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Question Posted Sunday November 7 2004, 11:37 am

Me and my boyfriend are trying to get me pregnant but it seems to be not working. I just got out of collage and im living in an apartment with him and we have sex every other day .. it isnt working.. is there something I shouldnt be doing?

Thank you.

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Peeps answered Sunday March 21 2010, 10:39 pm:
A few months is absolutely nothing is the getting-pregnant world. It takes many people up to a year to get pregnant!

Make sure you're leading a healthy lifestyle first and foremost. Many times the female's body is not healthy enough to carry a child to full term or the male's body is producing plenty of UNhealthy sperm that cannot survive the travel to fertilize the egg.

You and your partner need to be taking vitamins every single day. You should be on a prenatal for at least 6 months before you conceive and your partner needs to be on multivitamins specifically for men to help keep his prostate working properly. I am taking a liking to Maxi Health Maxi One Prenatal:

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

My husband is really, really fond of Prescriptive Formula Optimal Men's Vitamin Pack by Nature's Bounty:

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

Stop smoking, drinking, and using recreational drugs. All of these listed have been proven to cause inferlity short and long term. The sooner you stop, the better chances you will have now and later.

Change your eating habits. Stop eating so much junk food and candies and start eating more vegetables. The better nutrition you receieve, the better your body will absorb it. Dump out the junk (and, no, don't try artifical sweeteners because they've shown to produce infertility as well)--the sodas, candies, cakes, etc. You don't have to do anything so strict that you cannot have a little snack here and there but you need to be aware of what you're putting into your body every day.

Stop consuming things with artificial sweeteners in them. In the long run, it's better to drink a can of coke than it is diet coke. The artificial sweeteners in many products cause so many health problems it's ridiculous.

Exercise regularly. You don't have to go out to the gym or lift weights but you and your husband both need to give your muscles a work out at least 3 times a week. Go for a short walk together or do a workout video together that you both are able to do. It's vital that you both work on this.

Make sure to de-stress often, at least once a week. Make time to just relax. Watch your favorite movie together or just have a night out bowling. Whatever it is that you need to do to relax--do it! Stop worrying about getting pregnant or others getting pregnant--it only adds to the problem! Know that when it's time then you two will have a baby. Relax about the situation and try to get your mind away from the focus of it.

Track your cycles. From the day you begin your period you need to keep track on a calendar of what is going on. Mark your first day down as "Start" and 'x' the following days that you are bleeding. After 6 months of this you should get a decent idea of when you might be ovulating. Ovulation, typically, occurs about halfway through your regular menstrual cycle or on day 14 for most women. During ovulation you will have more chances of concieving because of the conditions within your body.

If you cannot track your cycles because they are SO irregular (more than 32 days long, typically) then I hope you have a little cash saved up! Start buying some things at your local Wal-Mart or other store:

OTC Daily Ovulation Predictors
OTC Fertility Tests
OTC Pregnancy Tests

Begin with the fertilty tests so that you know you are able to get pregnant. Use these for at least 6 months so you get a strong idea of the results. Use the daily ovulation tests every day for at least 6 months so that you can grasp a better idea of when/if you are ovulating.

Throw away:

Your artificial lubrication.

Artificial sex lube hinders the sperm's ability to be mobile and may make them unhealthy. Try to drink more fluids (WATER!) so that your vagina can maintain good lubrication when needed.

Have sex every 3 days at the most. Having sex more often than that can cause sperm counts to go low, dehydrate the body, and dwindle away nutrients.

Ask your partner to NOT wear tight pants. Tight clothing causes circulation problems in the testes and may make things too warm for sperm to develop properly. Let him around around the house in his boxers (or nude)! If you have to go shopping for looser pants and underwear then do it! It's healthier for him in the long run!

Pick up a iodine supplment for you and your husband to take regularly. New research is finding that many Americans are depleted of idoine and are experiencing common problems because of it--diabetes, low metabolism, headaches, fatigue, and temporary infertility! Head down to your local vitamin shop and look around for some kelp for iodine supplementation (along with your prenatals and your partner multi)! Look for, preferably, Norwegian sea kelp or Bladderwrack. Consume 1,500 to 2,000 Milligrams of this supplement each day. My favorite one, so far, has been Nature's Herbs Norwegian Kelp:

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

Relax. It really hasn't been that long of a time. Many couples find that when they stop worrying about becoming pregnant and start leading healthy lives together, happy to just be together, they become pregnant. Getting pregnant sounds easy but it's a very complicated thing. Your uterine conditions have to be a certain way to produce offspring. Toxins built up in your body can prevent you from becoming pregnant. Having a stressful job may cause you to miscarriage before you even know you're pregnant! It's possible that you've been pregnant a dozen times already and have never made it past a couple of weeks!

