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Hey...Im jamie. Ask me a question and ill do my best to answer it. Ask away!
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i want to lose 10 lbs in 3 months cuz on my bday i am geting money adn i want to buy clothes but i want to look cute in them i am 118 and i waer size 5 but i am not satisified.oh i am short i am like 5'3 ish.. My question for you is this: A) is that unrealistic? B) anyideas on how i could do that?

thanks a bunch (link)
for one, you sound already i wouldnt worry about loosing too much weight....but try ther atkins diet if you want to shed some pounds faster...just have a healthy diet and excercise and im sure you will be able to look cute in your new birthday clothes!


I want to get rid of the hair on my upper lip. I don't want to get it professionally done, I want to do it myself. What should I try to remove it (I don't want to use a razor). (link)
the only thing i can say is to get it done professionally....because they know what they are doing and they do it all the time.....

I wear G-strings, and how can I dress out for athletics at shcool without everyone in the locker room seeing my butt?? Some people go into the bathroom stalls... i dont really want to do that though. (link)
i bet you're getting this a lot....but what i do is i take off my shirt irst then but my gym shirt on....that way it is covering my butt when i take off my pants......hope that helped.....


Umm... I have relatively straight hair. Like there is a tiny lil bit of wave in there, but it's straight for the most part. AND IT IS REALLY THICK. Is it possible for me to scrunch? And how do I do it? What gel to I use? Im just askin cuz i get bored of wearin my hair the same way all the time, since its hard to style cuz of how thick it is. Thanks. (link)
ya my hair is really thick too and also straight....what works for me is when i get out of the shower i scrunch my hair with a lot of (Mousse) not gel or hairspray...use the mousse first

what are some good eyeshadow colors for someone with green eyes? (link)
well..i have green eyes and i think that any color of green(to make your green come out even more) or like a light purple..umm what else.. and more natural colors


is it alright to date a guy that is 3 to 4 year younger than you? (link)
depends how old you are....but hey! go for it!

Aight... There is this girl that i am extremely attracted to... We have similar intrests, we go to the same school....But i dont think she is interested as i am.. I mean i know she is cool with me and im cool with her i just want to Up it... What the hell shall i do? (link)
i think you should talk to her about it....ask her if she feels the same way as you do....but if you dont like to do tht kind of thing...go flirt with her and if she flirts back...that means that she may like

Hey, I have a gf, and she says she loves me, and we have been going out for about a week. The only times she says "I love you" is on the computer. I even say it when we are in person and she doesn't say it back... she has told me her feelings and she says she really loves me, and she is like crazy about me, but my question is: How come she won't say it back? (link)
well she may be a little embarrased...when you say love....that is kind of a strong word,.....but i dont know what kind of girl your girfriend is..just talk to her about it...ask her if she doesnt want to do the i love you's in person

hope it goes well.....


my boy friend has been ubducted by the new game halo 2...he is obsessed! how can i get him back??? (link)
just tell him that if he would rather spend time with his stupid nintendo than his girl, he can go take a


I worry for my fiance because she has reumatoid arthritis, which is very rare for someone her age. Well anyways the medicine they put her on always makes her feel horrible so she doesn't take it and deals with the pain. I'm just worried about the long term effects. I've talked to her about not taking it but she avoids the question. She's sick of seeing doctors so she won't get a second opinion on medicine. How can I help her? (link)
all you need to do is just support her....just make sure she knows that you love her

If I start exercising almost every morning for 30-60 minutes by walking and I start doing Pilates and also start eating healthy, how long do you think it will take to lose some weight and get skinnier? Thanks!! :) (link)
i dont think that it would take long at all...i once tried the atkins diet and excercissed as well and lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks....maybe that might help you....i hope my advise has helped....write to me if you need anyhelp or if you need to know more specifics about that diet....ttyl..


okay im about 125 lbs n i dont think im a fatty or anything but how can i lose wieght quickly and tone my body? (link)
i once tried the atkins diet which worked very well...i lost like 12 pounds in 2 worked very well...but when eating not a lot of kind of gets you a little must excercise as depends on what kind of diet you want to go on or how fast you want to lose weight....dont worry about the number as is if you think your body is in good physical shape...just make sure you diet and excercise right and you should be fine..i hope that my advise has helped you..if you need to ask any other questions about dieting or anything.,,,,dont be affraid to ask me!!


