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do they worship the devil??

Question Posted Sunday March 27 2005, 11:22 am

OMG I soo totally Love hard rock! favorite band in the whole world is Dirturbed and I love every one of their songs and i know the words to all of them and i listen to them 24/7...but i am a christian i like other music too but hard rocks my listening to it a sin?? and do they worship the devil??? thnx for any help

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sOfTBALLiNThEsUMMeR answered Saturday April 2 2005, 2:51 pm:
well even if you do love hard rock you can still be christin its not a sin to listen to a type of music and even if they do worship the devil you dont have to you can just listen to the music

[ sOfTBALLiNThEsUMMeR's advice column | Ask sOfTBALLiNThEsUMMeR A Question

karenR answered Saturday April 2 2005, 1:18 pm:
I don't think listening to music is any more of a sin than reading a book. It's a story just set to I right? Some are good some not so good.

I love hard rock myself, don't know a bunch of the new stuff though.

I do have one for you to try. It is an older group but I think they still have cd's. Have you heard Strypper? They are a christian metal band and they are very good. Let me know what you think of them.

[ karenR's advice column | Ask karenR A Question

JuLiEWiLkErS56 answered Wednesday March 30 2005, 12:27 am:
im a christian too. but no i dont think that what you enjoy listening to would be a sin. if the lord made you that way and them that way then i dont think it would be bad.its kind of an opinunated question so i donno if im gonna help that much but im glad you asked ...hope i helped

[ JuLiEWiLkErS56's advice column | Ask JuLiEWiLkErS56 A Question

XSugarPieX77 answered Tuesday March 29 2005, 10:51 pm:
Well, im jewish but im pretty sure listening to Hard rock is not a sin. Even if they do worship the devil which im not sure they do, is alright that u like there music. :)

[ XSugarPieX77's advice column | Ask XSugarPieX77 A Question

jesuscouch answered Monday March 28 2005, 8:24 pm:
I'm not going to say dont listen to Disturbed because they worship the devil or you will go to hell. Thats just propoganda from the religious right to get people to discount the opinions of the leftist youth.

No, I'd say you just shouldnt listen to Disturbed. Period.

[ jesuscouch's advice column | Ask jesuscouch A Question

paenian answered Monday March 28 2005, 8:12 pm:
If you really loved hard rock, you wouldn't listen to Disturbed - they're alternative - try Disillusion.

As far as answering your question, jesus sang all the time; ever been to church? Lots of singing. So as long as you sing along, I don't think god will mind.

[ paenian's advice column | Ask paenian A Question

Erinn_the_bamf answered Monday March 28 2005, 8:00 pm:
I do not believe they worship the devil and I do not believe it is a sin. It is only a sin if YOU start worshiping the devil. This is just music. God will still love you no matter what you listen to. However, if you feel this music is drawing you away from God stop listening to it. But it doesn't sound like it is so don't worry. Besides, God forgives all. I hope I helped! ♥ good luck

[ Erinn_the_bamf's advice column | Ask Erinn_the_bamf A Question

RoadkillSalad answered Sunday March 27 2005, 10:27 pm:
Well, to be honest with you, Hard Rock is really "Of the world" and I consider it a sin... Even if it does have clean lyrics. No I'm not some guy that listens to only anything piano, everything else is a sin - I'm not that type... I consider some Christian bands to be truly Christian, but I'd be careful with what you listen to, if it's really heavy, I'm going to say yes, it is sinful to listen to hard rock. To be Christians we have to look to God's word for instruction, and if we sit around and listen to hard rock, we're not really focusing on God. The whole purpose of hard rock is to get the blood pumping and the heart racing, it's a physical sensation, not a spiritual. And not to mention you don't look a lot different than most non-Christians when you do, it's like cussing and trying to profess to be a Christian. You may be just having trouble getting rid of your language, but nobodt's going to listen to what you have to say. I'm just saying... Choose your bands well, be careful who you listen to, and make wise decisions upon what the Bible says, not what your physical feelings or emotions are like. If you want a band that is uplifting yet still upbeat, with a good bit of electric guitar in them, try Third Day. It's clean, obviously Christian, and it's not hard rock - it won't make your blood race like other hard bands do. It's good music and I'm sure you'll enjoy them a lot. Just be careful with who you choose.

