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My boyfriend wants more...

Question Posted Sunday September 26 2004, 1:46 am

Well im 15 and i have a WONDERFUL boyfriend. we've been together for 3 years!! and u have to admit thats pretty long..anyways, he gets horny a lot, and he tries to get me to have sex with him sometimes, and im just NOT ready!!! He understands tho of course since hes a real understanding person, but last night, he tried to have sex again!! and of course, (as always) i stopped him. And this morning he came over, and gave me a letter, and then's whut it said..

Dear Nicole,
This no - sex thing just isnt working for me. Im sorry, its just that i get sooo HORNY whenever i see you..i jack off, and i just cum and stuff. I dont have a very strong will, so i think u should rethink about the no-sex thing. you know that i love you either way tho..and i cude never break up with you..but ur a fantastic person, and i neeeeeeeed you..

should i just have sex with him and get it over with? or should i stick with my first answer? PLEZE HELLLLLLLPP ME!!!!!!!!

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mysticpixie05 answered Friday October 1 2004, 11:58 am:
I think that you should just try to end this relationship. He is trying to pressure you into doing something that you have told him several times your not ready for. But him pressuring you it is making you think twice and making you think you should jsut give in so you wont have to hear it anymore. But the turth is, that if you give in and say yes to hm one time, then he will wanting to have sex with you all the time. he will be using you for sex. He doesnt seem like he is really worth it. yeah, most guys are assholes. You should break it off and find someone who respects you and your boundaries and limits. Good Luck and hope this helps.

[ mysticpixie05's advice column | Ask mysticpixie05 A Question

Pretty_In_Pink_xOo answered Sunday September 26 2004, 9:52 pm:
Hey! If i were u then i wouldnt ur only 15 u still have ur whole life a dn u should have sex with hiim just to keep hiim hapy but its up to u watt u wanna do and theres always the chance of gettin pregnate and gettin a diease and if he really loved u he wouldnt keep asking u...well i hoped i helped

xOOx Carly <33

write feedback please and thankyou

[ Pretty_In_Pink_xOo's advice column | Ask Pretty_In_Pink_xOo A Question

Floridagirl1821 answered Sunday September 26 2004, 9:06 pm:
Dont have sex just to keep your b/f! If your not ready, your not. Dont get pressured into it. You told him that your not ready.

[ Floridagirl1821's advice column | Ask Floridagirl1821 A Question

<3kiLeE answered Sunday September 26 2004, 7:24 pm:
i think its up to you if your not ready tell chris that im not ready yet but when i am i will tell you. you should truly do what you think is best but on the other hand i say no you siad you r not ready and hell understand even wrote i cude never break up with you so that gives me a sign that he really loves you and if he really loves you than he will wiat till your ready to have sex with him. hoped i helped.


[ <3kiLeE's advice column | Ask <3kiLeE A Question

Mexicanchic62820004 answered Sunday September 26 2004, 6:10 pm:
Don't jsut go and have sex with him, cuz then ur gonna end up regreting it, if he keeps on wanting to have sex with u then just explain to him more that ur not ready. Don't let him pressure u into having sex when u don't want to or when ur not ready. If he really loves u then he will stop tryin to have sex with u and is still buggin u about the whole sex thing, then tell him that u need a break cuz things r just goin too fast for u. I kno its hard to tell him that but trust me it would be for the best. If u don't tell him and u end up having sex with him, u might end up pregnant, even if u use a condom u could still get pregnant. So please just tell him, don't have sex with him just becuz he wants to!

[ Mexicanchic62820004's advice column | Ask Mexicanchic62820004 A Question

roxychica answered Sunday September 26 2004, 4:38 pm:
sweetheart! no guy if he loved you would even keep asking u to have sex w/ him if he loves u! im 17 and im still a virgin i'll admit that ive done other things but my b/f does not as me to have sex because he knows where i stand and hes 5 years older! he always tells me that he doenst want to pressure me and that when i feel ready be4 marriage to have sex then i can tell him he wont ask but is perfectally ok w/ not having sex till we're married its not a big deal to wait infact it makes u appreciate one another more. i doubt u'll be w/ him for the rest of ur life so dont ruin something so beautiful on someone like that.. wait till ur ready and at 17 im not even ready for some of the responsibilities sex entails

[ roxychica's advice column | Ask roxychica A Question

maria answered Sunday September 26 2004, 4:28 pm:
stick with your instinct..... dont feel pressired... but before you do think of all the results.. can u become a mother..... can u get a disease... think it through first

[ maria's advice column | Ask maria A Question

evilgogeta answered Sunday September 26 2004, 4:25 pm:
Only have sex with him when you're ready. Don't feel pressured by anything he says.

