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Ok I started this advice site to help out others. My friends say I give good advice but they could just be saying that to be nice lol. Tell me what you think by rating me (1-5, 1 l worst, 5 best). Good or bad, your rate will be appreciated!! Thank you!!
About Me
Basically I'm 13 and i love to draw, swim, play volleyball and soccer, dance, sing, and hang out with friends. i love collecting purses haha, i have this huge purse collection in the back of my closet, most of them i never even use lol. i also like the shop and travel. i make madprofiles and i LOVE movies haha. i pretty much like anything non-academic related lol..god i'm so glad summer's started. anyways that's pretty much all about me!!
How do you rate me?
I think you have to be an advicenators member..i'm not really sure, so you have to ask me a question and when you log onto your username, under My Questions, you see my response and you are given the choice to rate it from 1-5. I think that's about it, cyass!
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I made and Xanga but I dont know where I go so I can write my entry and post icons in it? Can you explain? Thanks in advance. (link)
you have to log into your account first and when you do, somewhere in the middle it says "new weblog entry". you click there and write your entry, put in icons, etc... good luck!! :)

i don't understand how people could be anti-gay!! they are born like that..they can't help it! some people think that they choose that, but why the heck would anybody choose to be gay when they are all so discriminated against! in fact, why shouldn't they be allowed to make that choice! the constitution says that it's a free country, oh no but not for gays! and that goes the same for racists, sexists, etc... why can't we just let gays marry! they love each other, and you are keeping them away! just because they are different and might freak you out doesn't mean they have no feelings!! i'm not gay but i just can't believe this!! my friend was recently killed by an anti-gay group because she was lesbian!! oh my god can somebody PLEASE tell me why people are like this!!!??? (link)
babe i totally understand. i feel the same way. and i'm so sorry about your friend...that's horrible :( but some people are frightened by different people, they think that they are weird and don't belong in the world. they find it disturbing whenever they kiss or whatever...and they don't believe in gay rights at all. and it is sad, but some people do believe it's a choice. like WHY would they make that choice!!? this does go against the constitution. no clue but some people just can't understand these things and go against it. hopefully in the future, all gays will be allowed to marry. such as in the 1960s and such, blacks and whites were segregated, and now they aren't. in fact, many black people hang out with whites and it's going pretty well, evne if there are still racists out there. just hope that in the future, it'll all change. but i agree with you 100%. once again, i'm really sorry about your friend and hope i helped..

My friend told me today that she is pregnant because she was raped. she won't talk to the police or anything and her mother doesn't know. what should i do? (link)
ok everyone is going to find out anyway. she was raped, and that's a crime, and the police need to find the rapist. she can't just let him get away like that! she needs to tell her mom or the police. they will find out sooner or later, and by then the rapist might have run away! your friend is pregnant, and they could do something about the baby, such as give it to another home since teens are not suitable to take care of babies ( and all that? you really think they have TIME to??). you have to get her to tell someone. don't tell anyone yourself just yet. if she refuses, you will have to tell someone. she might be angry at you at first, but later she will forgive you because you did the right thing. good luck!! :)

do you get the same amount of tan with sunblock on than if you didnt? doesnt it just protect your skinn? does it make sense to put sunblock on and then tan? lol (link)
sunblock doesn't affect the amount of tan you get than without it. sunblock just protects your skin from cancer, sunburns, or growing freckles. yeah you should definitely always put on sunblock before you go tanning, it's better for your skin and BELIEVE do not want to get sunburned, it's like the biggest pain in the world lol. good luck!! :)

It is always a competition between my best friend and I for who can get a better tan over the course of the summer. We do it naturally by laying outside instead of fake baking. We don't tan ecessivley or anything, but lately I've been wondering about skin cancer and all that. My mom told me to use some sun tan lotion to block the violent rays of the sun..but will that stop me from getting a good tan? Thx (link)
no it won't, unless you put so much sunscreen on that you're covered in it and your skin cannot get any access to sun at all lol. sun tan lotion will prevent sunburns, freckles growing, and sometimes skin cancer. remember, just don't tan too much because that can be real bad for your skin! good luck!! :)

does anyone know any shampoos that stop
hair from getting oily.. or at least helps
hair like that.. thanks .. **nikki**
pantene and herbal essences help me, but it depends on the type of person. i would try those if i were you, but if it doesn't work, i'm sorry but i just thought i'd suggest them to you since they do happen to work for me.

