does anyone know any slower songs, like i like songs that are sad and slow
(ex: miserable at best by mayday parade, three cheers for five years by mayday parade, a time for yohe by between the trees .. etc) but i need a new one to listen to, if anyone knows a song like that, please answer

secondhand serenade- your call
jack's mannequin- mixed tape
aly and aj- congradulations
jordin sparks - tattoo
bright eyes- lover i dont have to love

help at all?


This guy and i have liked eachother for like 9 months now. He is getting mad at me because i won't go out with him but i dont want to because of how he ahs treated his other gfs and he isnt treating me too well right now. Well I found out today he kind of likes this other girl and I am so upset! But then i am so sick of everything he is doing to me(like things like this) and it's like i don't even know if i like him. I almost don't want to. I still have feelings for him and I want him. What should I do?

wow. well it sounds like hes walking all over you, and its probally because your letting him. if shes treating you badly like you said he is, is it really worth going through all of this for him? he doesnt sound like hes even close to worth it.

and the fact that he likes another girl, well it does suckk but you guys really have no commitment it sounds like, so he has the right to do WHATEVER he wants with WHOEVER he wants. i know this is hard to hear, but it is true.

my advice to you, is to let the guy go. you said you "almost dont want to like him" then why like him? if hes not treating you right, he doesnt deserve you. i really hope this helped, i know its probally not what you wanted to hearr.

p.s. ive been in this situation a few too many times so if you have ANY other questions to ask about this, i can deff. help.



I got my haircut a while ago so I have layers. I like to put my hair up a lot because of hot weather. But it looks so plain.. Any cute everyday updos? With clips, headbands, something? Pictures will be most helpful. Thanks.









i really hope atleastt one of these helpedd you. =]
let me know if they didd. C:


Anybody have any inexpensive hangout ideas? Like not the movies, bowling, etc. And no sleepovers because my friend cant sleep over when we hang out tomorrow. Anybody have any good ideas?

as the girl below me said,
- go to a local beach.
- arcade.
- walk around downtown.
- the park.
- check and see if theres any local bands playing.
- a cafe.

hope i helpeddd. C:
have fun.


i really need a new screename and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas. i want to use my name in it but my name is long soo that gives me limited choices. my name is brittaney soo if anyone could help i would appreciate it. thanks.



my boyfriends going to the movies with her old friend angelina, and angelinas friend who i dont know. he asked me if it was okay and i said yes even though i didn't mean it. i dont want to be stupid and be like no you cant go. the thing is my boyfriend use to have feelings for her, like a year ago and thats what worrys me. can anyone give me advice not to think about it? or something so i dont worry as much? i do trust him im just blah jealous i guess =/

you have a right to be jealose, and nervose about it.
and no, it is not okay.
he has a girlfriend,
and so he doesnt need to go to the movies with some other girl he used to have feelings for.
it would make sence if maybe it was a big group of friends, or if he asked you to come but you couldnt. but thats not the case.
he obviously stil has feelings for her. =/
so in my opinion, you have two options.
either tell him to changed your mind, and that its deff. not okay with youu.
you can just talk to him about it, ask him why he feels like he needs to go to the movies with some other girl, and if maybe hes not happy in your guys relationship..or if he has feelings for her. if he gives you the right answers, and invites you. then go. but if he doesnt invite you, or tells you he does have feelings for her. i would dump him.
its one thin just having him like another girl,
but its another thing to actually have him have a movie date with her, he obviously wanted something to happen between them, if he has feeligns for herr.

good luck =]]
i rlly hope i helped
id love it if you'd keep me updated.


This is a picture of me:


I can't remember if I was wearing makeup in that picture, but if I was it was probably mascara and a line of eyeliner on my top lid. I started wearing it above my lower lashes now, though. My older cousin also, this weekend put clinique eyeshadow on me. It looked gorgeous and it was white on my lids and under my brows and purple on my creases. Well I want to buy some good makeup, from department stores or mac. Can anyone please tell me some good colors to use on my face and eyes according to my features? If you can't see from the picture I have silvery blue eyes. Also, what type of makeup to wear. Because I can't wear that eyeshadow my cousin did for me daily, its too dressy. Thanks!

i usedd the thing on cover girls websitee. and this is what i gott.

