My name is Kristen, and I'm seventeen years old.


can it really make your hair hard & stickey???

Yeah it does, I've done it before. You're basically putting sugar in your hair and it's pretty gross, to be honest with you. You put it in, your hair gets sticky and hard and if your hair gets wet at all, you have red/whatever color Kool Aid dripping down your neck and back. There are other options for temporary hair color if you are allowed to color your hair.


I can do my left and right splits pretty well, but im basically a centimeter off the floor, and I need to be able to do them in like 2 weeks. Ive been working on them for a really long time, and for some reason my progression has seemed to slow. What is a really good strech for left and right splits? thanks =]

I know how you feel. You really don't want to push yourself too hard or else your leg muscles will really really hurt. It helps if you stretch at any opportune moment. When you're just laying on the couch watching tv or doing homework, do your splits. This seemed to help me. -Kristen.


Okay. my friend was telling me about how one of her friends found this website where she could edit a picture of her self to see what she would look like with different hair styles/hair colors
i was wondering if you knew any websites like that?

If you go to clairol.com and sign up, you can use the Try It On Studio.


on our collumn how did you get your box about you at the top and not on the side?

I used a different style. If you go to Column Settings, then Approved Public Styles, the one I used it called Your Space. Hope I answered your question.


My mom is one of the most stubborn unreasonable people I know, and it's easy to see that we don't get along. I played tennis last semster and I want to play badminton this semster, even though my PE credit was already fulfilled last year. However, my mom won't let me play badminton, because she thinks one sport a year is good enough and she thinks my grades will drop if I do play

You have to show her that you are responsible. Make sure you keep up on your work for the next few weeks. It might help to make a time management calendar. Show when pratcices are, plus study time, hoemwork time, and relaxation time. Sit down with your mom sometime and explain everything rationally. Show her that you can do it all. Good luck!


I'm going out with this guy that my friends just absolutely hate! One of my friends even threatened to stab him in the neck with her pocket knife during church! I don't want to break up with the guy because he's absolutely perfect to me. What should I do?


Well, he's your boyfriend, not hers. Does she even really know him? If not, get some friends together and go out to the mall or the movies and try to sort things out.
If your friends do know him, and still don't like him, maybe you just need to sit down and talk with them. Find out why they don't like him, and maybe ask to give him a chance. Good luck!


You give good advice. I hope you dont mind that I added you to my list of favorite collumnists.

Thanks! Of course I don't mind.


umm this will sound stupid but how do you apply eye liner on the top part i know know to do the bottom put not the top please help

Pull on the outer corner of your eye with your finger until your eye is about halfway closed. (I hope you know what I mean, it's hard to explain.) Then apply the eyeliner as close to your lash line as possible. You'll probably then have to smudge it a little. Don't get frustrated if you don't get it right the first couple of times, it takes some practice.


I really wanna scrunch my hair

i have thin straight hair

Is there any possible way i can scrunch it

If So HOW?? and What can i use??


I always use a little bit of mousse and gel. Just put it on and rub it in, then scrunch and twirl your hair around your fingers. There are also curling/scrunching sprays. You just have to look for them in the hair product aisle. I believe Pantene and VO5 both make these products.


I want to get my nails done, but my parents this its a waste of money. So I want to do it myself I want to do french tips and I was wonderin how I should do it. How should I do the tips cuz I can never make it even? Do you think it would look ugly if I did two different colors on one nail like half one color and the other half another?

They have French manicure kits at places like Wal-Mart. They come with the nail polish you need and strips to help you section off the colors (the white part on top, and then the clear/pinkish color on bottom). I also think it would look cool if you did two different colors. It would be different.


well just lately my mom was diagnosed with cancer and they said she has at least two years to live...wut do i do to kinda be prepared and not lose it wen something happens

tory foster (14)

I'm so sorry to hear that. The best thing to do is keep your hopes up. Spend as much time as you can with her. It also might help to see a counselor. They'll be able to help you deal with any feelings you may have right now. Arrange an appointment with a guidance counselor at school. If you need anyone to talk to, feel free to IM me or send another question to my inbox. Best wishes. -Kristen


Im 13 and im going into the 8th grade..and saddly ive never had a boyfriend. To me i think im farely attractive and im a nice person. I have gotten a few offers but there just not the right guys. What could i do to get a boyfriend i really like?
Signed: Single and NOT loving it.

I know how you feel. The right guy will come along eventually. Just start talking to more guys and seeing what you have in common with them. You shouldn't ever have to change how you are to get a boyfriend; the right guy will like you for who you are.


i have 3 colors for my room picked out
Lime green

what are some cute ways to paint my walls..i have 4 walls in my room. thanks


You could paint each wall a different color, and then stripe the remaining wall. One of my friends put big stripes on one wall, then checkers on the other, and painted her other walls with one color.


Whenever I eat a large amount of dairy products of any kind, particularly milk, I get this awful painful feeling internally right below my back...and then I get diarrhea. Could I be lactose intolerant?

Yes, it's definitely possible. Go to your doctor to have them check it out, and see if you definitely are.


i have been cutting myself for about 4 months now, i dont know how to stop, but i dont want to do it anymore. how do i stop and deal with my emotions in other ways?

You've already realized something important; that you don't want to do it anymore. That's a huge step right there. There's many more things you can do. Try just writing in a journal, tearing up paper, drawing, writing.. Have you ever thought of talking to a counselor? They'll be able to help you the most. Try making an appointment with a guidance counselor at school. If you ever need someone to talk to, feel free to IM me or leave one in my inbox. - Kristen


does anyone know a good hair straightner?


CHI is one of the best, but it can be on the expensive side, about $100. I personally like my Revlon straightener, it's white with gold plates. I got it at Wal-Mart for around $20. A picture is here, along with a review: http://www.epinions.com/content_140277419652. All of my friends use it, and we're all happy with the results.


i'm 14/f, and i need new sneakers. can anyone recommend me any brand of sneakers(not nike because EVERYONE has them) or any kind of sneakers that they think is really good and looks really nice?

I personally like Vans. I think they're the most comfortable, at least for me. Some other brands are Etnies, Adidas, K-Swiss, Converse, DCs.. Try checking out http://www.journeys.com, http://www.pacsun.com, http://www.zappos.com (you have to order them online here, there's no stores), and http://www.dswshoe.com/index.jsp.


I am 15 my bf is 16. I know he doesn't have a lot of money and I was wondering, do you think it is OK if I offer to pay sometimes? I don't want to hurt his feelings or make him mad. Should I ask him about it?

I think it's perfectly fine if you pay for it. I don't think you necessarily need to ask, just say you've got the bill. If he absolutely insists, he can leave a tip at a restaurant, and/or buy some popcorn at the movies, for example. But I think it's perfectly fine; there is nothing wrong with it at all.


hey everyone i was wondering if anyone knew a website we're you could take ur picture and put differnt hair cuts and colors on you to see what you look like ill rate high to answers that give me a site

thanks a bunch!

http://www.makeoversolutions.com, and http://www.clairol.com, at the Try It On Studio. I believe you have to sign up for both of them.


I'm in middle school, but I'm kinda bright for my age, so I'm taking Algebra, advanced science, a Seminar in which we'll be doing things like debates, Animal Farm (great book), and an essay on the Sneetches (don't ask), and I'm also in an advanced English class. Can somebody tell me advice for how I can finish all my homework on time and still spend at least an hour or two on the computer? Thanks!

When you get home from school, start your homework right away. Even if it's a lot, finish one thing, take a five minute break, and so on. It shouldn't be very hard to get everything done, as long as you don't sit and watch TV or take extremely long breaks.


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