This is a pretty long question, but you can look at the last paragraph which basically is the question. The rest is background information.

When I was 15, I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa and had to go to a rehabilitation centre to recover. When I entered rehab, I was 30 kg (Around 67 pounds). When I left, I was 45 kg (Around 99 pounds), which I maintained as my weight for 2 years.

Now, I try to take care of my body more. I've always been pretty fit since I've been taking dance lessons since I was 4 and yoga since I was 11. I recently took up pilates and joined my school track team. And lost 3 kg (Around 7 pounds).

My mum is now convinced I am still anorexic and is going to send me back to rehab after I turn 17. I don't want to go back, but my mother won't believe it when I said I wasn't anorexic. She refuses to reason or even listen.

I have tried to eat more to prove her wrong, but she just believes I am binging (eating large amounts of food now and starving myself later), which is completely false.

I also have a therapist who notes what I eat daily, which I think is pretty extreme. And, basically, all she does it force me to eat more and more.

I'm scared I actually will gain weight to the point where I resort back to anorexia, which I do not want to happen. Please help to make my mum see I am not anorexic without giving up the physical programs I love or stuffing myself silly! (link)
well...anorexia is a pretty serious thing...and im glad that arent anymore....your mom should see from the therapist that you are eating....maybe she cares so much about you that she is worried that you will become it again...maybe your mom is starting to have a to her...spend some time with her...make sure that "she" is ok....well...i hope that helped...i hope everything goes well

okay there is this girl named Tessie and she is supposedly one of my best friends! well everytime I try to plan something with tessie she always says that she can't do and always seems to have an excuse! what should i do? is she really my friend? she seems to think we are but i don't believe that she is telling me the truth!! i think she is using me What is ur opinion on this?? (link)
i have gone through that seem close but then anytime you ask her to go somewhere....there is always an seems like she likes you but she doesnt want to be seen with you...the best thing that a friend should do is talk...talking is the best way to solve a problem...if she does end up saying that she likes you and all but not that much....i wouldnt bother with her...a friend is not like that..she doesnt desirve a friend like you....i hope i helped!

14/f here, freshman in high school if that helps.

This requires a lot of explanation, so it'll be pretty long- sorry.

I have been going out with a guy, let's call him Bob, since October 18th. I first met Bob in sixth grade Art class, however he was really dorky and being the prep I was, I ignored him. In seventh grade I didn't see him or think about him at all. In eigth grade he was in my health class. I noted he was there and looked vaguely familiar, but didn't think much of him. This year, I saw him again at the Aloha Dance, and he looks much better, basically average. I danced with him and we agreed to meet up again sometime, then the dance ended and we went our seperate ways. Me & my friends were hanging out after school at the library one day when my friend asked who the guy was staring at me. I turned around and there he was! I said hi but that was it. This happened several times over the course of the week. Finally two weeks before the Homecoming Dance he asked me to go with him, and I said yes. I was so thrilled to be asked, I didn't really think about whether I liked him or not. He picked me up for Homecoming with the traditional wristlet, photos, etc. etc. then we went to dinner, and it was pretty quiet. The homecoming dance was fine except for the fact that he insisted on spending all our time with HIS friends- a few times I sneaked off to the "bathroom" just to hang out with mine. Also, he insisted on dancing VERY close. Finally at the end of the night he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes, once again so happy to be asked I wasn't thinking. That was October 16th and I'm still dating him. There are several problems though.

First off, I DON"T LIKE HIM!!! Not at all. As a friend, yes, but no romantic interest.

Also, he's superpossesive- I never get to spend time with my friends at brunch or lunch. He insists on kissing me in front of my friends, which embarasses them. It just really annoys me.

