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Ok I started this advice site to help out others. My friends say I give good advice but they could just be saying that to be nice lol. Tell me what you think by rating me (1-5, 1 l worst, 5 best). Good or bad, your rate will be appreciated!! Thank you!!
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Basically I'm 13 and i love to draw, swim, play volleyball and soccer, dance, sing, and hang out with friends. i love collecting purses haha, i have this huge purse collection in the back of my closet, most of them i never even use lol. i also like the shop and travel. i make madprofiles and i LOVE movies haha. i pretty much like anything non-academic related lol..god i'm so glad summer's started. anyways that's pretty much all about me!!
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I think you have to be an advicenators member..i'm not really sure, so you have to ask me a question and when you log onto your username, under My Questions, you see my response and you are given the choice to rate it from 1-5. I think that's about it, cyass!
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iv been with my boyfriend for 6 months. i love him but i want to try new ppl my best friend lets call him joe. joe loves me to death i mean we talk a lot were best friends and like i wanna be able to kiss nd do stuff with other ppl. i mean he DEFF doesnt control me i mean god. lol but i want to dump him and be single and like him and joe like do stuff with both of them and i really dont want to hurt him becuz i love him i love him to death.. he really means a lot to me and i dont want to hurt him but is there a way i can do this female __ 11

_ i love him what do i do (link)
tell your boyfriend that you like him, and that you also like someone else too. explain that you don't think this is going to work out and that he deserves a girl who likes him, and ONLY him..not a girl who likes both him and this other guy. but do it gently of course. guys aren't as emotional as girls so he shouldn't take it that hard. you will hurt him at first but he WILL get over it *trust me!!* but keep on being friends with him and joe, and hopefully it all works out. good luck!! :)

I've always wondered this...
Why do teens think that they "need" a boyfriend or girlfriend? What's so great about it?
I follow that at least in high school and college it's kind of a time to experiment with relationships and all, but I just don't really follow why teens think they "need" someone, especially since a lot of it seems to end kind of painfully for people.
Anyway, long story short, I'm confused about why people think it's something they need, why they seem to look so hard for it at a young age, and what's so great about having a boy/girlfriend.
Thanks. (link)
being a teenager is a hard age for most teens. they want to find someone that can care for them. especially for girls, dating someone makes them feel better, such as they feel more beautiful. they are constantly self-concious about themselves so they need a boy to help them with it. even though boys don't necessarily make a girl a better person, many girls still believe they do and some are absolutely devastated when they are single. it also has to do with peer pressure. a lot of teens date these days, and that influences other teens to follow. sometimes dating can be really fun and romantic, but yes they can end up extremely painful for others. i hope i explained it well enough lol.

ok... so i've liked this guy for atleast 2 years... but he's my bff's bro. We're ok friends (me and the guy) but i can't figure it out... I "gave up" and started liking this one guy.. let's call him tye. me and tye are good friends, but lately i wonder if my bff's bro likes me... or are we just friends. I'll find out soon enough because he's askin someone out when he gets his permit, but i shouldn't care because i don't like him.. or do I? What should I do? (link)
it seems to me that you like both tye and your bff's bro. you are trying not to like your bff's bro because you're afraid that liking him will ruin you and your bff's friendship and also because you just couldn't figure out whether he liked you or not. i think you do like him but as you said, you will find out soon enough. just wait and if he asks you out, you have every right to say yes to him, since you "do" like him (unless you like tye more and want to go out with him). even if he is your bff's bro, if she is really your bff, she wouldn't ruin your friendship just over this. if she does, she's not a real friend, because real friends wouldn't do this to each other. if her bro doesn't ask you out, try not to be too bummed and maybe keep on hanging out with tye, and maybe eventually even go out :) good luck!!

Okay.. none of my friends were help on this. See if any of you are!

I've been with this guy for almost 2 months. He's in LOVE with me and totally obsessed. I hate clingy guys and I'm sick of him. He calls like .. 5 times a day.. AT LEAST .. and is Always wanting to hang out. I barely have time for my girls with him around!

I need a way to break up with him so he won't be too upset, and he will still be friends with me. I still like him, and i've already told him he's too obsessive, but it didn't help any! I need a way to let him down gently!

