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Question Posted Wednesday December 1 2004, 12:05 am

What are some good ways to make your girlfriend feel special, like make her feel like you are the best guy in the world (well I know that's probably around impossible. So I am exaggerating a bit, haha.)? What do you girls think would make you special if your guy said them to you or things like that?

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mikey1978 answered Saturday July 23 2011, 7:36 pm:
Try these tips here:

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

[ mikey1978's advice column | Ask mikey1978 A Question

dperrin answered Friday July 2 2010, 12:26 am:
okay well im 14 im a guy and my girl friend is 13 turning 14 shes the world to me i love everything about her okay i did this and she told me it made her feel special okay well first you have to take a picture or have a phyiscial picture of an important moment in your life with her for example there was this picture on facebook with me and her holding hands stairing into eachothers eyes talking i drew that she loved it ok well do that u draw a picture for her a romantic picture she will love it hope this helps :D

[ dperrin's advice column | Ask dperrin A Question

adviceman7512345 answered Friday April 2 2010, 2:02 am:
well actually its not even close to impossible im in a relationship rite now we jus started dating but ive known her for a while and she already thinks im the best man in the world all i did was when we were still friends evrytime she would go through a break up i was there for her and wen i asked her out and she said yes she says im the only one who can make her laugh when shes sad and i give her presents but not too often i write her poems and mean evry word and wen we wake up in the mornings and when we go to sleep at night we say good morning and good night so pretty much just do what u can to be sweet and the presents dont have to be expensive either even candy and hr fav flowers r good just get to know her help her when u can.

[ adviceman7512345's advice column | Ask adviceman7512345 A Question

Chetwyn4Cloe answered Wednesday August 27 2008, 3:56 pm:
well i tell my gf that i love her near enough every 10 mins

i really love her im 14 and as soon as i met her i just fell in love

tell her shes beautiful
never make her feel down
when shes upset tell her how much u love her and how much she means to you
tell her how u really feel and just sit and talk 2 her when shes upset add a few cuddles and kisses

hope that info helped guys

good luck all :)

and theres another 1 but this made my gf cry (happy tears)

thank you for making me soo happy its alls ive been since i met you i love you :)

[ Chetwyn4Cloe's advice column | Ask Chetwyn4Cloe A Question

taciturnsoul answered Monday May 5 2008, 3:54 am:
The way you treat her and pay attention to her. You don't need to say special things to her everytime. If you both are really committed to each other she will understand your feelings without any hints. It is too difficult to tell her "how much you love her?" because it take lifetime to describe her that word. I suggest that be simple to her and she will love you more for that. To make her feel special do this ten things:

1. Tell her that "you really thanks god lifetime for having her"

2. Send her love songs,cards and some cute love letters.

3. Tell her true about everything in past..and stay always true to her.

4. Keep on tell her everyday and everytime that "I LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL"

5. Tell her that she is most beautiful girl you ever met and most important that make her more special than other girls is that she is most beautiful from heart.

6. Girls are quite sensitive don't say anything that really hurts her.If you said that don't get stuck by ego matters..please ask sorry to her don't think whose fault is that...she will be kind to you again.

7. Always praise her.

8. Tell her things like "you got lovey pinkie pot cheeks";"Love you truely, deeply and madly baby";"hey you know you got an angelic pretty smile";"you got so beautiful innocent look", "I can hardly live without you baby"

9. When you see her somewhere just surprise her by hugging her from back and kiss her rosy lips.

10. Never ever talk about other girls infront of her...girls are really skeptical...they think a lot about the guy she that makes her blue.

If she is blue or not feeling good to talk or make fun... just try to understand her feelings..ask her "why she is blue?" and try to slove her problem by taking her side in a serious way...if she getting ok..then throw some jokes and she will smile.. If she smile tell her" yo yo yo I saw you smiling , she denies but you kiss her lips hard.... Lol
Take care guys
God bless you

[ taciturnsoul's advice column | Ask taciturnsoul A Question

Lyc-coola answered Tuesday December 26 2006, 9:28 pm:
heya, one thing i like to do with my gf, is just sit down, cuddle and just be happy to be with her, or you can do nice things like "hey guess what?" and when she asks, kiss her and tell her u love her. my gf really likes that :)

[ Lyc-coola's advice column | Ask Lyc-coola A Question

bAhAmAmA0250 answered Thursday December 23 2004, 7:29 pm:
The littlest things really. I love you's lil kisses. Random and cute things

[ bAhAmAmA0250's advice column | Ask bAhAmAmA0250 A Question

xplayb0ycutiexx answered Thursday December 2 2004, 2:26 pm:
Something a guy would do that would totally make me feel so special.. is just.. looots of cuddling and I love yous.. and telling me how good of a girlfriend i was.. and just holding eachother and kissing.. awwe.. how cute! lol.. I would definitely love if my boyfriend bragged about me to his friends.. like.. my girlfriend is the best ever.. and stuff like that.. Girls feel loved when we get to cuddle!!

