This may sound horrible, but I am getting so bored of my friends now.
They are all getting into all this new stuff, like all the scene kid stuff. You know? And they are getting so concieted(sp??) and becoming myspace whores. It seems like all they want to do is either sit around, or sit around on myspace. And they constantly make fun of what I like etc.
Not only are they getting quite annoying, they are getting quite boring also!
Like I said, the only thing they want to do is go on myspace. They used to be so fun, so active. I don't know what to do now, because I don't just want to ditch them.
But whenever I try talking to them, they just blow me off.

You dont have to ditch them. Just slowly stop hanging out with them, but still be on friendly terms.This happens sometimes.

Try making some new friends by joining clubs or people in your classes.


Alright, so i've known my best friend since like 2nd grade. We've always got along all the time. Except for lately, she's kind of being a really big b*t*h.. i mean, she's always making excuses on the weekend on not being able to hang out "because her grandparents are coming over", but then later she's says that she's going over to her friends house. i mean, and whenever we hang out, its really fun at first, but then it gets really boring. she kind of puts down everything i say. she always says that she'll call, but she never does. and i'm always the one calling her to hang out, and yet she never calls me.. I DON'T want to stop being her friend, its jjust really annoying of some of the things she does. what can i do? is there some kind of way of telling this to her that won't really make her mad? (I mean because we have never fought before)

Sometimes close friends grow apart. Talk to her and tell her how you feel, like what you just put in your question (just leave out the Btch. part). Its possible that maybe she feels you guys have nothing in common anymore and thats why you guys dont hang out as much and she doesnt call. You cant control whether or not she will get mad at you, but just stay calm and dont yell at her.

Also, if she puts you down a lot I wouldnt consider her a friend because in my opinion real friends dont do that.


WEll ok my best friend is a girl and we have been through alot together and i really love her and dont want anything to happen to her and ill make sure that nothing does however, theres a problem she likes to get around and have fun with guys and it hurts/ pisses me off...by the way i dont like her more than a friends...she gives them head,let them finger her, and fucks them and im afraid one time somethings going to go wrong and she going to get pregnant...i want to convice her she dont need it but she just laughs at me and goes and does it anyway such as right now shes fucking a friend of mine in my basement...i dont no what to do...i want to tell her how i feel and also get her to stop!! Anythign in helpful! Thanks

Well, Im afraid sometimes you can tell people they are endangering themselves but they wont listen. (Thus the phrase- You can lead a horse to the water, but you cant make it drink)

You need to sit down with her and talk to her about it. How it makes you feel and what could happen to her. (STDs, pregnancy, being used, etc)You could even pull some statistic ups too. She probably thinks she is invincible and nothing will ever happen to her. This is a hard situation because she wont listen and sometimes in situations like this they wont ever stop until something bad happens to them. Maybe get a guy friend to tell her how guys only view her as an object or something.

Good luck!


Well i have a problem im to nice i guess like when someone calls me a slut i get upset easily if someones says im ugly or calls me a bitch or anything i get upset and i cant have a fight with someone cause im too scared im 15/f by the way and when i see someone upset i get upset when i see someone ina fight i cry when someone tells me off i cant stand up to myself and i just start crying i need help :( please any advice that i can become a little bit tougher =[
Anything will do ?


I know how you feel. What you need to do is love who you are and have confidence! People you put people down have problems with themselves and that makes them insecure and thats why they act like that. First, you need to realize that it isnt true and you need to try not to let it bother you. You only need your own approval and dont need it from everyone else. Have a "whatever" attitude, dont let people rule you and tell you who you are.

Dont ever be afraid to stand up for yourself. Everyone has their own opinions. Take deep breaths or remove yourself from the sitautions when you start to feel upset. Good luck!


Can someone please explain how do to these problems. ( In steps if possible )

the directions say Factor each of the following


thanks soo much

Ok so what you are trying to do is "un-distribute". You try to take something out (by dividing,etc) from both parts. Its better if i show you.

1.7y-7 They both have a 7 in them so you take the 7 out so it becomes: 7(y-1).

2.For the second one you see if you can divide each number by a number. (You can) Also you see if they all have the same variable, if they do you take it out, if they dont just leave it.

3. Involves the use of square roots. You can put a square root over each number to get. the square root of bsquared is b and 5 is the sq. root of 25. (this one im not positive on)

Basicly, try to do the opposite of distributing. Sometimes you cant factor them out and sometimes you can have several things taken out of each number. But remember, you have to take the same out of every number/variable. If you need anymore help, Im sure your teacher or even a website (or a math book) can help you even more.


What kind of colours can make someone look thinner?

Very dark or dark colors. The most common color that people use to look thinner is black. As for jeans, always go for a dark wash or even a black.


