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I'm a girl, freshman in highschool- my group of friends at school do all sorts of things almost every weekend- and I've never been invited once. I'm tired of wondering every Friday if thier making plans, and hoping I get invited. I'm sick of everytime it's one of their birthdays having to sneak around to find out wether or not their having a party, because I KNOW I'm not going to get invited.

Here's the thing, though- I go to a very small school, less than 50 students in my intire grade and so it's not like I can just ditch them and find new friends.

What can I do?

if suggesting other things to do doesnt work out, then you can try to make friends with people from other schools. also, get involved w/ other types of people.join clubs or maybe try a new sport.good luck! - Jess


I was friends with this girl named Tina for a whole grade before we grew apart. REcently, her mother died from cancer, and whenever I saw her after that she acted like she was fine, so I always made sure to act cheery and bright around her, and to pretend as though it never happened. My other friends all tell me I'm heartless and pretending like it never happened to her is just going to make it worse. What do I do?

in this situation both you and your friends are right. you dont need to act like nothing is wrong, but just let her know that even though yall arent as close as yall used to be, that you will still always be there for her if there is anything she needed.continue to act cheery tho! good luck and i hope i helped -jess


ok, well, i was babysitting the other night for these people and they were each going off to do their own thing. well, the mom left first, and the dad was supposedly leaving pretty quickly after, but instead he hung around for awhile. i was like, ok, um..why am i here if youre gonna sit around? well, i soon found out. he wasnt going anywhere. he put his kids in thier bedroom while i was cleaning something up, and he came up behind me and started grabbing me. he told me that if i yelled, hed kill me. well, i punched him where the sun dont shine and he let me go, but im sure that if i hadnt got away, he would have attacked me. but now i dont know what to do. he didnt rape me or anything, so should i really tell someone about it? all he did was grab me. they cant put you in jail for that, can they? im just wondering what i need to do about supposed to go babysit again next week, and i cant exactly tell her why i dont wanna do PLEASE

ok well you do not need to be babysitting for them anymore.thats a first.secondly you need to tell your parents and then they will decide what to do from their.that is noo illegal in so many ways its scary!!good luck with everythign and hope i helped


my plant, gromie, just winked at me. it kidna scares me. i am really upset with his behaviors! what should i say to my naughty naughty venus fly trap? should i tell him to be a good boy, or just ignore the cute little guy?

OK you know what..usually im nice on these things but you dont need no website sweet need Psychological HELP from a, i dont htink the plant is scaring you i think you are scaring the plant. Dont talk to plants, and if you are the same person who also said you are attracted to plants, then you are one sad person who has no life and has to have plant friends..hwy wont you go screw a plant..:-)


well i like this guy (lets say hes name is steven) well steven is in one of my classes. and we sit across the room from each other, like everyh time he looks over at me i look back and stevens friend told me that i need to go ask him out. but at my school all the guys are like lying all the time even to thier gf's but steven is really sweet.also my friend told me that she ask steven and he said that he likes me.and i was really my ? in what should i do should i go up to him and say like hi and get into a conversatrion with him or should i leave him alone and wiat till he asks me out.

If you dont know already...guys are wierd.They wont show their emotions unless they have the bells...and most dont b/c they are too afraid of rejection.If it were me in your place, i would just simple flirt with him and hint to him that you are interested.Also, get a good word in a/b you thru his friends.He will eventually build up enough balls to ask you out.It might take time, but that time would help you get to know each other better.Good luck and hope i helped, Jess


My boyfriend is very experienced sexually. He's 16 and I'm 15. We've been going out for a while now but have broken up a couple times before. The most important thing is though, is that we love eachother to death. He wants to go farther than what I'm comfortable with right now. I've always been a good girl and haven't done anything really 'sexual' with a guy. He wants to finger me, which I know deep down I am not ready for. How do I tell him this without sounding like a scared little girl or sounding dumb? All my friends have done these things with guys, but I do not want to give into pressure like that.

Hey, first of all i just want to tell you that no matter what everyone else does or dont have to be like them.You need to be straight up honest with your guy and tell him how you feel.You are getting to the age now, when sexual stuff is cool, but that doesnt mean that everyone is ready for it and that it is for everyone.If he really loves you, then he will understand how you feel, and will wait for you till you feel ready. Just be honest with him and tell him the truth..he will understand if he cares.Good luck!! -Jess


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