[ xplayb0ycutiexx's advice column | Ask xplayb0ycutiexx A Question

Kels answered Wednesday December 1 2004, 9:01 pm:
okay, I persionally think that i have the best boyfreind in the world. heres what he does:
tells me im beautiful
always there
incredibly sweet
always wants to be with me
says sweet stuff whenever he can
looks deep into my eyes when he says "i love you" (dont know if you guys are there yet but...)
he says im his everything
he makes me feel soo important, special, loved, important, needed, happy, perfect, beautiful, and that im smart and he just really makes me feel good about myself

sure hope that helps! thats so swee that you want your GF to have the best BF!

good luck!

[ Kels's advice column | Ask Kels A Question

UWishUHadMyHemi answered Wednesday December 1 2004, 8:53 pm:
music works wonders.. play some kind of romantic song next time you guys are together. and if you have a good voice, it wouldnt hurt to sing along so she knows that you are directing the lyrics to her. Here are some good songs to use:

Two from the Rolling Stones: Beast of Burden and Miss You..
Angel by Aerosmith
I'd die for you by Bon Jovi
Dont wanna miss a thing by Aerosmith
High Enough from Damn Yankees
Theres three good ones from Van Halen:
(Oh) Pretty Woman(this is a good song for anytime.. the guitar part in the beginning is awesome!!)
Cant Stop Loving You
When It's Love
Ever Needed Someone so Bad by Def Leppard
Desperado by The Eagles

well, i think thats enough to get your point across about how highly you think of her... good luck

[ UWishUHadMyHemi's advice column | Ask UWishUHadMyHemi A Question

xokristabelle answered Wednesday December 1 2004, 8:09 pm:
The little things really count.

Bring her flowers randomly, poems, framed pictures, whatever. Walk her to her classes, even if it makes you late. Spend time with her at lunch, instead of hanging with your friends. At lunch, you don't have to really do anything- just hang out. The nicest thing my ex ever did was, at lunch we'd sit between the bookselves in the library (it was nice and warm) and just cuddle- not talk or anything. Never, EVER say "Love ya"- I can't explain it (girl thing) but it just makes "I love you" sound so quick and important. Always say that full "I love you". If you like her outfit or her perfume or how she did her hair, TELL HER! But never ever say something like "You look better with your hair up". Open the door for her, don't sit until she does, and never say "Oops, I gotta go- there are my friends".

[ xokristabelle's advice column | Ask xokristabelle A Question

*-LyL-RyAh-* answered Wednesday December 1 2004, 5:34 pm:
Awww, that is really cute! Make her feel like she is really important. Tell her you love her and that she is beautiful. When your with her make it a habit of kissing her and holding her...that always makes me feel special. Just don't be overly clingy and obsessive lol. And most importantly...make sure you talk to her as often as you can! Hope I helped <3 Ryah

[ *-LyL-RyAh-*'s advice column | Ask *-LyL-RyAh-* A Question

amrcnsxy answered Wednesday December 1 2004, 4:55 pm:
I'm telling you, the little simple things matter. Start with that first. Give her a rose and a poem...hide a cute note in her jacket. Find a creative way to ask her to do something..(ex: have a row of rose petals leading to a candle lit dinner, etc...) I dunno, lol, but like, the guy I'm into does little things like this, and he is the greatest guy in the world to me. But you also have to remember to TALK to her. I mean really talk. Ask her how HER day was...and so on. Thats how...

[ amrcnsxy's advice column | Ask amrcnsxy A Question

dancinqueen08 answered Wednesday December 1 2004, 4:24 pm:
It's always nice to make a comment about her shirt or tell her she looks nice. Little compliments always make girls feel special. Also, giving little girfts or notes are always nice.

[ dancinqueen08's advice column | Ask dancinqueen08 A Question

xXxpinky615xXx answered Wednesday December 1 2004, 3:32 pm:
Buy her flowers once a week. Be it a bouquet or just a single rose. Tell her she's beautiful and kiss her every chance you get. When you're hanging out with her and kissing or whatever, stop, look at her in the eyes and tell her you love her and that she's beautiful. If you're hanging out with her and she's on her phone kiss her neck while she's talking. Argue with her about who loves who more. When she laughs tell her that she looks so cute when she's laughing. Girls love that stuff. By the way, those ideas aren't really mine. They were allll my boyfriends doing. But I hope this helped anyway.

[ xXxpinky615xXx's advice column | Ask xXxpinky615xXx A Question

Vanilla13ean420 answered Wednesday December 1 2004, 3:17 pm:
I think you should just be there for her, kiss her lol but not so it seems like all you want is ass but make her feel comfortable, like a bestfriend, but also a girlfriend, so that way she will trust you and you guys can tell eachother anything! Treat her like a person and make her feel like the only girl you want and she means so much to you! I think it is truley all about communication so try talking to her alot, calling her when you get the chance,get what i mean? alrighty, i hope i helped a little bit! good luck!!!
<3 chrissy