!mucho amor! (link)
too clingy and obsessive guys are such a turnoff. i can totally understand why you'd want to break up with him. basically, tell him IN PERSON that you just want a break from guys, that your friends miss you and you need to hang out with them. tell him that you'll still be friends and invite him to hang out with you and your friends, but not too much. also, even if this isn't the truth, tell him that you might go out with him again later on, just so he won't be too sad when you dump him. or you can warn him ahead of time, since you still like him, that if he doesn't stop being so clingy and obsessive, you're going to have to dump him. that should get him to stop, since he obviously cares about you a lot *which explains the clingyness of him*. you can try both or whatever, i hope i helped!! good luck!! :)

okay me and my boyfriend have ben together for 3 and 1/2 monthz .. i love him .. we've liked each other since 6th grade and FINALLY 3 yearz later were together! now .. herez the problem, hez moving to a town 30 minz away from me at the end of summer! me and him had a ruff time before, he cheated on me once with another chick, but i even talked to the chick and she just climed on him and started makin out wit him and he pushed her away. idk what to do i dont want to loose him to some other chick that lives in hiz new town. one of my friends has a really good relaationship with a out-of-townie .. and i think we could pull it off too. But others are tellin me i should dump him and find someone else before he leaves. but i cant just dump him! im in love with this kid! what do you think i should do? .. sorry for it bein so long .. im a writer im used to giving detial on thingz lol

you obviously love the boy so you should stick together with him, even if he is 30 minutes away. also, 30 minutes isn't that long, i have to drive 30 minutes to go to a lot of places (i live in a big city lol). one of your friends has a out-of-town relationship too and if she can pull it off, why can't you? the other people don't think you can pull it off, or don't think it's worth it, but you obviously think differently. keep on being with him and maybe you could visit him. you could meet at places in between towns, like 15 min from yours and his place, so it wouldn't be a very far drive. good luck!! :)

you see there is this guy who is 16 that i really like and i am 14...and ithink he likes me to...but he doesnt like that we are two years apart...he thinks that is weird...but me i think it isnt werid u think it is werid? (link)
no i don't think it's weird at all, a 2 year difference isn't much of a difference, at least not really at those ages. there are lots of 16 year old guys who date 14 year old girls. hope it works out..good luck!! :)

im datin this guy that lives in texas an i live in north carolina do u think thats to far of a distance relationship?? (link)
that is pretty far but i've seen farther. i even knew this girl who dated this guy in canada, and she lives in southern USA. now with all the new technology, it's pretty easy to keep in touch with him with phone, aim, webcam, email, etc... it depends on what you think, or whether you think it's worth it or not. good luck! :)

Hey . Well I have a boyfriend and we have been datin for a month , one week , and 4 days . But we go to different schools ( different countys ) but next year I MITE go to that county along with my sister whos already been in those schools for 2 years . but my sister has told me that he likes someone else who goes to those schools . =\ I said I was goin to ask him about her but she said that will only make me look like im jealous . And I am . I dont know why though I dont know her but I am cuz I dont want to date someone who likes someone else . =( .. what should I do ?!

Thanx Alot !
Miss Confused // Jealous

( i rate HIGH ! ) (link)
you are his girlfriend after all, so you should feel jealous. it's perfectly normal for girls to feel that way. you should ask him about the girl, think about it-if you don't, you'll just spend all your time worrying and wondering about her. ask him. and just because you're going out with someone doesn't automatically mean that you can't like anyone else. as long as your guy doesn't actually DO anything with the girl, that should be alright. maybe it's just a little puppy crush, you know, the one that's absolutely harmless. the only way you can find out is when you move to his county and "observe". it's your choice and if he likes her, you can dump him for someone else who'll like you and ONLY you. but remember, it's normal for you to be jealous k? good luck!! :)

heyy i was trying to rate you but it wouldnt let me so i just thought i would just tell you on here. I think you give the best advice and if you didnt have this site i would be lost you are such a great and caring person and im soo glad you do this i rate you a 5 on all of them =) (link)
aww thank you!! haha well you basically go under "your questions" and see the question and underneath you can rate me...yeah i think you already knew that but JUST IN CASE lol. that was really sweet lol well thanks again :)

im 14 and a girl. I have a brother who failed a few times but he is 17. I have a tendency to date older guys. Right now i like this guy Chris and he told me that he liked me too. but there are 2 problems. he is 16 and he is my brothers friend. I dont kno weither or not to give him a chance or like put his life in danger. my brother is very protective and crazy. + i dont go to school with Chris till next year. what should i do??
it's fine for a 14 year old to date someone who's 16. that's actually pretty normal. but maybe you could talk to your brother ahead of time, just possibly warn him. if he's extremely against you going out with him, tell him it's not fair because you both like each other and if he still won't let you, maybe you and chris could date in secret. some people date secretly so you could try that with him. it really is unfair if your brother is keeping chris away from you, so you can do it without him knowing if you wanted to. or you could wait a while, you can't have much of a relationship with chris yet really, but next year you can because you'll go to his same school. good luck!! :)

