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Ok I started this advice site to help out others. My friends say I give good advice but they could just be saying that to be nice lol. Tell me what you think by rating me (1-5, 1 l worst, 5 best). Good or bad, your rate will be appreciated!! Thank you!!
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Basically I'm 13 and i love to draw, swim, play volleyball and soccer, dance, sing, and hang out with friends. i love collecting purses haha, i have this huge purse collection in the back of my closet, most of them i never even use lol. i also like the shop and travel. i make madprofiles and i LOVE movies haha. i pretty much like anything non-academic related lol..god i'm so glad summer's started. anyways that's pretty much all about me!!
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I think you have to be an advicenators member..i'm not really sure, so you have to ask me a question and when you log onto your username, under My Questions, you see my response and you are given the choice to rate it from 1-5. I think that's about it, cyass!
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My friend told me today that she is pregnant because she was raped. she won't talk to the police or anything and her mother doesn't know. what should i do? (link)
ok everyone is going to find out anyway. she was raped, and that's a crime, and the police need to find the rapist. she can't just let him get away like that! she needs to tell her mom or the police. they will find out sooner or later, and by then the rapist might have run away! your friend is pregnant, and they could do something about the baby, such as give it to another home since teens are not suitable to take care of babies ( and all that? you really think they have TIME to??). you have to get her to tell someone. don't tell anyone yourself just yet. if she refuses, you will have to tell someone. she might be angry at you at first, but later she will forgive you because you did the right thing. good luck!! :)

ok theres this new girl at my school and all the boys like her last year all the boys liked me now they all like her and she's not even pretty and she stoll my friends away from me and she gets on all my nerves i wanna beat her up so bad im mean everyone likes her and im so jealous =[ and i dont wanna be. i dont know what to do should i try to be friends with her or just let it go??

signed_ jealous =[ (link)
i don't really get what you mean by let it go. do you mean ignoring her or beating her up or what? well i think you should try to be friends with her, so at least you could become friends with your old friends again. and maybe all the guys may start to like you again since you're friends with the girl you're jealous of. it was real mean of her to do all those things to you, but everyone likes her and i can tell you don't want your reputation ruined by hating her. jsut become her friend, you never know, she could be pretty cool once you get to know her. good luck! :)

Hey .. i really need your advice .. these 2 girls im not qonna mention there names but today i qot on the computer and the one was like sayinq my hair always looks bad and stuff and that i have no friends and she never really was my friend to beqin with and that she used me on the field trip , i just dont know what to do anymore .. there like ruining my life !! .. And shes like i quess you dont qot any friends if you have to hanq out with your cousins .. but trust me i have friends i can name so many but i aint qoinq to .. i kno a lot of people that think shes a ____ .. Please help me .. !! i dont know what to do anymore .. Signed - MiiSz Confusued !! (link)
she's a bitch, ignore her. she's purposely trying to do this to you to low your self-esteem. you have tons of friends and you know it, so that girl is not even worth your time. next time they say something bad to you, just ignore them, because they obviously don't tell you the truth. on the computer, just block them or don't reply but in real life, whenever she talks to you, try to make it as short as possible or walk away. she's rude to you so why can't you be rude back? it's not like you're physically fighting back or anything. plus most people think she's a ______ so that says a lot about her. if you don't ignore them, they'll just ruin your life even more, and i know it's going to be hard to do that but it's at least worth a try. ignoring them makes them think you're "boring" and bullies usually only bully people who actually get emotional about it. hope i helped..good luck! :)

