go get it waxed

[ Ditsy's advice column | Ask Ditsy A Question

ManderMuffin answered Friday December 10 2004, 8:51 am:
I think you should shave it off even though your mother says not to. It's not going to disappear no matter how much you pray it will so better to just take it off. Actually, you should go buy some nair. That's a great product it's a hair removal treatment and it ranges from 5-10 bucks. Not bad, eh? Anyways, it loosens the hair and it loosens up the hair and removes it from the roots. ((I use it for my legs because I hate nicking myself and razor burn sucks.))

[ ManderMuffin's advice column | Ask ManderMuffin A Question

Karen answered Friday December 10 2004, 7:22 am:
I used to be just like you! I had dark upper lip hair and it was so noticeable! I tried Nair Upper Hair remover and it works great! Your mom is right, just don't shave and wax it because if you wax it, your skin will become dry and stuff, trust me! Nair only costs a few dollars and you can get it at Walmart! Hope I helped :)

[ Karen's advice column | Ask Karen A Question

theanswer answered Friday December 10 2004, 2:23 am:
lasar surgery. Have them zapped at the root they want grow back anymore.

[ theanswer's advice column | Ask theanswer A Question

PleaseHelpMe answered Friday December 10 2004, 2:10 am:
It shoudlnt hurt that bad. It will for only about 3 seconds. But thats it so its really worth it. Plucking it hurts so much because you dont get it all done at once. You doing one at a time. So it hurts more than waxing. Pluss..theres other places waxing would hurt muuchhh more lol. And you shouldn't shave it because it will just come back stubbely, like a guys and it gets thicker. xO ~ Jenna

[ PleaseHelpMe's advice column | Ask PleaseHelpMe A Question

Mallisssa answered Friday December 10 2004, 1:06 am:
There's a thing on tv that looks nice for that. You've probably seen the add, it's a little stick that you rub across the area and it removes all hair. It also comes with a free compact! I'd check that out. 14.99 i think it was.

[ Mallisssa's advice column | Ask Mallisssa A Question

Draak answered Friday December 10 2004, 1:01 am:
Depilatories are a hair removal cream that you apply and wipe off after five to ten minutes. It's lasts for two to three weeks and the hairs does not grow back darker as would happen with shaving or plucking. It's painless, easy, and error free.

[ Draak's advice column | Ask Draak A Question

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