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I'm not perfect. But the heartbeats add up. As well as the life challenges. And I'm only 22. So I'm here. To help those I can. Try and make a difference in someones better somes life by being someone that's there when they have no one.
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I have a 4-H project due Monday. I tried a few Diy project and they didn't work. We have to show how to do something. I chose Diy Rainbow roses. Do they work? (link)

Hi I'm a thirteen year old girl and for the past 3 years or so, I've been getting yellowy, sticky stuff in my underwear. It wasn't too bad at first but recently it's been getting quite bad - as in a lot - and I'm starting to get worried. I had my first period last summer and haven't had another since. I'm a little bit worried. What if my friends see a little bit and think it's pee when we change for P.E? That would be so embarrassing! Please help. Am I normal like this? (link)
The yellow stuff your seeing could be normal vaginal discharge. Which is completely normal around your age. Since you did have your first period last summer. and have not had one since, I would definetly go see your doctor, or your parents doctor if you don't have one regarding this issue. It may not be anything. But I always find it is better to be safe than sorry.

You could also talk to your mom about this as she was a young child once and would be able to comfort you through these changes that you are going though.

Hope this helps

ive been pretty depressed for a while... i got my first bf in feb. 2014 and we broke up last week. also my frinds started fighting and hating eachother. i lost my only 5 frinds that i had made since 1rst grade. i started getting bad grades on my report cards and im getting made fun of for it. im just 10 years old but i cut myself and hav suicidal thoughts... please give me advice. (link)
Hey honey, You are definetly not alone, and are still very young. You have so many adventures ahead of you. I got my first boyfriend in grade 9 It was the best thing ever. at that time. we broke up as well. You will have many many boyfriends before you find the one you are meant to be with.
(I know i sound like crap. I thought the same thing. But with time you will learn that knowledge on your own.

As for your friends, they will fight, they will argue. Some friendships will not last unfortunately. and some will last forever :)
Just remember you can't control what your friends do and if they get mad at eachother just remember to tell them that you are not choosing sides. You will make new friends in ways you could never imagine.

As for getting bad grades. It happens to everyone. If you just focus and try to remember the stuff in a different way it will definetly help:) I got made fun of in school for being a nerd. and was a bit of an outsider myself. But you must remember that if somethings not right you have the ability to change the ultimate outcome. Changing your grades by studying harder.

What exactly makes you feel so depressed? What is they key factor that makes you feel like you must cut or might do something worse? First step is to talk to someone close to you. If that is not an option there are help lines. These people are trained to help you through these situations.

I beleive strongly in my heart that you will be happy again. There is so much beauty in this world that is sometimes overpowered by darkness. But the light is always most powerful when your moment is darkest.

Just remember you are full of potental and have so much to live for. High school, A first crappy job. A few boyfriends that will end up sucking in the end. but will teach you most valuable life lessons. Love. Marriage. Kids, Kids moments, Grandchildren. There is so much this world has to offer you.

Hope this helps

I daydream a lot and I did a little research and I am not sure if it is a maladaptive daydreaming. I think it becoming a problem because I don't like pain. However, when I have a painful experience I create a scenario in my head. The scenario is even more painful but I am in control of what happens. During these daydream I get emotional because they are very painful experience but it worse than the pain I am going through. It my way to escape and process my emotion. I can cry without dealing with my actually emotionally pain. (link)
im.sorry I'm not sure what your question is

Hi wen i am on my period i get relly horne what shud i do ? O an i am 14 and girl (link)
Hello, 23/f.
That is perfectly normal. It happens to me all the time. I usually dont do smything on my period cuz i think its gross.


I am covered under my mom's employer's insurance plan until I'm 26. I developed a lot of serious health issues and require tests and hospital stays. My mom has blue cross/blue shield. It covered 80% of the bills. The 20% out of pocket I have to pay is still expensive. My employer is offering health insurance. I am considering making it my secondary plan. It's an indemnity health insurance plan. I asked for a plan overview and details. What other questions should I ask them? (link)
Ask them how much they will cover?
What do they coverwhat is the year dates?(jan1 -jan 1?

