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Painless way to die??

Question Posted Monday December 29 2008, 12:41 am

What is the most painless way to commit suicide?....The only thought that provides any degree of solace to me is death. I do not want to live anymore, there is no other way to end the pain. I tried paracetamol in my 20`s (am in 30`s now) and they just pumped my stomach. I fell in love with a married woman (yes I know there was no future) but I just don`t wanna live as the memories are killing me. The memories and love wont go away, despite the fact that she cheated on me. So anyway I have high BP and am being monitored for my heart rate regularly by my Dcotor. I have not taken my prescrption for some time and thank goodness my BP level has risen again but this is not working. I have taken to smoking a shisha pipe as well, so my health is pretty bad right now but it`s taking too long. The thought of death is the only comfort available to me, dpoes anyone understand this? Please just recommend an easy an painless way to die as I am a complete an utter coward, have no career prospects and have no ambition. I am not mentally ill but just want to die. I pray to God every night to take me but thts not working either, so anyone got any advice on the most painless way to commit to kill myself?

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yogibear answered Wednesday January 8 2014, 11:32 am:
Just found this blog in cyberspace and really need to know that this person is still with us today and now has a lovely life and is very happy

[ yogibear's advice column | Ask yogibear A Question

clynn answered Wednesday July 10 2013, 5:25 pm:
Hey bud--
just wanted to see what happened to you-- if you ever pulled through and are still around
hope to see!

[ clynn's advice column | Ask clynn A Question

horsejazz34 answered Monday January 21 2013, 10:36 am:
I know your going though a tough time but if god hasn't answered your prayers it's because he still has something important and wonderful instore for you. Don't give up. Get some help and start takeing your meds and turn your life around things will get better. If you've tried all of that for a couple years and you still haven't found something to live for fine, but don't give up yet.

[ horsejazz34's advice column | Ask horsejazz34 A Question

Neon answered Tuesday January 15 2013, 10:44 pm:
I know this is sad, im 16, yes...and im sorry...Yes im going through the stage of "teen drama, teen crap" but for me, things have been much worse, the painless suicide is sleeping pills... Iv been through so much as well, But more worse then a advrage teen... Im no popular, i dont have many friends, im always in denyal, and no one gives me proper treatment, Iv been bullied far to much, and talked about horribly about, I always say i brush it off, i dont, i bottle my emotions because i dont want my mom to feel bad, and take me to a hospital, I wanted to be a person to people, but no....My friend, my close friend who i have been with for 4 years betrayed me for her "love", my brother has threatened me, and no one, no one likes me for who i am, and they want to see me wither away, what is the point of life? to be harassed with no one to help you, and just say "ignore it" when your hurting you self and they say "we are taking you to the hospital and getting you help" instead of a hug, to be held by your "friends" i pray for god to take me in, i dont wanna live, i want to end my life, and to be with people who love me in heaven, i want to be loved not hated... Im praying and praying for him to take me, i beg every time i fall asleep, sleeping pills, is my only comfort, and falling asleep, forever.... ill meet you in heaven...

