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i stay pretty busy, yet i try to answer as many public questions as i can. but if you send me a question to my inbox, i promise it will get answered the very next second i see it. or you can send any form of question to my email & i will reply the best way that i can.

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"i make mistakes, it's what i do. i speak without thinking. i act without knowing. when i drink, i drink so much that i can barely walk. i'm a fantastic lover though. & an amazing friend. God knows i mean well."

i'm kari sue rose. obviously.
i'm a graduate at pound high school & i'm 19 ;)
i'm an upcoming sophomore at uva-wise, where i want to pursue a career as a college professor.
i am a manager at little caesar's & it takes up a good percentage of my time, but i love where i work.
i tend to read a lot.
actually i read too many books at a time.
& once i start writing i don't know when to stop. i'm head-over-heels for this one specific guy that i've been with for heck & ever[jonathan mark gibson] he's my world & i love him.
i'm not a fan of profanity, especially when girls do it. it's not impressive & it's not attractive. there are better words in this world dear.
& good grammar = thumbs up :]
i'm insanely girly, slightly high maintenance. but i'm easy to please. my nails are always done, but mainly because i'm almost a licensed nail technician :)
i think laughter is the cure for everything. i'm loving life. & i'm living my senior year up ;) oh and by the way, i'm honored by your hatred.

i'm an honest person. i give the best advice that i possibly can, & if i don't feel as if i can answer your question properly, then i will forward you to someone who i feel is more qualified to answer.
feel free to ask me anything. i'm up for any sort of question :]

i'm on myspace!
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can you buy these shoes in stores?

i'm wondering if you have to order them online or not, i really hope you don't cause i don't like ordering online.

thanks :) (link)
the only shoes that i have ever seen in their store are flip flops & house shoes. Unless your store is different from the one where i'm from. So yeah, I would just order them online or from a magazine.

any body know any sites where I can downlaod music and put on my mp3,
thanks (link)
you can download limewire, kazaa, or aerie for free & download all kinds of music.

or you can try these websites:

that should give you a variety :)

it says something along the lines of, "we're only together because the people we REALLY loved didn't want us" or something.. it's vertical and i can't find it anywhere. thanks! (link)
i know exactly which one you are talking about.
it says something like "i'm in love with her" "she's in love with him" but we're only together because they don't love us. or something.
it's sadddd :/

i might have it saved, if i find it, i'll let you know.

i want to make my boyfriend cookies for valentines day. what else can i do for him? nothing sexual please. by then itll barely be almost 2 months. and i want to make valentines special for the both of us. please and thankyou! in advance (link)
depending upon how much money you have to spend, try going to & looking at the things you can make online & order & they'll deliver it right to your house.

last year i bought my boyfriend a candy tin, with a picture of our hands holding on the top of it, & i filled it with his favorite sweets like the soft-batch cookies & kitkats, haha. you can make it online & order it & it was only $15, shipping & everything.
on walmart you can make teddy bears with a picture of you on the shirt or something like that. you can even make calendars, valentine's day cards, playing cards, mugs, & tons more.

but i also agree with everyone else. little things that mean a lot to both of you are what matters.
everyone gave you really great ideas, i just thought i would inform you of the things you can make on walmart :]

Hey i really need this question answered and i hope u can help....

I invited my boyfriend(20years old) to come with me and my family on vacation to my grandparents house in the U.S for thanksgiving shopping. Now hes saying that he wont be able to come because he doesn't have enough money and if he leaves for 4 days his job will fire him before Christmas. Am i wrong to be upset about this? cause i really wanted him to come (link)
it's okay to be upset because you were excited & wanted him to come. but you can't get angry over the fact that he can't afford it.
if you want him to go so badly, then you need to pay for it & talk to his boss.
losing his job isn't something he wants to go through & you should respect that.
don't be angry at him because of the fact that he doesn't have any money to go with you.
maybe there is a way you guys can work it out? maybe you can help pay, & he can try to request those 4 days off from work.
it's not his fault & it's not that he is purposely not wanting to go, he just can't & if you are a true girlfriend then you need to respect that.

