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Question Posted Monday November 1 2004, 4:11 pm

ok, well, i was babysitting the other night for these people and they were each going off to do their own thing. well, the mom left first, and the dad was supposedly leaving pretty quickly after, but instead he hung around for awhile. i was like, ok, um..why am i here if youre gonna sit around? well, i soon found out. he wasnt going anywhere. he put his kids in thier bedroom while i was cleaning something up, and he came up behind me and started grabbing me. he told me that if i yelled, hed kill me. well, i punched him where the sun dont shine and he let me go, but im sure that if i hadnt got away, he would have attacked me. but now i dont know what to do. he didnt rape me or anything, so should i really tell someone about it? all he did was grab me. they cant put you in jail for that, can they? im just wondering what i need to do about supposed to go babysit again next week, and i cant exactly tell her why i dont wanna do PLEASE

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Pwarx answered Monday November 1 2004, 9:05 pm:
Tell somebody, and stay away from places he'd think you might be. You CAN go to jail for threatening people.

[ Pwarx's advice column | Ask Pwarx A Question

xpianogirl89x answered Monday November 1 2004, 9:00 pm:
you need to tell someone about this! it's a serious thing.. he sexually harassed you and threatened to cause you harm.... it's a really good thing you knew how to defend yourself... but yes you should tell a parent or the police about this incident. And if you want to tell the woman why you don't want to go back there, or make an excuse that you're busy or something... you can't let this go though hun.

Hope I helped! If you need anything drop something in my inbox...

[ xpianogirl89x's advice column | Ask xpianogirl89x A Question

daNceRz_KiSs_27 answered Monday November 1 2004, 6:59 pm:
Deff. tell ure mom or any adult! if u go there next week something worse then him just grabbing u may happen! SOoOo don't go there next week! If u have ot tell a little lie to the woman then tell her it's for ure safety anywa. don't worry God won't get mad!

Hope my Advice helped : )

[ daNceRz_KiSs_27's advice column | Ask daNceRz_KiSs_27 A Question

WoWsErS123 answered Monday November 1 2004, 6:43 pm:
Okay hun! thats nothing to mess around with! thats and assault AND a threat when he said he'd kill you! maybe my answer is to late but if it isnt then i SUGGEST YOU TELL YOUR PARENTS! okay so pppleeaase tell someone! hope i helped! x3 good luck!

[ WoWsErS123's advice column | Ask WoWsErS123 A Question

chaos answered Monday November 1 2004, 6:30 pm:
Tell your mom what happened. He did do something called sexual assault. You don't need to be there alone with him. It might sound cool to try to catch him red handed, but it puts you in a too dangerous situation. Don't go there again.

[ chaos's advice column | Ask chaos A Question

ask_the_becsturr answered Monday November 1 2004, 6:20 pm:
TELL SOMEONE!!! He grabbed you which is assult and you need not to go back there at all. tell a parent a school guideance counsleor or the police even. He CAN get in trouble and what he did was wrong. Also make sure his wife knows even if she dosent believe you about it and warn other otential babysitters for that family. that man is a pig and needs to be stopped you could have been raped!

[ ask_the_becsturr's advice column | Ask ask_the_becsturr A Question

xO_Chelsea_Ox answered Monday November 1 2004, 6:13 pm:
Tell someone!!! And deffinetely don't go babysit at their house again! I hoped i helped!! :)

xO Chelsea Ox

[ xO_Chelsea_Ox's advice column | Ask xO_Chelsea_Ox A Question

PRECiiOUSx answered Monday November 1 2004, 5:39 pm:
`wow. `sounds pretty serious. `hun, you should really tell someone. `don't go over and babysit, because you might get in an even bigger situation. ` tell your mom, or a counselor, or even a friend. `but im not sure u can go to jail.

hope i helped

[ PRECiiOUSx's advice column | Ask PRECiiOUSx A Question

Xo_Blondii_oX answered Monday November 1 2004, 5:10 pm:
yah i know its not funny i know how you feel but you werent exactly raped i was the whole 9 sorrie for laughing and i know i shouldnt have laughed at you so im sorrie because i know your probably scared

[ Xo_Blondii_oX's advice column | Ask Xo_Blondii_oX A Question

misunderstood64 answered Monday November 1 2004, 5:05 pm:
oh gosh that's really freaky. okay naturally I think everyone gave really good advicen and I wouldn't give out an answer to it cuz I thought everyone already covered it. and no offense to this person but I read someone who said mayb u should babysit for them again! no no no no!!! don't! that's the worst thing u could do. Just tell ur parents they'll do what they think will be necessary and don't babysit for them again if she asks why always make up excuses such as u have plans or homework and she'll eventually just find another person. Good luck, sry hun that that happened!

[ misunderstood64's advice column | Ask misunderstood64 A Question

LoViny0ux914 answered Monday November 1 2004, 4:43 pm:
just tell her you cant do it. unfortunatly, you have no proof that he did what he did, so if you do call the cops theyll "check it out" but they can't throw him in jail or anything. maybe you actually SHOULD babysit again next week, and maybe keep a small tape recorder on you where he cant see it, and record everything that happens. try 2 get him to admitt what he did or something then take the tape to the cops or something because what he did is harassment!! if you do decide to do that, have an family member or trusted friend stand outside the door or something while you're in there and have some sort of signal so if something happens your friend can come in and protect you!! but if you REALLY dont wanna do it..the only thing you could probly do is stay away from him. srry tht hpnd!! x0x0x

[ LoViny0ux914's advice column | Ask LoViny0ux914 A Question

frenchfries21 answered Monday November 1 2004, 4:30 pm:
u need to tell ur parents and stop babysitting for them, i would be freaked out! someone needs to find out about this. hope i helped ~stef~

[ frenchfries21's advice column | Ask frenchfries21 A Question

jbdreamer answered Monday November 1 2004, 4:28 pm:
Yes, tell someone imediately! This man has threatend your life. Don't fool yourself into thinking it was nothing serious, because it is. And yes, what he has done could put him in jail. Take some action.

[ jbdreamer's advice column | Ask jbdreamer A Question

pimpcess answered Monday November 1 2004, 4:27 pm:
You have to tell her abnd the cops that was sexual harassment and he better be put in jail. Also ask her if there was ever any other babysiters who quit. Don't go over to her house alone, only with an adult.

[ pimpcess's advice column | Ask pimpcess A Question

pinkygrl336 answered Monday November 1 2004, 4:24 pm:
ok well you do not need to be babysitting for them anymore.thats a first.secondly you need to tell your parents and then they will decide what to do from their.that is noo illegal in so many ways its scary!!good luck with everythign and hope i helped

[ pinkygrl336's advice column | Ask pinkygrl336 A Question

lilcutie1212 answered Monday November 1 2004, 4:18 pm:
Omg dont go back. That is totally scary. tell someone he threatend you and thats against the law.

[ lilcutie1212's advice column | Ask lilcutie1212 A Question

Draak answered Monday November 1 2004, 4:17 pm:
Yes, you need to tell someone about it. And you shouldn't babysit for them again. It's still considered Sexual Assault. Tell your parents at least and then you as a family can make a decision whether to involve the authorities/police.

[ Draak's advice column | Ask Draak A Question

TrUtH_hUrTs_1 answered Monday November 1 2004, 4:15 pm:
YES!! omigoodness, you HAVE to go to the police or something- you just can tstandbye and not do anything. even hough he didnt rape you, he did try and he did threaten you and he did grab at you. You need to file a report!! If you have anymore question, you can email me at


[ TrUtH_hUrTs_1's advice column | Ask TrUtH_hUrTs_1 A Question

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