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School boundres.

Question Posted Friday June 9 2006, 5:48 pm

My school just changed its boundres. I am the only one of all my freinds thats going to a different school. this has been the best year of my life cuse my bffs were there and now im never going to see them again. when ever my freinds have moved or something we both said that we would keep in touch. well that never happened. i dont want that to happen to my bffs again. so what should i do? these are my BEST FREINDS IN THE WORLD!!! i dont want to lose them. im 14 and going into 9th grade. thanks for the help.

---> Mandy<---

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partygurl24 answered Monday June 12 2006, 12:18 pm:
Hey. Dude, like the same thing happened to me! The superintendent of our county decided to change our school boundaries, so instead of me going to a magnet (tag) school with my friends which I was supposed to be going to, I had to go to a different middle school which lacked academics, and I only knew like 3 people which I don't even know that well. Anyways, I didn't let all of my friendships slip away. You can try calling them often or going out together sometimes and just having fun. I know that it doesn't beat seeing your best friends every single day like you used to, but it's way better than not having any contact with them at all. Keep in contact with them, because you don't want to let a great friendship like this slip away. I hope I helped, and feel free to ask me any more questions that may be bothering or concerning you.

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russianspy1234 answered Saturday June 10 2006, 6:03 pm:
ummm if you going to a different school is going to break up the friend then these dont sound like particularly good friends. you are still going to live the same distance from each other, so you still have the same hang out spots. you can keep in touch over the phone or online.
also, have you looked into applying to stay at your same school even though you arent from that region? the high school nearest to me really sucked and i didnt want to go there, so when i was going into high school i applied to a few others and ended up going to a different much better school.

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jumadel answered Friday June 9 2006, 11:16 pm:
Hi there, there are lots of ways to keep in touch:

a) Phone or txt
b) Email or MSN
c) Writing a letter
d) Search on the internet for chat rooms, join them with your mates and talk online.

Its up to them however if they want to keep in contact. If they are your best friends then they will keep in touch.

[ jumadel's advice column | Ask jumadel A Question

x0blu3eyedbeautyx0 answered Friday June 9 2006, 7:04 pm:
Well it's probably too late to apoply to a magent program at your highschool so your only other option is to use an address of someone you a friend of your family who lives in district. That's what a few of my friends do. I know exactly how you feel...they've changed the district on ym school like 3 times already..I seriosuly hope eveything works out! Good luck! &hearts; caitie

[ x0blu3eyedbeautyx0's advice column | Ask x0blu3eyedbeautyx0 A Question

greeneyedgirl9o answered Friday June 9 2006, 6:58 pm:
well theres nothing you really can do, except stay in touch! if they truly are your best friends you will! all you have to do is make an effort, plan things with them, talk online, send emails, comments, messages, you know just stay in contact with them. if you make it your priority to stay friends with them then you will. good luck!

[ greeneyedgirl9o's advice column | Ask greeneyedgirl9o A Question

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