They go to my school and they're two grades ahead of me. They're a senior. I dress like them, I try to talk like them, I try to get my hair to be like theirs, and I have no idea why. I have an obsessive man crush on a person I don't even know well. I think about him almost 24/7. I'm getting worried. Any advice on how to deal with this? (link)
Everytime you start thinking about them. Or anything about them. Stop yourself and think of something else. Eventually you won't be obsessed Anymore. But it takes time. Do don't be too hard on yourseelf I'd it doesn't happen right away.

Hey , so i'm from USA , my parents got divorced when was 5 and my father kicked us out from home , and we had no place to go(ME , MOTHER , SISTER).So i had a aunt living in Egypt , she was our last hope , we went there and i had to fit in a totally different culture,traditions and learn a totally different language (Arabic).Anyway , i got back to USA when i was 17 , and i got a job , but i feel that my English got a lot WORSE , :( , like when i talk on the stage , i lack confidence and i feel that everyone wants to laugh at my English (i can put up conversations and use complex vocabulary ,but the accent got down a little bit ), though it used to be good when i was 5 , but ugh i hate my life :'( .Second problem , my whole coworkers are BLACK , all of them , i'm not racist or anything , i just like diversity ,(i'm White) its kinda weird a white guy in between a bunch of black people .:( (link)
Im not sure what your question is?

whare can i find caltine bars or bars to gain weight?

so me and my ex broke up back in April and I know its been a while but post break up we decided to remain friends, we weren t together that long only like two months, we still kinda talked a lot but he recently like about a month ago started dating someone else. when I found that out via facebook and instagram I automatically deleted him. and he did the same on instagram. he used to come into the gym I work at on a regular basis and now since he started dating her he doesn t even do that, which I am somewhat grateful for that .they are in a long distance relationship hes here and shes in a different state. when he popped up in the section of people you may know I saw a picture of them together and it broke my heart, all I keep thinking about is how I wish I did things differently and I start doubting myself thinking I was a horrible girlfriend even though I know I probably wasn t. even though I am talking to someone now the thought of my ex being with someone else stings. plus the guy I am talking to has the same NAME as my ex (link)
First off, congrats to deleting him. Thats the first step. Secondly what you are or were feeling from the break-up is completely normal. It is said that it is not the length of time in a relationship that determines its love. It does and will take time to fully move on. It took me 2 yrs for me to fully get over one person. And one week for another. That being said. If you are still hurting seeing ur ex dating or think of him often that means that you still have feelings for them, how ever small those feelings msy be. I recommend working on youfself and becoming happy with who you are. Until you learn to love yourselve completely.. you cant expect anyone else to love you. I recommend checking out the website:

Alot of the website iz pay. But the free materials i found on there wefe extremely helpful.

so i met this guy at a party, and when we were introduced we immediately clicked (or so i thought we did), we talked and talked for the rest of the night at the party, and when it was time to leave we left the party together and waited at the same bus stop together. at that time i was waiting for my ride and he was catching the bus 160, and so when the bus was right there, i was like "oh your bus is here" but he said that he would catch the other one. so then we talked for like another 15 minutes, i casually hinted for his number, so we exchanged numbers. then later that night he texted me. all the other times after that though i would be the first to initiate conversation. then there was this practice test at my university, and we were both there, during lunch break he came up to my table where my friend and i sat, and asked how the test went, and when i asked him where he was going for lunch, he said that he was just going to eat in the caf and that i could join him if i wanted. so we end up eating lunch together, but then after the practice test he never said bye to me. fast forward a few days after that, i initiated that we should study together and he said that we definitely should, and asked when i was free. so we make plans , and we studied together, and before he left, i said we should do this again, and he grinned and said yeah we should....but that was the last i heard from him. its been more than a week, and I'm just trying to see if he will text me first, but he hasn' that a good sign or bad ? is he interested or is he not ? i don't want to be clingy, or seem desperate... and i feel like I'm just obsessed and over analyzing the situation, should i just move on ? :( (link)
Honestly, guys are not smart sometimes. And they need many many hints. By the sounds of it this guy seems interested. Even a little bit. But he is also giving alot of mixed signals. I would ask to hang out and ask him in person wether or not he is interested. Yes, it may be terrifying. And scary. But if you dont ask then you will be worrying away endlessly. Its better to know than not to know. If the in person thing seems too scary you could always text him and ask.
good luck :)

I stole my grandmothers iPad about two months ago and my parents found out about it today. I was locked outside all day and I feel like there is nothing I can do to repair our relationship now. They are thinking about calling the police or kicking me out of the house. Im a girl and only 14... (link)
First of all, It is definitely not okay to steal. And that is the point that your parents are trying to make you understand. That stealing can definitely screw up your life, if you get caught.

