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I'm Michelle. I'm 17 years old and going to be a senior in high school. I work at Giant full time during the summer- 40 hours a week. I love to have fun, talk, and my boyfriend. Asssk me anything!

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-Wouldn`t life be perfect if sweatpants were sexy
mondays were fun , food didn`t make you Fat -
girls didn`t cause Drama, boys werent so confusing
nothing was regrettable , friendships didn`t fade*
you didn`t have to lose people that you love , and
goodbyes only ment until (-tToOmMmMoOrRoOwW-


My friend is going to kill herself next Friday.

She seems happy about it.

I've tried to change her mind, but that didn't work.

She doesn't eat, she's an insomniac, and she is very stressed.

She's been to shrinks but she says that they were a waste of her time.

She hates her parents because she can never talk to them, I guess.

I don't know what to do.

YES you should tell your parents
--they'll know what to do
if her parents know her situation and aren't checking her into a hospital....they are neglecting her. NO PARENT should sit around and let their child kill themselves

This is what will probably happen:
you're parents will most likely talk to her parents first, and if they cant convince them to take her to a hospital....you're parents will probably go to the police. Her parents will be mad, and so will she. She might be taken from them if they are neglecting her. But remember- it would be for the best...it would be saving her LIFE.

it might not work out that way, but if your parents do take action, you (and them too) should be prepared for the way her and her parents are going to react.

I know you want to do whats best for your friend, but you want her to go trough anything that will make her situation worse. Even tho shes been to doctors, she needs to see more--they are the only ones qualified to help her with this.

i hope this helps you...goodluck


I met this guy in like beg of october last year at a campground ((family campground)) and we like have so much funn together and we like kissed and well i have been talking to him like online and over myspace ever since and in december he got a girlfriend, and this past weekend we both went camping again, ((he still has the same gf)) and well a few days before she went onto his myspace and was like 'back off he doesnt miss you' and all this shit, so once i got to the campground i tryed avoiding him but him and his friends approached me and my friend and you know he asked if we could like do stuff but keep it from his gf. and i was like yeah. so we like did, and he called me beautiful and told me he loved me more than his gf. and now i like cry everytime i even like think about him because i like him so much, and it scares me.
but i like almost never see him and i dont know how to get over him...
any suggestions?

PS- i will rate 5's to anyone that even tries

don't be sad!! he is not worth it. if he loved you mroe then his girlfriend, he wouldn't be going out with her. and even if he did dump her and go out with you (i don't kno how far away you guys live) he'd probably cheat on you too. guys who cheat on their girlfriends will always cheat no matter who they're with. honestly, he was probably telling you all those things about how you are so beautiful so that he could get more out of you. And never let a guy talk to you like "lets mess around." that basically means he has NO RESPECT for you at all. and you're still young. i know you feel older, I did when i was 13, but now i'm turing 16 on thursday and i realize that whe i was 13 and makeing out with all those guys, i was too young, i thought i was a 'teenager' but trust me, when you're a little older you'll see no matter how hott guys are, if they don't respect you, they don't deserve you and 13 was too young to start hooking up with guys you don't know that well. you're tooo good for him girl :)
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i really like this girl a lot. like, every time we talk, time flys by n its like nothin else matters. n jus hangin with her makes me day a whole lot better. we talk for hours all the time n were always hangin out. n when were not, shes always on my mind. do i love her? i jus dont kno.

