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how do u get rid of ur period for a short time?

Question Posted Thursday November 25 2004, 6:15 pm

gah just got my period and im supposed to be seeing my guy this weekend what can i do to make it go away faster?

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Rika1234 answered Thursday April 5 2012, 12:58 am:
While there is no miracle drug to stop your period on comand there is a way you can feel more comfortable around your guy! Try wearing a tampon which can help hide mother nature for your visit. Another product you could try would be a softcup which is even safe for your closer encounters. Although it does not prevent pregnancy. If you want to know more try

[ Rika1234's advice column | Ask Rika1234 A Question

Hannahbaby answered Saturday September 19 2009, 2:08 pm:
Take a birth control pill I promise it works! I was in the same suitation that's why I'm on this site but I don't take birth control just when my period comes around i'll pop one n it takes it completly away! Its worked twice for me!

[ Hannahbaby's advice column | Ask Hannahbaby A Question

loochalo answered Thursday December 23 2004, 10:24 pm:
you cant really make it just *go away*
but i heard from a friend that she uses this *medicine* that helped it go away faster (but im not positive) well i hope i helped!:)

[ loochalo's advice column | Ask loochalo A Question

gcfreakadoodle answered Sunday December 19 2004, 1:21 am:
you cant stop your period im pretty sure its not possible...just wear a tampon i guess thanx

[ gcfreakadoodle's advice column | Ask gcfreakadoodle A Question

kittygurl90 answered Friday December 3 2004, 5:00 pm:
i heard chocolate works

[ kittygurl90's advice column | Ask kittygurl90 A Question

beauteful_withn answered Tuesday November 30 2004, 11:54 pm:
aww im sorry but i hate to break it to you sweetheart.. there is NOTHING you can do to make it go faster. believe me if there was i would be in heaven! lol. i think that everyone female would be praizing the gods! im sorry hun! i hope everything works out and that it ends in time for you to have "fun" with your guy! good luck!

[ beauteful_withn's advice column | Ask beauteful_withn A Question

mrs_radcliffe answered Sunday November 28 2004, 2:46 pm:
there is no way of making your period stop unfortunatly unless your willing to make your self ill which you should do really

[ mrs_radcliffe's advice column | Ask mrs_radcliffe A Question

brown23 answered Saturday November 27 2004, 10:19 pm:
there is no way to make it go away faster....why do you need it to go away for him

are you guys gonna do anything>?

[ brown23's advice column | Ask brown23 A Question

HuGzNKisSeZ69 answered Friday November 26 2004, 9:50 pm:
IDK if this works for everyone but a while ago I tried being anorexic. I didn't get my period for 3 months! I have to say if being anorexic wasn't hazardous to your health i would do that again cuz i hate my period! But ye ai guess if u dont eat i mean it worked for me

[ HuGzNKisSeZ69's advice column | Ask HuGzNKisSeZ69 A Question

snowwalker69 answered Friday November 26 2004, 9:24 pm:
lol, i would love to the answer to that very question. Go on the needle? that takes 3 monthes though. You should really schdule when your period will be so you won't end up in this mess

[ snowwalker69's advice column | Ask snowwalker69 A Question

BloNdieSs_Kic_AsS answered Friday November 26 2004, 5:40 pm:
theres nothing you can do to make it go away! if there is then sombody tell me!!! lol all i can sey is exersize exersize!!... becuase then flows better and its not so heavy! other then that make sure u wear a tampon and jus act like its not there and have fun!!! dont let it ruin this weekend for you!

[ BloNdieSs_Kic_AsS's advice column | Ask BloNdieSs_Kic_AsS A Question

Rolexdude answered Friday November 26 2004, 3:55 pm:
ull just have to wait it out. use the anti leak and anti odor stuff and just act like its not there.

[ Rolexdude's advice column | Ask Rolexdude A Question

MKCheer085 answered Friday November 26 2004, 1:38 pm:
omg idk but if you get an answer tell me~

[ MKCheer085's advice column | Ask MKCheer085 A Question

babiigurl076 answered Friday November 26 2004, 12:19 pm:
You can't make it go away..just wear a tampon or something so he won't know. If you two were planning on doing things while you were hanging out, you should reconsider :] Hope I helped!

[ babiigurl076's advice column | Ask babiigurl076 A Question

Beccers_boo answered Friday November 26 2004, 3:10 am:
you cant make it go away at all... with out birth control pills. Is this your first time?? Well i would advise NO SEX for now!! If it is your frist time dont use a tampon... wait a few motnhj before that. Since it usualy isnt heavy at first just wear a mini pad and store one in a pocket or something. Its simple... and if your bf finds out abotu it... who cares.


good luck

[ Beccers_boo's advice column | Ask Beccers_boo A Question

misunderstood64 answered Friday November 26 2004, 1:22 am:
hey i know what you mean. You can't really get rid of your period but you CAN make it go away faster. Exercising will decrease your flow. exercise exercise exercise!! lol also wearing tampons usually decreases your flow too. Try exercising and wear tampons instead of pads that should help! good luck, I hope it goes away!