That being said, you are only a minor, which you are still in their care. Explain to them that you understand what you did was wrong, and you would like to change. and with their help and support you can learn the right way and the right path. instead of going on the wrong path.

Hello, 20 year old female. I am going out Friday night and Saturday night at school to hang out with my friends for Halloween and I had an idea to go out Friday as nice Sandy and Saturday as Sandy after the make over. My question is, would a poodle skirt and blouse be a cute costume for a college party? I can't seem to decide if it is or not. I'm not asking if it's "sexy" so I pick up guys, I just think a poodle skirt could potentially be too jr high. Please help! (link)
No, I think it is a classy beautiful costume. I would love to be Sandy. I think it shows your inner you as a person. Definitely think you should!

'fingering girl, may have precum on finger, but girl took ipill after the incident....will she be pregnant? (link)

I am 20 years old girl.I am from Bnagladesh. 2 years ago I met a boy on facebook.He was from the another city of my country.I never add unknown people. Actually I was searching someone from his company. And I sent friend request to him. But after chatting I came to know that he was not the one. I decided to remove him. But from his old status I came to know that he lost his mother last year. I really felt bad. And decided not to remove him. We became friends. We used to chat for long time. He shared a lot of things with me so did I. He was a nice boy. He cared for me. I forgot to take my medicine. He asked me everyday that I took my medicine or not. He asked my opinion about his business card. I mean he gave me priorities. But after 2 months don't know what happened he started to change. He didn't reply me back like before. I didn't ask why. And I started to realize that I like him. I felt bad about it that how I fall in love with someone on internet. I decided to move on and not to talk to him anymore. But that time it seemed very difficult to me. I decided to remove him. One night I knocked him and told him something about my family and then told him that I am going to remove him. He said please tell me the reason. I told him and removed him.but still I used to message him and he replied me. That time I came to know from other source that he hided things from me. He didn't told me that his father got married few days ago. He told me that he had a girlfriend for one year but he never loved her. But I came to know that after that he also had a girlfriend almost for 3 years. But he didn't tell me anything about it. After one months I added him again. He accepted friend request and talked to me like nothing happened. Everything became normal again. I gave him my number. We started to chat on whatsapp. Almost like before. It was my birthday. I asked for gift. He asked what I want. I told as your wish. He told me to ask for something. I told him that you won't be able to give me. He asked me what. I didn't want to tell him. But he forced me and requested me to tell what I want. I told him that I liked him seriously and I really wanted to spent my life with him. He told me that we didn't meet each other ever so we shouldn't think about it. After that I didn't knock him. After one day he knocked me and told me that he added me on his new facebook which he refused me to add before, he told me that this account was for his day i called him and we talked for the first time. That day he told me about his father marriage. We talked for 20 minutes. And he was nice. After that we used to talk. His birthday was coming I decided to send him a gift. I asked for his address but refused to give it to me. But I knew his addressed already so I sent the gift. And he accepted it. There was his another female friend. She also liked him. She also send him gift but he didn't accept it. I came to know from someone. And on his birthday he called me and said that I am crazy. But he was happy.every thing was going well. One day I knocked him on whatsapp and after sometime he replied. Like he always does. But I felt something is wrong. Don't know why!!! But my mind telling me that something is wrong. I felt that he was not replying me. Someone else was doing it. And the person tried to insult me. I knew that he couldn't talk to me like that. I end the conversation. I was so upset that he allowed someone to reply me by his phone. After 7 days I knocked him and asked about the matter. He told that it wasn't he. I asked who it was. He told it was his colleague. But he didn't tell the name. I got very angry. He tried to explain me that it wasn't international. But I didn't pay any heed to his talk. I asked him how could he allowed someone to message me. He said that his colleague borrowed his phone for some work and I knocked that time and she replied. She also deleted the message but told him what she wrote. And she did it for fun. I was so angry. I shouted at him. And told him not to contact me ever. At last he also got angry and told me that I was just a facebook friend to him nothing else and he never thought about me.
After that I found out the girls name. She is 1 year older than him. She also proposed him. But he said no. Before that happened I contact him again almost after 3 months. He also did. One day he called me we talked for so long. And after one day the girl tried to commit suicide and admited hospital but he didn't go to see her. When I heard about it I really felt bad. Its been 6 months. We don't talk like before. He doesn't reply like before. I also ask him that if he has any problem to talk to me he can tell me directly I won't contact him again. But he says he has no problem to talk to me. But still he doesn't reply every time. I also don't knock him like before. I come to know that the girl come back in his life.they talk to each other.but they are friend. He never tell me anything about it ever. I found it out from another source. I still miss him. Want to talk to him. But when I remember about the girl I stepped back. And didn't knock him. Don't know what to do.
From the sounds of it, you met this guy over facebook. talked abit. but nothing else. I would definetly move on from him if he wont spend his time with you. as well he is not from the same place you are.

