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how many holes does a girl have down there?

Question Posted Tuesday December 21 2004, 9:45 pm

Ok i know this is going to souond stupid, but im willing to take that risk. ok how many holes does a girl have in her vagina? Because i looked and there was only 2 (counting your butt hole) but wen i wear a tampon i can still pee. Me and my friend were discussing it (i have NO idea why) so just give me an anwser please!

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TheBigBee answered Thursday December 22 2011, 5:13 pm:
All together including your "butt hole" there are three holes. One for urine, one for periods/sex and one for poo. This is why you can still urinate while using a tampon!

[ TheBigBee's advice column | Ask TheBigBee A Question

smileydino answered Monday December 19 2011, 7:48 pm:
You have two holes, but the reason you pee and can keep your tampon in is because you insert your tampon vagina and when peeing your urine comes out of your urethra which is basically the tube that empty fluids form your bladder.

[ smileydino's advice column | Ask smileydino A Question

adviceman49 answered Sunday December 18 2011, 11:50 am:
In the diagram found in the following URL. You will find the answers to your question. You only have two holes; you anus, and your vagina. You pee through your urethra located above your vaginal opening and below your clitoris.

Hope this helps.

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

[ adviceman49's advice column | Ask adviceman49 A Question

Xui answered Sunday December 18 2011, 6:00 am:
Women have 2 holes, The vagina and the anus. There is no second vagina...

[ Xui's advice column | Ask Xui A Question

Karen answered Wednesday December 22 2004, 11:33 am:
There's two! One wear you menstruate from and the other wear you urinate from! Hope I helped :)

[ Karen's advice column | Ask Karen A Question

zapreth answered Wednesday December 22 2004, 9:49 am:
I'm only going to clarify something. The answer that says you pee from a hole in your clitoris is wrong. The clitoris is the little nub that feels good when you rub it, the urethra is a tiny hole between your vagina and clitoris where your urine is passed. Guys only have one hole, it is an either or kind of thing like breathing or drinking. When they have sex, the urinary tract is closed off so you aren't peed on when they ejaculate. Women are just more complicated.

[ zapreth's advice column | Ask zapreth A Question

chrirett answered Wednesday December 22 2004, 9:47 am:
Theres just 1 I think y dont u ask ur mum she wud no probably

[ chrirett's advice column | Ask chrirett A Question

Shortie8959 answered Wednesday December 22 2004, 8:52 am:
I think 2, lol.
Hope I helped!

[ Shortie8959's advice column | Ask Shortie8959 A Question

Somnambulist answered Wednesday December 22 2004, 8:20 am:
if you pee out of one and use a tampon in the other one, well that makes two... try taking an anatomy class or something.

[ Somnambulist's advice column | Ask Somnambulist A Question

greekouzo4me123 answered Wednesday December 22 2004, 4:54 am:
im pretty sure there is 3 but i 4got the names im sorri

hoped i helped


Greek Ouzo

[ greekouzo4me123's advice column | Ask greekouzo4me123 A Question

natty answered Wednesday December 22 2004, 12:56 am:
You have 3 holes the Urethra- The one you pee from.

Vagina- where blood comes out

anus- Or butthole which you know!!

[ natty's advice column | Ask natty A Question

MaxwellsSilverHammer answered Wednesday December 22 2004, 12:17 am:
Two holes.

1. Vaginal canal, where blood passes during menstruation, and where vaginal sex takes place.

2. Urethra, above the vaginal canal, not connected to the other hole at all, from which you urinate.

[ MaxwellsSilverHammer's advice column | Ask MaxwellsSilverHammer A Question

ICE11BLUE answered Tuesday December 21 2004, 10:38 pm:
You pee out the hole in your clitoris, your vagina is for babies, sex, and your period, and then there is your bum hole.

[ ICE11BLUE's advice column | Ask ICE11BLUE A Question

Mallisssa answered Tuesday December 21 2004, 10:01 pm:
There are 2 vagina holes plus one butt hole. You can learn everything you want to know at: [Link](Mouse over link to see full location)
Hope I helped!

[ Mallisssa's advice column | Ask Mallisssa A Question

BabyBlue848 answered Tuesday December 21 2004, 10:00 pm:
I feel strange answering this but ok you have only 1 hole you bleed out of and 1 you pee the thing is they are kind of Connected together but the tampon goes in the on you bleed I know what I mean I just dont know If I explained it right lol

[ BabyBlue848's advice column | Ask BabyBlue848 A Question

Solaris answered Tuesday December 21 2004, 9:57 pm:
There are two holes. One for the urinary tract, and one for intercourse/makin babies!

Hope I helped!

[ Solaris's advice column | Ask Solaris A Question

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