[ Neon's advice column | Ask Neon A Question

MorbidIrony answered Thursday December 20 2012, 3:20 am:
I also have felt like this. I fell in love when I was a teen and couldn't see my life without her. Well when I moved towns she had cheated in me. She disintegrated tell me and three months later she moved in with me and my family and she was pregnant. Absolutely ecstatic I thought life couldn't get better and I was possibly right, until the day she told me that she had cheated in me and our child really wasn't mine. I already believed that the child was mine and couldn't shake the idea. After she had spilled her guts I still stayed with her. Our relationship was hell after that and all I could think about was anger, revenge, my baby girl, and suicide. I later proposed to her thinking it would help our relationship but things only got worse drastically. One night we were arguing and she took off the ring and threw it at me. I couldn't believe it and flipped. I beat her for a time that seemed like an eternity. Her and her unborn child almost died that night. The guilt I felt afterwards was like no other. Suicide wasn't an option anymore it was the only way. Cutting, hanging, pills, traffic jumping. I tried it. Nothing. Either I woke after an eternity of darkness or my brain naturally stopped me. I felt like a complete coward and suicide was my only option to somehow redeem my actions so the ones I loved wasn't hurt by me anymore. I struggled through Highschool. The will to even get out of bed wasn't existent. I finally decided I needed help. Why not? Nothing else seems to work. I went to counseling/Anger Management and after three months I was put on a generic Zoloft and had to survive from there. The pills honestly seemed to have no effects until a month or two later. I was no longer angry or too distant. It helped but just enough to give me a push. After thinking for hours in a dark lonely room I came to the realization that killing myself would be the cowards way out. Obviously the pain was seemed too hard to deal with and I wanted an easy way out. There is none. I struggled for three and a half years and now I finally feel sane. I don't want to die but if it happens, it happens. I love my family too much to hurt them that way. I still to this day feel the guilt of what I had done during those years. I live with it because I am now stronger then I use to be. I am not a coward. I will face what I have done in this life and the next. I'm not afraid. I still love her and the baby girl. Looking into her eyes I know why I keep fighting. She is all I need. Me and her mom are now friends. We are healthy and her beautiful little girl is the smartest little toddler. If you want to die over heart ache just stop. They will never love you if your not strong enough to show them that you fucking matter. Honestly no one wants to be with someone who isn't strong enough because we all need someone to have during our struggles. Someone who will help get through it and if your constantly trying to kill yourself then they will bail. Be the best you can be and they will admire you for it. Life doesn't end after love it comes back with a vengeance. That little girl and my guilt was my reason to strive. I hope that you find yours. God or no god.

[ MorbidIrony's advice column | Ask MorbidIrony A Question

Godshelper answered Thursday June 28 2012, 11:17 pm:
Oh no I al terribly sorry. I hope I am not too late. I am truly touched of all of you brave and kind souls to tell these people to keep their faith. Please for all of you who are out there listen to me. Listen. If you truly believe in god then you would not kill yourself. If you kill yourself your pain shall be much worse. Do you honestly think your mental pain is that brutal. I dare you to do this. Make a small fire. Put your WHOLE hand in it and quickly put it off. Hurts doesnt it? Well imagine your whole body in a huge fire for eternity while being cutter by knives, being eaten by zombies, all the horrible things you can imagine! God is testing you. If you live through this life and live a blessed one then you will go to heaven where your soul will live peacefully forever. You don't get it. You are blind as once was I. God will not take your soul away. You are either for god or against god. You have lost faith my brothers and sisters. By looking up this you are saying to god I give up on you because you won't help me and you are taking help from others. Do not shun god. Have faith my brothers and sisters. Trust me this pain is much more better then the eternal fires. Do not pray to god to kill you, but pray to him so that he will help you understand. And I ask of god to pray for you and others so your soul will not suffer. By doing this you are cheating. We humans get through life everyday. But still we are forced to live. Heaven is a reward my brothers and sisters not a free gift. Wake up my friend. There is still good in the world. I am sad as well because the girl I love is going away. She is different. When I think of her I feel amazing and unlike any other. I know she is the one. But even though I might lose her that didn't get me to Lose faith. It's not over till it's over. I am 12 years old yet I have the brave soul to help you all. I am gods helper. And I will help all who is in need. Don't lose faith. Just pray.

[ Godshelper's advice column | Ask Godshelper A Question

godisreal82 answered Wednesday May 9 2012, 2:01 pm:
RDeuteronomy 31:6
Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.”

Isaiah 41:10
So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:13
For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.

Hebrews 13:5-6
For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” So we may boldly say: “The LORD is my helper; I will not fear. What can man do to me?”

John 4:18
There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

If she has faith this will help in the Short term but you need to find the underlying reasons for her depression, obviously it is not her faith, this is a job for a counselor, priest or doctor

Romans 10:9-11
That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. As the Scripture says, "Anyone who trusts in him will never be put to shame."

jesus loves us dont give up i wanted to die aswell when my bestfriend of 15 years killed herself just a few months ago but the only one that got me through it was GOD KEEP HIM IN YOUR HEART HE WILL GUIDE U THROUGH THE TOUGHEST TIMES.


