i really need a new screename and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas. i want to use my name in it but my name is long soo that gives me limited choices. my name is brittaney soo if anyone could help i would appreciate it. thanks.



This is a picture of me:


I can't remember if I was wearing makeup in that picture, but if I was it was probably mascara and a line of eyeliner on my top lid. I started wearing it above my lower lashes now, though. My older cousin also, this weekend put clinique eyeshadow on me. It looked gorgeous and it was white on my lids and under my brows and purple on my creases. Well I want to buy some good makeup, from department stores or mac. Can anyone please tell me some good colors to use on my face and eyes according to my features? If you can't see from the picture I have silvery blue eyes. Also, what type of makeup to wear. Because I can't wear that eyeshadow my cousin did for me daily, its too dressy. Thanks!

i usedd the thing on cover girls websitee. and this is what i gott.

[in black velvet]

[in tangerine splash]

[in tutu]

[in meringue blush]

[in charcol and expresso]

[in redrevolution]

i really hopee thiss helpedd :D
let me know how it workss.


i have a skirt from aeropostale and its nice but kinda boring, it is light then a darkewr color at the bottom and has a little tan in it, there are the white strings at the bottom but the fray is still short. how can i spice up the skirt to make it look more like a 15 year olds ranther than a middle school kids? like make the fray longer (the skirt is on the longer, not knee length but a skanky length either)

i cant really tell if its a jean skirt or not??
you said it has some tan on it??
but if it does have some parts of jean on it, you can try bleaching them outt.
just use like clorox bleach and take the eareser end of the pencil and just put little dots, let it dry overr night and then in the morning, wash it.

im really sorry if this doesnt answer your question, if it doesnt let me know and ill try to come up with something diffrent.


alright well im going into eigth grade and i want a new hairstlye to start school with: i have medium brown hair& its about down to my shoulders: when i straighten it it goes about one and a half maybe two inches past my shoulders: when i dont straighten it its curly/frizzy (and i hate itt!) i almost always straighten it for school: i want a hairstyle that would look good both ways: that way i dont have to take an hour straightening it every morning: any ideas? i would really appreciate some ideas: if you need anymore info on what my hair looks like or whatever IM me at dear kaleighh (AIM)
thanks in advance!

ohkayy well my hair is the exactly the samee as yours, im thinking about getting my hair cut just above my sholders tho, but yoouve already said you dont want to straighten it, so i wouldnt recomend getting it cut that short if you dont want to straighten it, because the shorter you cut your hair the curlier it will be. have you ever tried scruching your hairr??
i wouldd try..
get the herbal essences shampoo and conditioner..the kind thats purple and says totally twisted. it makes your curls really cutee and shiny.
then after you get out of the shower, towl dry your hair for a few seconds and then try..
garnier fructis stype brilliantine shine cream gel (itss green and get the extra strong hold kind) it smells AMAZINGGG and it makes your curls not friz, but it doesnt make them really like hard or anything.
if your hair isnt superr curly you might wanna put it in braids until it dries and then take them outt. but if its not you could try getting a defuser for the end of your blow dryerr. if you cant get the defuserr then i would maybe put a little hair spray on it so it will stay scrunchedd.

hope i helpedd
let me know if it works


okay im a girl and i wear new era zoo york hat, volcom tank top, skinny jeans from anchor blue, and nike shoes whats my style?

why would you want us to label you?


I'm looking into doing a little online shopping for clothes. I'm mostly looking for hoodies (zip up and regular) and jeans (size 18). If I find something good, it's ridiculously expensive. If I find something afforable, it's ugly or they don't have my size.

I've looked at the following websites: Torried, Alloy, Delias, JC penny, Kohls, American Eagle, DEB, and I've found NOTHING.

Does anyone know any cute clothing websites where I can find those items I mentioned? If it helps, I live in the U.S. I doubt I'll be interested in clothing sites for other countries.

torrid has some really really cute stuff.
im not plus size, but they have awesome shoes there!!
and im pretty sure their clothes are pretty cheep too.
(i see that you've already tried torried?? and im not sure if you just spelled torrid wrong so im sorry if this doesnt help youu.)



what can you ask your haircutter to do to make your hair have more volume at the top? not style-wise, but haircut wise with no extra styling necessary. short layers?

layers can deff. give your hair more volume,
when you go to your stylist,
i would just tell her you want a hair cut that will add volume,
she'll know exactly what to do.

