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Question Posted Sunday March 27 2005, 12:29 am

What kind of dog would you reccomend that is small and you don't have to worry much about its hair?

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Yurari answered Monday August 6 2007, 6:27 pm:
Well, it depends really.
Keep in mind when I list the information if your getting a puppy or adult and what kind of pets you have.

Note: All toy-sized breed of dogs are generally difficult to housebreak and could be harmed easily with kids.

- Manchester Terrier (Toy-size)
These dogs are small and short-haired, but should not be trusted with small/non-canine animals. They are loyal and somewhat difficult to housebreak, but coat-care is very easy.

- Bichon Frise
The Bichon Frise's coat does not shed, and is very easy to care for. They are small dogs and get along well with other animals. As for house-breaking, I'm uncertain.

This dog is small and generally does not get a long with other animals unless they are a chihuahua as well. These dogs are loyal and loving to the point of jealousy. They have short hair and coat-care is very easy. I've been told that they are easy to house-break.

- Italian Greyhound
Now don't be fooled because it says greyhound, these dogs are small and look the same as a greyhound. They are somewhat easy to housebreak and very loving, but extremely fragile. They also have poor bladder control and pee a lot. They are sensitive to harsh correction and not reccommended for boisterious or unruly children. Their coat-care is minimal as well.

The beagle is an over-all good companion and short-haired. They are small, and get a long well with other animals. Some are hard to housebreak, while others are easy, but they do act naughty at times. They remain independant and loving, their coat-care is also easy. They do well with children.

-Rat Terrier
The rat terrier is very short-haired and small as well. They are extremely loving and coat-care couldn't be any easier. They get a long well with pets and kids, but may be somewhat hard to housebreak. They may be one of the rarer breeds to find.

-Hairless Terrier
I don't have much insight, except for what others have told me and general knowledge. As it mentions, they are hairless, so you never have to worry about grooming/shedding. They are also small dogs and get along well with the family. They might be difficult to housebreak, but get a long well with kids/pets.

-Shiba Inu
This dog is another small dog, but the biggest out of the group I mentioned. The biggest they get is 15.5 inches, and are short-haired. Their coat care is minimal and they do get a long extremely well with kids/pets. Don't be fooled though, they are still independant and should not be left alone to wander outside or in a fenced area. They are escape artists and get out of places, VERY easily. They aren't reliable off-leash.

I hope I helped and that you find the dog just right for you. Now remember, NEVER buy a dog just because of their looks. All dogs have different needs and tempermants, so search up your dog info before buying one. Good luck!=3

[ Yurari's advice column | Ask Yurari A Question

catlover_13 answered Tuesday July 12 2005, 12:40 pm:
well maybe some sorta terrior, but they like to run and are kinda wild!

[ catlover_13's advice column | Ask catlover_13 A Question

askforanswersfromAndie answered Sunday May 1 2005, 5:05 pm:
there is the 1) chinease cresent thing. 2) chiwawa(sp)#) mexican hairless(i think)
hope i helped .

[ askforanswersfromAndie's advice column | Ask askforanswersfromAndie A Question

OrangeChikn answered Saturday April 16 2005, 12:33 pm:
Lhasa Apso.

They don't shed much. At all.

[ OrangeChikn's advice column | Ask OrangeChikn A Question

montrealfan answered Thursday April 7 2005, 9:50 pm:
a chiwawa i might not be spelling that right. like that dog they had on the tacobell commercials. also maybey a poodle

[ montrealfan's advice column | Ask montrealfan A Question

dancegurliedathelpz answered Thursday April 7 2005, 5:14 pm:
well i have 1 dog n one is a havanese n they dnt shed at ALL!! n my step sister has a dog its a toy poddle, they dnt shed either!!!

[ dancegurliedathelpz's advice column | Ask dancegurliedathelpz A Question

esbeautiful1313 answered Sunday April 3 2005, 10:53 pm:
I would reccomend a Bichon Frise, and here are my reasons:
1) They do not shed
2) They are very friendly
3) They are small
4) They make great friends
5) They are adorable

I had a bichon for 10 years, and I loved him so much. We actually just got a new puppy, and decided to get the same type again, becasue they make the best pets! Good Luck!

