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I'm not perfect. But the heartbeats add up. As well as the life challenges. And I'm only 22. So I'm here. To help those I can. Try and make a difference in someones better somes life by being someone that's there when they have no one.
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So, I'm a 14 year old girl and I honestly can't cope with the way my parents tell me to live, I feel like I am trapped in my home and I can't do anything!
They have these rules that I cannot go on my iPad/phone until 8pm every night, even at weekends I'm not aloud to use them. They say I'm to antisocial and I need to get out more, I go almost everywhere with them! I do go to town with friends aswell. They won't let me out of my town, I live in Barnstaple, devon and I'm not even aloud to Exeter or Bristol to go on a shopping trip with friends which is only about 2 hours away. Also I'm not aloud to be friends with a few people I know, one of them because there is a rumour going around that her mum is a prostitute and the other one who is my best friend and I still hang out with her secretly because she said something rude on Facebook like 2 years ago! It annoys me how I can't be friends with who I want to be friends with. My parents won't let me go out after school and I always have to be back home at 4pm if I go anywhere, which means I can't go out in the evening or at night and have a laugh :(
They also won't let me use social networks other than Facebook and Twitter, I want to be able to use snapchat, Instagram and tumblr but I'm not aloud to have it on my phone, another thing is that my dad still reads my texts and my messages with friends online!!! I'm 14 and I literally have no privacy! It's really annoying I want to just tell him "no, I won't give you my phone" or just not tell him the lock to my phone but he always makes me! :(
This is really annoying me now how I feel like I am stuck with nothing to do and no privacy at all :(
Anyone know what I could do? (link)
Absolutly not. You are only 14. Still a minor. You should not be able to run free like your 20. You are way too young to need privacy from your parents

Well ive been with this guy for almost 2 years. We broke up about twice so far. The first time i managed to get him back and he told me that he missed me and realized he still loved me. But it was also partly because i gave into him and gave him bj the two times we saw each other while broken up. But its cause i asked him straightforwardly the thirdtime when we were about to do it again. But the three months togwther then was mostly us doing sexual stuff like up to third base and thats it. But we didnt have much time to just bond and talk. Were also a bit long distance seeing eachother only once in a week or two. But this time he broke up with me again giving me a bunch of excuses. His friends even told him that we wouldnt work out which i think possibly influenced his decision. But his friends dont even know me because my parents are strict so i mever got to meet his friends. But well a month of no contact with him then the second the month ended i started talking to him and asking to see each other for closure. But once i saw him it wasnt closure but me asking to get backand being desperate. Then he blew up on me saying we should just let it go now hefore it gets even harder to let go later on and that hes trying to move on. Then i stomped out yelling i just dont get this. Then he texted me a day after explaining that he feels like hes in the relationship for sex. And then from tere we judt argued back and forth because i got hope from that. And on saturday i lashe out on him ecause he asked this girl to prom when he knew i still liked him and i wanted to go to prom with him since junior year. And then he lashed back put on me. And then we argued intensely until thursday. Because on thursday he told me the modt hurtful things like im annoying him that he cribges when e sees my texts and that everything was in the past its over and that he takes back all the hope an consideration he gave me a few days ago when he really thought of possibly geting back together. And that im lucky he hasnt blocked me yet. Well to be honest i feel so hurt but i still want a try but im scared to hear hurtful things. But i want him to be with me again. Idk if i should move on talk to him or what i should even do!!! I honestly want some possible way to slowly get his love for me back again. (link)
Two words move on!!! He told you he wants to move on. But you keep pushing him. And frankly annoying him. He movedon. There is nothing to try for. If you continue to try you will be the crazy ex gf. Its time to forget him. Seriously. Stop.

my heart has been doing weird stuff so i was looking what can be wrong with the heart and it said "coronary artery disease" but i don't know what that means. can some one please explain so a 16 year old can understand? (link)
I\'m assuming you googled. As I have learned you can\'t always trust what your find on google. Or any search engine. It is nit a doctor. And almost all searches will give you the worst case scenarios. Which could be not the case at all.

Being that your only 16, I recommend talking to your
parent(s), guardian, or an adult that you trust. I would also strongly recommend going to the doctor, even a walk-in doctor. IF it is something serious they will be able to diagnos your symptoms properly and they will be able to assess your situation a whole lot better than google will.

It\'s easier to google. But it always gives you the absolute worst cases that it could be. So becareful what you believe when you search health related.

I have paid a sponsorer to sponsor me 14000$ but no w he doesnt pick the call nor call us.Every penny we gave him was hard earned money this man have cheated us what shall we do with this person if I am from NSW.

