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Bwahaha, I've returned.

Yeah, that'd be the same freak FunnyCide and Napalm350Z used to talk to.

I'm older now.

I'm smarter now.

Yet for some reason, I feel like coming back to this place every once and a while. Hmmmm...
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Male, 9th grade.

I'm running for Vice President of Key Club at my school. In case you are unfamiliar with the Key Club, it's a club that basically goes around helping people, contributing to the community, and all of that good stuff. Anyway, I am running against one other person, a sophmore girl.

If anyone has any ideas or advice they would like to share with me on how to beat her and recieve more votes from the Key Clubbers, that would be quite excellent. (link)
Campaign ads! Shake people's hands and tell them to vote for ya! Prove to them you're the best! Buy them a coke and a candy bar! Donate to a famous society! Bring me a cold one ::kidding::! Everyone will love you!

No, but seriously, campaign for it. Tell your pals that you need their votes. Don't discredit the other candidate, but rather subtly imply that you are more capable of the job than she is. Give it your best shot!

Is their any other type of birthcontrol bsides condoms that are easy to get confidental and no to expenisve (link)
Yes... It's called abstinance.

Ok, call me a freak, but that's a really good way of controlling birth - don't have sex, don't have a baby - that's the way things work. Besides, don't you want to save the excitement, the passion, and the desire for marriage, when sex is pure and wonderful? I do, but if you don't believe that, then my simple answer is still abstinance

I was wondering if their was a site that would shoe you how to use HTML coding in blogs? My blog can have HTML coding edited into the template. So far all I have is a section I put in for blogs I like and a hit counter at the bottom. (link)
Basically searching for one on Google is your best bet. A lot of sites give simple HTML step-by-step editors for different blog sites, so search for "HTML editor blogspot" and you'll probably come up with one soon enough.

ok i hope that this is in the correct category. well i masturbate wayyy 2 much. i kno i need 2 stop. 1 because my girlfriend doesn't like me doing it. 2. becuz its a little weird that i do it a lot. like whenever i get a boner ( and no1 is around or im in my room , if im at my house ) i masturbate. i only do it at my house and shit but still. Plus the major thing is that i need 2 do this for my girlfriend * i dont wanna loose her or risk loosing her *. please dont tell me 2 think of sumthing else, trust me i have tried, it doesn't work for me.
thanks in advance
tiredofit (link)
I'm 16, so I have three years on you to be able to say:

If you try hard, you'll stop.

At 13, it's not unusual at all for one to be interested in such stuff, but you really do need to try to stop now before it becomes a habit. I'm glad you have a girlfriend that cares enough to think that it's wrong, and I'm also glad you take her advice seriously. If you're complaining about doing that in your sleep, I've got news: it's going to stay like that for a while. If not, then hopefully the reason is not because of porn or the like. Just put your mind to it and stop trying you masturbate, and you'll grow out of it quickly.

At 16, I can say for a fact that you'll learn soon enough how unsatisfying the very thought of something sexual is. After that, being around a girl takes on a whole new meaning to you, and a good one at that.

Ok so i have limewire and i downloaded atreyu - bleeding mascara (it was a music video) but it turns out it was a porno! so i deleted it but im really scared becuase what if it didnt really getdeleted and my parents find it.. is there anyway to make sure it was deleted? and to never be found on the computer?
please help asap! i rate 5's.
kthanxbye (link)
The easiest way to do that is simply (unless you have other things you wish to hide) to tell your parents "Hey look, I was trying to download a music video and it turned out it was a pornographic video. I deleted it, but I thought I'd just let you know so if it didn't delete and you guys found it somewhere, then you'd know where it came from."

Seriously, if you have a good relationship with your parents, that should work just fine.

If you don't... Listen to other people's explanations on how to REALLY get rid of that stuff.

c i have this friend that is in all my classes and we get along so well he is one of my best friends i guess. but i don;t know everyone says that he has a crush on me. but i don;'t think so. my friend was talking to him on the phone and asked him to say if he thought my butt was nice he said on a scale of 1-10 he said a 6. i thought that was mean and thought that if he would of like me he would of said liek more.. i don't know. and he is a type of kid that i could never picture holding my hand it would just be ot wierd. i don;t know how do i find out if he likes me likes me i need some way of finding out. thanxxx
You may or may not hate me for this:

Generally speaking, the guy who only cares whose "butts are nice" are not generally the types of guys you can last long with. If he's being honest about it, you should probably be satisfied with his answer and probably happy that he didn't go for a "10" or something; he'd just be there for the sake of your sexual charms. Be satisfied with that - if you two focus more on the emotional than the physical, you'll be fine. Just ask him. If he's got any self-confidence at all he'll tell you what he feels like, and if he doesn't, I'm sure he won't put you down, or else he's a *gasp* "dork."