[ RoadkillSalad's advice column | Ask RoadkillSalad A Question

FlaWlessMonoLith answered Sunday March 27 2005, 8:58 pm:
HELL NO keep listening to rock you are a cool person if you listen to rock

they dont worship the devil btw

[ FlaWlessMonoLith's advice column | Ask FlaWlessMonoLith A Question

Sherry answered Sunday March 27 2005, 4:40 pm:
As christians we are not allowed to listen to anything other than christian music because their may be some material in their to cause you to think about something and sin. But, I do listen to non-christian music and so do a lot of other were not all perfect. If you feel listening to the music wont affect your relationship with Christ..then go ahead and listen to it.

[ Sherry's advice column | Ask Sherry A Question

openears answered Sunday March 27 2005, 3:53 pm:
ok if your a chrisian great for you but god and jesus dont care what you listen to or what you wear all they care about is that you belive and you follow the 10 commandments do you idleize them if you do your braking a sin do you cuss if you do your sinning you i love hevy metle and rock but i think you should do a little studing cause i dont know evey thing

[ openears's advice column | Ask openears A Question

WTF answered Sunday March 27 2005, 3:34 pm:
dont know if they worship the devil, its doubtful, but its not a sin to listen to hard rock.

[ WTF's advice column | Ask WTF A Question

EJ47 answered Sunday March 27 2005, 2:46 pm:
Disturbed rocks!! Whether they worshipp the devil is irrelevant, its whether /you/ start worshipping him (Satan sucks big hairy railroad spikes!! If I go to hell /I/ will take over and make it a better place! O_o;)

A not so ordinary answer from EJ

[ EJ47's advice column | Ask EJ47 A Question

Anarchilist answered Sunday March 27 2005, 1:51 pm:
Yes, because if you listen to music of those who worship the devil, then your ears will burn off and you will spend an enternity in fire and brimstone.

[ Anarchilist's advice column | Ask Anarchilist A Question

LoveNJstyle answered Sunday March 27 2005, 1:41 pm:
whether they worship the devil or not has nothing to do with it unless u start worshiping too. its music and NOT a sin! <3

[ LoveNJstyle's advice column | Ask LoveNJstyle A Question

hopeihelped answered Sunday March 27 2005, 1:28 pm:
Is listening to music a sin? ARE YOU CRAZY? I'm sorry, but if doing what pleases you is a sin, then this whole Christianity is retarded! You're not doing anything wrong.. you've got taste in music. It's not like you are following them. Worship who you want to worship. They'll do the same.

Oh my god, your question is like me saying "I want to be friends with this girl, but I can't hang out with her because her name starts with a "T" and I can only hang out with girls with names starting with the letter "S". But she's really cool. What do I do?" Doesn't your question seem a little ...DUH... now?

Hope I helped.. fill me in on what happens!

[ hopeihelped's advice column | Ask hopeihelped A Question

greencard answered Sunday March 27 2005, 12:43 pm:
No, it's not a sin, it's just music.

[ greencard's advice column | Ask greencard A Question

iNdEeD2isBaK answered Sunday March 27 2005, 12:30 pm:
no way im catholic to and i like rap and all that stuff but its not a sin! defienently not!!!
hope ihelped
&hearts; indeed2

[ iNdEeD2isBaK's advice column | Ask iNdEeD2isBaK A Question

cheer_gurl answered Sunday March 27 2005, 12:14 pm:
no its fine, im a christian and i listen to it,they dont worship the devil, i mean who knows maybe some of them do, but hard rock is not known for devil worshiping

hope i helped

[ cheer_gurl's advice column | Ask cheer_gurl A Question

Karen answered Sunday March 27 2005, 12:12 pm:
I used to listen to Disturbed too and I don't think they worship the Devil. Check out their website and you can probably find an answer there. Listening to hard rock music is not a sin; I love hard rock music too because it's just music and I don't think it's a sin. Being Christian has nothing to do when you listen to music, in my opinion.

By the way, aren't they recording an album? I think an album will be coming out shortly from them.


[ Karen's advice column | Ask Karen A Question

mrs_radcliffe answered Sunday March 27 2005, 11:57 am:
No it isnt a sin, if your a christian worships the devil is obiously a sin! because its the oposite of god! You can still like your music everyone likes different stuff.

luv roxie

[ mrs_radcliffe's advice column | Ask mrs_radcliffe A Question

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