well ive been on birth control for about 2 years now, maybe longer. im on it to regulate my periods and because they were really heavy. im not having sex though and not sexual active AT ALL. the thing is i dont take it at the same time everyday (i know horrible) but ever since i started taking it, i would just take it when i woke up. during the school year its around 6:30am and during the weekends or summer its around 10:00-10:30am. the thing is that i always get my period when im suppose to. and i never miss a day of taking a pill. i kind of want to start taking it at night sometime, so i can take it the same time EVERYDAY. because now, i cant get myself to wake up that early on the weekends or in the summer. so is that possible, can i just start taking them at night now consistently or would it mess everything up? i want to be as protected as possible when i do end up having sex and i know we're going to use a condom but i also want the birth control to be as effective as it can be. thanks! (link)
i don't feel qualified to answer your question (which is why it took me so long to reply) i, myself, am not on birth control so i really can't help you. but try asking the columnist 'cloudy_conscience' she knows a lot about birth control & such

hey...I found you under columnists and thought you would be able to help me

this is a bit personal...

im 17 years old/female and have had a few boyfriends...with my last one, I was with him for a few months and he was the first guy i started doing sexual things with...

but my problem was...everytime he fingered me or performed oral sex it felt pretty good...but I couldnt have an orgasm

ive had MANY orgasms before while masterbating..

im talking to this guy now and we were making out the other night and i had thin swetpants on and he was rubbing me through them and it felt good and i got excited but i felt the same thing happening again like with my last feels good but i cant get to that point

i dont know what it is!

sometimes i feel like it may be because my last boyfriend didnt have much was his first time doing stuff with a girl as well as mine with a guy and its easy to just give a blowjob and have a guy get off but for a girl its a little bit different when pleasuring her

besides the rubbing through the pants i havent done anything with this guy yet so im not 100 percent sure how he is but im 100 percent sure hes experienced and stuff

i dont know whats wrong with me though...with my last boyfriend i never even came CLOSE to having an orgasm and its not like he was THAT bad...

is it just me or is this normal for girls?

im nervous im never going to be able to with a guy...

also another question (sorry for the length!)

i cant give a guy a handjob!

with m y last boyfriend, i tried to but he said it hurt a little...

it wasnt like smooth when i tried to move up and was like the skin was moving up and down and it just didnt work!

so i gave blowjobs all the time but theres gotta be a way to give handjobs...i mean people do it!

do people ALWAYS use lube when giving a hand job? or is there any way to do it without using it and im doing it wrong?

thanks so much! (link)
during sex all you have to do is get him to rub the outside of your clitoris.
guys like pleasuring girls that way, if that's what is going to help them get an orgasm.
i promise it'll work, especially if he rubs in your exact spot.
your clitoris is a woman's main orgasm point. just have him practice around helping to find out where it is that you are most stimulated at (around your clitoris) & have him rub... a lot.
giving a hj, is simple. just try to be easy & gentle. they are sensitive.
lube does help with the rubbing, but it's not necessary.

hi :]
im 18/female.
alright so this might sound kind of weird but
im not a creep or anything at all, just trying
to get the whole "sexual thing"
ive never done anything physical with a guy, ive only madeout with two guys before and never had a boyfriend yet everyone is always shocked when they hear this because they think i would be some kind of slut (cuz everyone thinks im gorgeous) and i dont think im THAT bad either, not to sound conceited but anyways when im taking a bath or shower i try to wash "down there" and the past couple of days i have been putting soap on my fingers and kind of fingering myself. i have been doing it with two fingers, every once in a while i'll try three. i just want to know what it feels like and i also want it to be clean. is this healthy to be cleaning it like this and also it doesnt really hurt that much or at all when i do two fingers, it feels good so does that mean when i actually do get fingered (whenever im ready) that it wont hurt or is it competely different because im in the bath or shower and my vagina is already getting wet but keep in mind i get wet SO easily.

well thank you and by the way your really pretty! (link)
not to be rude, but that is probably one of the worst things you could do.
your vagina is already naturally clean, whether you think so or not. yes, your vagina has an odor, but it's a natural odor & completely normal. no form of soap should be inside of your vagina, so many infections & diseases can form from this, so please try to refrain from it.
there are specific soaps you can buy that are made to help clean your vagina, but nothing is ever meant to be inside of it.
fingering yourself while in the shower is fine though, & it can also help loosen you up for when a guy does finger you.
just try not to do that anymore with any form of soap.

washing around the outside of it & such is fine, but never put any inside of you.
if you start feeling irritated within a week or so, please visit a doctor as soon as possible. a UTI may have formed or even a yeast infection.

helllo! im 19 years old and a female.
im still a virgin :] and pretty proud of it because i could have done it many times with different guys but im not like that at ALL i have morals and im waiting for that guy thats not like the others, that just doesnt want to get with me but one that actually loves me for me. but when im ready to have sex i would like to know..