[ misunderstood64's advice column | Ask misunderstood64 A Question

XlovelyladyO25 answered Thursday November 25 2004, 11:47 pm:
sorry hun but there is nothing your can do... just tell him, he should understand cus every girl goes through it. or if you dont want to tell him make sure you wear a tampon and a panty liner and make sure you have something else with you just incase you have leaks.

[ XlovelyladyO25's advice column | Ask XlovelyladyO25 A Question

BBaLLBaBii911 answered Thursday November 25 2004, 11:35 pm:
you can't make it go away faster, but you can rescedule that date!

[ BBaLLBaBii911's advice column | Ask BBaLLBaBii911 A Question

onetallguy answered Thursday November 25 2004, 11:04 pm:
uh....not to be mean or anything....but im a guy and i know the answer....there is nothing you can do about it

[ onetallguy's advice column | Ask onetallguy A Question

pRiiNcEsS_bRyT answered Thursday November 25 2004, 11:02 pm:
lmao u cant make it go away ....
it depends on yer body type for when it stops...if its heavy now you will probably have it this weekend but if its starting to lighten up it should be gone! good luck!

[ pRiiNcEsS_bRyT's advice column | Ask pRiiNcEsS_bRyT A Question

blondebombshell33 answered Thursday November 25 2004, 11:02 pm:
ahhh i am so wishing that girls didnt have periods! aHhH! iT sux! theres no way 2 just have it and then stop in a cycle.. which realy sux.. but 4 future refrence... use birth control just tell ur mom that u have really bad cramps and ur flow is really heavy thats y alot of girls get birth control... or i cant even believe i'm saying this... but if i have an event like a pool party, or prom coming up... and i know i'm gonna get my period.. when i dont want my period... i just will cut down on eating.... if u dont eat hardly aything... ur period wont come that month... and then eat regulary and it will come back and you'll be fine... i'm not saying u sould do this... so dont get pissed off if u think i'm telling u 2 "starve urself" but its just a suggestion! hope i helped!
xOxO, aLeX

[ blondebombshell33's advice column | Ask blondebombshell33 A Question

lollypopgurl769 answered Thursday November 25 2004, 10:19 pm:
ohh that sucks =( ... theres no REAL way to make it go away faster, but drink a lot of water and exercise and it should not be as heavy. * xo - angie *

[ lollypopgurl769's advice column | Ask lollypopgurl769 A Question

queenbianca2004 answered Thursday November 25 2004, 9:58 pm:
Well I dont have my period but i DONT THINK YOU can GET RID OF IT.....

[ queenbianca2004's advice column | Ask queenbianca2004 A Question

aNgeLxfOrEvEr answered Thursday November 25 2004, 9:34 pm:
There's not much you can do about it. Sucks doesn't it? Just tell him the truth, hopefully he'll understand. Sorry :/

[ aNgeLxfOrEvEr's advice column | Ask aNgeLxfOrEvEr A Question

Fran answered Thursday November 25 2004, 9:31 pm:
The only thing you can do to stop it is go on the pill, but don't take the sugar pills, just keep on with the hormone ones. It's completely safe, but you need to be on it for a couple weeks I think... Otherwise, just tell your boy it's a no go zone but tell him he can give you a massage instead! :)

[ Fran's advice column | Ask Fran A Question

SeaWorldGirl61692 answered Thursday November 25 2004, 9:29 pm:
Sorry, there's really nothing you can do. He'll understand if something happens, every girl in the world gets their period. If he gives you a hard time, I'm sorry not trying to be rude, but he's an ass.

[ SeaWorldGirl61692's advice column | Ask SeaWorldGirl61692 A Question

LiLHoOtYCuTii4U answered Thursday November 25 2004, 9:15 pm:
O sorry Hun! I dont think U can rush it.Its just mother nature and theres no way u can rush it! Sorry or all us gurls would be doin it! If u like u can either wear pantieliners or a tampon if comfortable or if u wear thongs wear a thongpad! Hope I helped! Rate me!
Kayla Ann!

[ LiLHoOtYCuTii4U's advice column | Ask LiLHoOtYCuTii4U A Question

theblondeone989 answered Thursday November 25 2004, 9:13 pm:
Haha, absolutely nothing. Have fun with that one, buddy.

[ theblondeone989's advice column | Ask theblondeone989 A Question

the_haha_boat answered Thursday November 25 2004, 8:56 pm:
hold your breath

[ the_haha_boat's advice column | Ask the_haha_boat A Question

SheaStadium answered Thursday November 25 2004, 8:53 pm:
sry u just gotta run its i no

[ SheaStadium's advice column | Ask SheaStadium A Question

puppy_x3_love answered Thursday November 25 2004, 8:37 pm:
im pretty sure you can't

[ puppy_x3_love's advice column | Ask puppy_x3_love A Question

Magic answered Thursday November 25 2004, 8:35 pm:
uhh im not a girl but im pretty sure there nothing u can do to stop it sry

[ Magic's advice column | Ask Magic A Question

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