[ godisreal82's advice column | Ask godisreal82 A Question

RosyS answered Wednesday October 12 2011, 1:02 pm:
You need to know that you are not the only one going through this and there are many other people who find confort in the thought that one day everything ends, for a long time i felt like this and when i asked for help i was ignored, i fell in love and soon my views on death changed however he left me for someone else and now im back to square one. I hope you find peace soon weather in death or in life

[ RosyS's advice column | Ask RosyS A Question

hasin answered Thursday April 7 2011, 6:44 am:
marry a beautiful women she will be with you for ever why do you care about that married women n dont kill your self

[ hasin's advice column | Ask hasin A Question

Matthew answered Monday March 28 2011, 11:15 pm:
ok so i have been in your exact situation before, i have felt the same. i would recommend that you find a good friend that you trust. i had a terrible time and confided in one friend, now i have to say that i confided in a girl because they seem to understand a little bit better, though a guy is just as good if they can sympathize with you well. but at the same time i would just make sure that they dont become complacent with what u are facing, they need to challenge you in it and make you grow. i noticed that you were relying on God to take you away from this life, well if you think about it: if God has the ability to take you or keep you here, doesnt He have the power to help you? well i would say go to the bible and see what He has to say to you. The bible is not just a rule book it is God's love letter to us. God has made you and Knows you better than even you do and Jesus had every temptation that we have ever encountered so God knows your pain. let Him help you, and i promise that He will, not to say that He'll give you a good life because life is not fair but the power that rose Jesus from the grave is in a believer, that my good friend is the Holy Spirit, He has the power to help you day by day but reliance on substance, as you know, cannot fill that hole that you have in your heart, ONLY GOD CAN!!! hope this helps and please go to ur local church and talk to a pastor that can help you understand what to do from here.

[ Matthew's advice column | Ask Matthew A Question

Peeps answered Tuesday November 10 2009, 3:38 am:
There are many different suicide hotlines that you can call toll-free. Here are a few, varying by state:

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

And you can always call the national hotline if you're unable to call locally.

National Suicide Hotlines (USA)

Toll-Free / 24 hours a day / 7 days a week



1-800-799-4TTY (4889)---Deaf Hotline

And here are a few more about suicide:

Suicide & Crisis Hotline

Suicide Hotline - (National Adolescent)

[[For our teen readers: There are also many teen help lines nowadays that you can call and talk about many different problems on:

Teen Helpline


And here is a neat link to something called Boys Town:

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

In which they have a hotline number (1-800-448-3000). They claim to they can help:

"...with suicide prevention, depression, school issues, parenting troubles, runaways, relationship problems, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, chemical dependency, anger and much more."]]

The best way to commit suicide is not available. There isn't a painless way to commit suicide. There really isn't a quick way to commit suicide. It doesn't exist because we're not suppose to be doing that sort of thing to ourselves. Many people have suggested that overdosing on things like sleeping pills are effective on a quick, painless death but it isn't so:

"Many people who have overdosed on various pills live later to tell how painful it was. Overdosing is not as simple as falling asleep and never waking up. Many people break out into cold sweats, have seizures, severe stomach pains, and so-on. Overdosing is painful and is not a "quick, painless way out" of life.

Overdosing on any type of pill is definately not painless and quick:

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

Overdosing usually leads to messy, painful and long-drawn-out consequences, including slow poisoning. There is not really a pain-less way to find death. If you attempt suicide, be aware that you will probably be in pain for the last bit of your consciousness, no matter what method you choose.

Imagine suddenly having problems breathing and feeling very dizzy and weak. You have to sit down in the floor and before you know it, things are spinning around you and you break out in a sweat. You have to lay down on the floor because you're so weak. Your stomach is hurting--it feels like something is going to rip out of your flesh and eat you alive. Your body starts to shake on it's own, but your muscles hurt so bad you just can't stand it. It's hard to breath now, you're gasping for air, but you can't see anything around you. You lay on the floor, in a puddle of your sweat, while you pray the pain stops. You begin to lose control of normal body functions, maybe you just urinated yourself. You slip in and out of consciousness, in and out of feeling jolts of extreme pain throughout your body that you can no longer control. You finally lose consciousness completely.