iv been with my boyfriend for 6 months. i love him but i want to try new ppl my best friend lets call him joe. joe loves me to death i mean we talk a lot were best friends and like i wanna be able to kiss nd do stuff with other ppl. i mean he DEFF doesnt control me i mean god. lol but i want to dump him and be single and like him and joe like do stuff with both of them and i really dont want to hurt him becuz i love him i love him to death.. he really means a lot to me and i dont want to hurt him but is there a way i can do this female __ 11

_ i love him what do i do (link)
tell your boyfriend that you like him, and that you also like someone else too. explain that you don't think this is going to work out and that he deserves a girl who likes him, and ONLY him..not a girl who likes both him and this other guy. but do it gently of course. guys aren't as emotional as girls so he shouldn't take it that hard. you will hurt him at first but he WILL get over it *trust me!!* but keep on being friends with him and joe, and hopefully it all works out. good luck!! :)

I've always wondered this...
Why do teens think that they "need" a boyfriend or girlfriend? What's so great about it?
I follow that at least in high school and college it's kind of a time to experiment with relationships and all, but I just don't really follow why teens think they "need" someone, especially since a lot of it seems to end kind of painfully for people.
Anyway, long story short, I'm confused about why people think it's something they need, why they seem to look so hard for it at a young age, and what's so great about having a boy/girlfriend.
Thanks. (link)
being a teenager is a hard age for most teens. they want to find someone that can care for them. especially for girls, dating someone makes them feel better, such as they feel more beautiful. they are constantly self-concious about themselves so they need a boy to help them with it. even though boys don't necessarily make a girl a better person, many girls still believe they do and some are absolutely devastated when they are single. it also has to do with peer pressure. a lot of teens date these days, and that influences other teens to follow. sometimes dating can be really fun and romantic, but yes they can end up extremely painful for others. i hope i explained it well enough lol.

Him I'm a girl at your school and i like you but im not that kind of guy you would like... i would love to tell you my name but im very afraid

( im a lezbo ) (link)
really now? and what's the name of my school again :)?

ok theres this new girl at my school and all the boys like her last year all the boys liked me now they all like her and she's not even pretty and she stoll my friends away from me and she gets on all my nerves i wanna beat her up so bad im mean everyone likes her and im so jealous =[ and i dont wanna be. i dont know what to do should i try to be friends with her or just let it go??

signed_ jealous =[ (link)
i don't really get what you mean by let it go. do you mean ignoring her or beating her up or what? well i think you should try to be friends with her, so at least you could become friends with your old friends again. and maybe all the guys may start to like you again since you're friends with the girl you're jealous of. it was real mean of her to do all those things to you, but everyone likes her and i can tell you don't want your reputation ruined by hating her. jsut become her friend, you never know, she could be pretty cool once you get to know her. good luck! :)

ok... so i've liked this guy for atleast 2 years... but he's my bff's bro. We're ok friends (me and the guy) but i can't figure it out... I "gave up" and started liking this one guy.. let's call him tye. me and tye are good friends, but lately i wonder if my bff's bro likes me... or are we just friends. I'll find out soon enough because he's askin someone out when he gets his permit, but i shouldn't care because i don't like him.. or do I? What should I do? (link)
it seems to me that you like both tye and your bff's bro. you are trying not to like your bff's bro because you're afraid that liking him will ruin you and your bff's friendship and also because you just couldn't figure out whether he liked you or not. i think you do like him but as you said, you will find out soon enough. just wait and if he asks you out, you have every right to say yes to him, since you "do" like him (unless you like tye more and want to go out with him). even if he is your bff's bro, if she is really your bff, she wouldn't ruin your friendship just over this. if she does, she's not a real friend, because real friends wouldn't do this to each other. if her bro doesn't ask you out, try not to be too bummed and maybe keep on hanging out with tye, and maybe eventually even go out :) good luck!!

Okay.. none of my friends were help on this. See if any of you are!

I've been with this guy for almost 2 months. He's in LOVE with me and totally obsessed. I hate clingy guys and I'm sick of him. He calls like .. 5 times a day.. AT LEAST .. and is Always wanting to hang out. I barely have time for my girls with him around!

I need a way to break up with him so he won't be too upset, and he will still be friends with me. I still like him, and i've already told him he's too obsessive, but it didn't help any! I need a way to let him down gently!