I dont have his address just bank details and phone numbers. (link)
I would go to the police and show them every detail you have. Scammers are the worst. But hopefully the police can help u

Today I was taking my dog out for a walk and this other dog came out of no where from behind us. My dog turned around and lunged at her and did this teeth snapping thing twice. Eventually the owner came and got their dog while I was pulling to get my dog away from the other dog. I had to pick my dog up and walk away (She's big and heavy.) I just want to know what it means. She snapped twice at the air, and the poor dog that came from behind looked like she was really excited to see my dog. (link)
I believe it as a sign of aggression such as standing his gRound

I really like this guy that sit next to me in
My 2nd period.let's say his name is jay.he makes me laugh.he's funny,cute,everything.he flirts with me !!! ( a lot actually ). Sometimes, he said i am his best friend to his's guy friends ( which we aren't). He would touches my hair, makes fun of my name, hugs me tight.last night, he texted me and asked if I'd like to go to the movies ( that time i was at the mall & i was bushing and ppl looked at me like I'm crazy lol).Before i even got to replied his text, he said his girlfriend moved to another state ( he never told me that he has a gf ). It just breaks my heart into pieces. I almost cried 😢 and i said,"not tonight maybe next time ?" And he said," ohh okey it's fine". I also felt like i am his second's option. And I'm afraid to see him on monday ( btw me & him are sophomore ) (link)
He said she moved away. He did not say how long ago deary. But at the same time. I completely understand what you mean by second option. But by everything you have stated here, I truly believe that he does like you. Boy's are funny some times. But he is definitely keen on you! I would say go for it! If you like him, Hang out with him. He asked you to go to the movies with him, Not with a bunch of people. So that definitely sounds like a date. Go have fun. and enjoy every minute of it :)

My mother's last boyfriend was a bit unstable. He drank excessively, smoked marijuana, and couldn't manage his money, instead spending it on everything and anything. He recently lost his job, and out of pity my mother let him move back in with us. It's all ready been 4 months and though he's found a job he isn't leaving. He makes everyone uncomfortable. He plays really loud music so that the neighbours complain and drinks and smokes in the house. He hit my brother when he told him to stop. My mother's tried confronting him but he just twists her words around and says 'are you going to throw me on the streets?' and yesterday, I was alone in the house with him, and he was worse than usual and started screaming at me to undress because im such a whore. I don't feel safe in the house, and I'm just a bit scared and worried. Advice? (link)
First off. Your mother let him in as a helping hand. I would definitely talk to your mother about going to the police.
Verbal abuse or actual physical abuse is still abuse. No one deserves to be treated like that.
If his name is not on the Property you can get a restraining order Baring him from entering the residence. If he chooses to refuse the restraint he will and can go to jail.

If this situation has your mother siding with him against you. I would talk to a help line. Yes it's scary to ask for help. But you don't have to live with this hon. Trust me :) It can get better. If that is the case here is a few help lines.

Wishing you the best.
Prayers for you.

My dad died when I was 12 and a few months ago my cousins husband saw that I was ipset and I explained to him about my dad and he said I could claim him as my dad and I have even been calling him daddy here lately .we have gotten extremely close this n past year and even when I make mistakes like havingsex outside of marriage nothing I do could make him mad enough to keep me from being his daughter even though its only by verbal adoption and not by blood he says I am the best daughter he could ever have asked for and Fathers day is coming up this June and I know he dosnt expect anything from me but I want to suprise him because he did something for me he didn't have to do letting me be his daughter. Any advice on what I can give him would be greatly appreciated. I know he likes Georgia bulldogs duck dynasty and tapout and likes to watch movies and likes to read please remember I am on a $40.00 a week budget but I want it to be something special . (link)
I would say you want to make it not so materialistic but something that he will cherish for the rest of his life. Maybe a poem? You want it to be very meaningful and from the heart. I write poems and short writings to my parents about how much they mean to me. and you could put it in a nice frame. or give him a picture of the two of you. No matter what he will love what you get him. And remember money and materialistic is just an object. It's the thought that matters:)

I got my cartilage pierced about 2 months ago and today I took it out to clean it (after 2 months that is allowed) and it was bleeding. Not a whole lot, but it was. It's never done that before and I don't see a lot of swelling or even much of a bump formed at the back. Is bleeding possible without having an infected piercing? (link)
A little bleeding is to be expected with cartilage piercings, the incision in the cartilage needs to be larger than the jewelry gauge going into the piercing, this is to allow the skin to heal between the jewelry and the cartilage.

I have an HTC sensation. I got it for Christmas so I don't think I can switch phones. Anyway, I dropped it outside on the cement and didn't realize that my camera lens shattered. The lens is shattered all around and there's a hole in the middle. My pictures come out super blurry is there a way I can get it fixed or buy the camera lens? (link)
I would definitely check out your self phone plan. and see what is covered in your warranty. I would also be very cautious. I have had phones fixed by the cell phone companies and they have charged me an arm and a leg. If they will not give you a price or even a written estimate then there is a good chance they will charge you alot.