You wake up 6 months later. Someone, through a miracle of God, had found you in your very unpleasant state. You scared them deeply and they rushed you to the emergency room, where you spent hours of some group of workers time while they prayed they could save your life. A little 3-year-old boy died because they had to work on you before they could get to him but you won't ever know that. You're awake in a hospital bed you've been taking up for the past 6 months. You've lost your job in this time. Your friends and family have became ill from worry, and a couple have begun thinking of suicide themselves for "pushing you" to it. You now have a slew of medications you have to take daily or you become ill. You've lost control of coordination and will have to have physical therapy in HOPES you regain the ability to walk. You have problems talking and your words are slewed--you'll have to go through speech therapy too.

You cannot hold a decent job if you wanted to now. You cannot even walk from to the restroom without falling twice. You cannot communicate clearly enough for most people to understand you. If you aren't up with your medication, you wet yourself, so you have to constantly be wearing Depends. Because of your medications and your physical disabilities now you have lost your license and are unable to regain the privilege of driving. Your friends and family treat you like an infant--afraid of every move you make. You no longer can live on your own because you need physical assistance. You cannot even hold a pot up long enough to get it to the stove so you don't have one at all. Your neighbors have their eye on you now--just in case--and they talk about how strange you are and that they heard this and that from why you are disabled now.

Which is better? Your life now or the possible outcomes of your life after trying to commit suicide?

I'm sure you'd rather be alive and decently well than to wake up in 6 months, alone, confused, and impaired in some way.

Bad times always get better. You don't want to be left in a painful state, even if you got your stomach pumped if a family member found you is not a pleasant experience and you WILL remember it for a long time."

Now, for my advice...

Make your life meaningful.

Many people seem to be having this sort of problem now and I truly think that it's because we have lost the right path in life.

I don't mean this to be bad but I'm not sure how to put it: you need to start focusing on other people other than yourself all of the time. If you make your time useful and helpful to others, you will gain a sense of care about yourself. You will soon realize that you HELP others and that other people need and appreciate you.

Many people now are so busy with their own lives that they lose sight of what it is to be loving and caring. You see, knowing that you are helping others does great things for the self-imagine. You soon realize that you aren't useless and just a blob of flesh bobbing along through life.

It really seems that the problem is our current lifestyles. We no longer "have time" to help others. Nobody volunteers now because they feel that they should be paid money for their time. Nobody goes out of their way to show care for others because that time could be used for something else. Both of these are common and we're taught (it's drilled into our heads) that we are the most important in our lives. This is not true at all: the people surrounding us are the most important.

The people who surround you create your sense of belonging though. Those people help you to see yourself as useful. Those people are the ones that can show care back for you. Without those people, you aren't anything anymore.

The media keeps telling us to only worry about ourselves. Sure, it's find to tend to your own needs--but what happens when everyone is too busy with themselves? What happens when everyone stops worrying about caring for others? They become depressed, wondering why they don't belong somewhere and why they feel lost in society. That is what is happening to you, most likely, whether you realize it now or not.

What's strange is the more we focus on ourselves and stop helping others, the less we feel good about ourselves. As humans, we NEED interaction. We NEED acceptance. We NEED to know we are important in life. Most of all though, we desperately NEED to help others to gain all of that plus more.

I highly suggest that you stop focusing on yourself. Yes, still continue to get help but try to put your excess time/energy/efforts into others. Find places to volunteer regularly at.

Am I right in this? I bet I am...:

*You feel worthless, unimportant, and useless.
*You feel like you simply cannot do anything right.
*You do not feel needed, and maybe not even loved.
*You feel like people wouldn't miss if you if you disappeared, or that they would get over your departure quickly.
*You feel empty inside--like something huge is missing but you cannot pinpoint it.
*You feel like your best will never be good enough because YOU are not good enough.
*You feel like nobody is genuinely interested in you and what you have to offer (though you may feel that you don't have much to offer)

All of this is exactly what I'm talking about. You need to make more of your life. By giving to others, you are creating your sense of worth. You will soon realize that YOU DO make a difference and that people appreciate and care about you. You will realize that when you have to skip a volunteer day for a doctor's appointment that many of the people you have been helping will ask what happened to you--Ah-hah, there's your sense of belonging! You will begin to realize that being involved with the care of others can be very fulfilling spiritually.

