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Question Posted Wednesday November 15 2006, 9:12 pm

hey! i have a really big problem. so i dated this guy jake over a year ago now for almost 2 months. he dated thisgirl i knew and then they broke up after 2 years and me n him dated. which was quite crazy. anyways, we ended up breaking up bcz he cheated on me with her and they got back 2gether n have been on n off for almost a year. well, now he is dating sum other girl that idont know n the other day i messaged him on myspace, i havent talked 2 him since last year n i asked him for directions 2 get this oneplace we went 2 last year when we dated. he messaged back sayin he has nothing againts me n he knows he did some bogus shit n to give him a call ormessage when we wanna hangout for old times sake... so idont know if im taking this too overboard but he was my first realll bf that i reallylikedn my friend's birthday is coming up this weekend, and he knew her, thats how we met n began dating bcz his x was friends with my best friend n because of allthis she hated us... well i really do have feelings 4 him n want to ask him 2 come by but is it 2 weird?? but thing is... he never said sorry... what should i write back? thank you somuch

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yoliv answered Thursday November 16 2006, 5:14 pm:
Not trying to get you to dis hm or anytthing but as they say, once a cheater always a cheater. Plus he nerver said sorry which would really turn ME off. But it really is your decision. I wouldn't trust him. If he cheated once, wh knows if he will cheat again. My friend ahad the same problem and wouldn't talk to her X because she didn't know if she could trust him.
Hope I helped!

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lostlj004 answered Thursday November 16 2006, 11:11 am:
okay am not telling you not to talk 2 him again but its very hard for a guy who cheats alot to be faithful, what he did was very wrong and i know you still hve feelings for him but if you date him again he is most likely to cheat on you again so ask him to be friends with you first and see how it goes from there...and if you do date him again make sure he isnt gonna play you or he's just dating you for sex...
be careful...and read the'll be quite easy to tell if he really wants to be wit you or he's just in it for the fun.
good luck...

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Striker6909 answered Tuesday November 14 2006, 8:53 pm:
well you should tell him how you feel... though by the looks of it he seems to be a player... so I think you two should just be friends and nothing more, more for your sake than his... you have to remember that he didn't say sorry and cheated on you before... and guys don't really change. if they can get away with it once they'll keep on doing it until they get caught... just move on and make him jealous ^_^.

[ Striker6909's advice column | Ask Striker6909 A Question

AwesomeAdviceGiver93 answered Sunday November 12 2006, 7:15 pm:
well ask him if he is goign to the party this weekend. but you know. if you would like to hook up with him again you really need to be careful. if he cheated on you and he never said sorry, do you think he regrets cheating on you? did he really liek you? you need to think abotu those things before you just go back out with him again and take another chance gettign your heart broken. im sure you will be able figure out weather he is right for you or not. just think abotu those questions i asked. think hard and carefully abotu them. your welcome...

erin :]

[ AwesomeAdviceGiver93's advice column | Ask AwesomeAdviceGiver93 A Question

EverythingIsAllrightx3 answered Sunday November 12 2006, 6:53 pm:
"give him a call ormessage when we wanna hangout for old times sake"
since he said that,it wouldn't be weird to ask him to come to the sounds like he wants to be friends and hang out again.

i think you need to tell him how you feel about him.and let him know how you feel about him never saying sorry.

as for what to write back,do you mean what to say to invite him to the party?if thats what you ment,just say 'heyy (your friends name)'s bday party is coming up'll be really fun so you should go' or something like that.

hope i helped<33

[ EverythingIsAllrightx3's advice column | Ask EverythingIsAllrightx3 A Question

disasterxwoah answered Sunday November 12 2006, 1:35 pm:
He admitied to being wrong, thats the first step. I would message him back. What bad thing could happen? Just don't get your hopes out. Sending him a message back doesn't always mean, you'll get him back, but you guys could end up as friends. Asking him to come by is toally normal. You guys has a "history" together, you can't just forget that. Seeing him for old times sake would be a good thing, I think.
For the message back, just be yourself 1st off. Tell him that your gald it has nothing against you, and that you'd love to hang out.. for old times. If you feel comfortable with it enough tell him that he hurt you in the past, and your afarid that talking to him again is going to bring that hurt back. Be honest with him, but don't be worried about sending the perfect message back (you can always send another =]).
Good luck, and if you need more help.. keep sending them =]]

[ disasterxwoah's advice column | Ask disasterxwoah A Question

cheddar answered Sunday November 12 2006, 12:22 pm:
don't be stupid. he's with another girl. respect that. if he cheated on you once.. he'll do it again. don't give him a second of your time, even if you do still like him. he has a girlfriend and he's wanting to hang out with you? i'm sure he's wanting to do a lot more than just hang out. if he cheats on her with you.. don't you think that he'll just turn around and cheat on you AGAIN..? sure you can always try being "just friends" but that never works out when you still have feelings for him. tell him that you're not over what happened and don't want to hang out with him since he has a girlfriend.