I have just gotten my braces off about 4 days ago. My gums are sore and my teeth are a little bit yellow. I brush twice a day with aquafresh extra whitening but im not seeing any difference. What can i use to speed up the whitening process. I am only 13.

Congrats on getting them off!! =)

Well keep going to a dentist for regular cleanings and all. Keep using that toothpaste (they really dont do that much, any of them) and buy a whitening product. (Floss too) Theres the Crest Whitestrips and this one that has whitening trays. I myself used a Colgate paint-on and my teeth got really white, but I dont think they make it anymore. You will probably have a try a few products to find one that works for you. Try the product for a few weeks and see if it makes a difference. You can buy them at grocery stores and drugstores, some dentist even offer some Creststripes Professional and custom trays. (Also, laser whitening but thats expensive). Theres also mouthwashes that have whitening in them and rinses for whitening.

Like I said you have to go and see and you might have to try a few. Good luck!!!


I am on yearbook staff at my high school. And I am trying to think of some creative ideas for it and the layouts, color schemes, etc..But first I need a theme! Would there be anything just absolutely amazing to have? Ideas muchly appreciated! THANK YOU :]

There are a lot but Ill list a few that I can think off.

-Beach or anything water related
-Game Board thing {Was it all fun and games?} {Life}(Thats what mine was one yr)
-Depending on how old your school is maybe a decade and how its changed or something
-Something to do with your mascot
-Words that describe each section and the people at your school (In Our Own Words)
-behind the scenes
-Many faces and places
-once in a lifetime
-Make a great show
-building/creating the future
-movie theme
-Leaving footprints
-United as one (jigsaw?)
-time of your life or a rollercoaster
-something to do with music (notes, symphany, etc)

You can also google "Yearbook Themes" and have some websites come up that have ideas. Hope I helped!


Where I can find a cute, trendy handbag that is not more than $40 and doesn't look too fall/winter yet because I want to use it for the start of school, but I also want it to last me atleast until winter or even the end of winter. Also not too big and not tooo small. Thanks!

Heres a short list.

-Target, Walmart, etc.
-Burlington Coat Factory
-Forever21, Wet Seal, and other small inexpensive stores in the local mall
-Maybe a place like JcPenney or maybe the sale rack of a Macys
-Platos (not sure but you never know)
-Ross, TJMaxx (they have cheap designer bags), or Marshalls


on an instant messenger..if a person replies to a long pargraph with "hah" or "heh"...would you consider that rude?

In my opinion, I think it depends what the paragraph is about. If its funny, I would consider "hah" okay. If its a more serious paragraph I wouldnt like it. For it being rude-I guess it depends on your idea of whats rude and not rude. However, some people say "heh" if they dont really have a response to what you just said.

Basicly it comes down to the person you are talking to, the subject matter of the paragraph, and your idea of whats rude.

Hope I helped!


okay in the town where i live, all the cheerleaders have these little wooden signs in their yards that say [school name] cheerleader. well i just made cheerleading and my parents wont let me put my sign out because they think its "tacky." and actually, i dont really like it either, cuz i feel like its kind of bragging. but the other girls have been asking me why i dont have my sign out, and i don't know what to say. i dont want to insult them by saying my parents think its tacky. so what should i say?

Uck. Its tacky. No one around here does that because of deed restrictions.

You could always say "I dont care for it" or blame it on deed restrictions or something similar to that. Or you can say that your parents dont want it, etc. You dont have to say that they think its tacky. If they asked why you can be like "I dont know", etc.

Honestly, you dont have to say anything because they shouldnt really care about it.


there is this girl and she is an ace mate a really really good one .. but she really annoyes me .. she get jealous quick ,, she is really sneaky and bitchy ! but then she is a really good mate and she makes me laugh and can be really funny and ace !

and i dont no what to do because if i say sumet she just snapps at me and gets angry and starts to say nasty things !

what should i do about her ??

This is one of those hard situations. You have to really think about it. Maybe talk to her about it. Im sure shes a really nice person but if she wont stop snapping at you when you try to tell her about her behavior, you might want to not hang around her so much. Its a hard decision, but you have to ask yourself some questions. Like "Do I really want to be around someone who always snaps at me?" and so on.



There's this girl in my church, she absolutely drives me insane, but maybe it's because I'm jealous (because every guy i'll ever like, will think she's so hot). Anyways, she's a two-faced attention... seeker. She's not-so-2-faced infront of the other girls but the things she tells me is really irksome. At one point, I asked her why she kept telling this girl she loathed "I love you" and she replied to me with "because I don't want her to know how much I dislike you". I didn't even expect that, I don't even think I heard it right.
She repeatedly clings onto me, copies me, which causes her parents to think I'm like a bad influence or something.

Is she someone worth keeping around?

No. You want friends who are nice and respectful and dont act different when certain people are around. Since she tells other people how she really likes them but doesnt really, she could be doing the same thing to you. Since she drives you "insane" then you know for sure you dont want to hang out with her. Try distancing yourself from her.