i really don't kno if u love her. if you don't kno then you probably don't. i think when you love someone then its smthn that you know for sure, but i guess it varies from person to person. nobody knos if u love her but you


one of my " so called " best friend`z is pickin her boyfriend over me & her other friends, she say`z that she don't want to be w/him and all that but still yet she blows us off for him all the time .. shes 15 & he`z 19, & he treats her like crap, he picks her friends, & where she can & can't go .. shes not aloud outside or nuthin . . her mom doesnt know about this or even that they are datin .. should i let her mom in on whuts going on .. i mean shes 15 not an adult she should be able to have fun right

that definately does NOT sound like the type of guy she should be going out with. i would definately tell her mom. her mom will probably make her break up with him or smthn, and your friend might get mad at you--but its worth it. in the long run you'll be helping her and you guys are friends...its not like she wouldn't do the same thing for you. shes probably really scared that this guy controls her life and she probably misses her friends so she might be REALLY thankful. either way--if she gets mad or not--you should definately tell her mom. and it sucks that she blows you guys off but its probably not her choice, its his. and thats just wrong.
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I have some friends and every time they move out of my class they dont talk to me but when i am in there class im there bff. Why dod they do this?

They either wanna talk to people they don't see as often as ou...or they're just being ur friend so they'll have someone to talk to in that class. A lot of times people will talk in class but it doesn't mean they're friends...
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okay.. i'm 14 (freshman) i started liking this guy ... a lot. and one of my other friends who used to like him found out ... so now she likes him again too! Do u think she's doing it just b/c i like him or does she really like him?? IDK!! Help plz!

I'm not sure if she really likes him or if shes just liking him bc you like him. If she liked him and hasn't said anything about it for a while and then just decided she likes him as soon as she found out you like him, then she is probably liking him about bc you like him. Like maybe she really does like him, and she mighta been scared to say she still did or she might have been like, reminded, of him when you started liking him. I say, she probably really does like him (*but if shes bitchy like that, like she'd say she likes him just to make him mad, then maybe thats what's going on, but if shes your friend, why would she be doing that?)
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New Years Eve, aka tomorrow night is my friend Lisa's birthday. She is throwing a small party that starts at three thirty. My friend Jenny and I want to go to another party that is kind of late at night. Lisa never really articulated when her party was over and doesn't really seem to express interest in late night stuff. So me and Jenny are confused if it's rude to leave her party at 11 or so to go to the other one because we really, really, really don't want to hurt Lisa's feelings.

Yah, I think you could leave around 11...that sounds like a long party if she's not into late night stuff. Just call her up tomorow and tell her how excited you are about her party and talk about whatever and then be like, "Oh yah, what time is your party ending?" and if she's like "oh, theres no real ending time..." just tell her you have to leave around 11. It's not rude...and chances are, her party will be ending before that anyways!
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okay the guy i liked just asked me 2 do somthing with him(go 2 the like the movies) and i am SO nervous!!!

Go and don't worry! He'll probably be nervous too. But there's really no point in being nervous, you wanna go (*well I'm guessing you wanna go, bc you like him...) so you should go. It'll be fun! And in the movies its dark and you have to be quiet so there won't be that much talking or weird silences
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i'm in middle school and we have the popular cheerleaders. Everyone tells me how thin and beautiful i am. And the popular girls aren't that pretty, but all the boys love them. I'm not a cheerleader but i think i'm just as good as those girls. why don't the boys notice me?

Either they don't notice you because you're not popular enuff for them or cheerleaders are just easier. Guys are pretty dumb sometimes and they only like popular girls. You don't want a guy like that...just wait for one who notices you over cheerleaders-- that's the kind of guy you want. So you just have to wait to meet him...
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ok so i have this friend who acts like the best person in the world around me....... but shes like bitchy around other people so i get mad at her and when i hear people talkin about her like badly i don't say nething, is that bad? and should i tell her that people are talkin about her?

Maybe you should like..mention it without being so obvious...like say "___ got mad at you you yesterday when you said ____" or "When you said ___ it started a bunch of rumors" or smthn and if shes like "Why" or smthn say "Well..they all think you act kinda bitchy..." and just go from there...make sure she knows that the way she acts around you is good and the way she acts around other people is bad...it's hard to tell people stuff like that...but shes your friend and you should
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hey, 2morro is halloween, and i was wondering, wat would b some things yu could do with a couple friends? we're in 8th gradeee. thx =)