[ evilgogeta's advice column | Ask evilgogeta A Question

fallenangel685 answered Sunday September 26 2004, 1:43 pm:
You shouldnt have sex if your not ready for it and he gets sick of you saying no then dont wast your time on him anymore because he is gonna just keep trying and for all you know he could just be using you for sex. gl

[ fallenangel685's advice column | Ask fallenangel685 A Question

BedtymeCarebear01 answered Sunday September 26 2004, 1:30 pm:
To me this guy is only looking for sex and sounds like a dog already. Wait till your older and definatly wait till you find a decent guy or a better one. You can do alot better.

[ BedtymeCarebear01's advice column | Ask BedtymeCarebear01 A Question

amizzle answered Sunday September 26 2004, 12:42 pm:

Whatever you do, DON'T give into him. He's trying to smooth-talk you into sleeping with him, and from what you said you don't want to sleep with him. Just because he *says* he needs you, doesn't mean that he does. It sounds like he's sex-obsessed.

Keep to your morals, and don't let him overpower you.

Good luck!

- Amizzle

[ amizzle's advice column | Ask amizzle A Question

xoMarisox answered Sunday September 26 2004, 12:18 pm:
Def, stick with ur first answer. You need to be ready and comfortable. You said he understands but if he's not going to go out with u just cuz u wont have sex, I think you should blow him off. He needs to understand UR feelings. Don't do it to get it over with. Do what you want to do, if he just has a g/f to have sex, re-think him. do wats rite.
Hope i helped. rate me please
xoxo, Maris

[ xoMarisox's advice column | Ask xoMarisox A Question

liddylflirtx3 answered Sunday September 26 2004, 11:54 am:
Go with your heart! If you feel that you're not ready to have sex with Chris, he HAS to understand this! Don't have sex with him just to get it over with, because that lowers your self-esteem so much, especially if you were waiting until you got older and maybe even until marriage!

Just tell Chris that you're definitly not ready to have sex with him, but you still love him and could probably do other pleasurable things with him, but just don't want to have sex just yet.

Hope my advice will work for you! Good luck & stick with your heart and mind! =)

[ liddylflirtx3's advice column | Ask liddylflirtx3 A Question

truadvice answered Sunday September 26 2004, 11:11 am:
if your really not ready then dont ... if he is pressuring you to do it alot i wouldnt stay with him and find someone else who wouldnt always want to have sex and wouldn't pressure you , your only 15 you have plenty of time to grow up and do that stuff

[ truadvice's advice column | Ask truadvice A Question

~AshHedgepath~ answered Sunday September 26 2004, 10:24 am:
don't have sex with him just because he wants to. wait until youre ready, if he doesnt understand that, hes not good enough for you, if he does, even better. youre only 15, wait a little.

[ ~AshHedgepath~'s advice column | Ask ~AshHedgepath~ A Question

alisonmarie answered Sunday September 26 2004, 9:39 am:
No. Don't have sex with him.

Making the choice to have sex just to satisfy the other person will always be a choice you regret. Sex has to be something you fully want and are ready for.

You need to be perfectly clear with your boyfriend about this. It sounds like he isn't getting the message - or maybe he's just choosing to not respect it.

You need to plan for your future and do what is best for you, and from a more experienced & distanced perspective, I'd say you are making the ABSOLUTELY right choice. Of course, this is going to continue to be an issue in your relationship.

Your boyfriend needs to understand where you are, and if he is really okay with it then he will stop pressuring you. If he continues and coherces you into sex, you WILL regret it. Perhaps you need to rethink the relationship.

[ alisonmarie's advice column | Ask alisonmarie A Question

Laura answered Sunday September 26 2004, 9:37 am:
No, don't. He sounds like a bum. >.> If he wants sex, tell him to find someone else, because he KNOWS you won't give it and he's just trying to make you give it, because he knows you love him and you'll try and please him. Don't do it.