[in black velvet]

[in tangerine splash]

[in tutu]

[in meringue blush]

[in charcol and expresso]

[in redrevolution]

i really hopee thiss helpedd :D
let me know how it workss.


m/13 so if i saw a girl or a group of them anywhere that i didnt know. if i wanted to know them id go up and say "hey, my names___..... whats yours?" and if they replied id ask where they are from , what school do they go to. i wouldnt be scared or something to try it, its just asking them for their msn or phone number, and i only knew them for a few minutes. would they think i was a weirdo or something? if they gave me their msn id talk to them a bit and say that me and some of my friends are coming to the cinema. want to come? ive seen some random girls i dont know look at me for a while, whispering to each other, but not coming over. any suggestions random conversation starters/topics?

ohkayy well a guy did this recently to mee and i thoughtt it was really cutee.

me and my friend walked around them and then went and sat on a bench. then after a few minutes these two guys came overr and they were like heyy whats up and were like nott alott. you? and hes like ahh not muchhh. but you know it was obvious you wanted us to come talk to youu. and then the girl will most likly say well it workedd didnt it??

Then afterr a few minutess its fine to askk for their numberr or whateverr.

The key is confidencee. if you seem awkward, girls will feel awkward around you, and not wanna hangg. so make them feel comfortable. makingg us laugh alwayss works :D

as for the moviee thing. i wouldnt recomend asking a girl to hang out rightt after you get her number, youll seem desperate.

Call her atleast two times, just to talk. and thenn you can call her and invitee her to hangg with youu.

i hope i helped you :D
id lovee if youd keep me updated.


I'm supposed to go to a lake with my boyfriend this Sunday. Well, tomorrow. There is a huge water slide there, and a bunch of really fun stuff. Problem is, I'm on my period. I got it Wednsday, so I know I'm still going to be on it tomorrow. I don't wear tampons, so please don't suggest that. I heard that if you are in water, your period stops. Is that true?

If I wear a redish bathing suit will it show if it doesn't stop?

What should I do?

i would just wear like a bathing suit, and then put a pad in.
after you get out of the water,
go to the bathroom and change your pad.
i know you say you dont want to use a tampon,
but that is the best option.
hope i helpedd =]]


i have a skirt from aeropostale and its nice but kinda boring, it is light then a darkewr color at the bottom and has a little tan in it, there are the white strings at the bottom but the fray is still short. how can i spice up the skirt to make it look more like a 15 year olds ranther than a middle school kids? like make the fray longer (the skirt is on the longer, not knee length but a skanky length either)

i cant really tell if its a jean skirt or not??
you said it has some tan on it??
but if it does have some parts of jean on it, you can try bleaching them outt.
just use like clorox bleach and take the eareser end of the pencil and just put little dots, let it dry overr night and then in the morning, wash it.

im really sorry if this doesnt answer your question, if it doesnt let me know and ill try to come up with something diffrent.


how do you as your best guy friend who is an ex friend with benefits if he wants to start being friends with benefits again? i dont want to just kiss him or something and have him look at me weird like "what do you want?" because he knows i dont like him. i just like being friends with benefits with him.

ohkayy well the bad thing about friends with benifits is, it screws up relationships. at some point one persons going to have feelings, and ones not. so i dont recomend starting friends with benifits again. plus if you dont like him, why dont you find someone that you DO like to start a REAL relationship with.

but i guess if afterr reading that, you still want to be friends with benifits. i would just start getting a little flirtier that usual, sometimes guys arent very good at picking up signals soo you might want to say something..
maybee when you two are alone be like..
what would happen if i kissed you right now?
if hes like uhhhh? and sounds like he doesnt like you in that way anymore just play it cool. be likee hahaha i was just kidding.

alrightt well i hopee i helped.
love it if you'd keep me updated.


Someone just called me and said some shit, i think i know who it is but it was a restricted number, they *67ed, is there anyway to call back?

you can *69 them.
but im pretty sure it costs if its on your cell phone.


alright well im going into eigth grade and i want a new hairstlye to start school with: i have medium brown hair& its about down to my shoulders: when i straighten it it goes about one and a half maybe two inches past my shoulders: when i dont straighten it its curly/frizzy (and i hate itt!) i almost always straighten it for school: i want a hairstyle that would look good both ways: that way i dont have to take an hour straightening it every morning: any ideas? i would really appreciate some ideas: if you need anymore info on what my hair looks like or whatever IM me at dear kaleighh (AIM)
thanks in advance!