Spend time at soup kitchens helping the hungry, volunteer at shelters, visit the elderly in homes so they're not as lonely (not everyone has visitors and just about everyone has neat stories to tell), read Bible passages to younger children, volunteer at local animal shelters, donate your time to what needs you, and do whatever you can with that time. You may even consider doing random acts of kindness:

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

If you feel like you don't have time now--make time. Alter your daily schedules to fit a few hours in for volunteering. Instead of being on the computer for an hour, log in only for 15 minutes and do what you NEED to do. Instead of sitting at home for dinner every day, take one day a week to eat at the soup kitchen after volunteering there.
Focus on who needs you. In essence, this is all for YOU so this is important. Helping others will help you.

I suggest you grab a phone book and make a few calls. Sit down with a calendar and set up one or more days a week to volunteer your time at certain places. Don't stress yourself out trying to fit things into busy schedules, but move things around so that your schedule won't be hectic but will have the fulfilling volunteer time in it.

It isn't your fault that you feel this way. You have just been fooled all of these years into believing that you are number one. Relax and focus on taking time for others and you will eventually find what is missing, trust me.

I hope that you find your way through this struggle quickly. I know it can be a hard road to travel and if you aren't willing to open up to your friends and family it's going to be a lot harder. Remember that they are there to help you, not hurt you. They may be helpful at giving you advice or finding you some reliable help so you don't have to journey alone.

I hope you take my advice and improve your life before things get worse. If you have any further questions regarding this subject please feel free to ask me!

P.S. Anywhere you volunteer your time at, you will happily fit in :) I promise, you'll see.

[ Peeps's advice column | Ask Peeps A Question

triquetra answered Monday February 9 2009, 5:28 pm:
I know heartache, I've been there and still suffering from it now and I still have the memories of what I felt, what I'd imagined if we'd been together and I'm still sad by it all. There would be/are times when I thought I wouldn't be able to continue on with my life without that person just being there for me.

But even though that was/is a tough period in my life, I never gave up and do you know why? Because I took comfort in the fact that that person was happy with who they were with and that they'd have a happy life and even though I wouldn't be there every single step of the way, I'd try and make sure that I made the best possible time which we've got.

I may be young(ish) and I've seen a lot on this site and I've come to learn that yes, the going does get tough, but if you do nothing to try and get back onto your own two feet again, then the going will get even tougher and it's harder to pull yourself through.

Personally, I never bring religion into these kinds of situations since I'm not religious, but let me tell you that if you've prayed to God every night and you're still here, writing what you wrote to us, I think that's a big message saying that he ain't gonna take you, no matter how many times you pray, scream about it, talk about it etc., it's not your time at all.

Look at the responses that you've gotten. We're complete strangers to you, but we all care about one thing: your life. And if you give up on your life, then you would've let down the people who care for that life.

You try and take the easy way out of your situation and may I add, it's the cowardly way. Yes, you're a coward because you can't be a man and live up to the problems in your life. Instead of running from them, face them and see them through.


[ triquetra's advice column | Ask triquetra A Question

Janie93 answered Saturday January 3 2009, 11:17 pm:
Don't kill yourself. Instead try out this next website for some help. There is help out there for you.! It worked for me