!mucho amor! (link)
too clingy and obsessive guys are such a turnoff. i can totally understand why you'd want to break up with him. basically, tell him IN PERSON that you just want a break from guys, that your friends miss you and you need to hang out with them. tell him that you'll still be friends and invite him to hang out with you and your friends, but not too much. also, even if this isn't the truth, tell him that you might go out with him again later on, just so he won't be too sad when you dump him. or you can warn him ahead of time, since you still like him, that if he doesn't stop being so clingy and obsessive, you're going to have to dump him. that should get him to stop, since he obviously cares about you a lot *which explains the clingyness of him*. you can try both or whatever, i hope i helped!! good luck!! :)

okay me and my boyfriend have ben together for 3 and 1/2 monthz .. i love him .. we've liked each other since 6th grade and FINALLY 3 yearz later were together! now .. herez the problem, hez moving to a town 30 minz away from me at the end of summer! me and him had a ruff time before, he cheated on me once with another chick, but i even talked to the chick and she just climed on him and started makin out wit him and he pushed her away. idk what to do i dont want to loose him to some other chick that lives in hiz new town. one of my friends has a really good relaationship with a out-of-townie .. and i think we could pull it off too. But others are tellin me i should dump him and find someone else before he leaves. but i cant just dump him! im in love with this kid! what do you think i should do? .. sorry for it bein so long .. im a writer im used to giving detial on thingz lol

you obviously love the boy so you should stick together with him, even if he is 30 minutes away. also, 30 minutes isn't that long, i have to drive 30 minutes to go to a lot of places (i live in a big city lol). one of your friends has a out-of-town relationship too and if she can pull it off, why can't you? the other people don't think you can pull it off, or don't think it's worth it, but you obviously think differently. keep on being with him and maybe you could visit him. you could meet at places in between towns, like 15 min from yours and his place, so it wouldn't be a very far drive. good luck!! :)

ok so i went out with this kid and he brokeup with me, so that same night this other hot kid asked me out nd i said yes, i then dumped him a few days after because i thought i was being easy and then he asked me out again, then i dumped cuz i dont know why! i thought that i could get him back anytime i wanted because he liked me so much-- now hes over me and hes spending alot of time with his other good friend thats a girl but they dont like each other,they say, but i dont know what to do? (link)
guys won't just wait for you all the time. they are people too after all. i don't really understand the first time you dumped that guy, you thought you were being easy? this is a relationship, there's no easy and hard, relationships are challenging no matter what. there's no such thing as a simple relationship, and if there is one, it isn't really a relationship then. and the second don't even know why you dumped him. i don't think you even liked very much in the first place, he's sort of the boyfriend that you "use" when you can't find another one (that's what it seems like). he's over you because he probably can't seem to find another way to make you actually BE with him...or he was just real hurt by you. you could probably still get him back but this time, make sure you're actually going to have a real relationship with him. if you can't, i'm sorry babes you had your chances but you can't control the guy's mind. just tell the guy you still like him and you are sorry you dumped him those times..good luck! :)

you think you're so RICH do you??? just becaz not all of us are born wealthy like you doesnt mean you have to be such a BITCH!!!!!!!!!! fuck u die (link)
wtf who is this!!??

how do i rate you? because i've asked advice on here a LONGGGG time ago... but idk how to rate. i'll get all my friends to come too! (link)
you have to be an advicenators member. you sign up on the home page ( you ask me a question and then (make sure you're logged on), under "your questions" you should see the question and my answer. underneath it, you can rate me from 1-5 (1 worst, 5 best). make sure to leave a comment or something because it doesn't show up if you don't (don't ask..that's just the way they did it). thank you so much!! :)

you see there is this guy who is 16 that i really like and i am 14...and ithink he likes me to...but he doesnt like that we are two years apart...he thinks that is weird...but me i think it isnt werid u think it is werid? (link)
no i don't think it's weird at all, a 2 year difference isn't much of a difference, at least not really at those ages. there are lots of 16 year old guys who date 14 year old girls. hope it works out..good luck!! :)

do u like butts (link)
ok what is up with all these weird butt questions?? yes i like butts, they're sexy :)

hello my name is muhammad amando chintagumpanoko. my butt is big. how can i make my butt smaller!! noo but i like my big butt but everyone makes fun of the bigness of the butt!!! NOOOOO I LUV MY BUTT BUT NOBODY ELSE DOES MY BUTT IS MY HERO ITS MY IDOL ITS MYYYYYYYY...MOMMA (link)
you shouldn't listen to those people, if you love your big butt then keep on loving it and ignore those who don't like it mr. muhammad amando chintagumpanoko. you can't change your butt anyway, unless you go on a diet, but that's mainly for your stomach. and i've never met anyone who's butt was there idol, more or less their mom either. lol good luck!! :)

im datin this guy that lives in texas an i live in north carolina do u think thats to far of a distance relationship?? (link)
that is pretty far but i've seen farther. i even knew this girl who dated this guy in canada, and she lives in southern USA. now with all the new technology, it's pretty easy to keep in touch with him with phone, aim, webcam, email, etc... it depends on what you think, or whether you think it's worth it or not. good luck! :)

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