[ esbeautiful1313's advice column | Ask esbeautiful1313 A Question

FlaWlessMonoLith answered Sunday April 3 2005, 9:04 pm:
a rottweiler

[ FlaWlessMonoLith's advice column | Ask FlaWlessMonoLith A Question

fruity answered Friday April 1 2005, 5:37 pm:
west highland terrier

[ fruity's advice column | Ask fruity A Question

X3ReDhEaDX3 answered Tuesday March 29 2005, 2:11 pm:
a Bichon Frise! its the most hypo-allergenic dog out there (that means most people arent allergic to it)and has human hair so it doens shed at all! i have one and she is so0o0o0o cut! youn know JR the awars winning dog?! hes a bichon ans so is ashlee simpsons! they are small and when they grow up way about 15 pounds! check it out! they also have a good personality, live long, and are easy to train!

[ X3ReDhEaDX3's advice column | Ask X3ReDhEaDX3 A Question

PrEtTyKiTtY0428 answered Monday March 28 2005, 9:46 pm:
Hey hun!!!! I have 4 dogs right now, and I hate em! I have 2 Chihuahua's, a Bichon Frise (it's just like a poodle), and a Cocker Spaniel that's mixed with American Eskimo and a whole bunch of other things. My 2 Chihuahua's are really small, and their very playful! They don't shed at all. Their good dogs to have. My Bichon Frise also doesn't shed, but my parents have to take him to get groomed alot. It's really cute when he gets groomed, cuz they always put a bandana on him for us, or we could get bows in his ears if we wanted but that would look weird since he's a boy lol. We don't have to worry about his hair though at all. If you were to get a dog, I would say get a Chihuahua or a Bichon. Their playful dogs, and you would love one of em if you got it! My dogs names are Boots, Rocky, Foofoo, and kibbles. Just thought I would let you know! You could name your dog after one of mine if you wanted to! Well I hope I helped you out hun! If not, I'm sorry! You'd be very happy with one of the dogs I mentioned though! Good luck! :)

[ PrEtTyKiTtY0428's advice column | Ask PrEtTyKiTtY0428 A Question

xxsexyinpinkxx answered Monday March 28 2005, 8:13 pm:
picka poo they have long hair but you don't really have to comb it or anything and its not that long i have one and i never comb it and it never gets a trim. a picka poo is half pickanees and half poodle yeah i no it sounds like a kinda dog you have to worry about there hair but you really don't! its so cool i love my dog shes wonderful! hope i helped

[ xxsexyinpinkxx's advice column | Ask xxsexyinpinkxx A Question

xoxomisterious1993 answered Monday March 28 2005, 8:10 pm:
i think it would be best if u asked sumthing more important question

[ xoxomisterious1993's advice column | Ask xoxomisterious1993 A Question

meowamanda16 answered Monday March 28 2005, 5:18 pm:
either a shitzu or a chuhaihua

[ meowamanda16's advice column | Ask meowamanda16 A Question

imallama048 answered Monday March 28 2005, 11:27 am:
get a poodle theere small quiet cute and they dont shed

[ imallama048's advice column | Ask imallama048 A Question

openears answered Sunday March 27 2005, 9:23 pm:
ok why dont you try a short hair chiwawa bu when you put it out side watch it and when you put it to bed make shure you put some where sake like a kenal cause i gurentee you you will wake up with a little surprize other wise or try a short haired winer dog

[ openears's advice column | Ask openears A Question

x0oLoViNiTo0x answered Sunday March 27 2005, 9:02 pm:
A weenie dog (dachshund)

[ x0oLoViNiTo0x's advice column | Ask x0oLoViNiTo0x A Question

PINK_PANTHER_PIMP213x answered Sunday March 27 2005, 8:42 pm:
A Chiwaua or however you spell it.

[ PINK_PANTHER_PIMP213x's advice column | Ask PINK_PANTHER_PIMP213x A Question

calirae010 answered Sunday March 27 2005, 4:36 pm:
shi'tzu. they need haircuts every once in a while, and of course every dog needs a bath about every two weeks, but i have one and he isnt a hassle. try and get a male. hope i helped.
♥ cali rae

[ calirae010's advice column | Ask calirae010 A Question

<3kelsey answered Sunday March 27 2005, 3:59 pm:
Dachshund, Maltese, Yorkie, Poodle, Chihuahua,...My grandparents have 2 malteses, and they are very well behaved and extremely cute, while my cousin has a yorkie, and it too is also good.

