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I have no friends ne more.... they treat me like shit I hate my life why dont i just kill myself (link)
hey my friend treat me the same way. they told me i am annoying and stuff like that. i fell like i could do the same thing as u. kill myself. it feels like i have no friends ither. but i just relized that if they find mr annoying then forget them. i have other friends and so do u. are they really more important them ur life?

A couple of my friends always tell me that im so gorgeous and they wish they looked like me n stuff... yeah, its flattering but it makes me feel uncomfortable and a lil guilty or something. should i do something? or what can i do so that i wont feel uncomfortable... thank u (link)
being pretty is nothing to be uncoffertubal about. lol. not to sound conceded but sometimes that happens to me. just let it fly right by u. or say something like i wish i hade your body ya now so that people dont think your conceded srry for miss spell lol

Sorry this is so long, but u need the whole story to understand.

About a week ago, I had sex with my boyfriend. The next day, i told my best friend about it. Since im only 14, she flipped out on me. She told me I was WAY too young and I was stupid for doing that. She made me promise I wouldn't do it again until I was older.

She has always said she will respect what I do even if I do mess up. But she didn't understand that.

A few days ago, I had sex with him again, and didn't tell her. I talked to her on the phone last night, and I accidently told her I had sex again, and she flipped out. She asked me a bunch of stupid questions, but I answered them. I also let it slip that I gave my first blow job. She REALLY got mad about that, so I told her I was kidding about it and I had never done that.

I want to tell her I did all that stuff, but im afraid she won't understand. Is there any easy way to tell her? or is it best just left alone? (link)
ok u are to young anyways for things like that and she wants to protect u from hurting your self. but whats dun in dun better left unsaid

i have a problem with trusting my friends. i know it sounds weird but its tru. i mean like i know i can trust them sometimes but then they have times when they are so hyper they tell everyone everything about me and wut i have told them. wut do i do? i dont think i should trust them anymore but i want to. (link)
I would no longer trust them because thats just me. eventually the trust will come.

I have this new girl in my neighborhood. My friend really likes her but I don't. Because when my friend is with her they ignore me. Now that it's summer they're always having a water fight, and they're arn't inviteing me to have a water fight. Should I ask if I can play or just watch them have the best time of their lives while I do nothing but watch tv. I need someone to answer me quick.
You now what i would just walk up and say hey. they arnt leaving you out intentionally. just try to get back in the gang

ok me and this guy just met this year and were already best buddies!!hes really nice when no one else is around but when hes with his "cReW" he changes his attitude and everything.i like him and i kinda think he likes me too but he wont say anything but then sumtimes when were on the fone together(which makes me soo happy!) he kinda drops little hints but then goes back to these two girls he thinks he might like but then he says he'll probly never get with any of em..and one time he asked me right before we hung up on the fone if there was anything we wanted to clear how can i get him to tell me how he feels about me truly??? (link)
You know if it were me i would flat out ask him to the movies or put put os something just to brake the ice.You cant put it of or it will never happen. If he likes you then just keep going out if not then you already now at least. The first night dont make it a date but just keep asking him places until he pops lol!!

my friend cuts herself just for the heck of it. she doesnt know why either. i know it sounds crazy but she does it anyways. i've tried to talk to her about it and she promise she'd stop but i see cut marks on her all the time recently and much more than usual. what should i do? should i tell somebody....please help!
signed....scared for my friend (link)

Well people who cut themself do it for a reason. Shes probly doing get because she fells sorry for herself and thats the only way she can get over it, or hase a lot on her plate and that is something she can control. Talk to her.If she doesnt do anything about it you should. Tell someone and get her help!!! Have you seen 7th heaven? Well they take the girl who cuts her self to a doctor. This is big and she is scared.

Hey guys,
Well heres the problem. My best friend of like forever, up and decides that smoking is more important than our friendship. it really hurts me to see her do it because i know the pain it caused her when her grandmother died of cancer just a few short years ago. She goes on about how she doesnt need a supervisor or someone telling her what to do, but i keep telling her that i only get on her back about it because i care. she doesnt seem to realize that im only trying to help. however, my help cant always be the answer. i am myself, an advice giver on this website, but sometimes you just need others' advice. if anyone has any advice, or anything at all i could say to my friend to help her, please let me know. im scared for her, and also for our friendship. please someone help me. (link)

Well my advice is that shes getting older and hase a lot on her mind. One of ny friends was doing drugs at one point also but I talked to her.
I told her that if she wants to do what she was doing to do it without me. That I loved her as a sister and if something happend I thought it was because of me and I left. I think you and here need to talk it over. If you lover her like your sister you con stop her (or at least try) it might be difficult for her more then you. She needs her space.

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