Go trick or treating, rent scary movies and watch them @ someones house, go to the movies (*the grudge is the only scary one I know of...) go to a haunted house or just hang out and give candy to trick or treaters
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Hey i have this friend thats really nice, but she gets kinda different when shes around like more popular people and it really annoys me, but when shes with me shes like the best person ever. How should i deal with her different personalities

Shes probably just trying to fit in...and make them like her and stuff. Talk to her and be like "Why did you say blah blah blah when you were around _____ It didn't seem like smthn you'd normally say" or smthn like that. You could try to ignore it but then you'd just get madder and madder..so just talk to her about it or just say things like "I hate how all those popular people are really snobby" (*if they are) or "I think it's weird how people change to try to fit in" and if she really doesn't get it be like "I've kinda been noticing you've been acting different around me then other people like ___ and ____. Is everything ok?" and make it seem like you care or smthn (*not that you don't just like make it seem like you think theres a problem without really saying it so you're not lying about thinking theres a problem) but if she doesn't stop and you're really getting annoyed....maybe get a couple of your friends who feel the same way and tell her that she acts different around you guys then the more popular people and you're getting annoyed. That'd be kinda hard to do yourself so it'd be easier to get a group of people to talk to her about it
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Hey! First of all i'd like to say i luv ur coloumn... one of my friends suggested u to me they've written to u b4. Okay, here's the deal... I like this guy at my skool, but so do 3 of my other friends. I know that one of my friends would totally hate me if I went out with him. the other 2 said thhey wouldn't get mad but I know they would... He's said that he likes me and 3 of my other friends! I've started thinkg that i'm just not gonna like him cuz i would get hurt if he went out with them(even though i said i wouldn't be)and vise versa.I don't know what to do! Please help me! ( I'm 15 and a female, incase u didn't get that)

This sounds really mean but do you care about the friend that would hate you?? Because theres all those things like "Chicks before Dicks" and stuff but if shes not a very good friend and you'd rather go out w.him then be friends with her then you should go out w.him!! But if you didn't care about her you probably wouldn't be asking soooo...I don't think you should go out w.him. I mean, that really sucks that if he likes you, you can't go out with him because of your friends. But you probably shouldn't like him/go out with him. Its like so hard to just not like someone tho =( You and all of your friends should get together and really talk about it. Because all of them would probably do something like, say they won't go out w.him, but then they would if he asked them out. So have like, a discussion and go thru all the senarios w.them and PROMISE that you'll all do the same thing. Because you don't want to say no when he asks you out and then have one of your friends say yes. So talk with your friends and promise you'll all do the same thing. (*and they might not be mad @ you if you go out w.him...but more like they'd just be mad)
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hey ok i need some advice like crazy!! i really really like this guy at my school and hes like muy popular and hott like whoa. and i've heard that he kinda likes me. but i'm not sure cuz u know how rumors can be! but like i'm not the kinda girl who like goes out with that kinda guy cuz i'm not like half popular as he is. i don't know if hes too scared to take a chance w/me or if the rumors arent true. how can i talk to him or show him that im intrested, without like making a fool outta myself in front of all the popular guys and him???/??? help me!!
~desperately shy~

Just tell him! Like you'll be really freaked out right before you talk to him, but then you'll be happy you did! Because isn't it killing you that he doesn't know? Talk to him when theres no one else around and if people are always around him just be like "_____ can I talk to you for a second" and if hes like sure and doesn't move then be like "Lets go over here..." and if hes like no then hes a jerk and don't waste your time!! Its gonna be hard to do but if you like IM him to tell him then you'll look like a chicken. And you can't control what his friends think, so just forget them. Because if you care what other people think then you'll never do anything you want to. And you never know if rumors are true or not so just don't listen to them becuase you really don't know...but just talk to him about it, it might be easier to be friends with him first, but then if you turn into really good friends then you might not wanna mess up your friendship and then you won't tell him how you feel...so if you tell him before you're really good friends it might work better...its gonna be hard to tell him you like him but its worth it for sure
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I just recently got over my ex..but now im realizing that i may like my best friend's ex. She is still far from over him..i could never go out with him..help?