[ Laura's advice column | Ask Laura A Question

S_C answered Sunday September 26 2004, 7:41 am:
No, don't have sex with him. You're still young, enjoy your young days while you can.

He's not as wonderful as you may think, especially if he's trying to get you to have sex with him even though you said no. A guy that makes you second guess your original, GOOD opinion like that isn't a GREAT guy.

If you seriously think you're ready to do something, then first head over to the health department and make sure niether of you have any STD's. Then start of fondleing, or making out, like go to first and second base, and if you feel comfortable, then 3rd base. But don't hit a homer yet, you're too young. And what would happen if you got pregnant? Thought you think he'd probably claim up to the kid, chances are he wouldn't. Plus having a kid this young in your life would be TERRIBLE.

Wait, if you feel comfy making out, or giving head, or haveing him eat you out or something, then thats fine for your age. But sex, your too young, and you had a GREAT first opinion.
And if your Chris is really as wonderful as you think he'll find that all right

But if he tries to pressure you again, and your not ready then DUMP HIM!!!!

And just a hint, if when it comes to sex, you have even 1% of doubt, then the answer is that you are NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT ready!!

[ S_C's advice column | Ask S_C A Question

nirvana_princess answered Sunday September 26 2004, 6:22 am:
Hey Nicole,

stick with what YOU want... having sex with him will only cause more problems in the end if YOU dont want it. And without sounding too much like your mum, your only 15... you have a lot of time to worry about stuff like that...

If you not ready you have every right to say no...if he truly is as wonderful as you say he is, and he loves and respcts you as much he should then he WILL understand why you dont want to.

If he keeps up with the pressure, ditch him. Your not married honey, and you'll only be young once. DO WAT YOU WANT TO DO!!!

best of luck :)

[ nirvana_princess's advice column | Ask nirvana_princess A Question

Roxybabii922 answered Sunday September 26 2004, 2:48 am:
Dont have sex if you arent ready for it, thats a big mistake, wait until you feel you are ready and dont let him pressure you into it, if he really loved you he'd wait until you were ready

[ Roxybabii922's advice column | Ask Roxybabii922 A Question

Notso answered Sunday September 26 2004, 2:32 am:
first things first, you're boyfriend isn't wonderful. People who pressure you into things that you have stated time and time again aren't wonderful, and most likely don't have your best interests in mind.

Being horny will not kill your boyfriend. No one has ever died from being too horny. Like he said, he masturbates, so he will survive. And even if he didn't he would still survive. His sperm will NOT build up in his penis until he spontaneously combusts.

Just because he doesn't have a very strong will, doesn't mean you shouldn't. Stick to your guns, if you don't want to have sex DON'T. Wait until you feel comfortable. Don't fake yourself into feeling okay about it because he's too horny.

If you insist on staying in this relationship, buy him a playboy magazine instead of compromising your values.

[ Notso's advice column | Ask Notso A Question

FernGully answered Sunday September 26 2004, 2:01 am:
Guys are total assholes. Well, some of them. Ok, most of them.
You don't ever just give in to something like this. I truly think you should end your relationship with this guy. He's getting into your head and making you second guess things. Is that something you want? Do you want to be pressured into everything you do for the rest of your life?

HES AN ASSHOLE. Please for the love of all that is holy, get out of that relationship.

He doesn't respect you and he most likely never will.

[ FernGully's advice column | Ask FernGully A Question

MissIiVannaH answered Sunday September 26 2004, 1:59 am:
No dont do it if u don't feel right.that boy seems like a alright bf but his needs arn't really right at all.and if u do decide to have sex then its because U want to not because he is only thinking about himself and wants it.If u want to wait and he cant handle that then let him go cause he isnt worth ur time.I hope i helped and i think u should set him straight.

[ MissIiVannaH's advice column | Ask MissIiVannaH A Question

storageanddisposal answered Sunday September 26 2004, 1:52 am:
I'm not trying to get you mad or anything, but your boyfriend is a fucking asshole who needs to be put back in his pin. Of course don't sleep with him. You'd be considered a pushover if you did.

[ storageanddisposal's advice column | Ask storageanddisposal A Question

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