How do you get music on myspace? When I tryed to get music on my myspace it said to go to a band page and press add. But i don't know what that means.

Any help will be very much appreciated :) (link)
Search for a MySpace editor on Google and upload the song you'd like to put on your site to it. Then, when that's done, copy and paste the code into your "About me" section.

Or, assuming the song that you wish to put is on a MySpace music account, do what the guy who posted before me said.

I'm sorry if I don't really help much, I'm more of a Xanga guy myself.

Please don't delete this question, because I am actually very curious about this. Why do people join this website who aren't even serious about helping people or receiving help? People who need help come here and some ignorant people joke around and even insult these people in need. Don't you think it's time we suspend or expel these rude people? I'm sick of it myself. (link)
I used to be that way.

They shoulda banned me a loooong time ago. But then I decided to actually HELP people, and occasionally I get on to really answer someone's question - excluding the normal "Idk how to tell my boyfriend I like him" stuff. It gets tiring, and if I don't have something nice (helpful?) to say, I just won't say it.

why do people on here ask about touchy questions when they dont want to hear the truth? like for instance some person just asked why people are mean to mormans or something along those lines and although ive never heard that i told the person exactly why i know mormans are unliked from where im from and he flipped on me because i guess thats not what he wanted to here. so if you dont want to hear the truth why do you ask those questions? (link)
Eh, I haven't been here for a while (maybe a year or so) but things seem to be going just as they were when I used to be here (too many questions about "infections," sex, love... Etc). And this is what I say:

"If the truth didn't hurt so bad I wouldn't lie." -Kevin Max

I would find it hard to argue otherwise.

Is there any way to manually check the engine timing on a 1997 Saturn 1.9 DOHC? (link)
Good question. I'm not completely sure how to do that, so I'd advise talking to a mechanic or looking this sort of thing up at a good auto parts store. Check out a parts book for 1997 Saturns with 1.9 I4 Dual OverHead Cam engines, and consult a mechanic to get the best approach at manually check the timing.

my friend, who i have a crush on seems to like me. hell just starting eating my food w/ like the saem fork or hell drink from my water bottle. i also caught him looking down my shirt the other day. but whenever his other friend ((whose a girl)) comes, hes like all over her. maybe he just thinks were really good friends ((which we r, but i wish we were more))? wut do u think. . . (link)
He somewhat sounds like a jerk to me, if he's looking down your shirt then he's quite the dork. But at any rate, if that's what you want, then that's your choice. If you STILL want to go with him, try simply telling him. He may like you, but like a lot of guys, he may like a bunch of girls and can't decide. Just be the first to tell him.

I still think it's a bad idea if he's looking down your shirt, because then it's a matter of sex rather than love, and that rarely has good consequences.

what's the difference in the levels? like are there any new level 3s ever chosen? (link)
Yes, but trust me, unless you answer questions on this site like crazy, and you've proven to the existing level 3 moderators that you're capable of handling the task, then it probably will not happen. I used to work very hard to become a level 2 moderator, but I just don't have the time to work at it. A level 3 moderator would be a hard task to work towards.

INSERT: In fact, in my absence, I've just realized that I'm no longer a level 1 moderator. So yeah, you've really gotta keep it up to get that high.

what is ska music?? is it like punk music, and give me examples of bands that are 'ska'! THnks! (link)
The O.C. Supertones, Five Iron Frenzy, and The Insyderz are all Christian ska bands.