NO WAY!!! It's one thing to go out w.your best friends ex when she is over him and she says its ok and stuff (*even tho she probably isn't ok w.it...) but if shes not over him you just CAN NOT go out w.him!!! and if you do she might hate you and people will think you're a backstabber and stuff, its just not worth it
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should I be proud of what i am?

Hell yes, since you're gay..thats just the way your are...I mean if other people are proud to be straight why can't you be proud to be gay?
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I am so sexually confused! One second I'm bi and another I'm
gay! I am 14yr.s old a freshmen, confused on what my sexuality is. People says I'm gay, but I still think girls are cute, but I would
rather go with a boy. So what am I!?! Need answers...

Don't listen to what other people are saying...I guess Bi people probably have a preference on who they like MORE but if you like both, then you're def. bi
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Hey everybody! My best friend Brooke's mom died last year of ALL (actute lymphoblastic lukemia) she died on October 17th which would be this Saturday. On is the year anniversary of her mom's death and i wanted to do something special for Brooke to show her i care... any suggestions on something i could get her or ne thing i could say? i would really appreciate it!! and i rate every1!

Awww...you sound like a really great friend =)
Go to one of those places that delivers flowers and send a really pretty bouque to her and her family and some candy and a card (*if its too expensive ask your friends to chip in) and since you don't know how shes gonna feel (*if she'll want to talk about it or stay busy and not think about it or whatever) you can just tell like the day before "If you wanna talk or go out tomorow, just call and we can do whatever you want" or smthn and she'll probably want to go to her moms grave and spend time w.her family so I wouldn't plan anything out because she might feel obligated to go out w.you since you made plans and all instead of staying w.her family. So just let her know if she wants to go out to eat or shopping or just talk you'll be there for her
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14, M

I know this guy at school and we're kinda friends. the thing that bothers me is that he always tries to take what i have. In 7th grade he took my best-friend and made my best friend his. he did the same thing last year with another really close friend of mine. now he's trying to go out with my ex-girlfriend! am i over-reacting... or do i need to do something?

I don't think you're over-reacting. He should NOT want to go out w.your ex unless its OK w.you. You probably just need to tell him "I don't think its a good idea to go out w.my ex" If he makes a big deal out of it just say you don't want her to turn him against you because...she def. will. Like seriously no matter how nice she might seem, shes gonna have a grudge against you and she'll trash talk you and then he'll be like "omgosh he did that" and stuff and it'll ruin your friendship. Even if your just kinda friends explain it to him and if hes like "Oh don't worry" tell him if he goes out w.her...you don't know if you could be friends with him. Because its hard watching your friend go out w.your ex, it sucks =( and if he trys to steal anymore of your friends be like "____ used to be my best friend and now hes really close w.you. I wonder what happened" and he'll probably get the message that its his fault. Or if hes starting to become really good friends w.your friend try hanging out w.your friend a little more and be like "____ always turns my friends into his and it's really annoying, and I think hes trying to get you to be better friends with him then me" and then he'll realize it and not let the other guy take him away from being your friend =) And if nothing works tell the guy that you don't want him to turn your friends into his and you've lost friendships because of what he does and you'd appreciate it if he just found his own friends (*that might be a little hard to say but try to liek, work it into a conversation and it won't be so bad)
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my 2 friends (boy and a girl) r being all stupid about how we r to young to be wearin thongs and we all ask them to stop talkin about it and then dont they just keep on talkin it is so annoyin were 13 and we dont need it can u tell us wut to do
- the girls

Tell them your underwear is not their buisness and if they make a big deal about it just calmly tell them why you wear thongs. If they don't get it then they're just immature (*or the girl might be jealous if shes not allowed to wear them) Its not like they're uncomfortable (*at least i don't think so) So tell them how you feel and if they keep bugging you, tell them again and ignore them till it stops. And why do they care if you wear thongs? It's not like anything shows...

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