ohkayy well my hair is the exactly the samee as yours, im thinking about getting my hair cut just above my sholders tho, but yoouve already said you dont want to straighten it, so i wouldnt recomend getting it cut that short if you dont want to straighten it, because the shorter you cut your hair the curlier it will be. have you ever tried scruching your hairr??
i wouldd try..
get the herbal essences shampoo and conditioner..the kind thats purple and says totally twisted. it makes your curls really cutee and shiny.
then after you get out of the shower, towl dry your hair for a few seconds and then try..
garnier fructis stype brilliantine shine cream gel (itss green and get the extra strong hold kind) it smells AMAZINGGG and it makes your curls not friz, but it doesnt make them really like hard or anything.
if your hair isnt superr curly you might wanna put it in braids until it dries and then take them outt. but if its not you could try getting a defuser for the end of your blow dryerr. if you cant get the defuserr then i would maybe put a little hair spray on it so it will stay scrunchedd.

hope i helpedd
let me know if it works


what does it mean when they say find yourself? and how do i do that? because i want to find myself this summer!

it means that your your own person, and that you dont follow the croud. You do what you want to do even if it means looking stupidd. your your own person, and your not influenced by others. you know who you are, you have your own style, your own thoughts, and you dont copy otherr people.. i hopee i helped.
let me know how it goess =D


Okay hey my name is nicole im 14 and i have a boyfriend of threee years. And we have never really made out but we do kiss.....ALOT! But i dont knwo how to give a hicky but he does how do you give hickys??
Thanks in advace!
P.s. i really need this advice befor 9:00 tonight.

ohkayy well youu pretty much just start with the kissing his neck really gently, and then you just start sucking really soft, if he gets into it you can try sucking a little harder (put make sure its not too hard because it can hurt) it may take a few minutes if you want to make an actually hickey.
hope i helpedd =]]


This guy acted completely into me and than he does a 180 and ignores me, why?

wow, theres so many guys who do this and its the most annoying thingg everr.
they finally tell a girl they really really like that they like her.
he freaks out and thinks you may not feel the same (probally why hes ignoring you)
dont worry,
im sure he still likes you.
he just needs you to tell him you feel the same way.
soo for the next few weeks show him that your totally into him.
if he doesnt make his move, ask him what his problem is.

hope i helpedd
please keep me updated


okay im a girl and i wear new era zoo york hat, volcom tank top, skinny jeans from anchor blue, and nike shoes whats my style?

why would you want us to label you?


my bf said he likes to be kissed on the neck.. um, yeah.. how am i supposed to do that? haha

i usually kiss my boyfriends neck while were in the middle of making out, but you could do it while you hug him, like the girl below me said.

kisses on the neck are usually really gentle, not very long but a few of them right afterr one anotherr.
(you mightt wanna try giving him a hickey alsoo, andd if you dont know how to do thatt either you can ask me.)

hope i helpedd.
id love it if youd keep me updated =D

ohkayy well youu pretty much just start with the kissing thing that i already explained to you, and then you just start sucking really gently, if he gets into it you can try sucking a little harder (put make sure its not too hard because it can hurt) it may take a few minutes if you want to make an actually hickey.
hope i helpedd =]]


Theres these 3 guys who all really like me. The bad part is I don't like any of them. I like one of their friends. The cool part is that all 3 hav completely different personalities. I don't know how I should tell them. One of them stands out the most to me and I was close to saying yes but changed my mind. I can't handle hurting them.

wow. lucky girl lol.
well the bad thing is, if these are the guy you likes really close friends. he porboally wont date you, just for the fact that he doesnt want to ruin his friendships. whichh really suckss for youu huh??

soo my advice to youu, is to try dating the guy that you said stands out the most to you, and if you were close to saying yes then you obviously have some feelings for him, but i could be wrong.

i really hope my advice helped you, and id love it if you'd keep me updated if anything changes. =D


Ok, me and this guy i was friends with started going out. At point we decided it would be better if we were friends. Now me and him are dating other people and I think I like him again. I don't know if I like him for him or for the fact that he's dating other people. I don't know what to do. Please help me out!!!

well there's obviously a reason you two decided to just be friends, maybe you guys just arent a good match? but it seems like you guys are greatt friends, and im sure you dont want to screw that up. you also seem really confused, like maybe your not sure if you really like him, or your just jealose that he's moved on. soo i would wait a while to figure out your feelings. If you do realize that you really really like him, wait until hes single and then i might think about telling him.

hope i hepled =]]
id really love it if you'd keep me updated


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