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getting wet easily..

Question Posted Tuesday October 14 2008, 4:04 pm

when a boy finger's you for the first time..
will it hurt? also wouldnt it be awkward like what are you suppose to do when he's doing that and why does it seem like thats what boys always want to do, they try to go down your pants first?! also isnt it weird when a girl gets wet. i get wet easily, keep in mind ive never had sex or really dont anything physical except kiss guys. but this guy i like, when he rubs me or tries to get down my pants i get really wet and i hate it! i feel kind of embarassed and also it feels disgusting and he doesnt know im wet either because i always push his hand away, because im scared for him to finger me and since i shave down there its not always completely smooth so i always wonder what he is going to think, like gross! or what?

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echasha answered Wednesday August 22 2012, 3:03 am:
basically my boyfriend did the same thing, he just grab my waist and kiss me for 10minutes non stop. It was uneasy for me but suddenly I found that there are some changes in myself. Iysd to hug him tightly and have some dirty chat..aww..! that was damn hawwt! then he slowly rub my pussy and lick it.First it was uneasy, but then it was relaxing when we get into the mood.he enter his middle finger into my vagina, next increase to two fingers!! That was a perfect day! my pussy get wet like hell and honey just love it! The next day we have it again!!
so no problem, guys don't really care how is our pussy look alike. all they need is the satisfactions and the love towards him! So just enjoy it!!

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ohheybeebs answered Monday November 17 2008, 4:34 pm:
It's not awkward while its happening.. if you kiss and play around with him then you'll both be having a good time
And don't care about being too wet.. it doesn't matter to them. also being fully smoothe doesn't matter to them, they're not thinking about that. they just want to please you and themselves.

and it may hurt a little at first, not much at all.

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amilli answered Sunday October 19 2008, 8:57 pm:
First, your vagina will probably be really tight b/c you have never had any type of contact i guess you could say. thats ohkay though.
Second, just make out while he is doing it, or kiss his neck or he can kiss yours.
Third, guys love it when you are wet.
Fourth, don't be embarrassed, you are just easily pleased and he will love that.
Fifth, my boyfriend doesn't really care if my vagina is smooth or prickly as long as its not like a huge bush. but if he is going to go down on you make sure it is somewhat clean and smooth.

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purzycki10 answered Wednesday October 15 2008, 5:29 pm:
i felt the sameeeee wayyyyy
personally i found out gus like it !
so dont worry
thats there favorie part
and it doesnt hurt maybe for a second
then itjust feels good
and guys always want to do that because they want to get closer to you and have fun at the same time .
u will know what to do !

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karisue answered Wednesday October 15 2008, 12:12 pm:
boys like to do those things because they enjoy the pleasure of pleasing someone. plus it turns them on at the same time.
it's completely normal for a girl to get wet, that's what happens when a girl is turned on. & boys like that about girls too. they wouldn't want to finger someone who was dry, it was be uncomfortable for you & him.

& boys aren't paying attention to your shaving habits. they are just concentrating on the fact that you let them do whatever they are doing.

& the best thing you can do while they are doing that is show them that you enjoy it.
if you are really tight, then it may hurt a little. ask him if he will just use one finger at first, and then slowly go to two. that will reduce pain.

i hope i helped :)

[ karisue's advice column | Ask karisue A Question

litt0lkv answered Wednesday October 15 2008, 11:37 am:
yes, it will probably hurt in the beginning but it will bring you a great deal of pleasure also.

dont worry about the guy getting grossed out. he will like the fact that your wet. that's his goal anyways. he wants you to be wet down there. that means he is doing his job correctly.

and the whole shaving part. well if you dont like the fact that your never completely smooth then just trim. having hair is completely normal. just make sure to keep it at a good level.

hope i helped and wish you the best of luck.

-litt0lkv :)

[ litt0lkv's advice column | Ask litt0lkv A Question

Kendra_Berri answered Wednesday October 15 2008, 12:07 am:
First of all, don't be embarrassed. Women get wet. This is a very good thing because when you are ready to have sex, it means that you will be lubricated properly, making the sex comfortable and pleasurable.

Secondly, do not worry about the guy thinking there is something wrong with you. He'll only think he's turning you on and arousing you, which is going to boost his ego.

Thirdly, allow yourself to enjoy his touch. See, you need to learn what you enjoy and allowing your boyfriend to touch you is a great and safe way for you to figure that out. No pregnancy, no STDs, just pleasure.

Here's the thing: make sure you tell him if you want him to go slower or faster or gentler or harder or move his fingers in a certain way. Why? So he can get better at making you feel good. The only reason to let a guy touch your vagina is because you like it and it feels nice.

I am a little concerned about the fact you're shaving off your pubic hair and you're scared about your wetness. It sounds like you are not comfortable with your body. Trust me 100% on this-- males love the female body. LOVE it. They love the wetness, the smell, the look and the feel of it. Do not be ashamed. Your vagina is just fine the way it is, hair or no hair. Any guy that can't handle a little hair isn't worth bothering with because he should feel lucky you're letting him touch you at all.

I'm guessing you're a teenager. You don't know yet how much power your body has yet, how good it can feel, how good you can make a male feel.

Having said all that, make your boyfriend take it as slow as you need him to go. If you're not ready for him to touch your genitals yet, let him know. If he doesn't like it, too bad. The female gets to choose what happens sexually. If you don't put the brakes on, he sure won't. Know that any guy who won't take it as slow as you want and leaves, there's PLENTY of other guys who will be willing to take his place. Know your worth.

[ Kendra_Berri's advice column | Ask Kendra_Berri A Question

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