if your on the bed or anywhere, doesnt like the sheets and everything get all gross? and if its the first time and your cherry hasnt popped, wouldnt the guy be grossed out and be like whats going on and wouldnt the blood get everywhere? i know that im going to have it with the one i love and care about, but i still think it would be a messy situation. im not sure if my cherry has been popped yet. i played alot of sports such as soccer softball and volleyball but that was only up till middle school and i did gymnastics for about 3 years until i was about 13 and i use tampons and go swimming alot so it could have broke but if it didnt, i just dont know what to expect. i just guess i havent really done anything with a guy before except makeout and kiss and well get "felt up" but thats not really anything i would just like to know what to expect like since girls get wet even if i was getting fingered or anything!! thanks alot (link)
one; i think saving yourself is great & it's completely normal to have questions.
but guys aren't paying attention to the minor details. especially if it's with a boy that you love & he loves you. your first time will be painful & there's a chance you may bleed.
however if you are very active, then your hymen more than likely has already been popped. even without you noticing. like maybe while you were on your period, or even in a pool.
mine broke while i was running, so i didn't bleed the first time i ever had sex.
but even if you do bleed, it's not bad or gross. the boy should know that it's going to happen anyways though, most guys are aware of hymens & such.
bed sheets really don't get too messy either, as long as you are going completely crazy & rolling around & everything, haha.
your first time will be awkward, i promise. but nobody's first time is heaven or whatever.
nothing is what you expect.
just wait until you are 100% completely comfortable with them, before you choose to lose your virginity.

when a boy finger's you for the first time..
will it hurt? also wouldnt it be awkward like what are you suppose to do when he's doing that and why does it seem like thats what boys always want to do, they try to go down your pants first?! also isnt it weird when a girl gets wet. i get wet easily, keep in mind ive never had sex or really dont anything physical except kiss guys. but this guy i like, when he rubs me or tries to get down my pants i get really wet and i hate it! i feel kind of embarassed and also it feels disgusting and he doesnt know im wet either because i always push his hand away, because im scared for him to finger me and since i shave down there its not always completely smooth so i always wonder what he is going to think, like gross! or what? (link)
boys like to do those things because they enjoy the pleasure of pleasing someone. plus it turns them on at the same time.
it's completely normal for a girl to get wet, that's what happens when a girl is turned on. & boys like that about girls too. they wouldn't want to finger someone who was dry, it was be uncomfortable for you & him.

& boys aren't paying attention to your shaving habits. they are just concentrating on the fact that you let them do whatever they are doing.

& the best thing you can do while they are doing that is show them that you enjoy it.
if you are really tight, then it may hurt a little. ask him if he will just use one finger at first, and then slowly go to two. that will reduce pain.

i hope i helped :)

I really care for this girl, I love her. we text or r with each other from the time we get out a school till we go to sleep, and its not like average talking, its pretty deep we get in each others heads, know how each others thinking. I can tell her anything n she can tell me almost everything but she’s had an extremely hard life she wants to tell me but she already told me a lot n thinks its better if I don’t know the rest right now n I’m perfectly fine with that. We trust each other. I can’t imagine how my life was without her, I’ve only known her for about a week though but we both say it feels like our whole life. She’s such a strong girl for her situation I know id be going insane. Every time she starts to love or trust a relative they die to cancer, it’s been over 20 of her relatives she says their almost gone, now the doctor thinks she has cancer and is going to the cancer lab to be tested soon. She keeps saying its fine, but she’s the coolest girl I have ever met she’s so sweet and nice n cares so much she’s the strongest emotionally iv ever met. She doesn’t want me to tell anyone and I won’t. I really care for her I want to be with her forever but I don’t know what to do, I don’t think she wants a bf she just broke up n had me give her the strength two days ago. In every way she is the perfect girl, we talk till we both fall asleep all day long and it never gets quiet or dull. She comforts me, n helps me w the smallest things n she says I help her sooo much to but I just cant imagine n it depresses me so much that stuff like this happens to the best people, n she keeps telling me she is ok n she doesn’t want me to feel like this because of her. She is different than all the others at our school, i love it, and wer new freshmen n both 14. She is so hurt inside, shes a recovered cutter but she doesnt know that i know it about her, she says she hasnt told me the worst parts of her life, but how can it get any worse! I can go on forever about her but she is perfect in every way n just does not see that, idk what to do I can’t get my mind off it im texting her right now as always, I miss her sooo much. What should I do to help any of this? (link)
all you can do is be her support.
it's hard to want to be with someone the rest of your life, when you've only known them for a week. & i'm not lecturing you, i just know from experience. you both are 14, you have so much life to live.
as i said, just be there for her. if she gets diagnosed with cancer then you both are going to be miserable. just be careful, and don't get so caught up in something that seems so perfect, because in reality nothing is.

