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how can you tell if a guy likes you? (link)
pays lots of attention to you, talks to you more than normal, listens, pokes you, flirts, looks in your eyes, compliments you, gets close to you, he might be nervous around you, treats you different than other girls, his friends might give each other looks if they know he likes you, teases,

I'm 5'5" and 144 pounds and I need to lose 25 pounds before june. I know I have to eat right, drink water and stuff. But what exercises around the house can I do that will burn a lot of calories? because I cant go to the gym but I run around the park everyday.
you should work out in the morning for 30mins to an hour before you eat breakfast.
jumping jacks
push ups
jump rope
bicycle crunches
duck walks
chair twists
up-down planks
leg sissors
arm circles
seal lift
single leg hop
leg raises
if you dont know what some of these are just google em(: i hope you reach your goal! GOOD LUCK!

okay so I'm in love with two guys !!!!
I'm 17/ female.
I went out with this guy named James last year and me and him mess around a little bit .. after we broke up i met this amazing guy named Daniel (link)
im for team daniel!! haha if you love two people, always pick the second because you wouldnt have fallen for the 2nd if you really were in love with the 1st.. plus he cheated and if he did it once then he'll likely do it again.

I'm fifteen. I am in a great relationship with one of the most amazing guys I have ever known. We have been dating for about three months now, and I am so happy. This relationship is trusting and open, and it's just a wonderful thing to be in a relationship without fear of loving again. Anyway, I usually write him little love notes, and he really likes when I do that. But I really want to show him how much I love and appreciate him. He buys me gifts and treats me like I'm the world, and I really want to show my gratitude to him another way besides notes and material things. What do you suggest? (link)
awwwwh thats cute!(: you should make a picnic in the park? a whole day just you two at an amusement park? rent a bunch of movies and spend all day watching them? bake him something? surprise date?

So I'm sixteen, a girl, and I'm 5'4, 105 pounds. I've accepted that I'm small. I'm not really that strong either. My legs are well defined, and have always been fine. My arms... yeah. Not so much. Pretty much pathetic. My boyfriend is convinced that if I were ever to be in a situation where I need to defend myself, that I would basicallly be helpless. Just cause I'm not strong. But that's not true! I took loooots of classes, so I know a lot of self defense teqniques. If someone were to grab me or something, I could probably get out of a hold fairly well. I'm also very good at squirming! Haha. But seriously. It's a little condescending to me that he thinks so little of my ability to protect myself. It's not that he goes around telling me how weak I am, but... he almost is! He gets worried easily. He expresses his worries about how "breakable" or "vulnurable" I am. And he's not compleeeetely far off... I was attacked about a year ago, and it freaked us both out pretty bad. Nothing too horrible, just grabbed, pulled off into a room, but someone came to help me before the guy could anything more than my shorts off. My boyfriend is very protective now. It doens't necessarily bother me, but I wish I could just show him that he doesn't need to worry so much. I took those classes because of what happened a year ago, and I feel pretty confident in what I can do. I just wish he would feel the same way. Just cause I'm small, doesn't make me helpless right?? (link)
no, your not helpless. im super sorry what happened to you btw!! i think he's just being a good boyfriend and worry 'bout you cuz he loves you and he doesn't want anything else to happen to you. you should go to a self defense class with him and show him how you can kick butt if needed! this will give him more peace at mind and you'll feel better too knowing he doesn't think your weak ...hope i helped! =D

Okay, so there's this guy, he is SO cute, we've been friends all this year. And I fell in love with our friendship.

Silly as it sounds. But I like him, ALOT! He sometimes calls me at night, and one time, he wanted to meet me at the mall and watch a movie. (May I add, he doesn't know I like him.)

Okay, during school, my very close friend, talks about my crush ALL THE TIME. It kind of bothers me cause she says all this stuff like, "Oh, he keeps poking me in the arm, and told me it was a 'Love Tap'" I got pretty sad when she told me this. (Also, may I add, I told her I liked him before she even told me this.)

Last night, she told me that she 'kind of' likes my crush! To be honest, I wasn't surprised since she made is OBVIOUS!

But the problem is, she's ALOT prettier then me. She went out with more guys then I have. And most guys ask her out and everything. I'm just scared that maybe my crush might fall for her, and forget about me. I'm just scared if he DOES ask her out, that she's going to say yes.

I don't know what to do. My crush doesn't know I like him, and my friend likes him. I don't know what to tell my friend how I feel about this. I don't want to ruin our friendship. But it's really killing me. It gets me really mad, knowing that ALL the guys I thought is cute, or had a crush on, she happen to like them as well.

I don't know what to do anymore. Please help.
Sorry for this to be so long. But I need advice.

Thanks, I rate high! =] (link)
a similar thing happened to a friend of mine... she would tell this girl the guys she liked and suddenly the girl would like the same should tell her how you feel and if she is a good friend she'll back off, if she doesn't, shes obviously a bad friend and you shouldnt tell her stuff anymore. i encourage you to be flirty and drop subtle hints to the boy. because you've been friends so long he may only think of you in a friendly way but with guys, when you start acting flirty around them, they start to see you in a whole different light. GOOD LUCK! hope i helped(:

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