okay...i got invited to this really slutty girls party from school she had all these REALLY HOT guys there. they all got sooo drunk and one asked me if i wanted to give him a blow job, i said yes and did it. he told everyone at school and my mom found out and she wont let me go out anymore and is planning to kill the guy i did it to, well not really but his mom relly gave him a really bad punishment and im so upset and still have the taste of penis in my mouth!! what should i do? signed i need a new toothbrush (link)
avoid the guy because you're obviously disturbed by this, plus he's a huge jerk by telling EVERYONE about this. as for you, don't give random guys you don't even know blow jobs, that's a totally slutty thing to do. the guy shouldn't have told anyone, so it's his fault he got punished by his mom. my only advice really is to just try to forget about it all and make sure you don't do something like this again. good luck!! :)

Hey..I really need your advice on going out with this amazing boy and he makes me so happy and hes so sweet!! But his friend is kind of sendin me some mixed messages. He touches me sometimes and I never know what to do.My boyfriend does not know about it and I dont plan on telling him because its not like I try to stop his friend. Could you please tell me what I should do?! Thank you I appreciate it. (link)
Do you actually like his friend? from the way you put it, it seems that you like your boyfriend a lot, but you seem to also like his friend a bit right? it seems as if you like your boyfriend more though, and you wouldn't want to lose him. next time his friend starts like touching you, tell him to STOP, no matter how much you want to do whatever with him. or you could try avoiding his friend. if your boyfriend finds this out somehow, he'll be really hurt so you might as well try to stop it now. if you can't totally avoid his friend, try being with the friend around lots of people. he'll only make moves on you in private so stay in the public. unless you actually like his friend more than your actual boyfriend, that's basically what you should do. good luck!! :)

im 13 and im going out with this really great guy, mike. there are a couple of problems with this relationship, though. first of all, he is my best friend's ex boyfriend. they broke up a few weeks ago and she claims she is totally over him. she even likes another guy. but since i have been going out with mike, people have been asking her arent you mad at melissa (me) for going out with mike (her ex boyfriend) and though she says no, i still feel bad! also, all of mike's friends hate me. i really don't know why, but they have always picked on me and say stupid stuff and sometimes even harrased me. now, they're all on him for going out with me, and i feel extremely bad. he says that it doesn't bother him, and he'd rather go out with me then have some of them as friends, but i know he's kind of lieing. i have told his friends not to be on him about it if im the one they hate, but they obviously dont listen. do you think i should break up with him for all of these reasons? or what should i do to fix the situation? (link)
that's horrible, you shouldn't let them get to your head but you have to consider how your friend and boyfriend feel about this. i don't think you should worry about your friend that much, it seems almost 100% sure that she doesn't like him anymore. but your boyfriend...that could be a problem. i still don't think you should break up with him because of this, it might hurt him. even if he was sort of lying, that still means he cares about you since he even took the effort to make you feel better. maybe you could talk to him about the relationship being sort of a secret, so the guys won't pick on him anymore. and to fix the situation, ask your friend what she really feels about this, in a serious tone so she knows you mean business. she needs to be honest, and that should probably put that case behind. about your boyfriend, try your best to ignore those bitches, they have no life. as for your boyfriend, you need to ask him about all this and have him tell the truth. tell him you MIGHT consider breaking up with him since it's real tough on him, but don't actually break up with him. good luck! :) 14 i went out with this guy for like 4-5 months...he said i was the only girl he told that he loved n we had problems but we sooo loved each other...n then over spring break we didnt see each other that much n i went places n people told him that i flirted w/ other guys-which i we broke up n like not even a month later my best friend likes him! the one who i went crying to when we had a fight or whatever n she goes out w/ him!...she still is n i know he still likes me but really likes her-im still in love w/ him and he is always flirting w/ me when we're in social studies(he sits behind me)n today i was turned around n we were like joking around n stuff n hes wrote down i love you....not n then he was like well maybe i dont know...under his breath n i was like ok n i wrote down i heart you...not n i was like your too mean to be loved(i was joking around) n yeah...i dont know what to do...tell him how to feel...and i dont know how to tell him or what to me please!
p.s.-me n my friend(the one w/ the boi) got in a fight over him but now were friends...they always hug n kiss right in front of me..what should i do???
i think you should tell him how you feel, even if your friend is going out with him. it seems pretty obvious that he still hasn't gotten over you. you could say that you haven't stopped liking him since you broke up and all that. after you tell him that, he might confess to you his true feelings too. don't hook up with him, he'd be cheating on you with your friend. if she found that out, you could probably say goodbye to your friendship. and your friend *and the guy* shouldn't KISS in front of you really, your friend and he knows you still like him so thats sort of offensive (they do know..right?). if you hang out with them all the time, yeah they'll have to eventually kiss themselves in front of you but that's still not ALWAYS. next time they do that, all you can do is try your best to ignore, no matter how hard it is. maybe you could try hanging out with only one of them at a time, so you won't have to see them kissing. good luck!! :)