It's usually like punk/pre-hardcore or surf rock and the bands use brass instruments like the trombone, the trumpet, and the saxaphone. Sometimes a lot of distorted electric guitar is used, and in the case of some of the new O.C. Supertones stuff, it sounds a lot like surf rock with some rap in it. So that's basically ska for you. Just about anything with brass in it, but mainly it's punk/pre-hardcore stuff.

ok theres this guy that i might never see again but i think i love him and im pretty sure he likes/loves me too butim still not 100% sure that he does... but what should i do? the last time i will see him is thursday... should i tell him or wait and see what he does? (link)
Seems to me like there's no real reason not to tell him. If you think you'll never see him again, why do you have your doubts? It's not like you're putting anything at stake if you do, and if you don't, well you might never find out.

i like a kid, and like he is mean to me, and my friends asked him why he didnt like me, and he said cuz i'm stupid. but i'm not, i just say a lot of random stuff.but like everytime he talks to me hes all smiley, but the problem is that two other girls in my grade flirt with him. so i feel like i have a competition and then my other friend likes him, and she is closer with him, and i really want to go out with him. (link)
Simple rhetorical question: Why do you like a guy who's mean to you? Obviously he doesn't like you, he probably won't like you anytime soon, and if you do go out with him, then you can forsee what he'll do to you. Careful what you wish for. Let the compitition figure it out. They'll hate it. And you'll probably hate yourself your decision if you go out with him - Don't take this personally, I'm trying to help. Sorry, but it looks like you're going on pure emotion than logic, just read and think about what you typed out and maybe you'll get the picture.

well in technology my friend and i were talking about our 'love life' and i was like"what if roger asked you out what would you say?" and shes like i would say heck yes. we dont know who he likes but i think its her and she thinks it me but i was like who would ever want to go out with me and shes like a lot of people would want to go out with you. and then i started laughing because i thought it was funny because i think some one was actually saying a compliment to me, and saying that some one would go out with me. which i dont think its true because people always talk about how pretty my older sister is and i dont think they refer to me. and in a way im kind of getting said. because i see how other girls my age and see how pretty they are and then look at me. i have no clue what to do? i know you might not know what im talking about, like what i should do. like i just dont know why guys wont go out with me,and yes i know your pretty in your own way but is it really true? (link)
Ok, you really quite rambled on about this one, and I'm not really sure where you're going or coming from, but in case you're wondering, YES. It's true even if you don't think so. I've seen lots of really attractive guys go out with not-so-attractive girls simply because they love their personality, character, etc. And if guys won't go out with you, just wait. There will be someone. (Seems like I'm having to say that pretty often now.)

i feel like everyone around me has a boyfriend. i feel so alone and i really want to have the feeling of a boyfriend again. i feel as if everyone around me is moving so of my friends just did third base wih a guy. i am 14 and still haven't gotten my first kiss. i wish i could just find a guy.. what is taking sooo long! (link)
Don't go to third base, you're good right where you are. Love, be loved, but don't rush it. You'll only hurt yourself if you do. Wait for it and it will come one day and then you'll really be happy. But don't go anywhere until you know that the guy you like is really that one guy.

And why it's taking so long? Maybe you have more sense than a lot of girls that I know and you are indeed looking for the right person. Many girls I know simply get a boyfriend, kiss him 20 seconds, and then dump them. You'll never be happy that way, and I hope you do look into a guy first before you start to love him. That's a great character quality.

hi i'm 13 and a Christian but i have a bad habit of lying...i know that its really bad like i dont lie big time just like little white lies but they r still bad so do any of u know any bible verses on lying, not lying,how lying is bad and stuff like that? plz help!! ~i rate high~ (link)
There is a passage in James that says that "The tounge is a fire, a world of iniquity..." It's hard to tell the truth sometimes, but you just have to pray to God and ask for wisdom and for help to tell the truth more often to people.

Im just wonderin, do like a lot of people get messages straight into their inbox??? I hav eonly gotten 1 REAAL question from someone...thats all. Some one else that obviously know me wrote somethin in there but it wasnt a real advice question. Is there somehting i need to know? I mean i do answer many questions... (link)
It really depends on if people want your help specifically for something, but there isn't any real way to get a message in your inbox unless you send one to yourself, but that's kinda weird.

For all of those on advicenators who know a thing or two about car mods; What are some cheap things I could add or install in my Honda Civic that could add 50+ horsepower for less than 200 bucks? (link)
A tornado, a K&N filter... Or you could get a boyd kit. EVERYONE knows that those increase horsepower. And what better way to get your maximum speed than with a NOS sticker? There isn't one. Oh yes, and you can't forget the chrome spinner hub caps from Wally World. Those will make your car go REAL fast. Trunk speakers work real well too, the bass increases downforce which makes you go faster. And I am not the least bit serious at all right now.

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