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Wow its been awhile since I have been on here. Well I'm always told I give great advice and it seems people flock to me for it. Ive experienced alot so I can relate to alot of people. Feel free to ask me anything :)
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okay so i have just recently gotten side bangs and during the school day i notice that they start to get greasy and kind of separate. it is pretty gross. any way, are there any tips or products i can use to prevent this from happening? thanks in advance! =] (link)
Sprinle some baby powder in them in the morning before school. It absorbs moisture.

What would you do if someone had alcohol poisoning. I know to like lay them on there side or something. but not really. (link)
Well first get them to a bathroom as soon as possible because you definitly do not want them throwing up on carpet. Yes do not let them lay on their back, keep them on their side. Then get gatorade and bread. If the person is passed out you'll have to force feed them. This helps clear up the alcohol in their system. Try and get them into a shower and turn the water on. This will clean them up and hopefully wake them up. If they stay passed out then just make sure they are on their side and check on them every once in a while. When they do wake up, give them some water and tylenol. They most likely will be wakign up with a killer hangover the next day! Be prepared for quite a clean up as well, the bathroom is gonna be a mess!

My boyfriend thinks I'm anorexic because I would barely eat anything a day. It's like i don't eat cuz I'm not hungry. It's like I'm hungry then I see how I look at I just loose my appetite. Is he right? (link)
Yes, if you are not eating because you dont like the way you look then you have a disorder. Dont freak out you just need to realize not eating isnt going to make you lose weight. You'll actually gain weight which I know doesnt make sense but it's true. No one is happy with the way they look but if you want to change how you look then try excersising. Please be smart and good luck!

Am am 13 years old and going into eigth grade...all of my other freinds have their periods and i just want mine already..even though i heard how much it pretty flat-chested(dont get me wrong i have SOMETHING just not enought to fill out more than an A cup~~ ive read some replys to the other questions and i do have discharge already...ive have it for like 9 months now... i just still dont want to be the size i am while im going into high school...could some one just tell me how long it took them to get their period after they showed some of the signs that meant you were going to get it soon?...

i know i sound pathectic but i REALLY could use some help (link)
Well I can't tell you when you're going to get your period because it is different with everybody. I can tell you that it tool me 3 years to get mine from when i first got discharge but it took my friens shorter times. But look on the bright side...most late bloomers get bigger boobs lol! Dont stress it seriously it will happen soon!

I want to lose weight, strengthen myself, and increase my flexibility so I thought I'd start yoga soon. Does it help me lose weight, though? Anyways, would this be a good thing? (link)
Yoga is great for flexibility but not for losing weight. You need to take on a cardio excercise such as kickboxing. Its a challenge but you burn major calories...or you could try a step class which is fairly easy. I hope you enjoy sweating lol! Good luck!

WEll ok my best friend is a girl and we have been through alot together and i really love her and dont want anything to happen to her and ill make sure that nothing does however, theres a problem she likes to get around and have fun with guys and it hurts/ pisses me the way i dont like her more than a friends...she gives them head,let them finger her, and fucks them and im afraid one time somethings going to go wrong and she going to get pregnant...i want to convice her she dont need it but she just laughs at me and goes and does it anyway such as right now shes fucking a friend of mine in my basement...i dont no what to do...i want to tell her how i feel and also get her to stop!! Anythign in helpful! Thanks (link)
Wow, i feel for you! Ok I've been in the same situation and it might help if you put it in words. Just let all your feelings out on paper..including how you're worried she might get pregnant or even worse an STD. Dont be nice, in situations like this you have to be brutal and your friend will thank you later. Good luck!

well im trying to find a good quick diet to go on to loose about 10-13 pounds especially in my stomach and a little in my thighs basically i want to loss weight and tone up..i have no access to a gym but i do have a treadmill and so i was wondering is there a quick healthy food diet i can go the way i am 15/female my height is about 5'3" i weigh about 138
and do you guys know any good exersises to get rid of the fat in the stomach...thanx sooo much in advance (link)
Well I know from experience that if you stop drinking everything except water you'll drop wieght really quick! I lost 10 lbs. in a week. As for excerices on the stomache...crunches are the best way...and for the thighs you could do squats. It's really good that you have a treadmill, because doing cardio burns alot of calories. Im not an expert but i recommend working out for an hour and a half everyday using you tradmill and doing some of the excercises found here:
Thats a great site. Just make sure you stay hydrated while working out. Good luck!

My school just changed its boundres. I am the only one of all my freinds thats going to a different school. this has been the best year of my life cuse my bffs were there and now im never going to see them again. when ever my freinds have moved or something we both said that we would keep in touch. well that never happened. i dont want that to happen to my bffs again. so what should i do? these are my BEST FREINDS IN THE WORLD!!! i dont want to lose them. im 14 and going into 9th grade. thanks for the help.