[ <3kelsey's advice column | Ask <3kelsey A Question

amsybethers914 answered Sunday March 27 2005, 11:18 am: have no idea how to spell that but you probably know what i mean..i used yo have a maltese but you gotta get its hair cut every once in a while

[ amsybethers914's advice column | Ask amsybethers914 A Question

soccurboi48 answered Sunday March 27 2005, 10:53 am:
A Miniature Daschnund(iono how to spell it)

[ soccurboi48's advice column | Ask soccurboi48 A Question

Karen answered Sunday March 27 2005, 10:44 am:
Teacup Maltepoos (I think I spelt the second word wrong) are so cute and small and they don't shed that much hair at all.

[ Karen's advice column | Ask Karen A Question

Brunettesweetheart2468 answered Sunday March 27 2005, 10:32 am:
Well, I have 2 shih tzus and they are WONDERFUL dogs. They don't shed, and are pretty quiet for the most part. But if you want to grow the hair out to long, they get snarles in the coat. So get them a hair cut once in a while. Shih tzus are very easy, just give them food, water, toys, running space, a bed, and love. Good luck!! Here are some cute names.....

China (they are chinease dogs)

Sorry I gave you so much info. I just can't stop about how awesome and fun shih tzus are!!


[ Brunettesweetheart2468's advice column | Ask Brunettesweetheart2468 A Question

Car15melo answered Sunday March 27 2005, 10:06 am:
I would suggest a shih-zue i have one they dont shed at all and are pretty small.

Hope I helped,

carmelo fan

[ Car15melo's advice column | Ask Car15melo A Question

Da_boogie_dat_b answered Sunday March 27 2005, 6:17 am:
A Beagle, definatley.

[ Da_boogie_dat_b's advice column | Ask Da_boogie_dat_b A Question

girdy_goo15 answered Sunday March 27 2005, 4:10 am:
a chiwawa

[ girdy_goo15's advice column | Ask girdy_goo15 A Question

SweetStarx89 answered Sunday March 27 2005, 2:08 am:
hi. i would recommend Lhasa has hair but like mine if you keep it trimmed then there's no problem with it...and it's very easy to housebreak them...they are very good at barking too...if they think there's something wrong that is. hope i helped. take care. x3 SweetStar.

[ SweetStarx89's advice column | Ask SweetStarx89 A Question

Sherry answered Sunday March 27 2005, 1:36 am:
A maltese, they are the cutest adorable things ever. Google "maltese puppy" or "maltese" and prepare to "awwww" lol. Maltese's dont even grow big. Or you can get a tea-cup chiwawa(spell?) those never ever get big...they look like puppys until they die

[ Sherry's advice column | Ask Sherry A Question

shake answered Sunday March 27 2005, 1:31 am:
A hampster.

[ shake's advice column | Ask shake A Question

PeppErminTtEaiSgoOd4mE answered Sunday March 27 2005, 1:25 am:
well.. a shit-tzu or however you spell it... is really small.. but after a while you need to get their hair cut :p I have one and they are very good and they are cuddley :') and THEY DONT SHED!! but the problem is you have to get their hair cur every 3 or 4 months!
Hope i Helped

[ PeppErminTtEaiSgoOd4mE's advice column | Ask PeppErminTtEaiSgoOd4mE A Question

hitler_the_goat answered Sunday March 27 2005, 1:23 am:
a corgy.
i love you

[ hitler_the_goat's advice column | Ask hitler_the_goat A Question

honeybunch answered Sunday March 27 2005, 12:54 am:
a yorki!!! they are like perfect! but if you can't afford one (they are usually around $700) then a miniature snouzer (sp?) pronounced sn-ow-zer umm... a shuzitzuh (sp?) pronounced shoo-zit-zoo (spelling?) is a good dog to.
hope i helped!

[ honeybunch's advice column | Ask honeybunch A Question

Dani3ll3_Lov3 answered Sunday March 27 2005, 12:37 am:
a dachsund.. I think that's how you spell it

[ Dani3ll3_Lov3's advice column | Ask Dani3ll3_Lov3 A Question

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