a little bit about me!!

I'm Michelle. I'm 17 years old and going to be a senior in high school. I work at Giant full time during the summer- 40 hours a week. I love to have fun, talk, and my boyfriend. Asssk me anything!

add me on myspace!

-Wouldn`t life be perfect if sweatpants were sexy
mondays were fun , food didn`t make you Fat -
girls didn`t cause Drama, boys werent so confusing
nothing was regrettable , friendships didn`t fade*
you didn`t have to lose people that you love , and
goodbyes only ment until (-tToOmMmMoOrRoOwW-



i feel extremely sick, for the past 3-4 days. these are my symptoms ..

-constant headaches.
-stressed out.
-my stomach kills
-i feel like im going to throw up
-cant eat
-trouble sleeping.
-lower back hurts.

i am however, on my period. but i've never ever ever, felt this stuff before, usually i just get cramps and the lower back hurts. ive never feeled stressed, im really laid back, and lately i feel stressed out and everything. are these common things to happen during your period? ive had mine for, like 2 years. and ive never felt this way. so, i didn't think that was causing it. has this ever happened to you?

i know no one on here are most likely doctors, or anything, but, i was just curious, if anyone has ever felt that way, or gone through it, or know anyone that has.

ok thanks so much.

Your period does seriously weird things to your body.......if you werent on your period you should be worried about feeling that way, but since you are on it, theres a 99% chance its just your period messing with your body. I get realllly bad cramps.....but i didnt get them for like the first 4 years i got my period and then BAM everytime now they're horrible. Sometimes i get bad headaches, other times i don't...it just all depends. take some midol or ibuprofen and it should help you out. Use a heating pad on your tummy to get rid of cramps and you'll probably get your appetite back.
feel better!


Well, my birthday is coming up soon, and the only things i want is Guitar Hero and a Cellphone. And my mom told me thats all you want? and i was like ..yeeeeah..
so i pretty sure she wants me to think of more things. So does anybody have an idea for what i should get. Please not too high priced and please don't say car. pictures would be good too.
15/f going to be 16
also what type of cellphone should i get. I want a flip-top one and maybe with camara phone, and in color. it doesn't have to be too snazzy or glizzy or high priced. pictures would be good too.

i just got a Chocolate phone and its soo cool i love it! It was actually on special 2 for $100 at the verizon store by my house. I dont know if other Verizon stores have it on special too but if they do its a really nice phone for that much money and it comes in a bunch of colors. You could also ask for gift cards to the mall and stuff or clothes, jewlery, ipod (or accesories like speakers, or an itrip), shoes, or you could ask your mom to take you and a couple friends to an amusement park or waterpark for the day (and have her pay for everyone). What i've found is that presents taht you actually want are great...but when you can't think of anything else to ask for and you're just going to tell your mom things that you dont really particularly want...its always safe to DO something fun like go to the beach (or lake of something) and have your mom drive you and your friends and give you money for lunch and stuff!
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my best guy friend is leaving on wednesday to go to the philipines(where he's from) for five weeks. we went out last summer for like two months and i never got over him. i know he still cares about me and were the best of friends. everyone thinks he likes me and im pretty sure its true. ive tried to move on but i think theres always gunna be something there between us. anyways, we're going to hang out before he leaves. im not sure if it will be just us or with a group but im thinking of kissing him before he leaves because im going to miss him. i dont know if this is a good idea because i dont know how he'll take it. if i give him a hug and kiss after we hang out do you think he will get the wrong idea; like i wanna go out with him? i dont want him to think that cause i dont want to mess up the friendship. sorry its long and thanks if you read it!

