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So let's say I smoke weed/barely a whole cigarette every 3-4 months. Let's also say I sing, and practice it religiously. After I do smoke I go on a regime-healing rampage (voice exercises everyday, jogging, tons of water and tea, --I'm going to start doing this all the time as well) I also play clarinet(which builds strength in the voice). So in the long run, since I'm doing this in moderation (meaning, I'm really limiting myself and constantly making sure my voice get's better after I do smoke) Is it okay to smoke every once in awhile? I'm 18, enjoy occasional partying and wouldn't get into any other drugs nor buy any on my own. Thankyou! (link)
Bottom line...smoking kills. If you are truly a musician (vocals) I reccommend that you do not smoke at all. THis is coming from someone who is pretty antidrug keep in mind(I wouldnt care if pot was leagal I would just never do it).

I'm 18 years old and I love my boyfriend with all my heart. We both want to have a baby and now I think I might be pregnant. I'm kind of happy because my family wants me to graduate high school and go to college. My family is very judgemental so how do I tell them that I'm going to have a baby. Has anyone been through this? How would you tell your family? My boyfriend is the type of guy that will be by your side no matter what. (link)
Do not listen to people who say "dont tell them" that is insane!!!! YOu should absolutley tell them as soon as you are sure. THey are your parents and think how they would feel if you waited until they just found out on their own! Good luck.

I really like this guy but im scared to talk to him any advice on how to do it? (link)
This is advice coming from a teenage boy. Most guys are just as terrified to talk to women. If you do not know him personally, introduce yourself in a public setting. Make small talk (o weather..blah ..blah..blah...yes weather..blah..blah..blah) then ask him to hang out sometime or ask for his number. Above all, don't sweat it. Rejection is a part of life and you will never know what might have happened if you do not ask. :) Hope this helps. Best of luck to you!

my boyfriend.. lies bad. just about everything,and he lies about uu

You should confront your boyfriend about this and ask youself "how does this affect me and why do I like this person." Once you have assesed your relationship you should decide whether to forgive him and help him with this problem or move on. Lieing to you doesnt just hurt you because of the lie but it is also disrespect. If there is one thing a relationship needs it is mutual respect and understanding. Now idk if I am qualified to give this sort of advice (I'm 16 years old) but I have observed some things and from what I can gather with my limited life experience you should decide why or if you like/love him and whether it is worth working through and helping him with his lieing problem.

Well.....i am a 15 year old girl...and recently I have masturbated.....but....everytime I do...I feel guitly and dirty...and I don't want to continue...I want to ask my sister, or brother, or even my parents..but I'm scared to...I keep thinking they will laugh or get mad at me....and say that I am I just wanna know...Is it bad or wrong? And why? (link)
Masturbation is not harmful to you in anyway and is a perfectly natural act done by men and women everyday. Some religions will preach that it is immoral and if that is why you feel guilty then search your heart for what you feel is right. I can tell you from my experience that masturbation in moderation does not neccessarily have to be a sinful act. If you still consider sinful or dirty then forgive yourself!!! It's a natural thing to explore and your still loved by your family and God.

no love for me ever. heartbroken too many times. you told similar man to take 10 beers 40 percoset and 100 xanax. i am afraid that i will either vomit out such quantities but more that it wont work. i will be paralyzed drooling piss and crap in pants always,blind, and be aware of all this. (link)
Suicide is never ever the answer. Life is a precious gift to be cherished. You may be unhappy now but you never know what is just around the corner. If you feel there is no hope, no one likes, or loves you trust me you are not alone! You may be unhappy now but I garuntee you you've been happy before and will be happy again!
Seek help in anyway. If you do not have access to someone you can tell or better yet a therapist turn anywhere. A guidance counseler at school(if you are a child) or call a suicide hotline. Many posts on this page are not what you should be listening to. Suicide is abosolutely not an option. Take control of your life in a positive way. Think of 1 thing, person that would be worse off without you. There is always someone or something, even if you think there isn't. God bless.

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