i know you said you dont want styling advice,
but i have a few ideas for youu.
when you blow dry your hair,
tip your head upside down,
it gives you a tonn of volumee.


how can i get my eye makeup to look like avril lavignes in her video for girlfriend?

also how can i get my hair to look like this


well i cant help you with the eye makeup but as the hair its hard to say without knowing what kind of hair you have..if your hairs straight i would try curling the ends diffrent ways soo it'll look sorta wavy..or you could scrunch it a little. if your hairs curly try blowing it somewhat straight and curling the endss. hope i helped =]


I want to pernamentley straighten my hair, but my mom won't let me. I am planning to pay for it. My mom still won't let me because, as she says, you will look like a wet muskrat, just like everyone else with stick straight hair.

But I am getting a haircut, and it will be shoulder length. My hair is EXTREMELY poofy, no matter what kind of shampoos or serums I use. When I straighten it with a straightener, which takes about an hour and a half (which I don't have time for) it gets really nice and silky, and the poof disapears.

I think I really need this: I only wear my hair down when I straighten my hair, which is about four times a year. Otherwise I wear it in a pony tail, which makes me feel like a tomboy.

How do I convince my mom to let me? I am 16 by the way.

okay well my advice for you if to def not get your hair permanetly straightened. i did it and it totally wrecked my hair. (my hair is seriously like getting shorter every day because its breaking off and it smells soo burnt when it gets wet) if you dont already have somewhat straight hair it wont help you that much anyway because it will still be super poofy. so i wouldnt get it permanetly straightened it but you should def buy some hair protector spray (the herbal essences one is great and it smells amazinggg). also you could try scrunching it because it'll look cute and this summer if your gonna be swimming alot and you're not gonna want to straighten your hair every time you get out of the pool.


i just recently bought a really cute bathing suit that fits and all but i have a small chest so i dont fill the top out well. what can i do without stuffing or using implants?

maybe try getting a thicker padding, or you could just take the padding out so it fits better.


do you think its a dumb idea to go to Goodwell and get jeans?.. i mean i know they have hollister A&F jeans, but for cheaper. i think its a good idea. do you?

try tj max they have some american eagle jeans and some other brands and there not used, but a ton cheaper.


anyone know any really good surf shop kinda stores where i can shop online? like beckersurf and pacsun? thanks!

you could try some of these-


i want to start using make-up.
well, more make-up, 'cause i already use black eyeliner to line the bottom of my eye.
you can see what i look like here: http://www.myspace.com/dixiencoco
[feel free to add me if you have one yourself]
anyway, in some of those pictures i'm wearing eyeliner, and in others i'm not.
[mostly the older/first ones have me make-up free]
i do have glasses and i'd like to [for now] stay away from things that would make my nose or wear my glasses sit oily, because its hot in florida at school and i tend to sweat a bit making my glasses slide down a bit much.
and um, anything else i'll add later.

You'll probally look best in minty green, light to medium purple (plum), pale blue,light gray or light blue-gray shades of eye shadow. Choose one shade only to use at a time and apply it all over eyes, from lash-line to brows.

Apply one or two coats of clear or brown mascara.

Maybe try a sheer lip gloss or shiny lipstick in pinkish-brown.

And for special occasions..
Go for a metallic silver or metallic plum (medium purple) eye shadow on lids (sparkly or not, your choice) and ramp up eyelashes with two coats of brown mascara. Keep lips pale but shiny with a clear or pale pink gloss.

hope i helped


Hey! I was wondering, would you all rather get an ipod nano or a coach tote for you 15th bday? thanks!

ipod nano..the purse will go out of style but you'll have the ipod for awhile.


ok i have thick hair, and when i straighten it gets smooth and shiny, and looks good and healthy, but its too thick for me, like it's wherever i go, my hair goes, it's so annoying, is there anything i can do to get it thinner?... i get it thinned out at the salon, but is there anything else i could possibly do? thanks :]

you could try getting more layers..or maybe putting half of your hair pulled up and the other half down.


I have a pair of blue and white seersucker bermudas that i love. But I have no idea what kind of top would go. any suggestions?

these are them:

I would maybe try a white shirt with maybe something with that color blue in it somewhere (like maybe a hco shirt that says hollister in light blue letters)


What are some similar stores to places like dELIAS, Alloy, American Eagle, Forever 21...
stores with teen clothing that's stylish and not overly expensive?

you could try
-charlotte russe
-sometimes you can find cute stuff at target
-the buckle
-hottopic has some really cute accesories


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