Hey me and my girl friend had unprotected sex and she is on birth control but i did not ejaculate in her but she missed her period and we became worried. 4 days later she had a morning after pill that her friend had and wasn't sure if it would work or not but took it anyway and she got her period. she took a test and it came up negative and she has her period right now. Do you think she could be pregnant? Whats the possibility? Please answer me asap thank you (link)
unprotected safe is dangerous, next time be sure to use a condom.
her chances of being pregnant are slim, seeings to how you didn't do it inside her.
she's on birth control.
she finally got her period.
& her test became negative.

in my opinion, she's not pregnant.
but if you still feel as if she is, make her take another test.

a girl's period is never regular.
you have to be aware of that.

don't freak out.
it is still possible for a girl to have her period while she's pregnant, but since she took a test already & it came up negative, then i highly doubt she is.
but next time, just be more safe.

on one of the quetions you answered about for a girl's thick saliva being cum and that made me very confused. i thought saliva was spit and so does that mean when a girl has a orgasm she cums out her mouth? i probably just misunderstood the question so can you please explain (link)
nono, saliva isn't cum.
& i'm sorry if i said that, i must have typed something very wrong.
a woman's discahrge is similar to cum, that's what i meant to type.

im dating this guy and i really do love him. one day my ex texted me ( first time we talked since he cheated on me 7 months ago & in that time i got over him cheating and im completely fine w/ it now). i texted him back to see what he wanted and at first we talked about getting our stuff back and such. for some reason i liked talking to him again and it seemed like nothing ever changed between us. then he started saying he still loved me and wanted me back and for me to leave my bf and he\'d leave him gf. i dont know if it brought back feelings or what but it made me feel bad so i had to tell my bf & he didnt understand how i could talk to him after he cheated on me. i was confused so i went to my bestfriend for help and she didnt want me to go back to my ex cause she loves how good my bf is to me. so i had to make a decision and i chose my bf and i figured that me & my ex would stop talking but no we've talked a lot lately and he swears its only as friends and that he'd never take me back since i turned him down. i dont know im really confused how i feel about him , i dont want to stop talking to him but i know that us talking is wrong, i think maybe i just liked how he wanted me back. im not really sure. and we dont live that far apart so i will see him at games when our schools play eachother and random places and i dont know how i'll be when i see him cause i havent seen him since. im just really confused and idk what to do. please help (link)
it's normal to miss your ex, of course. especially since when you guys first dated, he cheated on you. therefore at that time, you assumed you weren't good enough for him. & now he wants you back, you finally feel good enough.
you like that extra attention you're receiving, especially since it's not just from your current boyfriend.

i can't tell you what to do.
but i've been in a situation very similar. my boyfriend of well over a year broke up with my randomly. he completely crushed my world. i was sooo devastated. then i met someone, 11 months later. we fell in love & he & i have been together for 8 months now. it had been a little over a year since me & my ex broke up & he got in contact with me. he wanted me back.
i was soo confused, and i didn't know what to do.
so i evened out the odds:
- i was happy with my current boyfriend (are you?)
- i was so hurt when my ex broke up with me (were you?)
- "once a cheater always a cheater" (do you believe that?)
- who could make you happier?

if someone has let you down before, they are going to do it again. i'm sorry, but it's true.
& for him to come back to you, WHILE he has a girlfriend shows no decency WHATSOEVER. especially since technically, he's cheating on her now with you. which means, he's still cheating.
if he really wanted you back, he would have broken up with his girlfriend, first, to show that he really does want you.
all in all, he's probably jealous that you're happy.
& he's dangling you on a string because he knows that you think about him in the back of your mind.

you know who you truly want to be with.
& you've heard my opinion, so go make your decision.

good luck.

Hii everyone!

em, my hairs usually good all the time but summers so hot and my hair starts getting so frizzy! i move around so much i dont know how to be active without it getting knotty! and it gets frizzy. but i cant brush it in the day bcz that only works when its wet but i cant go out with wet hair because it frizzes when it dries.

any products to de-tangle it and un-frizz it?

thanks so so much!!

- frizz ease by john freida (i think is his name)
- any form of hair gel. try putting aussie styling hold gel in your hair when it's slightly damp, that'll keep frizz down. but that is usually for curly hair
- or even hair spraying your hair can stop a lot of frizz
- there are tons of shampoos that are made to control to frizz, maybe you should try some of those?