You want to find someone who will be able to spend time with you, and who will want to talk to you,

OK, my life sucks. My mother hates me and is doing drugs, my dad keeps molesting me and I can't feel emotions or make friends. Now how the fuck do I commit suicide. (link)
Suicide is defintly not the answer.

I strongly recommend talking to the childrens help line, they are anonymous and will help you!

I'm 20 and I broke up with my first love a year ago. I loved him with every fibre in my being and did literally everything for him, even if it went against my morals. I spent all the money I had on getting him expensive gifts and I stuck with him, even when he couldn't care less about me. When we broke up because of the fact that he didn't wanna deal with commitment, at this stage in his life, he wasn't upset, not even for a day. It's been over a year and I've been the only one carrying all this pain and I've been holding so much hope that we could get back together, someday. We still see each other and he kisses me and that's what gave me hope that he still likes me. But last night, he told me that he'd never even think of marrying someone like me and that he needs a submissive kind of girl who doesn't pick up on the wrong things he does, like I did.I always picked up on all his lies and everything he hid from me. It hit me all at once, last night that he's been using me this past year and using my vulnerability. I cried in front of him for two hours straight and he kept saying the same things like "You're not my first love so I can't hold that much love for you" and "I told you I didn't want a relationship" "My first made me lose all my emotions" . I don't know why I'm so attached to him or why I'm even this devastated over a jerk like him. I just need someone to talk some sense into me. I worry, that I'll never be good enough for someone. What else can I do for someone to make them appreciate me? I allowed him to cross so many limits of mine and went above and beyond for him, and I get this, in return. How will I expect the next guy in my life to appreciate what I'll do for him and not break my heart again? (link)
Okay, so I actually know exactly how you feel. I dated my first love for 3 years. I did everything for him at his beckoning call, as well as giving him money just like you. When we broke up over very bad terms it almost destroyed me completely. It took me 2-3 years to get over him and find hope again. I was about 18-19 then. and am now 23

You are devastated because he meant the world to you, and he let you down. you trusted him to care and to come back and take care of you, and he did the opposite.

I can tell you that it does get better, and hope will come by, and you will find someone who appreciates you for you. You don't need to change yourself to be appreciated. The right person will appreciate you for who you are, be strong!

I know because of this heart break you will be very leery to let another guy into your heart, But know this deary, just because this one guy is a bad egg, does not mean the next one will treat you the same way. Have faith that there is good men out there that you can have a happy ending with.

