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Please does n-e-body know a website where a 14 year old girl can get a job!!!!!Heelllpppp please I need a job quick to help around the house. (link)
i agree with queation candance cause she is my wonderful friend lol she did my page on ask kayla it is so cute lol rubberduckeys well i think babysittin is the easzyest way or maybe a bagger @ lyk a grocery store

I have this really cute picture I want to put up on my column, but the problem is advicenators only lets you upload jpeg and jpg images. And the picture is bmp. Is there anyway I can change it into a jpeg or jpg image? How? Thanks, I'll rate!

>> xo_sherry_ox (link)
you can always join and u they make the url things 4 u and it is really eazy all u have to do is sign up then u go to the page open the picture from it being saved and then cilck open and then ok and it will show up on the bottom of the screen once u refresh it and u will c if u sign up it is really easzy n e one could do it if u need more help just ask

ok well I just found out that I was pregnant yesterday. I told my bf and all and he was really really really upset and he kept telling me that he wasnt ready for a baby right now. I am 15 and he is 16 and neither one of us are ready. He told me that his dad would make him drop out of school and get a full time job and all and i dont want that to happen. He was already in trouble with his parents because of his grades and all and went to see him yesterday but we just met in town when he got off of work and he wasnt suppose to. I wouldnt let him leave and when i finally did he was in a hurry and he it his cousins car cause she parked right behind him and didnt know she was there. now his dad took his truck from him and he is in trouble and he has to pay for her car by himself. I dont know what is goin to happen. I dont know what i should do. Should I break up with him so he wont have so much to worry about or what???? Someone plz help (link)
ok every child need a parent if it is still early u should talk it over with his and ur familiy and decide on what you should do lyk abourtion and adoption and n e thing else u mayfind ur answer dont break up wiht him cause if u do that wont help he is hafe of the reason so if u need n e thing eles just ask
i iono if that helped ne but i hope it did!

ok.. basketball season's gonna start in 2 mthz.. im a grl.. bout 5'1" nd 115 lbs. im thinkin of tryin out 4 my freshman team.. shud i rilly tho? cuz i guess im just doubtin my abilities rite now.. my shootings a bit off.. but my defense is pretty good.. how i see it tho.. is that i cud just help in assists.. but idk.. do u kno how i cud get in shape in 2 mths tym nd ne basketball advice that u cud give me?

BasKEtBall fReaK (link)
i also play basketball i love it and it is so fun iv been playing since 2nd grade. But you no what you have just said sounds really well if u need pratice on shootin shoot baskets everyday 4 at least 10 min and u will get better even if you dont think so. If you need pratice in defense then ask ur dad or a friend that has been playing. If you need anyother advice im me on aim zsoftballchickax


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