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Question Posted Sunday July 31 2005, 2:45 pm

After about 10 minutes into a shower i'll start to get dizzy, my head will hurt, my vision fades, and i seriously feel like im gonna be sick. this has happened to me a few times in the past off and on but now its becoming ritual (and its only when i shower). its so bad that i'm not even able to finish showering. does anyone know what's going on and does this happen to anyone else? i've tryed opening windows and changing my products but nothing helps. i'm at the point where i'm seriously afraid to shower lol... i'll take any advice i can get, thanks

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NiCO0OLE answered Monday August 8 2005, 1:38 pm:

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LongLostHeart answered Monday August 1 2005, 10:51 pm:
Hm...perhaps your shower is too hot?Or too cold?
Try putting it on a lukewarm temperature.
Also,ask your doctor and get out of the shower and lie down if you start feeling dizzy.

~Long Lost <3

[ LongLostHeart's advice column | Ask LongLostHeart A Question

tootsierollsweet999 answered Monday August 1 2005, 5:37 pm:
tell your parents to bring you to the hostpital and make sure you dont take a bath cause if you do pass out its a possble cance you could drown see what happens tha next time you take ashower if it happens then a hostpital is ganna help

[ tootsierollsweet999's advice column | Ask tootsierollsweet999 A Question

Link answered Monday August 1 2005, 1:09 am:
well that happens to me when i take a shower and there is alot of steam but i know why it happens to me when there is steam just try to take a colder shower so the bathroom dosent steam as much or at all

[ Link's advice column | Ask Link A Question

x0oLoViNiTo0x answered Sunday July 31 2005, 7:34 pm:
That happened to me once. It was when I was pretty sick, though, so.. it was like I had almost blacked out. It may be the temperature of your water. If it is too hot, it could cause you to start feeling sick and maybe even dizzy. I hope that helped! Good Luck!

[ x0oLoViNiTo0x's advice column | Ask x0oLoViNiTo0x A Question

EternalFolly answered Sunday July 31 2005, 6:58 pm:
Since it wasn't happeneing every time I don't think the water temperature has much to do with it. Does anyone else use that shower? I had a similar problem yet I always take cold showers. I discovered it wasn't any of MY products but my ex-girlfriends mothers shampoo that was affecting me if i showered after she did. If that is not the case I would consult your doctor. It could be a side effect from any medication you may be taking (prescription or otherwise) or something entirely unrelated, such as mold or mildew in the walls. Good luck in all your future showering!

[ EternalFolly's advice column | Ask EternalFolly A Question

Shopaholic_Hunni06 answered Sunday July 31 2005, 6:35 pm:
Well it might be because you take too long of a shower. The average shower should be 6 minutes. The water could also be the problem. Like, in a hot tub they warn you to not stay in for more than 15 minutes because it can cause if you are taking extremely hot showers that would do the same thing. Try cutting down on shower time & not use really hot water.

xo Samantha

[ Shopaholic_Hunni06's advice column | Ask Shopaholic_Hunni06 A Question

chakra answered Sunday July 31 2005, 5:40 pm:
i get like it too, its because its so hot and your standing with your head and body under hot water it makes you feel like you are going to pass out. when this happens to me i stand back and let my self cool off. also, have a cold drink in the shower room with you so you can get refreshed when you feel bad and have a colder shower instead of hot or really warm.

[ chakra's advice column | Ask chakra A Question

sublime_burritos answered Sunday July 31 2005, 5:37 pm:
you've gotten a lot of advice, and they're all pretty much right. those sound like side effects of being overheated. the best thing to do is to turn the water a little bit colder (it doesn't have to be cold, just warm rather than hot) and it also helps a lot to turn on the little fan thing in your bathroom to keep the air circulating and to remove some of the steam that's overheating you. if you start feeling that way again, open the door and sit down and see if it goes away. if you start feeling better, you can continue your shower, just make sure to leave the door cracked or something so you don't get overheated again. if you don't feel any better, get out of the shower and lay down under a ceiling fan until you feel better and try to drink water. you can get overheated much faster when you're dehydrated, so try to drink plenty of water during the day. hope i helped <3

[ sublime_burritos's advice column | Ask sublime_burritos A Question

DangerWench answered Sunday July 31 2005, 4:08 pm:
The only time that ever happens to me in the shower is when I have the water turned too hot. You may be overheating yourself. Try showering in cool water.

If that doesn't help, another possibility is medication side-effects. If you are taking any prescription medication including the pill, you may be sensitive to this kind of a side-effect.

At any rate, everybody is right that you should see a doctor if this continues.

[ DangerWench's advice column | Ask DangerWench A Question

X_Amanda_X answered Sunday July 31 2005, 3:54 pm:
If I were you, I would ask a parent to take you to a doctor?

[ X_Amanda_X's advice column | Ask X_Amanda_X A Question

wildNcrazy231 answered Sunday July 31 2005, 3:50 pm:
Maybe you should take a bath and make the water colder. It has happened to me to when I'm in the shower TOO LONG and the water is too hot. So keep your showers short and not too hot.

[ wildNcrazy231's advice column | Ask wildNcrazy231 A Question

JUSTAN0THERT33NAGEFAiLUR3 answered Sunday July 31 2005, 3:27 pm:
Make your showers relle relle quick. Try taking a cold shower instead of a hot one and if it's neccesary to take a hot one then keep a box or window fan next to the shower to keep you cooled off.

[ JUSTAN0THERT33NAGEFAiLUR3's advice column | Ask JUSTAN0THERT33NAGEFAiLUR3 A Question

t0xicParadiSe answered Sunday July 31 2005, 3:19 pm:
you should really just go to the doctor about this problem your having before it gets worse
and i doubt changing products will help

good luck if you need anything else drop one in my inbox &hearts;

EDIT- some one already said that because its the truth no one wants you to faint in a bathtub

[ t0xicParadiSe's advice column | Ask t0xicParadiSe A Question

xXCrimsonTearsXx answered Sunday July 31 2005, 3:18 pm:
something like that happend to me once. i dont knwo if it was the same thing as whats happending to you, but in my case i think it was becouse it was wayyyyy to hott in there and i was in there for a long time. i got sick from all the heat. it happend to me again when i was running on a really hott day in long pants & a baggy shirt. so try making the water a little colder. :-D

[ xXCrimsonTearsXx's advice column | Ask xXCrimsonTearsXx A Question

DeeSireDiOr answered Sunday July 31 2005, 3:08 pm:

Ummm. Im not sure if anyone could really help you out with this. You should really just go see a doctor. Im sure he or she will tell you what's going on. Im sure it's not a big deal so dont worry about it. Try taking short showers or something. Like ( 5-10) minutes a day.

&hearts; maria &hearts;

[ DeeSireDiOr's advice column | Ask DeeSireDiOr A Question

brunettecutie answered Sunday July 31 2005, 3:05 pm:
this has never happend to me but i really think you should talk to your doctor. if you cant shower its kinda serious. really, talk to your doctor, u will feel better.


[ brunettecutie's advice column | Ask brunettecutie A Question

MrBrightside answered Sunday July 31 2005, 3:04 pm:
Try changing the temperature of the water.

[ MrBrightside's advice column | Ask MrBrightside A Question

karenR answered Sunday July 31 2005, 3:02 pm:
Maybe you have a bit of claustrophobia? Or it could be you're using really hot water. If it keeps up go get checked out by your doctor because you shouldn't be afraid to take a shower.:)

[ karenR's advice column | Ask karenR A Question

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