Okay so I have a cousin that's really pretty. And all these guys like her and she has a boyfriend that calls her beautiful all the time. I dont have any of that and I think I'm ugly. i used to feel beautiful and sexxie and hott but now its not the same. i mean people tell me all the time I'm soo beautiful and they can't see why I'm sad. But its because guys dont like me, They'll talk to me but thats all. i mean a lot of guys talk to me all the time. They seem to like me but they are like 17 18 and i'm just 14. Maybe its my age but I'm ugly to myself. any suggestions?

Its partly your age and self-esteem. You need to feel good about yourself and think you are beautiful. Everyone has a different idea of beautiful or hott. Your friend might think this one guy is super hott but you find him very ugly. Do thinks to make you feel good about self, like getting your hair or nails done or wearing something that looks good on you. Maybe the guys are shy or something. Also, try going for younger guys. Have confidence in yourself!


my so called good friend called up my other friend and was just talking crap about me. but thats not what really bothers me because she says stuff about EVERYONE she ever meets and im used to it. but then she also told my friend she read my journal/diary whatever u want to call it and thats just like a big violation of personal space. and she called my friend up when i was on vacation and then today she called me and acted like she did nothing since she doesnt know that i know what she did. so shes being two faced. what should i do??

=( Aww Im soo sorry. Well, first you might want to sit down with her and talk it out. Maybe its an understanding or maybe it isn't. She could be jealous of you or just honestly a mean person with insecurites. (Thats why a lot of people do it, they're insecure and need power). If she doesnt want to-thats a bad sign. Second of all you shouldn't consider her a friend or at least a good/close friends. Friends dont do that to other friends. You shouldnt put up with it. Just have a "whatever" attitude and people who know you will probably know the truth about you and for people who dont, maybe one day in the future they will see that she was wrong. You might want to start distancing yourself from her. Girls are very catty. Good luck! =)


I would like to eat more healthier and well i dont know what to buy when i go to the grocery store with my mom, like other then bananas and apples and grapes. What are some specific healthy things to get, fat free things maybe?,things big in fiber?. I just need a list of things,be specific dont just say cereal or fruits and veggies, say the kind of fruit or whatever.

Please and thanks. =]]

Ok, try to stay away from processed or canned food. No fried either. Fresh is the best! Try to also limit sugar!

-Fruit (some like apples have fiber!)
-Veggies (Corn, okra, brocolli[sp.], peas, squash, salad mixes,etc)
-Whole wheat and grain breads (advoid white)
-WATER WATER WATER!!!!!! (soda is bad for you!)
-Non-creamy salad dressings (fat free/light or even oil and vinegar)
-Try to get cereal with hardly any sugar like Cheerios and then put some fruit in it
-Kashi products (there frozen waffles are good!)
-Chicken is always good. It doesnt have any fat and if it does it isnt too much. There are many ways to prepare it. (No fried)
-Seafood (Salmon, trout, etc)

Hope I helped!


how do i make my eyebrows thin?like really thin ? please help! i plucked them but they are not as thin.

I wouldnt recommend doing it yourself because they might get messed up. (Like not the same or uneven)

I would probably get them waxed professionally. When I got them professionally waxed mine were REALLY thin. As for upkeep-you could probably pluck them yourself and keep the shape.


I really had no idea where to put this q, so yeah.I was wondering....
How do braces(for teeth) get taken off and does it hurt at all? I've asked my dentist but he never answers me... If you could help that would be great cause i am kinda scared to get them off.

It doesnt and I was scared too! lol

They use some "pliers" to take the brakets and rings off, scrape the gule off, and might clean your teeth. It will feel weird for a little bit but you will be soooo happy! It doesnt hurt but you might feel some discomfort. Your mouth may or may not be sore afterwards.


After being told you're a bad kisser, do you ever get over it and get the courage to kiss again?

Of course you will!!!

Just dont listen to that person because that is their personal opinion. You could be a really great kisser to another person. Sometimes you have to let things roll off of you. You just have to ignore it or have a "whatever" kind of attitude.


Okay. Well this summer I've been going to bed around 2:30 - 3:00 a.m. and I've been wakeing up around noon. And for school I got to wake up at like 5:30

And I tryed the whole alarm thing. And I dont wake up to it AT ALL. So how will I get used to wakeing up so early?

I really need help. All advice needed


Well there are several things you can do, but the most important thing right now is to start going to bed earlier. Every night try going to bed 30 mins earlier. Eventually try to get down to 10:30-11:00 PM. Also, keep using an alarm. You could also get a family member or sibling to help you wake up earlier. They could do that by turning a lamp on in your room, telling you, etc. You need to get a routine down and stick to it.

Good luck!


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