[ Vanilla13ean420's advice column | Ask Vanilla13ean420 A Question

mia answered Wednesday December 1 2004, 1:26 pm:
well my boyfrind makes me feel special wen he tells me that he loves me! duh! wen we txt each other n i say bi 2 him, he wil always txt me bk sayin bi bk!;-) that may sound ssssoooo simple 2 u but it shows a girl you care about her! also wen u 2 are tlkin dnt always wait 4 her to tell you about herself and her day.... you ask her questions. for example, how she is, how woz skool/work! this just lets us girls know that you boys actualy care and want 2 show it! good luck and im sure she is a lucky girl, your girlfriend, as you care how she feels and wants her to know how much you apreciate her xxx

[ mia's advice column | Ask mia A Question

xoxhayley answered Wednesday December 1 2004, 12:35 pm:
Some sugestions are
·kiss her cheeck and whisper in her ear Really cute things from your heart
·tickleing, cute jokes
·Presents- make her a book of memories you 2 have had, or maybe drame a picture of you 2 to give to her, roses, stuffed animals
(think of who she is and what SHE would like.. you should know best ;)
·give her tender kisses, and always let her know how much she means to you and how you feel about her ( But make sure its not like ALLL the time)

just make her smile and best of luck!

[ xoxhayley's advice column | Ask xoxhayley A Question

mysticpixie05 answered Wednesday December 1 2004, 9:57 am:
Get her a small gift. Getting her something out of the blue makes her feel special, it lets her know you care about her and you arent just getting it because it is an anniversary or a birthday, where it is like an obligation that you should remember these things and do something for one another. Tell her how much you care about her. How good she is looking in some particular outfit. Plan something to do in advance such as going to see a show or booking some dinner reservations for two at a really nice restaurant and tell her to keep that day open. I hope this helps. Good Luck with your girlfriend.

[ mysticpixie05's advice column | Ask mysticpixie05 A Question

SeaWorldGirl61692 answered Wednesday December 1 2004, 8:12 am:
Just tell her!! But you could also take her out for a day of fun. Does she love scary movies?? Go see the newest scary movie, and hold her tight in yiour arms. Does she love milkshakes?? Treat her to milkshakes, and maybe, buy a ring, clean it good, and put it in her milkshake!!! Keep telling her how special you think she is.

[ SeaWorldGirl61692's advice column | Ask SeaWorldGirl61692 A Question

CeeCeeMarie answered Wednesday December 1 2004, 6:50 am:
*You obviously feel really deep about this gurl...some ways to let her know you care about her are like tell her you love her every chance you get...send her flowers for no special occasion or send her a secret admirer letter w/chocolates *&* tell her to meet you somewhere *&* then be standing there w/a teddy bear or something...

[ CeeCeeMarie's advice column | Ask CeeCeeMarie A Question

ciara answered Wednesday December 1 2004, 2:13 am:
i would feel really special if my boyfriend told me i was beautiful and bought me stuff like a bracelet with his name on it and i got him a bracelet with my name on it and we were always wearing them. its not the stuff thqt they buy that matters to me its just the thought that matters to me. i just want to be able to tell people that i am going out with this guy and then show them what he got me and everyone would say aww he is so sweet.every gurl wants a boyfriend like that.hope i helped and drop me a line and tell me how it goes!!!!

[ ciara's advice column | Ask ciara A Question

Beccers_boo answered Wednesday December 1 2004, 12:54 am:
tell oe you feel about her... dont just talk like in a normal way... talk like poetic... unlike me right now. Or you can thnk of something special you have shared with her in the past and some way express to her how much your past memories mean 2 you and you hope to have many more in the future. dont be corny al the time tho... i mean yea its sweet but i had a bf like that recently and i felt like i coudnt trust him becasue he only told me what i wanted to hear. sry this wasnt my best advice... good luck. tell me how things go.


[ Beccers_boo's advice column | Ask Beccers_boo A Question

zZzSnOoZiNzZz answered Wednesday December 1 2004, 12:47 am:
It would probably make her feel special if you brought het a rose and a little card that said how much you cared about her, and while shes reading it, hold her in your arms. I hope I helped, -*-SNOOZIN-*-

[ zZzSnOoZiNzZz's advice column | Ask zZzSnOoZiNzZz A Question

xluvinux answered Wednesday December 1 2004, 12:36 am:
i think you should take your girlfriend to a nice, romantic beach. you should walk down the coast and hold hands. whisper in her ear that you love her and surprise her with a nice rose. that would make a girl feel really special and loved!

[ xluvinux's advice column | Ask xluvinux A Question

dancer_freak05 answered Wednesday December 1 2004, 12:24 am:
Presents& Let her know how much she means to you

[ dancer_freak05's advice column | Ask dancer_freak05 A Question

FunnyCide answered Wednesday December 1 2004, 12:23 am:
tell her that she is pretty. girls love complements and stuff. and gifts are a nice touch, something small like a flower, or a bear etc. call her on the phone and e-mail her.

[ FunnyCide's advice column | Ask FunnyCide A Question

IPIiINIkI_my_anti_drug answered Wednesday December 1 2004, 12:22 am:
kissing doesnt do anything for me i like rings or somthing as a token of our 'going outness' or somthing like a bear write her a card about you love for eachother!
x &hearts; x &hearts; Michelle

[ IPIiINIkI_my_anti_drug's advice column | Ask IPIiINIkI_my_anti_drug A Question

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