Do it at the begining! Just lean in and do it. See what his reaction is and then be like "I've wanted to kiss you again for the longest time and I just had to do it before you leave" He's either going to be like "I don't like you like that" and you can have fun with him while you're hanging out and just forget it happened. He's probably going to think its sweet, though, and then the rest of the time you're hanging out you can kiss all you want!! If you wait till you're about to leave, then the whole time hes gone you're going to wonder what he was thinking and how he felt about the kiss.......so if you do it at the begining of your date or hang out or whatever then you can have time to talk about it and everything. Just be like, "I like kissing you, but I don't think we could date" if he says anything about dating. Just don't let it mess up your friendship. Dont let things get awkward and just HAVE FUN! you don't have anything to loose!! if hes truly your best guy friend, nothing can get between you
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I put a video on youtube of me dancing, but i took it off. A ton of people saw it- and this one guy told a bunch of people that it was a video of me STRIPPIPNG! Then this one girl who was told that told EVERYONE else! Now everyone in my dance studio thinks i'm some stripper whore.

What can I do about this? i feel terrible and guilty. and i'm not even a stripper!

Aw girl that sucks!!! but the only thing i can tell you is not to care. and i know you do, but don't show it. if someone says something to you about it, dont get mad just be like "i wasn't stripping and i cant believe people are saying that. its so sad people are so immature" and walk away. The less attention you give it, the less attention other people will give it. They just want a reaction out of you and if you don't give it to them, they'll move on to some other poor girl that has rumors going around about her. Just be classy and the bigger person!
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Is using a tanning lotion, like Dove Energy Glow, bad for you?

Not worse than the sun, right?

nooooo way. I mean everywhere you look doctors and people against skin cancer are saying USE SELF TANNERS!! and i mean they really do look natural as long as you dont over do it and they're not bad for you
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okay..this is long so pleasee bear with me. i met this guy on may 19th..at a lockin and then we left in the mrning..soo may20th..then that night i got on the computer and started messaging him over myspace and i already had his number so i gave him mine and we started texting nonstop..then may21st..he asked me out, of course i said yes bc i liked him alot! he seemed so perfect at first and everything..then on friday..the 25th. he broke up with me and was like ilike you alot but well never be able to see eachother..and he lives 45 mintues away so, yeah, hes right.. well then that ngiht i was at my friends house and he texted me and was like will you lie for me im like about what hes like to this girl bc iwas talking to her while i was going out with u and shes mad that i didnt tell her i going out with u..he wanted me to say i never went out with him..but that i didnt do..bc he got himself in this mess i am not getting him out..anyways he went out with the girl then like a week later we were talking online and he apologized for basically cheating on me and everything and said he meant it..then that weekend he went to a festival with the girl and he did something stupid and she broke up with him..then that week we juss started talking again and he told me he knew it was a mistake when he broke up with m,e and he actually cried and he has never cried over a girl before..he asked for one more chance and i said okay..but if you blow it yuour done. i care tyhat he chjeated on me but he said he wont do it again..and yeah. im like watching him pretty well making sure he isnt talk to anyother girls..i talk to him friends and they say hes juss with me and there postivive and shit..is it bad that i dont trust him that well..im starting to trust him again its just hard..i dunno..? juss anything you can say about this please help cause im so confused..

I know how you feel!! My boyfriend cheated on me after 5 months, after 8 he was talking to another girl and broke up with me for her, and on what would have been our 9 month anniversary he called me and appologized for everything and called her and told her he cant talk to her anymore! I love him so i took him back but i majorly had trust issues. I always had to know where he was and everything...but now that time has passed I have realized that i CAN trust him. It's going to take time, i mean he hurt you and you don't want it to happen again. Just keep an eye on him and give it time. It might take like 2 months but as long as you're happy with him, stay with him. And if he DOES do someting bad to you, remember that you don't want to be with someone that keeps hurting you so much.
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F/15/going into the 10th grade

my boyfriend is M/18/just graduated high school.

My parents don't know about my boyfriend. He and I talk every night, though. It's not like they don't know I'm on the phone, I've just never told them who it was on the other end. We always talk after nine, because that's when my free minutes start-- so 1) Will his number [because it's long distance] show up on the phone bill, even though it was a 'free' call? Because he and I talk A LONG TIME almost every night.

He and I both have unlimited texting, so we text alot-- 2)do the numbers you text show up on your phone bill?