So, most importantly than anything, don't panic. It'll come when your body can handle it. If you've been trying for a year or more then see your doctor just for a routine check-up, making sure things are OK.

It'll all happen in time. I wish you the best of luck. Please feel free to inbox me more directly if you have any further questions, as I have a LOAD of useful information when trying to get pregnant!

P.S. Don't listen to people who say that it's been too long to have not gotten pregnant. Some people get pregnant very easily, very luckily while most of us take a little time, especially if we haven't treated ourselves very well all of our lives. There are tons of couples who get pregnant after two years even!

[ Peeps's advice column | Ask Peeps A Question

Adrz answered Friday November 19 2004, 12:44 pm:
wait til you start your period, than a day or so after that...fuck and you'll prolly get pregnant..
hope i helped

[ Adrz's advice column | Ask Adrz A Question

MedicatedSanity answered Friday November 12 2004, 7:52 pm:
Don't wear condoms and don't use birth control. lol. Go to your gynecolgist... STDs might hinder fertility. Or you might be barren. Trust me, a gynecologist can help you and your boyfriend have a child. and if your having like ten minute sex... that might be the reason. OH! and have sex on your period... that is when you are most fertile.

[ MedicatedSanity's advice column | Ask MedicatedSanity A Question

alisonmarie answered Friday November 12 2004, 7:40 am:
The simple answer? Figure out when you are ovulating, and then have sex during that time of your cycle. Having sex every other day is not doing you any favours - it is lowering the sperm count.

If you guys hold off a bit and only have sex during your most fertile period, that means there are more sperm to reach your egg.

Think about how stressful it is just trying to get pregnant, and then multiply that by a million - sleepness nights, financial responsibility, raising a child without two committed adults (ie marriage) - just things to consider.

If you want more specific guidance about ovulation, ask me a question or do a simple search on Google. Also, check out

Good luck.

[ alisonmarie's advice column | Ask alisonmarie A Question

lilashtonbabe01 answered Thursday November 11 2004, 6:27 pm:
every other day? are u dumb u have to b on ur period to get pregnant but its more like u have to be "ovulating" sry for spellin and ur only "ovulating" 1 day in a whole month so.... ya

[ lilashtonbabe01's advice column | Ask lilashtonbabe01 A Question

dinoold answered Thursday November 11 2004, 1:27 pm:
are you ready to be a mom??

do you have the money? diapers and formula plus rent and clothes? are you really ready??

To give up all your time alone together??

if so..then realize that you are fertile only 2 days a can get one of those new ovualtion kits thar pwdict whne you are fertile.

but i would get married first...see bweing married gives you rights that just being a g/f will not. If you guys ar committed enought to have a baby..a LFELONG thing..why not get married be newlyweds for a year or so..then try...

being a new parent is so freaking money..please think about that first.

[ dinoold's advice column | Ask dinoold A Question

xxAdviceGirlxx answered Thursday November 11 2004, 12:34 am:
omg i heard about this product that tells you whens the best day for you to have sex to have a baby i think its called FIRST RESPONSE they sell it at walgreens and other pharmacies or u can go to your doctor and he'll/she'll help you

[ xxAdviceGirlxx's advice column | Ask xxAdviceGirlxx A Question

lovableRIDER4130 answered Monday November 8 2004, 5:53 pm:
Go see a doctor, because you can't be sure. All I can say is don't hesitate, it just takes time, but definetley go see a doctor because you've heard those stories about women who can't get pregnant.

[ lovableRIDER4130's advice column | Ask lovableRIDER4130 A Question

pRiiNcEsS_bRyT answered Monday November 8 2004, 5:20 pm:
some people cant have kids...maybe u should go to the doctor and see what they say about it...other wise keep tryin hun good luck!

[ pRiiNcEsS_bRyT's advice column | Ask pRiiNcEsS_bRyT A Question

snowwalker69 answered Monday November 8 2004, 1:48 pm:
Hey. Well, there are a couple of things you can consider. First of all, have you been on birth control recently? Because if you just got off of it, my doctor said it could take up to a year for your body to get used to not being protected .. but that depends on what kind of birth control you were on, if any at all. Another thing is, that a lot of women, and a lot of men, can't produce children. And it's not like that makes you less of a person or anything, but some bodies are not capiable to handle the stress or pregnancey, or don't have strong enough sperm to reach the egg ... Also, it could be a mental thing. You may be doubting the whole kid buisness, or you living situation. Maybe, mentally, you want to be married before you have children? Or maybe your body is under too much stress. It could be a number of things. Go to a doctor and she/he can give you some tips on how to increase your chances of pregnancy, and you and your boyfriend can get tested to see if your bodies are capable of making a child. Good Luck.

