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So last thursday 3/17/11; me and this guy darryl walked home and we ended up in a small field..and had sex plain and simple,
i got home really REALLY late(4:15)..of course im not going to tell my mom..
but she took away everything until i told 'the truth'..should i tell the truth if not...i really good excuse??

you should just tell her the truth.. hope you used pertection if not then you might deffinitly tell her cause if your pregnant then she can help u and get you what you need. This is something big to go threw i went threw the same thing on friday the 18th and i told my mom cause if im prego them my mom will help me threw you might want to tell your mom just to be safe... let me know how it goes... ok.. dont be scared to tell her she will understand she was there at one point oviously.. just tell her and dont be scared it is ok...

I know that vampires suck has a deleted scene called John's Love Letter. where he responded to his girlfriend's letter. Does anyone know what it said? i mean his response? (i bought the movie today but it didn't have special features) (link)
I can go home and watch it and then tell u cause i have the movie with the deleted scenes and then i will tell u what it exactly says

read advice get advice make favorite read feedback advicenators

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