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I'm a very good listener, and I have problems but I joined this site mostly because I love to help people with their problems. I am an extremely open minded person, I'm also very shy but I'd rather stand out than blend in. I'm very friendly, and If you come to me for advice or even just an opinion, I always give complete honesty, and I hope to get the same. So ask me anything, or just talk to me, doesn't matter :]
Also, being the honest person I am, Im gonna tell you what I think, so Im never gonna say what ppl want to hear to make them feel better, in other words, im not gonna lie to please anyone. Im not a know-it-all but i love to read and I do research on alot so I dont give any misleading information. I love fashion, art, and im also great with fitness, photography and ballet. I also love literature and psychology. those are my specialties so ask away
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Valentines day is coming up,and my girlfriend is INLOVE with poetry, and she told me it would mean the world to her if i made her a poem, and im so clueless, i dont want to let her down but at the same time i dont know how to write poetry, i love her so much and i dont wanna let her down, can someone help me on making a poem? :/ please =/ i know this is like rude of me but i really do need help. any small poem wud be great were both 18 .. thank you guys so much. (link)
ok, i love writing poems all the time. but first think about what type of style your going for in your poem. once i wrote my boyfriend a poem and i wrote it in the same way that romeo and juliet was written. or you could just go online and get a couple phrases to use in your poem. just tell her why she makes this valentines day so special and make sure she knows why you appreciate her affection=) if you need an example id be happy to write you one!

I'm 17/female
I think one of my major problems with my confidence is my smile, I do not have a normal pretty smile like everyone else and we can't afford braces. So i think by that most people think im ugly or something and dont want to talk to me. im skinny and i have a long face with naturally curly hair and i dont really do anything with my hair i just leave it down and curly all the time. its medium length and i dont htink that goes with my face shape much.. so idk what to do bout that. i have small boobs and not the greatest body. im just small and skinny. im 5'8. i just dont really know what to do to make myself more attractive to other people i guess. i know my smile isnt going to help anything because thats whats ushually attractive about a person. but i have a great personality im told just i guess thats not what matters at first. help if possible. (link)
Dont worry about what you dont like about yourself, look at all the good things:] your 5'8 so in the near future you could be a model:) and as for your smile, it doesnt matter what your teeth look like, as long as the smile on your face is happy, it doesnt matter what it looks like. and you have hair, all hair is beautiful and not many people have it at all. also, your only 17 (as am i) and when your a teenager you still have time to grow into your body. so you have alot of time to grow even more beautiful. and dude you dont need boobs theres so many models who dont have boobs at all. and sorry i talk so much . dont let anyone tell you that your not beautiful, as long as your heart is beautiful nothing else matters. just when you go shopping go alone, spend about an hour trying different things on that you would never try on usually. and try and find something thats new that looks good on you:) find a cool thrift store! cheap and almost new stuff:) i love thrift stores:) good luck

things have been rough with us the past few months after a phone convo in which after i stated my weight, she made some rude comments and asked if i felt healthy. later i left an angry message on her facebook and deleted her from my friends list

it's been awhile since all that happened, so i thought maybe things could be forgotten between us.

but i just get the feeling, she really doesn't like me , and in fact, looks DOWN on me.
whenever she calls the house (she lives in another country) she fakely asks how my job search is going, then asks if our mom is there. when my mom isnt there, she quickly gets off the phone, making me afraid to try and make conversation with her.

today i tried messaging her on yahoo messenger, to tell her about some weird job i decided not to take. after a few minutes shes like :p good thing you didnt take that one. i write her some other things, and she just asks me a couple generic questions like "so got any other interviews" then very abruptly, right after i had messaged her something , she writes "got a web cam meeting with liam bbl" [her son] then ceases the conversation.

i felt kind of hurt by this interaction, his ambivalence, and her abrupt "be back later" response.