3) He lives in Miami, five or so hours south of me-- and he's around three years older than me. The age difference doesn't bother me because we make a joke out of it-- but we've had phone sex before, never real sex, though. He just says it's because it's he's a guy and just likes it, but it still sortof bothers me. I'm never into it, but because it means so much to him, I pretend to be. It's not like we do often or that's why we talk so much every night, but still- it sortof makes me wonder I'm being used.

Sorry, this is long. I tried to sum it all up, answers are appreciated.

YES the numbers will show up of who you call. I don't think texting numbers will show up though.

my advice for your 3rd question is to not listen to any advice given to you on the site. only you and him know how your relationship is. only you two know how you feel about each other. i can see how you wonder if you're being used, but if YOU feel that your reltaionship is deeper than phone sex, you can judge if you're being used or not. My boyfriend and I had a very rough first couple months dating, i mean he cheated on me and lied a lot. We broke up for a while and when we got back together everything has been fine, he even lives with me now. Everyone told me not to take him back blah blah blah but i listened to MY instincts and now i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy with him! just trust yourself to make the right decision and do what you want, not what other people tell you to do!!


Well me and my girlfriend have been going out two months on the 23 of this month and i'm trying to think of some good gifts that won't cost a fortune(i'm 13 she's 13, low budget)
I was thinkin of gettin her rose's but i'm not quite sure if i should get her anything else.
any suggestions? I'd apreciate it

I'll have to go with everything else on this one, the roses are a great idea, and maybe a box of chocolates. I dont think you need to get her jewlery...especially since that can get really expensive. A teddy bear or a stuffed animal of her favorite animal would be really cute too. I personally think its real cute when a guy takes a girl to build-a-bear and they make a bear and then the girl keeps it..cuz its like their child. haha i know its a little cheesy but its so cute so you could consider doing that.
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okay well i always end up bumping into this guy and he is always looking at me and he never has the courage to talk to me my friends say that it is obvious that he likes me. does he like me! i really want to know. they say that he is super shy. and that i should go and talk to him. what do i do?

lOl girl trust me - no one on this site knows if he likes you or not. If hes shy and your not, go ahead and talk to him..theres nothing abnormal about a girl talking to a guy. You could just talk to him a couple times and then invite him to go somewhere with you and a group of your friends...that way it wont be like a "date" but while your at the movies you could just casually be like "sit by me" and then do cute flirty thigs and then at the end of the movie you could be like "we should do this again" If you're casual about it, it wont be a big deal if he doesnt like you, and if he DOES like you then he'll be really excited your taking the initiative to get to know him. Just look for signs, like if he smiles when he talks to you and looks into your eyes when you talk, that shows hes having a good time with you..and he might like you. Whatever happens, just remember that 13 is still young and in the next couple years you'll regret starting stressing over guys at 13. Theres so much boy drama to come in your life..keep things as simple as possible
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i am 13 years old and i want to find a way that i can make alot of money fast. i already babysit for this one family that gives me $60 dollars every time i come. i want to be able to make money by not doing alot of work. please help.

I'm not sure if you have one near where you live, but theres a chain of stores called Plato's Closet that buys used clothes from people and then sells them in their store. They take all types of clothes, even shoes. The clothes are normally in pretty good shape and they can be pretty much any brand. I dont think you get too much money from selling your clothes to them, but its an easy way to get rid of old clothes and make $$
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I'm writing a college essay on somebody "famous" that I feel to be Heroic. Out of curiosity, if you had to choose somebody to write about, who would you select?

I'm asking because I have chosen Helen Keller. She became an author, as well as a teacher to the deaf and blind, while overcoming those same disabilities. That is what I want to do with my life. I want to educate and assist the impaired, and I've known that since middle school. She is truly a hero in my eyes.

