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i am in love with my best friend. all my friends tell me that they think he likes me. one of my friends asked him if he liked me and he said "no, not in that way" but when my friend told him that he should just ask me out he said that he didn't want to. i am kinda confused because i love this kid and i don't think he knows if he likes me or not, although he did say he didn't want a girlfriend right now. i think that maybe he is afraid that sumthing will happen and we will break up and then never be friends again. i dont know what to do because my feelings for him are so strong. i just dont know what to do.please help me.i am sooo desperate for advice and anyone who responds to this i will be so grateful and i will try to keep in touch if you want me to.

~*~in need of help!!!!!!!!~*~ (link)
ok i have this guy friend that i am the same with. i mean he is my best friend!!! and i dunno whats going on. do i like him does he like me. maybe we should talk to the guy on the comp and ask them whats going on! easier said then dun right. i have no idea. whatever u do tell me cause ill wanna try it .

i want to mess with this one guys house with my friends because he hit on my friends girlfriend and i was wondering what we cloud do to teach him a leason. so be creative i want everything you know. thank you very much. (link)
make your friend hit on his (the other guys)girlfriend haha that would be funny

ok soo my face is fine in the mornign wheni get ready for schhool, but then by the end of school my face is soooooo oily, what can i do, besides pound more powder on, cuz i hate to wear a lot of make up, its jsut really shiny, and gross.. but yeah like i i ahte wearing tons of make up, i jsut wear anough to loook natural, and nothing works i've tryed translusent powder,a dn all taht and i do clay masks liek evry three days, what do yuo suggest? (link)
always have some face clenser on you so that it cleans the oily ness and you dont have to put more make up on

I have no friends ne more.... they treat me like shit I hate my life why dont i just kill myself (link)
hey my friend treat me the same way. they told me i am annoying and stuff like that. i fell like i could do the same thing as u. kill myself. it feels like i have no friends ither. but i just relized that if they find mr annoying then forget them. i have other friends and so do u. are they really more important them ur life?

i was wondering if me and my bestfriend should go out. we liked eachother befour but we didnt know we liked eachother.Are friendship is unstopable.mybe it could work out as boyfriend and girl friend.could it? (link)
hey ,
ok well if u and him really like each other then say something but i (nowing me) probly wouldnt because it could screw up ur great friend ship and u would act weird around him or vica verca

im in love with this girl, i mean like IM IN LOVE.
but i dont know if she likes me. i have gone out places with her, like football games and shit. but i just dont know. shes really hot and its the first person ive felt this way about, i mean sure ive liked girls but not like this. i seem to never know when to kiss a girl or hold their hand or put my arm around them, its just sumthing i dont know, when do i do any of those things!?!?!
plz answer me ill rate a 5! (link)
you now what i think its great that you now u r in love with someone. dont worry about the hand and kissing things when it happens its like you dont really now its going to happen. sometimes when u think its the right time to kiss her then just go for it dont even think about it

My 15 yr old boyfriend is on vacation with his friend. Every time we talk he's always busy and says for me to call him back. He's also being a little rude to me and acting like we're not even going out. I'm trying to play off as a vacation thing. He's trying to have fun, maybe flirt a bit, etc. Do you think he's acting this way just because he's away, with his friend, wanting to talk to its some sort of 'phase' right now? I know when he comes back it'll be different and he'll be back to his old self though. (link)
it maybe a thing he hase. no boy wants to talk to his girlfriend while being on vacation with the guys. he maye want them to think hes cool cause he told you to call him back. if it wherre me i would stop calling him. he mite just call u

A couple of my friends always tell me that im so gorgeous and they wish they looked like me n stuff... yeah, its flattering but it makes me feel uncomfortable and a lil guilty or something. should i do something? or what can i do so that i wont feel uncomfortable... thank u (link)
being pretty is nothing to be uncoffertubal about. lol. not to sound conceded but sometimes that happens to me. just let it fly right by u. or say something like i wish i hade your body ya now so that people dont think your conceded srry for miss spell lol

hey heres my problem...whenever i shave my bikini line i get lots of red bumps every where around the area i shaved, someone told me there ingrown hairs, but what can i do about it? I dont want laser hair removal and i really dont want to go get it waxed. Does anybody have any little tricks they want to share so i dont get these little red bumps? (link)
everyone hase that proublem. i went and bought one of those lil things u put in your purse that saves it. do u know what im talking about? the ones on tv. well i bought it al wall mart. i never have that proublem n e more.

im thinkin i want a guy thats a year or two older than i am because that way hes not so immature and hopefully not as prude... but then again.. i dont wanna be made fun of or called a whore for the stupid things ppl will assume.. so i guess i could go for a guy my age.. but isnt it more important what i want then what my friends think... please help! i rate well! x0x0x ~*a*M*y~ (link)
its not like hes 20 years older then u. its not that big of a dill if hes only 2 or 3 years older

Sorry this is so long, but u need the whole story to understand.