my whole life i've felt she looks down on me and she's some kind of elitist or something, because she has more friends than me, and i weigh more than her. i feel this is silly for her to think because i am a college student with straight a's and she dropped out of college after one semester to go off to europe to be with some guy she met on the internet, had a baby, got divorced, and went to go live with some other european dude she also met on the internet (abandoned her kid)

i try to be nice, i don't get it. do you think she's just absent minded, or do you think i should just not talk to her from now on

do you think it was kind of rude for her to just say "web cam with liam bbl"

can't talk about this with other people that know her and with whom it would be relevant because they always side with her. (link)
try to be nicer, it pisses mean people off. she sounds totally jealous of you

Why does it seem like guys are not as insecure of their bodies as girls are? It seems like guys will just get naked right in front of people like nothing, when I don't feel like girls would do that (I know I wouldn't and I am a skinny girl) (link)
i know!!!! guys will like strip down anywhere at anytime. and it not because their hot, they can be unatractive and still like take their shirt off. but im pretty thin also and id never do that. i dont know why but its just weird..

I need to find a dress for a 8th grade tropical dance but the trick is that i also have to wear this dress to my graduation. I am a very hefty girl and I hate to wear dresses because of my size and PLEASE do critize me about my weight. I want the dress to be flowy and not tight. Any suggestions would be very appreciated. (link)
try to find a cute dress with ruffles, it'll be comfortable and ruffles are adorable. im sure you'll look beautiful either way

I'm 17 (female), I think I always knew I wasn't straight but for some reason I still identified as straight and only really thought of myself as bi-curious (but in a way where I would only really consider males as possible partners). It's only recently that I've started to think I'm probably at least bisexual, and even more recently that I've started to think I might just be flat-out gay. The reason I'm thinking this is because it just suddenly dawned on me and it somehow feels 'right' and like everything suddenly makes sense. Except it doesn't, because I'm still terribly confused. I looked back at things from my childhood and throughout my life, and this is what I've got:

- I have this clear memory of being a little kid and thinking to myself, "I think I might be gay, I hope not." This doesn't make much sense though, since I'd never thought there was anything wrong with being gay and my family would be perfectly accepting of it. I remember then just pushing the thought away.
- As a little kid, I'd experiment 'sexually' (I find it hard to think of seriously, since we were just little kids) with other kids, but mostly girls, and I remember enjoying the experiences with girls a lot more, and being more into it than the other girls.
- However, I always had crushes on the boys. Looking back, though, a lot of them don't seem like crushes, more like trying to have a crush on someone you merely like as a friend. Some of them were legit crushes though.

From a young age, I've:

- Found female bodies more sexually attractive than male bodies, and have found females generally more aesthetically pleasing.
- Pasted pictures of women to my walls, never men. (I've never thought of this in a sexual way, though, more in a 'women are nicer to look at' way, or just because of fashion.)
- Loved lesbian fictional characters.
- Seeked out books which focus on lesbian relationships.
- Written about lesbian couples.
- Preferred lesbian porn to straight porn, lesbian erotica to straight erotica (started with this way too young, probably.)
- Fantasised about both men and women, but women more often.
- I often felt odd around girls, in a way I can't describe.
- Yet all through this, I fancied guys and not girls. I do, however, remember feeling oddly attached to certain female friends in a way which seems like a little more than friendship, looking back on it.

Looking back on all this, it seems odd that I did those things yet thought of myself as straight.


- I have no interest at all in images of naked men, yet images of naked women turn me on.
- I have had feelings for lots of guys, and only one girl.
- I've been in love with a guy.
- I've fantasised about men sexually, but in reality, it never feels right. I'm still a virgin, but the sexual experiences I've had with guys (even just kissing) have always either held no interest for me at all (just felt like going through the motions) or have been at once both enjoyable and offputting. I don't know the word, but it's felt kind of wrong at the same time, like I want to carry on but I also want to get away, and the next morning I usually feel dirty, ashamed and sickened.
- However, I've had sexual experiences with girls and have always felt fine about it (though I havn't gone as far as with guys, so it's hard to tell...maybe I'd still freak out if it got to that point?)

I'm really confused. The idea of my being gay, like I said, feels right. Yet I know I can't discount all the feelings I have had for males. And I do still get feelings for males. It's just...I don't know, it seems like I am emotionally attracted to men, but when it comes to sex, I'm more interested in women.