[ Janie93's advice column | Ask Janie93 A Question

blublue24 answered Saturday January 3 2009, 12:02 am:
How do you suppose that killing yourself is going to solve all your problems? How do you suppose that death is going to set you free from your sadness, loneliness, frustration, or stress? You only have one life, just ONE. Wasting it all, no matter how bad or good your life has been, just isn't going to bring you peace and solitude in the afterlife. All that pain and sorrow will only deepen further, running away isn't going to save you from those things. Either you continue to woe in pain over it still or you can begin to learn and do something about it and start looking forward to a be in a better future. Look, life never appears to be fair to any of us, it can beat us down to the ground and crush us...but with a little effort, you can stand right back up. Take the time to sit down...recollect your thoughts and just...tell yourself of what you CAN do and all the good traits you have. Aite, it's cheesy, but its a step.
You have memories, and you take it wherever and anywhere you go. Memories are sometimes the most painful and tortuous things to it's hard to accept them and it's okay if you begin to cry, because you're never alone. We all cry whenever memories sweep through our heads. But eventually, we DO accept them because those memories are exactly what makes us who we are. You have to persevere no matter how hurtful a memory can be, and just step out of those memories...because that's exactly what they are...things of the past. You don't have to be trapped in them otherwise you won't go anywhere and you'll be lost. Step out of them, and do hobbies that you normally would like to do. It's the time to recuperate and mend yourself. Take a stroll somewhere and take in what's in life that you haven't experience before.
Life not only has its ups and downs, but also has many surprises. You may never know what they are but they do come for you and it's what makes newer memories for you to keep and step out off to make other new ones as well. No matter how painful or wonderful a memory can be, you gotta step out and make other ones again because memories are endless. Persevere in things you do, that's all I can say...and never,EVER let the thought of ending your own life cross your mind because it'll take you nowhere but towards your own nightmares.

Please take the time to reconsider your actions and think it over, consult it over with someone you trust most...just don't let death overcome you.

Hope this helped you though... =3

[ blublue24's advice column | Ask blublue24 A Question

xkatiex answered Thursday January 1 2009, 12:16 am:
Death is really not the answer to lifes problems. You'd have family, yeah? How would they feel? Friends? All these people who read your question are now feeling a sense of responsibility for you. In my life time 4 people have committed suicide. nd in all 4 cases there WAS a way out of their problems. But when your in a situation like this you can only see the bad. But look to the good in your life. If you're meant to die, you will... In a natural way. Taking your own life is a cowards way out. Step up, be a man and get help!

[ xkatiex's advice column | Ask xkatiex A Question

Karsen27 answered Tuesday December 30 2008, 8:19 pm:
Please do not kill yourself. I know what you going threw.. I know how it is to want to die and to just end all the pain. I know when you want to STOP all the pain death is a dream. But trust me you can make it threw this.. If I did, you can too. Please get help for your problems.. Im here for you whenever you need me. Good luck and much love!

[ Karsen27's advice column | Ask Karsen27 A Question

S_C answered Tuesday December 30 2008, 9:55 am:
You pray to God every night asking him to take you. Well, He has already given you His answer. He has told you NO. For some reason, God wants you here. He's telling you that you have a purpose.

Heart break is horrible. Sometimes it feels like your heart will never mend. It's one of the worst pains anyone can ever experience.

Coming from someone who has been in the position of wanting to end their life, I can tell you that suicide is the cowards way out. Be the man God wants you to be. Seek help for your problems. Nobody here is going to give you tips on suicide, but we are here to give you advice on how to best live your life.

I see from your prayers that you're a religious man. Do you really think God would put you in a situation you cannot handle? I'm not very religious, but I have plenty of friends who are, and the way they speak about their religion, there is no way that God would put someone in a situation they can't handle.
Maybe your purpose is to survive this "need" for suicide and help someone else out.
If you kill yourself, you'll never find that one true love, you'll never be remembered for the person you are - only for the selfish choice you made.
You may feel like nobody loves you, nobody cares, nobody will miss you, etc. That just isn't true. Depression hurts everybody, suicide hurts everybody.

Seek a psychiatrist. He or she can help you find a way to work through your issues and help you discover a healthy way to live your life.

Did you know that depression is a serious medical condition? If you are clinically depressed, it's because of a chemical imbalance in your brain and that by simply taking a certain medication, you can be happy! Try it!

Seeking help to try living is much more useful than seeking help to die. You aren't terminally ill and suffering - you have the ability to feel better.
Please, get help! Don't let this relationship hurt you. I saw your other question, and it's a terrible situation that you're in, but please, there are other ways to cope.

[ S_C's advice column | Ask S_C A Question

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