Hope this helps

Me and my boyfriend been together for about 3 years now. In the beginning of our relationship, it was so romantic. He would buy me gifts, compliment me, & talk about his future being with me. We have been through our ups & downs! We started dating our sophomore in high school until now, we just graduated. Now we are heading to college. Through high school we have gotten into so many fights about him & females. He wasn't cheating but he would be too friendly. Its not so much of me being insecure I'm just afraid anyone will take away what's mines, him. He has even deleted his Instagram because I found out about him liking other females pictures & commenting on other females pictures. Before, it was never this way because it was me who he would do it to. But now, its not the same! I have had all of his passwords & when a female inbox him or comments on something his excuse would be "she commented on my stuff, she inboxed me, that's not my problem". He vary talks about the future & tells me he can't see it anymore because its me. I dont feel like I trust him anymore because I feel that he's always lying about something. I have proof but not enough. He even told me he doesn't know his facebook password anymore because he's changed it so many times because of me. We both have done things in the past but not for any of us to change our minds on being with each other in the future. Since we're both going to college soon, we are "deciding" to still be with each other but the bad apart about that is he's going to Memphis, Tennessee to stay! Long distance relationship? We are already going through enough. So how am I supposed to carry our relationship through all of this? Should I call it quits? I don't want to be with ANYONE if their intentions aren't thinking about the future. We've been together for 3 years & this is the longest ive been with anyone & for him. He tells me its me always thinking about other females but when I find out the littlest things it is. He's not the same person I fell in love with. He calls me crazy & everything! BUT THE SAME WAY I AM NOW HE USE TO BE THE SAME WAY!!!!!! I dont know what to do about the long distance or us period.... It's stressful. In the beginning, we always took pictures. We were the couple everyone loved.... CHRIS BROWN & RIHANNA! But now, he complains about him not like taking pictures. He doesn't like putting his face on social networks. So I asked like not with me right? So he's like no, I just don't like taking pictures anymore. Now all of a sudden. Since him not having a phone its hard for him to get in touch with me all the time but most of the time he does & when he does he'll tell me he's going to call me back & never do. I address it over & over but he calls me when he wants to then make up a excuse to why he didn't call back. Then I'll ask him where he at & he'll think I'll be accusing him, but that's not that case in most cases. What am I supposed to do when he leaves? This is really hurting me. I just dont know what to do because we've been through so much. I know he loves me but not like he use to. I need some advice! (link)
First off, if you have had all his passwords, that shows that you do not trust him. And trust is key in a relationship at all times. And no it's not his fault a person of the opposite sex messages him.

You say he is not the same person you first fell in love with, people do change. But i do personally know what distance does to people. All to well. And it is definitely normal to want to salvage a 3 yr relationship. But sometimes it's better to let go and start fresh.

If he doesn't want to take pictures with you, it sounds like he's ashamed or doesn't want to be seen with you.

I would definitely take a break from him and look at the big picture, you are still young and have your whole life ahead of you, so why waste it on someone who won't call or makes excuses.

He should be so in love and looking for the future and be excited to call you just to hear your voice!

All the best

how can i tell if i peed or if i ejaculated when i Jack-off? (link)
It's either one or the other, ejaculation is a while mix where as pee is yellow. You shouldn't pee when you ejaculate.

It's been eight months that I am with my guy , and we love each other but we argue every single day!We fight over things we have said to each other , and silly reasons mostly.We try to fix ourselves but we end up fighting again.And he has this one problem , he just never admits it when it's his fault and that leads to a bigger fight.I also lost my virginity to him and it means a lot to both of us.And it has been a long time since we didn't have sex because we don't have a place.And he is always horny and I am not.He tries to do stuffs in public but it is very uncomfortable because people in my country stare even if a boy and a girl is holding hands.And when he starts talking about things like sex or kissing each other , I start explaining him why I don't do it.He gets it , but we end up arguing again.
I love him a lot and I don't want us to end.We were so happy.My friends envied our relationship cause wee went through a lot and we are still together , but it looks like a tragedy now.It became our thing , arguing every single day.
And I know he feels the way I do , cause it seems that he also loves me a lot.But I really don't want us to end.Please help (link)
Being in a relationship for that long, is hard in it's own sense. Especially because you shared such a huge moment in your life, such as your virginity. But you do have to look at all aspects of your situation.

You said you 'were' happy. and your friend 'envied'
These are both post tense words, meaning that things have changed.

Now change can be scary, But fighting every day is not healthy for either of you or for your relationship. As for the public display of affection, if you don't want to, then he should respect that in you.

I strongly recommend taking some time, to figure out if this is really what you want. don't talk for a few days (yes i know wth, that is not do-able) But you definetly need to find out what you want for you, and if he isn't right for you because you have grown apart then you will be better off.

Hope this helps;,
All the best

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