Third, he's too serious about our relationship- he's told me he loved him (i just smiled), and is talking about PROM! (I'm a freshman, as is he.)

I know I should break up with him, but he's just too nice. Many people have told me I go too far when I try to be kind, and this is the best example. I really don't want to hurt him!

-tinkerbell_7141 (link)
hey...well, i think that you should do whatever you shouldnt go out with someone that you arent happy with...if he is a nice enough guy, i think that he wlll understand..if you arent comfortable kissing him in front your your friends, dont let him...dont let him do anything to you......hope that my advise has helped you...if you need any other here to help!

hey kelsey well im a female and im 14 and i really like this guy in my school who i went out with but he broke up with me a week after he asked me out and he said it was because he wasnt really ready for the realtionship and he didnt think i really liked him butim like in love with him after i told him that he said that he still likes me and everything but he wants to get to know me more and then go out but i think its really stupid because he already went out with me so yea i dont think its going to be any different when he get to know me more and anyways i really dont want to wait and like now when i ask him if he likes me he doesnt say yes he says may be and its pissing me off
please tell me how do i get him back because i know he likes me its just something standing on the way between us
i really need to know what should i do to get him back
love ya lots!!!! (link)
Hey!Well..maybe when he says he wants to get to you better its a nice way of saying 'i really dont want to out with you anymore' and also..when he says 'maybe' that's also another clue... idk though...dont take that the wrong way ..he COULD like you..just dont get ur hopes up! Im sure you can find better and someone more upfront with their feelings!

Well see i'm 15 and i'm a female and i'm not going out with this guy, but i gave him head and he ate me out at a football game in the back of his van. I was caught up in the moment and now everyone is calling me a slut. I have no idea of what to do, should i stick up for myself or just ignore them. The advice would be very helpful. thanks! (link)
well i dont think you should be doing that anyway...wait for someone special....dont just be going out doing people....wait....dont worry if people think you are a slut...stand up for yourself...

How old do you have to be to give up on finding a girl friend. The reason I ask is that im 24 ill be 25 next may and ive never had a girlfriend or been in a serious relationship, I Know im not ugly and I can send you a pic to prove it, and most of the time i can talk to girls just fine, but it always ends up the same for me, they always say that im a real nice guy and that one day ill find the right girl for me and then the dreaded "LETS JUST BE FRIENDS".

I just dont understand what im doing wrong. and when i think about it it makes me real mad, that
there's girls out there with boyfriends that beat them, abuse them both phisicaly and mentaly,
they cheat on them and treat them like crap, but when asked why the girl stays whith him the anwser is always "cause I love Him". Life is just so f*cked up, how can guys that treat their girl like shes lower than crap get so much love, but a guy like me that alwas treats women with respect and is always nice and honest and caring
have to feel like hes going to be alone forever?

Ive had sex, but it was always one night satands and its not about sex. its about love, I want to love some one, life is just so empty and meaningless when you dont have anyone to sahre it with.

Now im getting to the point where the girls i meet are close to my age and want someone with experiance, witch i dont have.

So i figured if by the time i turn 25 i dont have a girlfriend i should just give up and not waste anybodys time.

what do you think?
well...for one thing, if it wasnt illegal then i would probably go out with u. and you're right, its not about sex, so dont worry about not having kids or and im sure that your perfect girl will come. dont stop trying. maybe all of the girls that u have been dating are looking for a bad boy, which sux, but u will find the perfect one. u got a whole lot of life left and dont need to spend it alone just because some girl wants a crappy guy instead of u. all u have to do is just go out there and show everyone who u are and that ur available. dont give up.

ok..i'm really good friends with well one of my friends. he is 15/m. he likes me as well do ilike him. but he wants to do stuff too quick. I can say that we have done some stuff, but i don't want to go to far. N' he doesn't understand the word, "no." i dont know what to do. I need anyones help, should i do it, or not? (link)
well, i think you should do what ever you're comfortable with...never let someone take advantage of to him about it and ask him why he wants to do these things and ask him if he would like to get a little more serious..then see what happens

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