a little bit about me!!

I'm Michelle. I'm 17 years old and going to be a senior in high school. I work at Giant full time during the summer- 40 hours a week. I love to have fun, talk, and my boyfriend. Asssk me anything!

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-Wouldn`t life be perfect if sweatpants were sexy
mondays were fun , food didn`t make you Fat -
girls didn`t cause Drama, boys werent so confusing
nothing was regrettable , friendships didn`t fade*
you didn`t have to lose people that you love , and
goodbyes only ment until (-tToOmMmMoOrRoOwW-


(Rating: 5) Really awesome advice thank you!
(Rating: 5) thanks!
(Rating: 5) thank yoouu a bunch =]
(Rating: 5) Thanks for that-- you're totally right. Congrats about you and your bf, I'd like to think that mine and I are deeper than that, yeah. :DD
(Rating: 5) thank you so much
(Rating: 5) "Your teacher isnt even going to be focusing on the information as much as the grammar you use" -- You've made an excellent point!! You're definitely right on about this. It's just so bothersome knowing that I truly idolize this woman, for achieving everything I want to acheive.. and under worse circumstances. Yet, I have to worry about lazy folks who are only willing to write about the first name that comes to mind, whether they truly admire her or not!! I am going to stick to my essay and do the very best I can. Thank you!!!!
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) thank you so much!! i will try it. ♥
(Rating: 5) Thankyou, you helped me alot! :]
(Rating: 2) someone already did that one. thanks for trying though.
(Rating: 5) Thank you! I'm kind of a hermit as is, but we'll see how things go.
(Rating: 5) Hey thanxx
(Rating: 5) they think im too young, fuck them
(Rating: 5) thanks a whole bunch I will try it
(Rating: 5) thanks! Sounds...interesting? :/
(Rating: 5) thanx
(Rating: 5) Thanks!
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) ok, i think my parents are just gay.
(Rating: 5) yepp u help :)
(Rating: 5) thanks ! ur so sweet!
(Rating: 5) Thanks!
(Rating: 5) ooh okay! thanks soo much!!! :)
(Rating: 5) Thanks !!
(Rating: 5) Thank You Very Much!
(Rating: 5) thanx!
(Rating: 2) The Simple Life? Are you serious?
(Rating: 5) thanks..good points
(Rating: 5) that's a good idea thanks
(Rating: 5) Thanks for the advice, but salad tongs won't work (Iv'e tried them already) and my little sisters hands can't reach it...Great advice though.
(Rating: 5) Thanx so much! Those were like perfect instructions! lol
(Rating: 5) ty i will definatly try it!
(Rating: 5) thanks so much! =)
(Rating: 5) yeah i meant low carb sorry haha
(Rating: 4) thx
(Rating: 4) Yeah, we broke up and their going out. We broke up yesterday and he asked her out today!! What an ass, right!!
(Rating: 5) that really makes sense! thanks a lot! --gay guy--
(Rating: 5) omg that sounds just like me! lol great advice hunny! im so adding you under fave columnists! lol
(Rating: 5) thanks* i was shaking earlier..eh idk :(
(Rating: 5) Sadly, this has been addressed in the newspapers, and the news, and no one seems to do anything about it. I'm pretty sure what these people are doing is very illegal, but the last I heard was "I guess we'll never know who did it" Yet it's still going on. It's possible that I could get jumped, but I walk with my big rottweiler, he tends to scare all the idiots away. :)
(Rating: 5) thanks alot!
(Rating: 5) uR a SwEEtIe! thats great advice! tHaNx aLot!
(Rating: 5) ur awesome!
(Rating: 5) omg! thank you soooo much that was great advice!!!=]
(Rating: 5) thanks hun a million

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