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heeey people

so this is a bit confusing and sorry if this is long. i'm 14/f

july 2005 we moved and i went to a new that school they teach classes from 1-12 grade so its basicly elementary middle and high school together. it's the worst school E.V.E.R no 1 likes it.
i hated everyone there except this one guy. he was the only one i liked and felt comfortable around. that time i was in 7th grade and he was in 8th grade. i looked at him a lot and then he started liking/loving me.
february 2006 he fell into a deep conversation with me. i was so nervous that i said really weird things and he thought i meant it in a bad way.he also told me he loved me. (and i know he did but i dont wanna explain all the details) so in march i FINALLY got the courage to applogize to him. i called him and i think he was nervous cause he didn't say that much but he said it's okay again. but still after that we ignored eachother and tried to make us jealous.
sometimes he talked to me was really nice but the next day he gave me the feeling that he hates me. that really sucked cause i love him so much.
anyways he also hated the school so he left it and now he goes to a different school. on the last day of school he didn't say anything to me not even good bye.i have to admit i also actet like i dont care. i cried so much when i got home. it was the worst day of my life.
i'm in 8th grade now and he's in 9th grade
so now he is gone but i think about him soo often and i love him so much. i know i do. and since then i saw him once cause he went to our school to see his friends i quess. but he didn't see me.
and i really just wanna talk to him again and apologize for everything. i just have his phonenumber but i dont know where he lives i dont know his e-mail or sn. and i also know where he goes to school. but i just dont have the courage to call him after everything that happened. please help i love him soo much. please dont tell me to get over him i really just cant i tried but it doesn't work. what should i do this makes me really depressed (link)
If i was you I would get over my nevers and call him. Tell him you are sorry for everything that has happened. Then before you two hang up ask him if you can call him again sometime and see what he says. If he says yes, then he forgives you. But if he says no...well i rather not get into that. Just call him. You'll reget it more if you don't trust me...I know. hoped I help.

There's a girl in 2 of my classes that looks at me and stares at me a lot. It doesn't bother me, it's not like she just stares at me constantly. Girls do this a lot, and girls tell me that I'm cute. This one girl that I notice, who I think is attractive, looks at me during class. I will be looking around during class and I will see her looking at me and then look away. We've talked before, but we're not friends. I have known her since 6th grade (11 or 12). People don't think I'm weird or anything, so they're not looking at me beacuse of that. Sorry if I worded it wrong, but it was hard to explain it, and sorry that it's long. But, do you think that she likes me? (link)
I think that she likes she does like you, or why else would she look at you all the time. I know when I had a crush on this guy in class i would alwayz look at him whenever I could. So I think she does like you. hoped I helped

I am really shy and my friend always takes guys i like because she thinks it's funny. She is really mean and I can hardly stand it. I am sooooo shy though and she isn't. She can talk to the guys easily, how do I do that? How do I become less shy and talk to people? (link)
ok here is something i do everytime i want to talk to a hot guy. I get shy to, but I always talk about stuff that I know about. you know what i im really into music and i alwayz talk about that and guyz seem to like it and it alwayz breaks the ice. So talk about something you know. hoped I help.

I've been writing songs for a while, but never have really came up with anything I like. I was wondering if any of you have tips on how to make a good song. Also once the lyrics are created any ideas on how to come up with a neat tune to go along with it to complete the final song? (link)
You write a song about something that you have been threw. Something real that people cn relate to.
hoped i helped.

ok so a couple of weeks ago i was at the movies with a couple of friends. one of which i really like. so we started making out and "feeling" on each other. then he undid my belt and i sort of kicked him. and he was like "oh sorry is that too far?" and i said i dunno. so he
re-did my belt (it was the cutest thing ever) and we proceded with the "kissing and feeling". im 14. so my question is...should i have let him into my pants and such? (link)
I think you should let him in your pants when you know that you are ready. Don't let him pressure you into it. When your ready you will know.
hoped I help.

Hey iam a 17 female and I just found out that one of my friends that i've been best friends since 2nd grade is bisexual and I don't know what to do is it ok for me to still be friends with her or what?my mom's very prejedice against people who are gay and bi and she told me not to associate with them,but she's my best friend and I don't think I can stop being friends with her all at once what should I do? (link)
Don't worry about your is what do you need ask yourself
1)after your friend told you that she was you still want to be friends with her?
2)Do gays and bi people freak you out?

it shouldn't matter if your friend is gay bi or stright. As long as you get along have fun together that is all that should matter. As for your mom tell her that it shouldn't matter. she is your friend and she hould accpet her cuz she is your friend.
hoped i helped.