My worry is that Helen Keller will be such a popular choice. I'm scared that other students will be too lazy to search for a slightly less common name and just go with what they already know. I fear boring my teacher before she even commences the reading process. I know it's just one essay, but she is an inspiration of mine. I would be tremendously bummed if I had to write about someone else!!! Do you think my teacher will be bothered with the same old story, even if it were written immaculately? Do you feel it could possibly have a negative affect on my grade?

All input and opinions will be greatly appreciated.

I wouldnt have chosen Helen Keller, but I can see how a lot of people would. Obviously you want this essay to be really good, and you'll probably write your best while writing about a topic you're really passionate about. There is a chance your teacher would think its boring if she had to read a lot of Helen Keller essays, but think of the ratio of between people in your class to all the heroic people in the world...there are so many options of people to write about that there might only be 1 or 2 other people writing about Helen Keller. Your teacher isnt even going to be focusing on the information as much as the grammar you use and such, so I say, go for writing about Helen Keller and include how much she's inspired you...teachers like inspired students lOl
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Hi everyone, this is the first time im trying this site, but my situation has gotten so serious, i really need some advice from outsiders. Im a 18 year old male.

Alright, the situation is that at our college we have this group of friends that we all hang out in. We are all a pretty close knit group, go to the movies together, lime at each others houses etc.. In this group there are a few relationships, one of which is Julia and Danny. They were in this constant on and off sort of thing for 3 years, he would break it off to give her space and they used to fight all the time. One time when it was off, me and Julia started talking alot, some flirting started and she eventually told me she liked me and i admitted i did to. I had liked her but was always afraid to admit it. Anyways, things took off from there and everything was great. She still didnt want to commit so soon after ending a 3 year relationship..which i understood..so we just dated.

But then we started to do "stuff". Not sex, but nearly evreything except sex. And I am not the type of person who just gets into a relationship to do stuff. I really want to be comitted..and even though we do evreything a commited couple do, knowing that we werent really together and she still thinks about gettin back together with him really pulls at my heart.

I have really falling in Love with Julia, I do these spontaneous things around her that in never knew i was capable of and she makes me feel complete. I know it is not Infatuation cause i have felt that before with another girl and this is far different. And btw, we have been out for two months constantly now, and we find it impossible to argue with each other.

The real twist in our relationship now, is that now he really wants her back, and he is saying all this mushy stuff like "he is changed person and wil treat her better". HE USED TO IGNORE HER FOR VIDEOGAMES! and didnt make alot of sacrifices for her. I would sacrifice anything for her. and i mean ANYTHING. So now she is between two minds wether to hold onto the past or wether to move on to something new. And she was kissing both of us at one point...now she has stopped kissing both of us till she makes her decision. Plz give ur comments on this situation, I want to be with her so badly it hurts...and give her some advice too, and i will relay it..anything is much appreciated

buy her flowers and tell her everything you just told us, how you would sacrafice anything for her and how you cant even picture your life without her. Dont like, campaign against this other guy but tell her you cant see him treating her the way she deserves to be treated no matter if he really did change or not and you cant stand to see her get hurt again. You dont want to annoy her about it, my advice would be to call her, set up a place to meet...dinner, a park, her house, your house, wherever, and tell her all of your feelings with out holding back. Let her know your not going to call her over and over or bug her about choosing you and you'll respect her decision. Personally, I cant see why she would choose this other guy over you. The only advice I have for her is to realize guys really dont change. and she cant change a guy no matter how hard she tries. This situation really sucks but remember in the end everything is ok, and if its not ok, its not the end.
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hi. im 16 and i have no idea what to get my boyfriend for our one year. im madly in love with him and i want it to be something really romantic i dont know what to do. please help

a picture frame with a cute pic of you two in it is always a good idea. getting him a cute outfit is a good idea too. i think it's romantic cuz your like picking out his clothes for him! some guys wear jewlery...so if he does then you could get him some of that...like nice things like a gold chain necklace or a diamond earring (if his ear is pierced ofcourse)
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I'm a female 16yrs old:

Hey I am going threw a horrible brake up and I had this dream. I believe that dreams mean alot. I always have a dream that hints to whats going to happen, but I cant figure this one out.