---> Mandy (link)
Well it's probably too late to apoply to a magent program at your highschool so your only other option is to use an address of someone you a friend of your family who lives in district. That's what a few of my friends do. I know exactly how you feel...they've changed the district on ym school like 3 times already..I seriosuly hope eveything works out! Good luck! ♥ caitie

how do you get pictures on myspace- but not like the profile pictures, ones like under the "about me" section or "my interests"?

thanks! (link)
First you have to make a photobucket account..which is free and easy. Just go to Then upload your pics to photobucket and then under the pic you upload you'll see 3 different things..lik URL, Tag, ect. Copy and paste the tag to the section you want the pic on your myspace. Hope you understand. Good luck! ♥ caitie

what is a free music downloading program?i have winmx right now, but it doesnt work very well,and some songs i cant download.i need a free program that i can dowload onto my computer.

also,i was wondering if i could download songs from high school musical on a given music program,because i cant on winmx,but if you dont know, thats ok.

thanks!! (link)
Hey....good question...use limewire. I have it and you can get limewire pro for a one time payment of 18.95...but i use the basic and it's the same thing. And just type in highschool musical in the artist part and all the songs will show up...I love that movie...actually as I'm answering this I'm listening to "Start of Something New" lol. Just go to! Good luck!

one of my bff has been getting on my nerves recently. she is a c-cup and im an a-cup. i could really care a less about boob size tho. but shes always bragging about how big her boobs are and how skinny she is. like if a girl gets hit in the chest area it hurts no matter what, but if in gym or something i get hit there she'll be like "what boobs." and she always brags about her "perfect" figure. personally i dont think she has the perfect figure or good looks but why does she brag so much? i told her a million times that lifes not about boobs and when me and her hang out the boys are all over me not her. (link)
I totally understand how annoying that is because my friend used to say that whole "what boobs" thing to me too...when she had tiny boobs lol. sounds like your friend in insecure with herself..and talking about some of her good aspects makes her feel better...I'm sure she doesn't realize how much she brags. Just talk to her in private and say you'd appreciate it if she didnt brag all the time about her awesome figure or huge boobs...that way your telling her how you fell while also boosting her confidence. Good luck!

Should i tell my bestfriend about my period? I'm not sure. We tell each pther every one of our secrets (link)
If you feel comfortable talking about it then definitly..pretty much every girl goes and tells their friends when they get their period. Who else are you gonna talk to about it..because it can be wierd when you first get it. Im also sure your friend would want to know! Congrats!! good luck!

any ideas on how to make an outfit not look so boring? i usualy wear jeans and a long sleaved shirt but all my long sleaves are so plain. (link)
Well you can try can get layering tanks from American Eagle, Hollister, Delias, Old Navy and store like that. Also buy some cute metallic weave belts..or sequened strethcy belts..go for bigger belts because thats whats popular right wear them over your layered tank and it makes a really cute outfit. I find that buying randon things that are cute can really help a boring a bracelet that you normally wouldnt wear but you think is cute, buy it, because it's different...and it will definitly make a difference. Hope this helps

okay so here is my story. my parents had me before they got married..but they got separated before that so i guess im technically a love child-but anyways thats not the point.

what my question is, is who should i live with as i go into my first year of high school???

let me give you a bit of an updated backround before you answer this not-easy question...

~dads house~ dad, stepmom, and stepbrother (17)

PROS: no crying babies, more alone time, more time with me/my dad, more attention(more like atleast some attention), good healthy food, spending money, dad usually takes me places on the weekends
CONS: i dont get to see my sisters grow up, i probably break the small contact that ive had with my mom to almost zero and i may be homesick because ive always lived with her since the separation, dad will be popping any zits he sees on me (ouch!), my stepmom has these 'moments' when she gets really pissed off and doesnt talk to anybody and she slams doors and all that crap to let everyone know shes mad**that lasts for days**and it is unbearable!!, and i hate my room (but i understand that can be changed)

~moms house~ mom, stepdad, half sister (5), half baby sister (14 m)

PROS: i have friends here that i get to hang out with, i get to go to the bball court and 7/11 and Osco with a friend(walking distance), i looove my room, school has been good(friends, no enemies, good teachers, good year)*so i am in hope that the next will be just as much fun*
CONS: my mom and i have little contact(i always feel like im bothering her), i cant stand my sisters(their parents didnt raise them the right way)+ i have no say..i am yelled at for yelling at them when theyre bad*mainly the 4 yearold*, i have no say in anything, i only get to see my dad on the weekends, my mom is too overprotective of me, were moving after 8th grade(and not sure if im going to my designated high school)*that means new friends and new neighborhood*(ive moved alllot), not so good food(so i go to fastfood places and eat junk-not good), and no spending money + i havent been shopping in like 3-4 months, no one takes me anywhere..i always have to ask for a friends ride

alright well even though there may be a bit of a lopsided diference..some 2 things combined equal to one thing on another list (and they are both equally bad) if you can help me decide before i finish 8th grade..that would be great. and please explain..dont make it a MOM or DAD answer....thx soo much. ill rate high!! (link)
Hey..well my friend is in a somewhat similar situation..except her mom just moved to another state. Honestly the better choice to me sounds like your dad's house...but I dont know the relationship you have with your what I recommend is...for a year..or 6 months(whichever you prefer, but it has to be sorta long) live with your see if you like the difference. Once you live there and get used to the rutine and the people, you might find you like it better..or that you really miss your mom's place. I hope this helps..good luck! ♥ caitie