Hey this is the girl Shayna who asjed about Trey, Trent, Logan, and Matt.. well I have gone out with all 4 of them before. I just didnt write that me and Matt had gone out. But we;ve tried going out like 5 times, but ntohign to serious.. ugh idk it was kinda just me and him joking around. But me and Logan have gone out twice. (i said we were each others first loves so we would kinda gotta go out :-p) But idk.. soo okay i just wanted to say that.. lol. (link)
oh lol haha sorry i'm not a very good reader. ok thanks for telling me that and making it clear. hope my advice helped :) cyass x33

Okay I was going out with this kid Trent who was a year younger than me, so I'm in 7th grade and he was in 6th. Im in the Junior High school and hes still in the Elemtary. Okay so guys in my shcool think im "hott" so like Trent thought I was gonna cheat on him? so he dumped me. Ugh what ever. So then I went out with his friend Trey. Hah Trey and Trent. Anyways, so me and Trey went out for like 4 days, and then Trey dumped me cause hes like "Trents my best friend and he loves you and it's not rright going out with you" so UGH!! And then this kid Logan who I've liked for like a year, wlel me and logan we're each other first loves, so like we still like each other.. hah slutty i know. So like Logan dumped his gf cause he said he'd been thinking a lot about me and wanted to go out? And so yeah i wicked wanna go out with Logan, but i still have mixed feelings for Trey and Trent and idk what the helll ta do!! PLUS to make matters worse.. I just found out my best friend, Matt, likes me!! And he's moving nect door to me.. And like when Me and Matt first met he liked me but i didnt like him.. He liked me for a whoel month and i didnt like him. So then when he finally relised I didnt like him, he didnt liek me anymore. Then as wierd as this sounds.. i stared liking him. But then i kinda stopped and idk.. and so now he likes me and idk if i like him? Plus the fact hes gonna be my new nextdoor neighbor.. ugh please help.

-Shayna.. oh and im 13 (link)
i think you should go out with logan, because trent and trey already dumped you so you may not get another chance to go out with them anytime soon. and as for matt, you haven't even made up your mind whether you like him or not. plus you really want to go out with logan too. even if matt was your next door neighbor, that doesn't mean you HAVE to go out with him. you'll see him more often but if you break up and have a hard time, it'll be real hard to ignore him. just try dating logan and see how it goes. if you realize that you do have feelings for matt after all, decide who you'd rather date: matt or logan? and if somehow out of nowhere, trent or trey ask you out again..uhh yeah once again decide who you'd rather go out with. i'd actually choose logan or matt because you never even went out with them before. good luck!! :)

okay...well there is this guy i like..sorta its more of a 'he is SO hot' kinda thing nd he likes me too...but he has a girlfriend...Both of his parents are gone ((passed away)) so he's living with his girlfriend. He alwasy complains about her and it is SOOO obvious that he is just using her for a place to stay...i know that we cannot be a couple cause of that, but he is so hot...lOl i dont want to sound like a whore...but i really want to screw him, and he's made many moves on me. I dont know if i should go along with it though... or not Because he has a girlfriend... wut should i do?

xO hOrny hUnny Ox (link)
well you could go along with it because he obviously doesn't even like his girlfriend. but it is wrong on the other hand, so ask him if they are going out at all. maybe he could break up with her but still live with her? nah probably not. the right thing would be to not make a move with him because that'd be cheating. plus you're risking him losing his home, and you don't want that to happen. maybe you could still hook up a bit but don't get too far, because the consequences are pretty high. and make sure his "girlfriend" never finds out about this lol. i don't really think you should screw not all the way because what if you get pregnant and his girlfriend finds out and kicks him out and yeahh... sorry rambling on lol. so i'd just say that you shouldn't go too far with him mainly because he's not really "single" but at the same time not "dating" anyone either.. well good luck! :)