In the dream I was listen to my brother and x talking on the phone, I was using the phone in my room and my brother was in his. As I listened I felt very sad and was breathing heavy but away from the phone so they wouldnt hear. My x was inviting my brother to go on a trip, my brother said ok I think. Finally I went into my brothers room and asked What happened what he say? what happened? Then he said Oh I'm going and tia(thats out aunt incase you odnt know spanish) can come too. My mom was also in the room. Oh and my brother was hiding under the covers if that means anything.

Please help, do you know what this dream could mean?!?

i think that dreams reflect not whats going to happen, but what you are afraid might happen. or something you want to happen...but check out this website
its a dream dictionary, like you look up "key words" from your dream and it tells you what they mean!
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I had recently go highlights and didn't like them, so I dyed my hair dark brown. but it came out darker than I expected and now my face looks a little pale.

What time is it best to sun tan?

12-3 is the best time to tan because the sun is right over head. If you go to a pool, you'll get more tan because the sun reflects off the water so you get more uv rays.
or try a self tanner for faces (they're usually lotions). you really have to be careful, tanning outside or in a bed might give you a pretty tan now, but in 10 years you'll be wrinkly and old looking...self tanners are much better for your skin
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My brother has been acting kind of odd lately...

... he thinks that he's a rubber ducky, according to him. When we call him Tom (which is his name) he says "No, Duckie!". My parents think it's just a stage, but he's ten, and I think he should know better...

He won't let anyone in his bedroom, but his rubber duckies, and won't talk to anyone but them. He also won't eat our food, only bread crumbs. I'm really concerned about this, as mental problems tend to run in our family....

wow, that is a little strange. it could be that he just wants attention. 10 years old isnt old, but hes starting to grown up and he might feel like pretending to be a duck will make him look like a little kid or get him attention. Think about it, when you were under 10 years old your parents were paying attention to you every second, but then when you started growing up you were capable of making your own snacks and getting yourself ready for bed and your brother might want all that attention back. talk to your parents, tell them your concerned, and they have enuff experience and intuition to decided to take him to a doctor or wait it out
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Ok, my boyfriend is BI. I really like him and stuff like that. We haven't been dating long, and people are already making jokes about me, him, and his sexuality. I'm getting sick of it. And I need advise other than, ignore them. Because no offense, but it dosen't work. Thanks in advance. :]

when people make fun of you, put them in their place. Instead of ignoring it, listen to it, then spit it back at them. give them a snappy come back like if someones like "eww your boyfriend is bi" be like, "yeah he hooks up with YOUR boyfriend all the time" or just be like "I'm aware." or "I like him". people are so stupid sometimes, and dont forget that soon there will be something or someone else to gossip about and you wont be the couple to talk about anymore.
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I am 15 and I will be turning 16 in October. Should I be worried that I haven't had one sign of a period yet?

No, dont worry about it. If you dont get it by 18, you should see a doctor. there might not even be anything like seriously wrogn with you. One of my friends mom was really athletic (which can affect it) and didnt get hers so when she was like 20 the doctor gave her medicine to make it start..nothing was wrong w/her.
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do you think that the song "Daughters" by John Mayer is a good father/daughter dance song for the father/daughter dance during a wedding reception?

opinions are much appreciated!! thanks!

yes actually i went to a wedding last summer and they palyed that song when the bride danced with her dad, it was cute
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i've never done a mask before (i know i know) so what do i do like what do they do how do they work does it burn is it "fun" should i start


it all depends on what type of mask you use. Peel-Off will hurt (if its a good one). It will not be fun. But your face will feel really smooth afterward. But honestly, it will feel really smooth no matter what mask you use. I like clay because they dont hurt. I use Juicy Crackling Clay masks. It comes in a big bottle for like $4 so you get more use out of it then one of the single masks thats like $1 for one pack. Ulta has a large selection of different brands, but so does wal-mart or target or CVS. They are fun (except peel-offs that hurt) and your skin will feel amazing afterward.
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