I think my two best friends are bullying me! They act like my best friend when its just one of them indivally. but when they're both together with me they call me names and then say its a joke and take the piss otta me.
plz help
xxxxxxxxxxx (link)
I know exactly how you feel..sometimes when my 2 firneds are together they drive me crazy..and I used to take it but one day I got really mad and told them how I felt. If they're good friends they'll understand and stop doing it, but if they continue then you'll know that they aren't true friends. Just tell them how you feel and dont say it liek I'm sick and tired of you guys treating me like crap and always ganging up on straight forward. Good luck! ♥ caitie

i"m having some major trouble! This guy i like..he totally dosen't know I like him--and he will never know! Because i didnt tell him! And there wont be next time cause i'm never going to see him again. i also don't have his number or email! i keep thinking about it so i have to do something before i can explode! but what can i do???? pls help! (link)
Im sorry..that really sucks, but if you're never going to see him again try and move on. Think about other a a movie..anything. Im not gonna lie you'll probably think about him alot for the next couple of days but slowly he'll leave your mind. Good luck! ♥ caitie

ok well i started to cut my self and then i stopped a few days a go i started to cut again and i had nothing to cut my self with so i found broken glass and got a sharp peace and cut my self what should i do how do i stop with out my dad finding out?
if he found out he would kill me (link)
Ok trust me there are better ways to deal with the stress of life. You should talk to a friend you know you can trust and that wont judge you...tell him/her what's been going on and why you started cutting again. Im sure your friend will be there to talk to you and help you through. You really got to have self control. When you have the urge to something that mellows you out instead, like listen to music or take a walk..or call a friend. You just have to try and get your mind off of cutting. If you realize you start to have a serious problem then tell an adult you trust. As for your dad, try rubbing vitamin e oil on the cuts so they wont scar.
I really hope this helps...I have a friend who used to cut...and I try and be there for her whenever she needs if you ever need soemone to talk to you can im me at angleyezxo21xo or drop one in my inbox

Hey everyone!
For some reason I feel like reading I would really apreciate if you people would recommend some of your favorite books and a little bit on what it is about =)
Thanks, (link)
Well i love to read...ya some people might call me a loser but im not lol! Here are some of my favorites:
The Gossip Girls series
it's about rich girls living in new york city..who are extremly privelegded and get to do things normal people only dream's meant for teen girls

1st To Die (i think its by John Grisham or Dean Koontz)
this is a really good book abotu a serial killer who goes around killing newly has a lot of twists!!

Lovely Bones
one of the best books ever! it's about a girl who gets raped and murdered and cut up into pieces by her neighbor..and it's told from her point of view from she watches down on her family and watches how they deal with her death and how they search for her's a very sad book but it's seriosuly the'll never wanna put it down!

The Davinci Code
im actually in the middle of reading this's secret religious groups and the conspiracy that Jesus Christ was actually married to Mary Magdeline and got her pregnant! from that description it sounds lik a religious book but it's not...its an awesome mystery..that keeps you on the edge of your seat..for real. it's so interesting because there's alot of randon facts that you've never heard of before...i definitly reccomend it!

There's a few...hope you like them!
♥ caitie

i'm on the yearbook staff at my school. we're trying to think of themes for next year. do any of y'all have any ideas? what have been the themes for yearbooks at y'all's schools? the name of my school is pine tree, if that helps. (link)
Im on yrbook staff as well..and we used "Follow Your Dreams" as our theme. Like on the 1st page theres different pics of kids daydreaming. Hope this helps! ♥ caitie

Hey. I've been a veggietarian for nine months now, and I've changed so much. I am so malnurished and I'm having like a million mental break downs. I've become really sad and angry. I wanted to stop being a veggie but its so hard! I wont eat meat or i'll start like crying...well not really but ill feel really sad and become moody. im also really malnaurished cause im allergic to a lot and cause im kosher. i need advise from a veggie or someone who once was one. thanx to anyone who can help! by the way...incase you wanna like address me in ur note back my names joey f/! thanx!!

xox (link)
Hi Joey
Ok well i was what you call a "mammaltarian" for over a year...what that means is that I would only eat chicken and other meats. That is a better choice than going completly friend went complety veggie and ended up in the hospital...its extreemly unhealthy to completly cut out all meat from your diet. I know exactly what you mean abotu how you would feel really sad when you ate meat...once i actually started crying when my dad froced me to eat pork roast....but for some odd reson I dont feel that way when I eat chicken. I think this is the easiest solution to yoor problem..but if you feel you cant even eat chicken then go to a nutritionist and ahve them recommend a diet. Good luck! ♥ caitie

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