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Hello, my name is Amanda. I live in Massachusetts. I love cats, I have one named Tiger! I love The Killers, Good Charlotte and My Chemical Romance, but believe it or not, i'm not a goth! My fav color is pink! Ask me some questions, I'll be glad to answer them!
Gender: Female
Location: Massachusetts
Occupation: babysitter
Age: 14
Member Since: March 28, 2005
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What kind of dog would you reccomend that is small and you don't have to worry much about its hair? (link)
either a shitzu or a chuhaihua

ok well theres this guy and i think he is really cute and he likes me alot. well ive known him fot half of my life and hes like a brother to me. he keeps on askin me if i would go out with him and then i dont wamt to say no but i do and at the same time i want to say yes to him. i dont no what i should do plz HELP me

i will rate 5's to any 1 who awenswers (link)
Ok, well i had a similar problem a little while ago. my bff's brother is so cute and i knew him half my life, too just like you. eventually, he asked me out and i said yes. well first of all, if you really like him you should bring out your courage and say yes!!! but once you guys break up, don't count on being friends how you used to again! 14 and i have been made fun of since 4th grade....everyday i get called gay and it just makes me feel terrible...and i dont know why they do it ...i make good grades and im a good person... i jsut would like to know what to do... (link)
Maybe you should tell somebody, like the principal. If somebody calls you gay in a bad way, it's considered sexual harrasment!

I am 27 yrs old and my mom has never been there for me. I want to completly cut her out of our lives but will i be hurting my children? I have cut her out for anywhere from 2months to almost a year. (link)
Well, it depends. how old are your children? If they are still pretty young, you should do what you think is best. If they're old enough to make their own decisions, let them decide. If they're very close to her, i suggest you don't take them apart.

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