[ cheddar's advice column | Ask cheddar A Question

missadvicebitch1 answered Sunday November 12 2006, 12:16 pm:
hey, sometimes its hard for guys to say the word sorry. he admitted to you that he did some things wrong, so at least he knows that he wasnt treating you right. i would write back something along the lines of "yeah, that would be cool. i have my friends party coming up, and i was wondering if you would like to go with me?". then see what he says. let me know what happens.

[ missadvicebitch1's advice column | Ask missadvicebitch1 A Question

H0LDM3CL0S3 answered Sunday November 12 2006, 11:44 am:
If you reply to him tell him that you would like to hang out sometime because you miss the old days. Make sure he knows that what he did hurt you real bad and it's not gonna be the easiest thing to forgive him even though you want to real bad. Tell him that if you guys hang out then you want it to become a relationship again or just stricktly friends .. whichever. Let him know that you still have feelings for him and you're not sure if hanging out together would be good if he doesn't have feelings for you too.

Hope I helped. Comment Please.

[ H0LDM3CL0S3's advice column | Ask H0LDM3CL0S3 A Question

queenhearts answered Sunday November 12 2006, 3:07 am:
You still have feelings for a guy that hurt you? When a guy cheats.. he will most likely do it again. You should try to forget this dude.

But it's your decision, if you want to hang out with him and get attached, and more hurt.. then go ahead.

But he doesn't seem worth trying to get close to with again. He didn't even say sorry, that doesn't seem like a nice guy.

But if it's what you want to do, then nobody is really stopping you.

I wouldn't really trust this guy or anything.

[ queenhearts's advice column | Ask queenhearts A Question

Ahnee answered Sunday November 12 2006, 2:12 am:
You should just bring up her birthday to him, like "hey, ****'s birthday is this weekend, remember her? she's having a party, you should go" maybe make some small talk if you do want to start talking to him again. if he's up for it, i don't see how hanging out can hurt. but keep in mind he is dating another girl, it doesn't seem worth it since he is still on and off with the girl he cheated on you with already. Now, i don't go by the "once a cheater always a cheater" thing because people change, but this guy doesn't seem like good news. Id say leave the past in the past and move on

[ Ahnee's advice column | Ask Ahnee A Question

icey0990 answered Sunday November 12 2006, 2:02 am:
hey i would kinda ease into this situation carefully. take him up on his offer to chill..take it as just friends..say yeah maybe it would be cool to chill sometime and plan to hang out or whatever..see if he opens up to you about flirting or whatever..what im saying is..dont get ahead of urself thinking you should flirt and ask him if he sees you two together. im sorry if his is confusing..its kinda late here haaha
if i was..just inbox me again

[ icey0990's advice column | Ask icey0990 A Question

MIss_Diva answered Sunday November 12 2006, 1:57 am:
well if your very comftable talkn to him u should tell him how you feel about him now guys maybe coudld get bac together because he just might feel the same way and all but dont kno how to taell you.. he must have sum feeling left if he just want to hang out for old times sakes ...just tell him how you feel and you should hang out sumtimes pretty sure he will miss being around you and have fun with you jus give it a try and tell him how you feel dont want to have any regrets about what you coudl have done and what if you said sumthn,would you two be together so go for it..get bac to me
~ miss_diva ~

[ MIss_Diva's advice column | Ask MIss_Diva A Question

t0xicParadiSe answered Sunday November 12 2006, 1:13 am:
I think you should put everything that has happened between you guys in the past behind you. Start off fresh and be friends with him. I don't see why you can't invite him to the party. Tell him to stop by and you guys can hang out. It's not a bad idea for you two to be friends.
If you need anything else, drop one in my inbox.


[ t0xicParadiSe's advice column | Ask t0xicParadiSe A Question

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