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piercing my ears on my own

Question Posted Tuesday August 31 2004, 3:15 pm

My parents wont let me get the 2nd whole pierced in
my ear but I really wanna do it. So i have dicided to do it on my own! Does any1 know how,and what i should use?? Pleaz dont earase this cuz i wanna make sure i pierce them the right way !!I'll rate high..I promise!!

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SweetStarx89 answered Wednesday September 1 2004, 3:21 pm:
Hey. i did my second and third hole and cartlige and this is wut i did...go to walmart and get those piercing kits...the earrings yah kno that are on display for like $9 at Walmart. take the earrings out of the containers that they are on. use a pen or something and poke it out or u can have the ppl at walmart take them out for you. put them in alchol for a few mintues and mark ur ear where u wanna do it. then hold the earring and poke it threw. the earring is pointy cuz its a piercing one. anything else let me kno Hope i helped! Take Care. x3 SweetStar.

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advicemaster answered Wednesday September 1 2004, 12:07 am:
Just get earrings that are nickel free or gold. then get rubbing alcohol. Sock the earring in them after that get ice and a neddial. then freeze you ear for 3-5 mins. poke the niddle throught then hurry up and put the earring in as fast as you can. Thats what i did. i have 2 holes

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Way2InLuvWitU answered Tuesday August 31 2004, 9:55 pm:
well, piercing ur ears urself prolly aint the best idea bc they will prolly c em and make u take em out and all that crap but if ur gonna do it then heres how:
1. make sure u fully sterilize a needle (put it over fire until the needle gets black and then wipe off the black excess until it is a shiney needle again)
2. get som1 to help you like ur friend or somthing (doing it ur self is gonna hurt A LOT more)
3. make sure that u have the place marked wit marker or somthing bf hand. (make sure both dots are even b4 u go jabbing away lol)
4. make sure u have enough distance between ur 1st and 2nd hole
5. try putting some ice on your ears prior to the piercing so itll be number and wont be so painful.
6. w/e u do, DONT pierce it slow. the more u take ur time the more it hurts and the more scar tissue will build up.
7. it is also a good idea to put somthing hard behind it so the needle goes straight (apple, potatoe, ect.)
8. keep the needle in the ear for a second or two and then remove it quickley, promptly putting the earing in.
9. u prolly kno this but its a good idea to spin the earing everynight(to avoid skin to grow to the earing) and clean it with alcholhol or peroxide to avoid infection.
10. leave it in for 6 to 8 weeks before changing it.
(i say this all rom experience, i pierced my
friends third hole)
if u need anymore help, just ask

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charmed-cherry21 answered Tuesday August 31 2004, 8:50 pm:
You should listen to your parents cause if you do it yourself it could get infected and that would suck. Try talking to you parents again. I had to talk my mom into letting me get it done but she eventually gave in.

*Haleigh Ann*

[ charmed-cherry21's advice column | Ask charmed-cherry21 A Question

KirksSkater answered Tuesday August 31 2004, 8:45 pm:
No..listen to your parents....u'll get in BIG trouble if you don't. I got 2 holes on each ear, but it was a christmas gift....mayb they think you're too you? I dont know...explain y u want it done.

[ KirksSkater's advice column | Ask KirksSkater A Question

Brunettebabe14234 answered Tuesday August 31 2004, 8:09 pm:
*ok well it depends how old r u* mayb u should have some1 else do it for u like a friend or a sibling* ok well some steps are well put ice on ur ear then pierce ur ear with the earing dont do it with the needle bcz it hurts so0o bad ( well i've heard) i got one of my 2nd ones with the needle after it closed* hope u dont get in trouble* LOL

<3 alwayz gg
plz r8 me

[ Brunettebabe14234's advice column | Ask Brunettebabe14234 A Question

avljc16 answered Tuesday August 31 2004, 7:23 pm:
Going against your parents is never the right route to take. Having someone pierce them whose not a professional can get u seriously hurt. Your ears can become infected and then you would have to ask your parents to tkae u to a doctor.
Take my advice and don't get your ear pierced!
Good Luck!