So, i'm like, a sexaholic with my boyfriend, and he used to be the same way, but we've been together for over a year now, and sex has become rare. MAYBE once a month, if i'm lucky. I constantly want it, once i get it i'm good for a day or two, then i want it again. idk if it's because it makes me feel attractive or because he's so good or what it is, but it's driving me NUTS that he doesn't want to do it anymore. he's always too tired or has to work in the morning or is sore or spends all night on his video game and doesn't get off of it till he's ready to pass out. I want him to want me! i've tried sexy dances, sexy clothes, talking sexy, everything! i even bought whipcream and handcuffs..... what can I do to bring his sex drive back? he says it's not a personal issue, no depression, nothing wrong with me, but idk. i don't know what to do.

:( (link)
in my opinion, this situation may take time.

you guys need to spend more time with eachother doing other things & getting back into the old routine of first relationships. once all those attractions come back, then his sex drive will eventually fire up.
the longer you both go without sex, the more you both will want it.

& maybe next time you guys both agree to have sex, maybe you should ask him what he likes best & what positions are best for him & do everything that HE likes. don't make him do all the work. even if you barely get any pleasure from it, try to make him enjoy it so that he'll realize what he's been missing out on.

:) hope i helped

me and my bf had sex and it was his first time and my seconds time. i thought that usually guys cum really fast the first time they had sex but we did it for like 30 minutes and he wasnt even close to cumming. i was pretty clueless and kind of nervous since it was only my second time but i dont see how i could have messed up if he was on top. so do i just suck at sex or is this normal? (link)
every guy's stamina is different.
the first time my boyfriend & i ever had sex, he didn't get an orgasm & i felt so stupid, but i found out it was just because he was so nervous & he was afraid he was going to get off so quickly so he held back a lot & wasn't able to get off at all.
just give it time, & eventually the sex will become less awkward & he'll be able to orgasm more.
& don't worry, you don't suck.
just try more positions & a lot of foreplaying before hand. but sometimes a long stamina is good, the longer he can last, the longer you have to enjoy


me and my bf had sex for the first time and i was on top at one point but i had noo idea what to do. so basically how exactly am i supposed to move on top? (link)
fiddle around, whatever starts feeling really good for you, will feel just as good for him - trust me.

Me & my boyfriend has been having sex, well over 3 months now. I love teasing him, but not prick teasing.
I do like to have sex afterwards.
Such as teasing for a while, getting him real aroused, then having sex.
I love this, it makes me enjoy it so much more.

I need some tricks though, to teasing.
I dont do strip teasing, or blow jobs, or none of that, its disguisting.
Tips please? (link)
last time i answered a question like this, i got banned from the site for being so detailed.
so if you want some tips, you can email me at
& i'll be glad to give you as much advice as possible.

okay so there is this girl that my boyfriend and his friends used to be obsessed with. they always talked about her and thought she was the hottest thing alive. well now i have been dating my boyfriend for a verrry long time and he hasn't talked about her at all ever since we first started going out. but i can't help but feel upset whenever i think about how he used to talk and stuff. especially when we see her at school. i always think he is going to look at her and be intrigued or whatever. he always says that no one is prettier than me but i think he might think that she is. it doesn't seem like it should be a big deal.. but for some reason it is to me. i don't know how to get over these feelings. please help (link)
i can't really give you advice on this, but i will give you my opinion:
me & my boyfriend go to different schools, and we have been together for 6 months or so. before me he dated this girl for 2 years, and they go to the same school.
i always stress & worry & get jealous over this girl for no apparent reason.
i worry because they're at the same school & i picture the fact that what if he's thinking about her, or what if she looks pretty today, or what if he wants her back.
i mean the smallest things bother me. i hate seeing her name & i hate hearing people talk about her because it makes me think that maybe he's thinking about her too.
the best advice that i can give you, is the fact that he is YOUR boyfriend - not hers. & if he didn't want to be with you, then he wouldn't be.
at one point in time, your boyfriend was attracted to that girl, but now he has you & he is attracted to you. & i understand how hard it is to be jealous & worry, because i do it daily, but sometimes you just have to accept the fact that he loves you & wants to be with you, and if he still wanted to be with her or anything of the sort, then he would.
& sometimes it is good to talk to him about her. let him know how much you stress over it. although everytime my boyfriend & i talk about his ex we always fight, and maybe you & your boyfriend would have better luck.
buuut i wish you the best & just try not to think about it.

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