Sorry this is so long. I guess I'm not asking for advice as such, but rather, what does this sound like to you? I'm so confused so I'd like to know what you think. (link)
this shit is insane that you have almost an identical situation that i have.... but anyway you sound like you are confused. but if i were you i wouldnt label myself just yet. because later in life you may change your mind, so just explore your sexuality. theirs nothing wrong with you. find someone you can trust to talk to and dont be afraid to be you:) good luck and message me for anything else

my earrings wont come out (link)
is it a new piercing? if so then you should buy some ear solution and clean them everyday. it sounds like they are stuck with dirt and. if it has pus coming from it, then its dirty and may be infected. just clean them, or go to the emergency room. good luck:)

My name is Michael, Im 15 and a freshman in high school.
I live with my mom, dad, and sister. My mom is emotionally abusive to me, and is psycho beyond belief. My sister helps me get through the tough times, but next year shes going away to college and won't be here. My dad feels sorry for me, but won't help me at all. Ive been dealing with it, but today just sent me over the top. I came home today, and was going out to dinner with my friends. I went to my stash of money, and looked at it. Well, i noticed that it looked off. I blew it off, grabbed a 20 and went to dinner. Well i came home and counted my money. It turns out im missing 80 bucks!!! I have had the stash of money, for a while, and i keep up with how much is there everyday. I have made no purchases with that money in a while, so someone at home, had to of stolen it. My mom yelled at me when i confronted her, and told me to stop lying and that i was a piece of sh*t for asking her about it. I can't take this anymore, and i dont know where to go, or what to do!! (link)
what kind of advice is that? running away wont fix anything dumbass. Anyway,Mike please dont runaway, if anything talk to your older sister about her getting an apartment and you getting a job to help pay rent. try talking to your mom too. but running away isnt the answer. good luck sweetie

The title pretty much says it all. I need to become better at singing for my band. We write songs that are meaningful and Im one heck of a guitar player. How can I become a better singer? (link)
start off breathing. go to youtube and find videos on singing, there are real professionals on there:] good luck, p.s. if you need some feedback on your band, let me know. i love to spread around new good music.

I am intrested in pursuing fashion designing after 12th :)
I am currently in the 12th grade.. will pass out next year
I am looking for internships and I want to do some freelancing before i pass out so that i have a little experience and plus i have always been intrested in being the editor of some fashion magazine
I dont know where to start
HELP please!!!!! (link)
when your ready to start looking, get on Bing, and look for the place where they do the fashion magazine editing in your area or near you. and go there and ask about internships and give a good impression:) or you could find a fashion store like forever 21 or american apparel (my favorite) and be an intern there. good luck!

I'm a 13 year old swimmer and I have to keep my self clean but when I shave my bikini area I notice that after I shave there I get hair bumps that are really noticeable and I was just wondering if there was a better solution on removing bikini hairs ... Can some one help me please. (link)
unless you use hair remover cream theres not much u can do. but dont use a 2 blade razor. get a nice 4 blade and use shaving cream. that should help. good luck with swimming!:) oh also never shave too hard or too close, the irritation is a bitch.

I've been a vegetarian for three years. I am fifteen. My parents aren't the most wealthiest people and my family's kind of poor. Without any meat, I feel fine. For a while I felt refreshed and great. But lately I have been feeling very run down and sleepy. I feel like I'm not getting enough protein. I drink expensive protein shakes I get every so often and I take vitamins too. But what else can I do to boost my protein?