MY mom is like super emotional and my dad is horrible to her. He yells and screams at me and her. I have nightmares about him and I'm like really scared of him. please give me some advice, he is very mean to us. One time I ate an apple that he told my mom not to touch and I didn't know it was his but he like screamed at my mom and all. Then he went to slap her so I told him it was me. I got a big beaten. Help! (link)
ok...well i hate to break it to you but your dad is abousing you and your mom and you need to tell someone. When my dad hit me I called my mom and the next day i was on a plane home. You need to tell someone before it gets a lot worse. I know it is scary...but in the end you will be glad that you did it. trust me...i was glad I told my mom. hoped I help.

Right. This could be a bit long.
For the last few days/weeks, I have been thinking about having a baby. Me and my boyfriend are very happy and it definatly looks like we will be together for a long time. He has mentioned before bout kids and stuff. but I always said to him that I would but not yet. I am only 17 years old and I have got a 2 year course at collage coming up. also i dont know if he would actually want a kid yet.
but I have been thinking and I would really love to have a kid.
Can someone please help me change my mind because I know I'm to young to have a kid and I probly wouldn't be able to cope. Even though I'm pretty sure my mum would help me out if I did have a child.
Please help me change my mind because I really want a kid but I am only 17.

Any advise would be brilliant.

xXxXxXx (link)
Ok I don't mean to be mean but you ae only 17 and want to go to collage, so if you have a kid how will pay for school? What happens if you and your boyfriend break up. My friend and her boyfriend wanted a kid and when she told him she was pregrant he left her. If you want to have a kid go for it and i wish you the best....but If i was you I would really think about it...and talk about it with your boyfriend before you have a kid. hoped I help.

My best friend of 9 years is trying to hook up with my ex-boyfriend, who is my best friend, WHO i had sex with. She acts like theres nothing wrong with it, but it bothers me. When i tell her, she just calls me drama and starts cussing me out. Do I have a reason to be upset? I feel awful! (link)
I can understand why you are so upset about this. I mean you had se with him so you are always going to feel just a little mad everytime some girl is hangig on him. If i was you I would talk to your ex-boyfriendd and tell him how you feel about him and your best friend going out, and as far as your friend if she really was your friend and you ask her not to date him because you are unconfy about it, then she should respect that. hoped I helped

Hey my name is Rachel and iam 17 years old and I think my 13 year old cousin tiffany might have anorexia and iam really cousin tiffany weighs 100lbs and is only 5 foot tall and thinks she's fat all of her family including myself try to tell her she's not fat,but she dosn't listen right now she's going on a diet in which she only eats one meal a day and iam really worried is this crash dieting and these meals are mabey like a bowl of soup or something is she anorexic?please help cousin and I are like sisters even if she is only 13 and iam 17 age dosn't matter how do I get her help? (link)
ok if i was you I would confrout her. tell what you think. I think that she might be anorexia. If she is she needs to get help. You should tell her mom and dad. tell her that you are scard and worry for her. Just confrount her. hope i helped.

I am not even sure exactly what I want to ask, but I have a great voice and I know it. But how do I sing in front of people like I'm not scared and how do I get discovered in a small town? (link)
oh my gosh I know how you feel, every year I have to sing an end of the solo for my music class and I freak out. But I pratice a lots i even sing in fround of my friends my mom my family even in the shower, and When I sing i feel so much better because I sang in frount of people before my solo. Hope I helped.

okay so it seems as if im loosing one of my bestfriends because her other bestfriend & me dont get along very well but then again we never talk. it never used to ruin our friendship but ever since my bestfriend found out that her bestfriend was about to be heart broken she has been just taking care of her. she barely talks to me anymore unless i talk to her first. and im not sure if i should tell her how i feel stop talking to her for a while or just let it go.
help me please!! (link)
ok your frind is taking care of her other friend, if i was you i wouldn't worry too much. If you think u are losing her, just tell her how you feel. Tell her you think that you are losing her. If you be stright with her she will be stright with you. hoped I helped.


Hey everyone.

I recently met a really great guy named Collin about a week ago. Ever since we met, we've hung out together 2 times. He seems amazing & we talk on the phone every night. Problem is he's 23 years old & I'm 16. I know, I know - big problem. It sucks. I never thought my parents would ever make such a big deal out of something, especially age - since they started dating when my dad was 21 & my mom was 16.

Everyone in my family thinks it's a HORRIBLE idea. They all tell me it makes them feel sick that he's even wanting to be around people my age. He's in college & he's an all-around great guy that just seems to be interested in me. We're great when we're together & we don't push things on each other. It's just like a relationship where we have mutual feelings.