I would Google. and see what cell phone repair stores are around you. I would also shop prices and reputations and take it to the place that is both very reputable as well as not to over the top pricey and not too cheap as well. Sometimes cheapest is not always better.

Also check that if you go to a repair store, that they will not void any current warranty that you may currently have. Some places will be Sasktel Authorized for example.


is it ture that if you eat 5 suger free gumydears youll lose wight? (link)
Definetly not. Even if Gummy Bears are sugar free they still contain not healthy ingredient that will add on but won't take off.

How can I look up my car's VIN number to see what happened with previous owners? I would also like to be able to look one up for a truck I am thinking about buying second hand. Is there any way? (link)

Here is a few things you can do to look it up online. Hope it helps :)

You know how there are sites that let you compare cars, and sites that let you compare electronics and everything else side by side? Is there some way to compare bedroom sets that different stores have for sale? Obviously we can't drag one to the other, so I was hoping for an on-line comparison kinda thingy? Anybody know? (link)

These are a few that i have found.
Hope this helps :)

I like this guy and he likes me. But he always is busy with work or school. We have talked and agreed that we don't want a relationship, but want each other to be there. is it wise to get physical with someone like this. He is sexually active beyond what I am. And want to have sex. I do too, but I get scared, and nervous to do it. (link)
Sounds to me like you like him but are afraid to be friends with benefits.. use your intuition. If you dont want to be with this guy just to fool around be sure you stick up for your self. Do what is best for you :)

15F.. Hii! So I'm crazy inlove with this guy. And he told one of "̮м̣̣̣̥γ̥"̮ friends he like me to but he has a gf.. Their dating almost about 2-3 weeks! I don't know what to do? (link)
Awe yay! Young and in love is a beautiful thing. It can be a beautiful and fun experience! But just be very careful.
you want to be nice to him.. but you also want to be clear that you are. One guy person. If he is still with her he cant be with you.

I would stay strong and keep your head up dear. Your princeis on his way :)

Can a relationship survive on not so good sex my boyfriend is 22. I'm not sure if it's because he was in a terrible accident when he was younger but he can't stay hard and if he does get off its not very much. I enjoy sex a lot. Could these become a problem. (link)
A relationship is not all about sex. Unless that is all your wanting your relation ship to be.

Try doing different things to turn him on. Or try doing different positions.

This will only be a problem if you make it a problem.
If you love him for who he is, you two will get past it

I have a crush on this guy, but I don't know what he thinks. Signs point to: he has a crush on me. But he's the hottest guy in school so girls are always kissing his butt, and he's always playing “hard to get" I admit I'm a hopeless romantic. I know that heart breakers get the guy all the time. How do you become one without spending much money? Or being “fake?" (link)
My best advice is to just be you. If you try to seem like a heart breaker he most likely wont want to be with you because of the breaking hearts. Be your self and ask him to hang out. The more you see eachother and the more you hang out you will get to know him. And you will see if you two are compatable.

i m from a middle class family..I had an elder mom always hurts me for each and every unnecessary things..this is from my dad never took us as a responsibility.he nodes his head for whatever my mom says.whatever happens in our home my parents scolds me even i dnt have anyhting to do with what had happened.
My mother has a friend who is a pastor..he is such a cunning guy..i hate him.he misbehaves with me in front of my mom.but my mom doesn't say anything about this..even i complained to her she said that i am thinking in wrong day even my friends saw the behavior of that uncle and warned me about him.since my mom didn't care about me i complained to my brother.even he didn't took any action on this.i was really shattered of this situation.slowly my mom changed my dads mind against me and now they are harassing and hurting every day..every hour..i am not able to bear all this...i don't have anyone to help me out even. None believes me...because my mom has done like that.i started to hate myself.i am losing hope on everyone and even on myself..
Please anyone could help from this by day my situation is becoming worse..what can i do?????!!!! (link)

irst off. This is abuse. And you do not have to deal with it at all. There are people that can help you! You can live a better life. Take a look at this website to help you :)

My boyfriend and i planning to have sex but i'm afraid that it will be painfull. We both are virgin and i don't know what should i do.
I am from india
I'm 16years (link)
First off. Make sure you are both very ready. Also make sure to use alot of lube

Hi everyone! I am a Jewish girl, so I guess you know why I am asking this question. :( Is there a way to see what your nose will look like after you go to a doctor to get it fixed? I don't want the surgery if it isn't going to be the perfect nose when I am done! Please help me? (link)
There is no way to see how it will exactly look. Unf. Life is not that tecnological

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