[ avljc16's advice column | Ask avljc16 A Question

MaGiCLyDeLiSh88 answered Tuesday August 31 2004, 6:34 pm:
* Wutver yOu do make sure yOU numb it and make sure it is numb!!! And dont take the ice off untill it is peirced all tha way!!! Be careful and make sure yOu keep it clean... o and good luck with not gettin in trouble... Not bein mean or n e thing but yOu wouldnt wanna get in a fight with yOUr paretns... bye*


[ MaGiCLyDeLiSh88's advice column | Ask MaGiCLyDeLiSh88 A Question

funkychick107 answered Tuesday August 31 2004, 5:17 pm:
I dont think you should pierce them on ur own. what I would do is go to the mall with a friend, and get them pierced there. Hope I helped!

[ funkychick107's advice column | Ask funkychick107 A Question

xxoBriannax answered Tuesday August 31 2004, 4:53 pm:
You probably won't get them precise. But anyways, numb your ear with ice, then get an earing or needle or whatever, then light a lighter then put the earing or whatever above it so it gets really hot, then yea, you pierce.


[ xxoBriannax's advice column | Ask xxoBriannax A Question

EmbracedxRain answered Tuesday August 31 2004, 3:53 pm:
Don't pierce your own ear's. They will get infected. And you'll end up in a lot of trouble after you do it if your parents didn't want you to. Just wait unitl they say its ok. Hope it helps *AMbER*

[ EmbracedxRain's advice column | Ask EmbracedxRain A Question

jesikuh977 answered Tuesday August 31 2004, 3:45 pm:
aww dont go against what ur parents say like that, it'll juss get u in trouble...wait maybe they'll say yes later on and u can get it professionally done!


[ jesikuh977's advice column | Ask jesikuh977 A Question

BrunetteBeauti answered Tuesday August 31 2004, 3:45 pm:
dont pierece ur own ears. it will get infected. i want a second hole 2 but mi dad wont let me get it. wait till ur older or on ur birthday or special occacian.
good luc hun

[ BrunetteBeauti's advice column | Ask BrunetteBeauti A Question

joolaygurl89 answered Tuesday August 31 2004, 3:43 pm:
Don't do it yourself. There's way too much risk. If your parents don't want you to get it, then you should oblige by that. Just wait until your older.

[ joolaygurl89's advice column | Ask joolaygurl89 A Question

LostAngel answered Tuesday August 31 2004, 3:34 pm:
1- u may be to young
2- there might be a reason why youre parents wont like you geta 2nd hole
3- its gonna hurt like hell if you doit your self

This question was also recently asked here...[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

[ LostAngel's advice column | Ask LostAngel A Question

bella627 answered Tuesday August 31 2004, 3:32 pm:
Doing your own piercings is never a good idea. There's a bigger risk of infection and it will hurt more! Plus, your parents will notice that you disobeyed them and got a second hole anyway, so why risk getting into trouble? Just be patient and talk to your parents about why they won't let you get it done. Maybe if you discuss it with them, they will change their minds and see that you're responsible.

[ bella627's advice column | Ask bella627 A Question

Roxybabii922 answered Tuesday August 31 2004, 3:31 pm:
Well, I wouldn't really do my ear because when you screw up you can really tell, but, when I pierced my lip I used a needle and just shoved it through then took the needle out and put the stud in it... just make sure that you clean it, or it will get infected!

[ Roxybabii922's advice column | Ask Roxybabii922 A Question

jbdreamer answered Tuesday August 31 2004, 3:30 pm:
Before you hurt yourself, try to tell your parents that if you can't get it done by a professional, that you are going to attempt it yourself. Maybe that will change their minds. Or try going to differnet shops and see if they card you or not. It's not like you are getting your toung pierced.

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