[ snowwalker69's advice column | Ask snowwalker69 A Question

EMiLYELiZABETH answered Monday November 8 2004, 1:38 am:
Hi Victoria,

It maybe the every other day that's messing things up. Sometimes, it has to be everyday for it to work and even then, it's not guarenteed. I've noticed people who want to get pregant can't and those who don't want to, do. Crazy. I've read that one way to possiably help things is to have him be on top and after sex, arch your hips for about 15 minutes, it apparently makes it easier for sperm to find eggs. Also, there is a program FEMTA that you can use to help predict your ovulation & best days to have sex to get pregant. The link for that is... [Link](Mouse over link to see full location) Good luck!!

Em =)

[ EMiLYELiZABETH's advice column | Ask EMiLYELiZABETH A Question

ElementaryHustler answered Sunday November 7 2004, 11:16 pm:
Maybe you should go to the doctors. There might be something wrong with you that you can't have babies. Or maybe you or him aren't fertile or something. I don't know, get it checked out. GOod luck=]

<33 Brit

[ ElementaryHustler's advice column | Ask ElementaryHustler A Question

HuGzNKisSeZ69 answered Sunday November 7 2004, 9:02 pm:
Have a lot more sex duhhhhhhhh HAVE FUN hehehe

[ HuGzNKisSeZ69's advice column | Ask HuGzNKisSeZ69 A Question

llxll_KaThLeeN_lloll answered Sunday November 7 2004, 6:17 pm:
go see a doctor and they can help you out with that
please rate

[ llxll_KaThLeeN_lloll's advice column | Ask llxll_KaThLeeN_lloll A Question

wengersgirl14 answered Sunday November 7 2004, 5:27 pm:
well most girls only ovulate once everymonth.. soo it might b awaile unless ur period is purty consistent then doit around that time

[ wengersgirl14's advice column | Ask wengersgirl14 A Question

P4TH3T1Cx1426 answered Sunday November 7 2004, 4:07 pm:
mayb u just cant hold a child in ur belly....

[ P4TH3T1Cx1426's advice column | Ask P4TH3T1Cx1426 A Question

frenchy answered Sunday November 7 2004, 3:40 pm:
hey! go see a doctor to see if theres something wrong with one of you. they'll find out and tell you. sometimes theres something that doesnt work with one of you, which doesnt necessarily mean that one of you is sick or anything, it might just mean that theres something that isnt doing its job. hope i helped, peace and love!

[ frenchy's advice column | Ask frenchy A Question

greekouzo4me123 answered Sunday November 7 2004, 2:43 pm:
go c a doctor or sumthin maybe ur doin sumthin wrong!


hope i helped


x'z n o'z


[ greekouzo4me123's advice column | Ask greekouzo4me123 A Question

Cath answered Sunday November 7 2004, 2:12 pm:
Hi Sweetie,
There's this thing you can purchase on drug-stores... a lot of women use it to know which time of the month its best for them to get pregnant (I'm sorry I don't know the name of it... I just saw it in some commericals...) It should be about 14 days before your period (If you know when it is).
If you haven't been able to get pregnant though... maybe you should see a doctor... naybe you or him may be sterile (...hopefully that's not the case).
I reaaaaaaally hope you can have a baby. And I hope someone was of help. Best wishes! ~Blessed Be...

[ Cath's advice column | Ask Cath A Question

xO_Chelsea_Ox answered Sunday November 7 2004, 2:00 pm:
You can maybe do that think in the hospital where they take his sperm and your egg and combine them in the lab at the hospital... Sorry, i don't remember what that is called lol... I hoped i helped!! :)

xO Chelsea Ox

[ xO_Chelsea_Ox's advice column | Ask xO_Chelsea_Ox A Question

jazz82289 answered Sunday November 7 2004, 1:50 pm:
Umm...get married and then see what happens. Just kidding I dunno, you really didn't give me enough information. Are you taking birth control, what's your blood type, are you using a condom, sometimes you may not be an easy person to get pregnant anyway and so as you have sex your body gets more and more used to your boyfriend's sperm making it harder and harder to get pregnant. Talk to your doctor. Good luck!

[ jazz82289's advice column | Ask jazz82289 A Question

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