About a week ago, I had sex with my boyfriend. The next day, i told my best friend about it. Since im only 14, she flipped out on me. She told me I was WAY too young and I was stupid for doing that. She made me promise I wouldn't do it again until I was older.

She has always said she will respect what I do even if I do mess up. But she didn't understand that.

A few days ago, I had sex with him again, and didn't tell her. I talked to her on the phone last night, and I accidently told her I had sex again, and she flipped out. She asked me a bunch of stupid questions, but I answered them. I also let it slip that I gave my first blow job. She REALLY got mad about that, so I told her I was kidding about it and I had never done that.

I want to tell her I did all that stuff, but im afraid she won't understand. Is there any easy way to tell her? or is it best just left alone? (link)
ok u are to young anyways for things like that and she wants to protect u from hurting your self. but whats dun in dun better left unsaid

I just wanted ideas of things I can do to keep myself busy this summer. I was dating this guy 'sonic'(we have been on and off since january, he was my ex)and tonight we 'broke up' (we weren't really OFFICIAL but dating) even though I have feelings for him and i feel kinda sad i'm ready to move on. any ideas?

I'll rate (link)
you should get out more. try to find a new boyfriend. go to movies. just get out w/ friends. that will take your head out of the clouds

OK, I really like this guy, a lot like i cant stop thinking about him no matter what people tell me about him, like it doesnt even matter to me, but like, im not sure if he REALLY likes me, hes never said like "i like you" as cheesy as Im sure that would sound, but, hes always wanting to do stuff (btw i just asked another question earlier sorry :-/ ) and like, im okay with it, but how do i tell him that i dont want to take it too far unless were in a relationship? (link)
If i were u you wana know what i would do. I would talk to him, i would ask him if he liked me and if we where goinging out.

Okay im like 12 and i have this boyfriend that we'll call danny, i wanna kiss him so bad but i don't wanna make the move. I want him to. What should i do? I really love him!
-wanna kiss
i rate real good! (link)
Your knda to young to know what love is. But i think you should make the moves. If not just play it cool eventually he will kiss u hes just not shure if you like him like that or just not ready or doesnt want to

HeY! Besides taking Midol or asprin, what a good way to realive or get rid of cramps?! ThAnKs!! I really need the advice! =) (link)
The way i get rid of cramps is bye takeing tylonal and doing sit^s.

ok..there is this guy, and ive gone out with him a couple times now, but then he dumped me the last time for no reason. i tell people im over him, but im really not. and when im w/ him he makes it seem like he still likes me, but then online hes really mean to me and will just start yelling at me for no reason?? what should i do?..

-confused (link)
im not going to tell u to move on what u should do is get a different boyfriend and be love in front of him.He mite want you back

okay so i was really really close friend with my x we'll call him t.j so i was really close to tj b4 we went out then one day he asked me out and of course i said yes! and we went out for like 3 weeks (not that long) but i was then end of the school year and i didn't want a bf over the summer so i broke up with him. but now when i look back i really miss all the things he used to say and do for me! i really miss him alot now!! and i want him back! but everytime i try to call him the line is always busy cuz his sis talks alot on the phone! so wut do i do? (link)
you now maybe he moved on. does he have a girlfriend? if he doesnt you should ask him out again what are you going to lose. anyways you should move on just in case he says no

I have been getting zits ever since the beginning of 7th grade. I really hate it. And I use Clean & Clear to clear them up, but the product doesn't exactly work. Do u know any product that will work? What advice would u give me? I looked at ur Zits link, but i've tried all of that..and i still get zits. Please tell me what products u use! It's hard to walk in school when a lot of boys are staring.. (link)
Well some people have different type of skin so i cant tell u what to use . I use stride x but that will not work for u. did u see your doc? if not you should. maybe you need the procriptied type.

My boyfriend has smoked cigarettes and gotten drunk just a few times. I hate it SO much! He's only 15 almost 16 years old, why in the hell does he need to smoke? It makes me mad but his friends tell me to get his nipple out of my mouth (referring that I'm a baby) and that he is old enough to do what he wants and its not bad... I'm just looking out for the love of my life! Do you really think I'm acting like an overprotective mom? (link)
You never now how he fells. His friends think your protective but sometimes the boyfriend likes to be free and to be his own boss. maybe you should talk to him instead of his friends.If you already did then you should..... Hey something i would do would be to try it myself but like in front of him like i now what im doing. Maybe he will tell u to stop and you could show him how u fell about what he is doing. sometimes that works.

im 14 and this may sound weird but i've liked one of my best friends ive known since kindy, since 2nd grade. i told him i was in love with him and he didnt really seem to care. then he started dating this one chick, and it bothered me but what could i do? so when they broke up i asked him out and he turned me down. and now hes got this new girlfriend who hes like in love with. and i love him with all my heart but he just wants to be my friend. what should i do? should i just be his friend or continue competeing for his attention and his heart? (link)
Ive it were me i would just be friends with him. You never now he may not be into u like that. Just go with the flow, maybe later ask him again

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