Ok so thers this guy and i like him but im not shure if he likes me. I mean at the begginging of the year he found out i liked him and he didnt have a problem with it. Than mi friend told him i didnt anymore and than he started talking to me. Now all he does is star at me in class and laugh at what-ever i alot of people think he likes me but im not shure...i dont want to ask him or any of his friends if he does ecause i dont whant to get embarrased...Can u tell me how to find out if he likes me in a way thats not obvious?
tahnx-confuzzed in love (link)
have one of your friends ask him because a lot of people still thinks he likes you anyway so it can't be that suspicous. he may not tell the truth, but it's worth a try. and he stares at you in class...hmm does he stare at you a lot in particular? if he does, there's a chance he likes you and the reason he laughs at everything you say is because it's the "i love you so i'll pretend i hate you" trick many people pull on their crushes. but you never know so just have your friend ask him. i can't really think of another way, maybe anonymously email him lol? ok that will not work haha good luck with him! :)

hey me and this guy have known eachother since we were like 1 and everything and just last year i started liking him ... well we went outa and he cheated on me after 2 months so i dumped him but i still had feelings for him so we went out 4 more times and then this year at the beginning we went out then he cheated on me with my friend and we were apart until jan. and then got back together and then for valentines day he got me a necklace and i wore it all the time untill a week or so ago because we were going out and then i heard he was with this other girl so i gave it to him and said have fun with it cus this is the last time u r gonna hurt me but i didnt mean it cus i realllllllllllllllly love him u kno the real deal not some pretend relationship or nething and he is with that girl now and im not with ne1 because im still stuck on him....should i get over him or should i tell him i still love him and ask him to be with me? ~ signed helplessly 12 year old in love (link)
babes honestly you should move on. he's cheated on you so many times, you've given him enough chances to prove himself trustworthy but that's enough. you can't let him do this to you. you don't deserve a guy who constantly cheats on you, no matter how gorgeous, athletic, smart, funny, and just PERFECT he is! if you go out with him, he's most likely going to cheat on you again and you'll feel more lonely than ever. he's not worth it and he's been using you all along. seriously, he might actually find it funny if you tell him you still love him after all the times he's cheated on you, don't make a fool out of yourself in front of him. move on and look for other guys out there who wouldn't do something like this to you. i know it's hard but think about it, he's not worth it. good luck! :)

I just thought I'd tell you thank you for you're advice - it really worked( the one about Mattoon and Chatham and by the way they ARE real, they're just small towns in IL lol) anyways - thank you so much! and I kinda have another problem - lol - okay this guy named Austin, he's been one of my best friends since we were in diapers - and I fell in love with him in 5th grade - i mean i've liked him since kindergarten(dont ask - i never believed in "cooties" so yeah)but I finally fell in love with him in 5th grade. We went out all through 5th grade and all summer and then we broke up. Then we started going out near the middle of 6th grade and that lasted for at least 2 months? and I still really really like him. When he dumped me I cried for like a long time. I found this new kid at the beginning of 7th grade named Anthony and I really thought I had gotten over Austin but i didnt. ( by the way we broke up because I moved to Chatham ) - we live 2 hours away, so i don't know how it'd ever work out - but I'm totally and completely head over heals for this guy, he doesn't know I still love him because he has a girlfriend - who is one of my good friends. but this weekend( memorial weekend ) i hadnt planned on doing anything and he IMed me on MSN saying he wanted me to come down to visit him because he misses me and we need to hang out because he's been having a *crisis* in his life or something - he told me that him and his girlfriend have been getting in a lot of fights and he really just wants to hang out with me and catch up with me this weekend. I don't know if that means he likes me or if he just wants to see me since we haven't seen each other at least 5 months? He never really seemed to care much until he realized him and his girlfriend might break up. I don't know if I should tell him I still love him incase he has feelings for me? I don't know what to do so please help me =(
-Head Over Heels For Him (link)
anytime :) just go over and see how he acts. don't say anything about your feelings to him until you've actually been around him for a while. if he seems like he cares about you more than a friend, then you should definitely tell him. if it doesn't really seem like it, you should tell him anyway. he might like you and you don't want to miss the opportunity. tell him during the middle, so as to the beginning it may scare him off and the end would be too late to do anything about it (if he does like you back). if it seems like he doesn't like you, then it's up to you whether you tell him or not. if you truly love him more than anything, tell him because you won't be able to hold it in anyway. if you like him only as like a crush, then you could hold it in, whatever. good luck! :)

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