Thanks! (link)
im a veggie too and it gets pretty hard. ok, eggs and yogurt are GREAT sources of protein. i love greek yogurt, and drink soymilk. hope i helped:] also, more whole grains should help your energy. p.s. vitamin B12 is very important, take those. also if vitamins get too pricey, just stock up on vitamin water. (vitamin water has sugar in it so try vitamin water zero) good luck

i am a christian. i am saved and going to heaven....i dont get along with my parents. they yell at me and use to hurt me and got arrested by the law. i moved in with aunt and uncle along with my sister. we were in a car accident and i am now paralyzed for the rest of my life. i play many sports and im very talented and then this happened. to make it worse, i now have cancer. so i have no parents, lost my walking, and have cancer and have to get open heart surgery. i have many friends but i dont talk and cant talk to any of them about my problems and how scared i am! idk wat to do with my life anymore so i want to end it and go to heaven already. lots of people would be sad but i cant stand living like this anymore. i cant talk to anyone about anything so i dont care if this is a stranger. please, anyone help me as best you can! (link)
Faith is very strong word that can free anyones mind. so have faith and accept your situation, because believe it or not, someone is worse off, someone is starving, or in extreme pain everyday, or someone cant talk or eat by themselves. just accept it and you will be so much happier. try to pray about it. good luck

16/f there's this guy, eric, who goes to my school and we have a bunch of mutual friends. i know he's liked me for a while because he would always try to flirt with me but he never did anything about it until about a week ago. we ended up hanging out with a group of friends and me and eric somehow ended up cuddling and looking at the clouds. he asked for my number and he would text me every few hours just to see what i was doing. then he started calling me "baby" and stuff and at school he would have his arm around me or be holding my hand and a couple of days ago his friends started calling me his lady. eric and a couple of his friends hang out with my group now. he refers to me as his girl but today after school he showed a whole different side of him. first everything was good, we were with a couple of friends and we were cuddling and just talking then we decided to go on a walk then he was pushing me, trying to look down my shirt, lifting up my shirt, bringing up his ex girlfriends, telling one of our friends how he was in charge in our "relationship" at one point i even said "we're not in any relationship. we're friends and thats it" and i walked away and he would follow me. every time he would try to touch me in an inappropriate way i would tell him to stop and he would for a little bit. i still feel very disrespected. respect means a lot to me and he made me feel something i never want to feel again. i feel worthless since he was treating me like some type of toy. i get along with his friends and a few of my friends who witnessed a few things don't like him anymore. me and my friend ended up going home and i was really mad, i didn't say bye to eric i just said bye to my other friends. we go to the same school and i have no idea what to do about him. he text me a couple of hours saying "hey" but i didn't text back (link)
ok Eric sounds like an ass. there are only two things i cant think of, either that he really likes you but doesnt know how to go about it. or that he doesnt really like you and hes just looking for someone to amuse him. BUT since hes texting you so much, im guessing he wants to get to know you and he might like you. so to show him that your not gonna be waiting for him all day, just kinda ignore him a little. not in a rude way but make like you have more interesting things to do instead of letting him play with your emotions. if he thinks your not interested he may stop being such a dick or just tell him hes being disrespectful.
I talk so much! i hope this helps

Long story short, my mom is constantly bringing me down. I'm only fifteen, about to be sixteen.

She tells me I'm selfish and treats me like I'm five. I'm a very forgetful person and I get punished for it. I think it is wrong. My mom tells me that I won't make it anywhere in life because I don't know what to do with myself. She expects perfection out of my sister and I and we are very sensitive. She is always bringing me down. She has no faith in me. She gets mad and pissy because I can't be what she wants me to be. She gets angry when I tell her things and she's always trying to control my life. I need some freedom. She is tearing me apart. Yesterday she threatened to smash my head through the windshield because I didn't turn down a certain street while driving. She always threatens to take my cat away and is always making huge violent threats. I am scared of her. I'm scared to go to her for problems so I go to my dad. My dad lives in California. My mom says I'm a two face because I talk to my dad after he cheated on her ten years ago. She says I'm just like him and that hurts because my dad isn't the best person around. I come to school in tears and pain because we fight all morning over the dumbest stuff. I can't take it anymore. Nobody has faith in me and everyone treats me like I am retarded. I feel worthless and alone. I tell her it hurts when she does certain things and she uses the whole, I'm your mom and I can do whatever I want, phrase. I can't take it anymore. I need help. (link)
your mom sounds a little bitter. talk to your dad and see if her can lighten her up a bit. also, see if you can talk to an aunt or uncle or cousin that can talk to her. you shouldnt feel unhappy in your own home. hope this helps:)
p.s. i know how it feels to have no one to talk to, if you need more help just ask