I have no idea where to go from this point on. Both of my parents said they don't want me to see him anymore. [I never in a million years thought they would EVER tell me I couldn't see someone.] I know if I sit down & talk to them, and try and change their minds, they may. I just have no idea what to say.

My eldest sister, whose 29 years old is super close to my parents, so she's of course giving her opinions on the situation, and they're all bad, like "She shouldn't see him!" & "I don't want to meet him - he's not coming to my wedding!" & all of those negative things.

Please help.
Although I will want to hear all of the reasons why I shouldn't continue a relationship, please give me some ideas to where I could continue it. I don't think I could end it right now, it just seems way too much for me.

Thanks in advance. (link)
ok well if I was you i would tell your mom and that that when he was 21 and she was 16 so it is really the same thing. Then your going to be like how times were differnt back then and how thinks have change so much so here is what you do. You can come to an agreement with them, like hang out with him when their is other people around like your friends and/or when your parents are around and only when their around. That way you can still hang out with him and they can sleep better at night knowing nothing went on between you and him. hoped I helped.

my mom caught me mastubating and watching porn and now i'm crying and i'm mad and i don't know what to do.... i feel awful... i cant stop crying i think i'm gonna cut myself... dammit i dont know what else to do!!! please help me i'm not some emo kid but im considering killing myself... (link)
ok not to be mean but i think that you overreacting...alot. a lot of people watch porn, and masterbat. It is normal. Whatever you do not kill yourself, just because your embarrest cuz ur mom caught you. Thinks are going to be a little werid between you two for a while but after some time I think you and your mom will get over it. hoped i helped.

I am trying to get fit this summer so that I can do well in the cheerleading competition squad. Any tips that can help me condition myself? (link)
what we do for volleyball we run a mile 2 times a week eat a lot of fruit and veggies and so push up, sit up,s and stuff like that. hoped i helped.

People tell me I have a reasonabley good voice but I want to make it really good. What exercises can I do to make it stronger cos at the moment I hit a high note and my voice sort of totally disappears. It's real weird! (link)
ok if your voice is going out on the high note do not force those notes because you could damnge your voice! do some sirns, that shouldhelp with the high notes. Also you could be going tho a voice change. Just don't press on your voice and do not force any notes that you don't have. hoped i helped

I feel like I am ready to have sex with my boyfriend. My problem is that I was raped and thats how I really lost my virginity. This would be my real first time and I dont want to be nervous or bad at it sense my boyfriend is experianced.

first question: How can I stop my nerves

second question: How can I make it romantic and nice for him. making love not just sex.

and any other advice you have.

thank you (link)
ok if i was you i would feel the same way. I can understand why your nervous. I know what it is like to be raped because i was raped when i was 11 and i was nervous to even think about sex, but anyway if you want to make it romantic use candles. Light some candles lock the door and turn off the lights! hoped i help

I've been going thru a rough time with losing almost all of my best friends to drugs, sex, and alcohol these past few weeks. Losing them has been so terrible, we've just found the end to our 5 year friendship between the six of us.

I've developed several large cold sores with horrible swelling above my lip. I'm also getting a sty under my eye, and my eye twitches alot too. Big headaches and stomach aches are also becoming a problem. My doctor confirmed these are just stress problems with losing my friends, but what should I do? I honestly cannot name two friends I have right now, nor am I ready to start school again alone.

What should I do? Not having friends has also resulted in loss of appetite, me and these girls were just so tight, and now, we've changed so much, it hurts so bad to lose them. (link)
I know how you feel i went tho the same thing when I stated jr. high I had no friends! but i did meet someone knew in my 1st hour and now it is 3 yrs later and we are still good friends! I know it hurts but you will make new friends. So kept ur head high. hoped i help

I think that I might have gotten Chlamydia because I basically have all the signs but I'm so scared to go to the doctor because I will have to tell my parents and not only will i be embarrassed I'll get in trouble..i have no idea what to do please help (link)
ok if you think you have an STD i rather be safe then sorry. if i was you i would tell my parents i wouldn't care how much trouble i would get in as long as then chlamydia went away. And if you have all the sign and sytoms then you sould go to doctor.

I might be pregnant, Il find out in a couple of weeks if i miss my period or not but im so stressed out about that fact that i might be pregnant this could cause my period to be late. If i am pregnant, what do i do? I cant keep it but i wouldnt know what to do if i was to have an abortion? I cant tell my family. I feel so alone, i always cry. Please can you give me some advice. (link)
ok if i was you i would go to target some store and buy a pregnacy test. that is what my best friend does everythime she thinks she is pregrant. hoped i help

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