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it's so fucking intoxicating.
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do you have a picturetrail? if so whats ur username? ur really pretty (link)
Thanks! I don't have a picturetrail, sorry. But you can see my pictures here :

wuts ur last name? u have a b/f? whos ur bestfriend? (link)
I don't give out my last name (for security reasons, you know?) Yeah I'm in a serious relationship with a guy named Jake, and Sierra is my best friend.

is that next to boca raton? (link)
Yup, it's in between Boca Raton & Ft. Lauderdale.

where do u live? what sites r u on? (link)
I live in Deerfield Beach, FL.

The only sites that I'm on are myspace, livejournal, greatest journal, face the jury, & advicenators.

what one in the picture are u (link)
the one on the left.

im going to the beach soon, and i was wondering what were some good ways to make friends? (im 14) (link)
Try joining a volleyball game, playing frisbee, or going on a walk. Approach as many people as possible, and people will def. be willing to hang out with you.

I hope I helped :)

i have a ? for anyone who is willing to help me out! i was with this kid eric for a month n i really likeed him alot but he thoguth i cheatedd on him but i didnt n i broek up wit him to sort out my family n guy problems n then i went out wit this kid ian n now me n ian arent goin out n now i like eric again actually i never stopped liken him n i want him back but i dont think he trust me b/c wen we broek up people siad i cheated on him but i didnt and now he doesnt trust me n this girl aktie likes him n he likes her n i told her that if they hooked up id be happy bc i cant do nething bout it n i said goodluck but she better not hurt him . im reaslly upset tho and i want him abck but i dunno if he likes me! plz help tell me wat i should do ill rate you! ill give u a 5 n comment plz help! (link)
Tell him that you didn't cheat on him. Sit him down, and explain everything you just said to him. Tell him you still care for him & don't want to hurt him, and hopefully he'll be willing to forgive and forget.

I hope I helped :)

do gurls care bout the size of a boys penis? (link)
Yes. Size DOES matter, despite all those girls that say it doesn't. When it comes down to it, bigger is better.

Just curious if this is any good or not...wrote it awhile ago

Tomorrow Never Comes

If tomorrow never comes,
And time quickly slips away
Will you float away happy
Or surely regret every living day?
If tomorrow never comes,
Will you regret every smile you never gave?
All the words you never said?
A phone call never made?
Think about it now
And think about it clear
If tomorrow never came
Would you look back and shed a tear?
For all the time your determination fell short?
Or when you painfully just gave up
Would you spend your days crying?
Or spend them living it up?
Would you talk shit behind people’s backs?
And give into the cruelty of society
Would you spend your last day angry
What would be your #1 priority?
Where will you spend your last day?
The last beat of your drum
If, by chance
Tomorrow never comes?
I liked it, especially this part:

Think about it now
And think about it clear
If tomorrow never came
Would you look back and shed a tear?

It was very insightful & made me think. Nice work.

Well me and my boyfriend have been goin out for a month..The he broke up with me cuz he sisters told him too..His family dosen't liek me that much..Then a day later we went back out..Then the next day he thought i was pregnate so he dumped me..I really love him..I've been tryin to call him to talk about it..But he is always busy with sports..I really love him and would never do anything to hurt him..Please help.. (link)
He isn't worth it, obviously he is a jerk. I'm sorry if that is a little blunt, but any guy who would dump a girl because she might be pregnant isn't worth the trouble. You sound like a sweet, honest, and trustworthy girl. You can do better!

guys im worried.. ok so this guy im dating, we dont talk about EVERYTHING yet; weve only been goin out 4 3 weeks, and hes told me that his parents dont want him dating right now because of some wrong decisions he made in the past..but he never comes right out and says what those decisions were, and iv never asked because im scared he might not be a virgin anymore, and im a lil more prude than him, i know that for sure.. im 14, almost 15, and hes 16, almost 17... and whenever i tell people that im dating him, they're like "girl what are you thinking, ive heard so many stories about him" ive never asked 2 hear those stories either,cuz im scared of the truth, but i know he went out with this "slut" last year that was a grade older than him, and a girl 2 grades older than him which is who he made the bad choices with.. do u think hes jus datin me cuz im a grade younger, so his parents might let him date again? im also scared he might not be a virgin, which means he might try something i dont wanna do with him, although i made it clear in the beginning im takin it slow n im not a slut... eeek hes at work camp this week with his church which is where he hooked up with his g/f he made bad decisions with (but that was last year @ camp).. i hope shes not there again.. and i dont really doubt the fact that he'll try 2 put the moves on other girls... hit me up ladies~ im worried about this one.. (link)
If you've only been going out 3 or 4 weeks, he may not be open enough to tell you certain things about his past. Everyone makes bad choices, and his parents are right to take away some of his rights. However, I don't think he's only dating you because he wants to get his parents to let him date again. Sometimes when a guy makes bad choices, he just feels more comfortable with a younger girl. And even if he isn't a virgin, it doesn't mean he's going to try anything with you. My advice would be to tell him straight out that you AREN'T interested in a sexual relationship with him...& if a lot of people have "heard stories" about him, it might not be a bad idea to listen to them & then ask him about it.

I hope I helped :)

ok i guess im totally obsessing over this guy... i dont want to say his name or n e thing...but lets just call him BOB. his real names not that common but i see it in every word and its not like i look for it it just happens! like in the past 2 days ive seen the full name (not being n nething just that name) on VH1! and then on bill boards or just it words somehow it pops up and i dont want this to happen n e more! how can it stop!! (link)
When you really like a guy, sometimes it seems as if he's EVERYWHERE! The best way to stop obsessing over him is to either move on or at least tone it down. I know that sounds hard, but try these tips to get over him:
1.go to a club (even if you're underage, a lot of clubs have an under 21 night) with your girlfriends & scope out the guys.
2.SHOPPING. As lame as it sounds, sometimes if you do a little something for yourself, you'll feel 10x better.
3.Look around! There are TONS of great guys, and you probably have a few right under your nose!

I hope I helped :)

How do you kiss good? Liek I know how to give little pecks and stuff but you do you make i've heard the whole "Let it hapen" thing but how do youput your lips on his and stuff? And should i chew gum if I know i'm gonna kiss someone? becausei don't want bad breath! but is it bad to kiss with gum? ahh PLEASE HELP! (link)
There are lots of things that make a kiss special:
1.Be assertive, not aggressive. Make SURE he's into the kiss.
2.Start off slow, no tongue, and then if you're both comfortable you can work up to french kissing.
3.Alternate between open-mouth and closed-mouth. It adds variety.
4.Use your hands to accentuate the kiss.(i.e. rub his neck, play with his hair,etc.)

P.S.-->It's tacky to makeout while you're chewing gum, so a better idea would be a breath mint that will dissolve in your mouth.

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