I'm a sixteen-year-old female and I've been thinking about moving out of my house. I know you have to be like seventeen in the state of Michigan to move out of your home. When I asked around, someone mentioned something about court? Any tips on that would be appreciated!
The reason I want to move out is because lately, I can't stand being at my house. I'm normally a cheerful person, but I just can't stay happy at home. My sister seriously hates me, my dad and I have never gotten along, and recently, my mom has been telling me that apparently I can't make it in life and I will never go to college like she wants me too and I'd die an hour without someone to take care of me. None of that is true because I do take care of myself and I know I do. And she also mentioned that I'm like my father, which hurts me so much because I can't stand him. I just want to get out of this house. I'm getting a job sometime in May too and hopefully I can move into an apartment by August. Is this possible? What should I do? (link)
look, thats all apart of being a teenager, teens get in trouble and argue with their family. but unless your being seriously abused, i dont think the courts are going to pay it any attention. My mom says alot of things i know she doesnt mean, and im sure your sister doesnt hate you. a day NEVER goes by that im not arguing with my twin sister, but if she left i wouldnt be able to handle it. i also dont get along with my 'father' either, so my advice is to get the whole family in one room and talk to them. or first start with your mom. tell her that she hurts you with the things that come out of her mouth. and promise her that you will change something about yourself if she does the same. also, if she says more hurtful things, i know she doesnt mean it because parents say things because they think its "tough love", so ignore the negative, and try to get a tougher skin, because if you cant handle being home, then the real world will be unbearable. talk to me anytime:)

ok so im a girl and i know that i like guys already, but i have my bff. . .lets call her. . .nan. so nan and i have become really good friends this year and i think i am bi curious. like whenever she texts me i get all happy and she always makes me smile and shes so beautiful. . .but i dont know. i dont want to be even bi curious. i dont know if its just a phase but ive had thoughts on same sex relationships for like 6 maybe 7 months now. i mean i cant even decide for myself whether im bi curious or not because i think i might be in some kind of denial. i've neer felt this way b4 towad any girl but from what i just wrote, do i sound bi or bi curious to you? (link)
i know the feeling. but you sound to me like you have a good friend and your excited about that, dont ruin it by labeling yourself so early. it will make it weird for you to be around her, just say to yourself, this is my friend and i like her. you dont have to answer what TYPE of 'like' it is yet. hope this helped :}

Hi im 19 year old female and when i exercise i get out of breath really easily. I also experiance a feeling like i am struggling to get air into my lungs. I have seen a doctor and they have diagnosed me with asthma but i dont think i have this. My boyfriend is asthmatic and his symptoms are different, for example he wheezes often and i have only ever wheezed a couple of times after running.
it sounds like it could be asthma, but it could be bronchitis. are you coughing alot? I have asthma, and i also loose breath really quickly, but breathing exercises may be all you need. Its still a good idea to get a check up just to make sure its nothing worse. good luck :]

I used to be best friends with this girl, all through high school, ad even middle school. Well, she had developed some
severe mental disorders, and I didn't think it was right to just ditch her because she was a little unstable sometimes. Over the years, she has gotten much worse. Were really not friends at all anymore. We used to hang out every week, and I haven't for a few months, and i haven't even talked to her in like a week. But, I'm FINE with this. I was trying tompushbher away, however I am a little nervous. She knows many secrets about me. And in afraid if I don't stay friends with her she will get angry, and tell them to people.

How do I handle this?! (link)
ok, the only thing i can think of is to have a serious talk with her. The type of talk that will end the friendship and keep the peace at the same time. Since she may be a little nuts, you should talk to her in a very gentle yet firm tone that shows her that you dont wanna be friends but maybe "associates". the bad thing to do is argue with her, you dnt wanna piss her off. also, if you rly think she has a mental issue, it would be very helpful to go talk to her mom or close family or friend. just dnt make her feel like a weirdo. hope this helps!:]

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