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what do you do when you love two people?

Question Posted Sunday March 20 2011, 5:35 pm

okay so I'm in love with two guys !!!!
I'm 17/ female.
I went out with this guy named James last year and me and him mess around a little bit .. after we broke up i met this amazing guy named Daniel <33 he"S the sweetest thing in the world he says all the right things and is just amazing he knows how to treat a girl and i can picture myself being with him forever i love him with all of my heart <333 well one day he left he moved and its really hard to keep in touch with him why would he leave me if he loves me :( he the perfect boyfriend he perfect for me . and he still loves me i know this because he tells me . BUT ever since he left i began going back to james and everything has been going down hill i even wanted to have sex with james which i said i would never have sex until i was married i love james because he was my first boyfriend and james even had a girlfriend and i still messed around with him what do i do do i love james or do i love daniel me and james went through hell and it seems that even tho he still put me through all that i still love him but i really love daniel just because he's perfect. what do i do ?

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belieber14 answered Monday March 21 2011, 11:32 pm:
im for team daniel!! haha if you love two people, always pick the second because you wouldnt have fallen for the 2nd if you really were in love with the 1st.. plus he cheated and if he did it once then he'll likely do it again.

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lovealways1221 answered Monday March 21 2011, 6:35 pm:
you said you and james hooked up while he had a girlfriend??

ok listen very carefully.. if james was willing to hook up with you while he was still dating that other girl, what makes you think he wouldn't do the same thing to you, if you and james were in a relationship??

in other words- if you and james were in a relationship, he could cheat on you.. just like he cheated on his girlfriend with you.

do you really want to be with a guy who already has a history of cheating? plus there's always the chance he could cheat on you..

in my opinion, i'd pick daniel. because nothing ever really went wrong with you 2. besides him moving.. but did you ever think that maybe he HAD to move? maybe he didnt want to, but was forced to by family or work or anything else.

if i were you here's what i would do. first of all, forget james. yeah he was your first boyfriend but he's a cheater. why would you want to be with a guy who could cheat on you? forget him. he's not a good guy and will most likely end up breaking your heart in the end. second of all, i would try to get in touch with daniel again. i'm not sure how much you have contact with him (phone number? email? facebook?) but try to get in contact with him and talk to him more. let him know how you feel. if its possible, maybe try long distance relationship if you're up to it? Lastly, If there is no possible way to reconnect with daniel.. then i say leave james and daniel alone and forget both of them. be single and just have fun. dont stress out over silly boy drama. let love come to you. dont go looking for love.

inbox if you have more questions :)

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Jasmine23 answered Monday March 21 2011, 1:24 am:
You will always have feelinga for James as he was your first.
My best friend was my first and we still have flames between us.But with saying that. James is bad news. BEcause he had a girl and still got you
He was having his cake and eating it too.
Daniel obviously loves you and cares deaply. as you care for him. he may have moved for reasons not that he wanted to be away from you.
James puts up too many RED FLAGS. I would stick with daniel and see where it goes.

*Hope This helps

[ Jasmine23's advice column | Ask Jasmine23 A Question

hitler_the_goat answered Sunday March 20 2011, 11:22 pm:
to me, its pretty damn simple. probably because I've been in Daniel's shoes before. about eleven times. here's my two cents: James already has a girlfriend. daniel still cares for you, and its obviously mutual. James put you through hell. your only problem with daniel is that he moved. using something so rare among young women it might as well be a bloody superpower- logic, I can take the above statements and say, with utmost confidence, that you should choose daniel. However, like all of my wonderful girlfriends, I know for a fact that you will not listen to logic. "Dump the great guy in favor for the douchebag that'll treat you like shit" seems to be a recurring theme with every girl I have had the ultimate displeasure of courting. so... do yourself a favor- prove me wrong. prove to me that there is at least one sane woman on this godforsaken planet by doing the right thing and having nothing further to do with this James.
good luck.

[ hitler_the_goat's advice column | Ask hitler_the_goat A Question

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