me and my frends caitlin , Ti-Ti, and me( of coures) i liked Ti-Ti's brother and then he asks caitlin out and so they start like going out and then like when she sleeps over Ti-Ti's house she has sex with Ti-Ti's brother when Ti-Ti falls asleep now they have been broken up for like 1 month now and yesterday me and caitlin where at Ti-Ti's house and then caitlin starts talking to Ti-Ti's brother and then me and Ti-Ti go up stairs and there down stairs alone then i come down stairs and see then under the covers then i rap the covers off and Ti-Ti's brother is on top of her with his boxers on and she has no pants on or no under wear and i think he was like butt fukking her but idk and Ti-Ti never new the stuff that they did only i did and then yesterday i had to tell her everything and now what wood you do to your best friend if she did that to your brother and they had sex and they butt fukked and your best friend kept it from you and kept lieing to you bout it??
~ the friend that cares!
are you asking me what Ti-TI should do to caitlin? well uhh buttfucking your best friend's brother can definitely ruin a friendship. like did Ti-Ti even know they were going out? i think you said that caitlin kept lying to her about it...Ti-Ti deserves to be mad because her best friend lied to her A LOT and went behind her back. i think Ti-Ti will probably never look at her brother or caitlin the same way ever again. i mean, imagine your brother and best friend having sex...ugh. i seriously feel sorry for the poor girl, it must be real hard on her. i don't really get what you're asking though, like how can you save the friendship or was it a good idea for you to tell her? sorry make it clear to me lol i'm just stupid..anyways good luck! :)

My friend alex is not very smart she doesnt care about her grades n whenevr we discuss our grades she doesnt say nething n makkes fun of us and she kinda of rubbing off on me like instead of studying we go to the malll n fail the test the next day were starting highschool n ma mom wants me to find a new friend but i dont wanna make her feel baad what shud i do?
-?friend til' the end? (link)
in high school, all of your grades actually matter. middle school is basically just preparation for high school. the colleges you apply to look at your high school grades and if they're bad, then you don't have a very good chance of getting into that college. tell alex that you love her and all, but that in high school, you need to focus more on your grades because of the college issue. whether you get into a good college or not doesn't matter sometimes *smart people go to bad colleges sometimes* but you do want to get into a good one nevertheless. that could probably get the idea into alex's head that she needs to sort of do better in school too. but tell her that you still have summer together, and you two can spend as much time as you want having the time of your lives ok? that won't make her feel too bad. as for your mom, tell her it's only for the summer and not for the school year. keep on being friends with alex over the school year but don't let her be a bad influence to you. good luck!! :)

ok.. at the beginning of the school year i was known as a good person, nothing bad was said about me.. im a cheerleader-so a good bit of people knew me. ok to the main thing. my best friend (well call her amiga).. well weve been friends since around the middle of the year. we both ride horses and now we share one. lately, people have been talking about me.. not in a good way. i havent done anything wrong. the thing is, amiga.. didnt have the best reputation when we started being friends.. and now her reputation has rubbed off on me. i dont like being hated or talked about in a bad way. i like being good with everybody.. my other friends are kind of being distant towards me now and i hate it. i dont want to lose all of my friends and be left with one. "amiga" is always sarcastic and can be really mean at times. everytime someone gets mad at me, she always has something to do with it. i really want to start hanging out with my other friends more and kind of backing away from 'amiga'. i still want to be friends with her but just not best friends- how can i kind of back away from her?? PLEASE help me

well just stop going to her house as much, like without hurting her feelings you could give her a little "lie" about this family thing or whatever. and don't talk to her AS MUCH anymore, like still talk to her but not as bffs that much. once people sort of see you back away from amiga, they might start talking to you again and you might make new friends. then you'll get a better reputation. ok's not that easy. if amiga follows you everywhere and is like "attached" to you, you could say you have to go somewhere and she can't come and you could talk to other people too, if you can. i'm sorry that wasn't really a lot of help, but that's pretty much all you can really do..good luck! :)

ok, heres whats happening. my best friend ((lets call her a))and me have been really close for 3 years now. ((4th grade - now, 7th)) we did basically everything together, but now, she is kind of drifting away from me, and onto another one of my good friends, ((lets call her b)) they have been doing.. like EVERYTHING together now, spending EVERY weekend together, and everything! i am on the same soccer team as b, and so i enjoy times with her too, ((3 is a really bad number 4 friends kuz someone always gets hurt, but i love both of those friends to death)) but now b is inviting a to all of our games and tournaments and everything!! even the out-of-town ones!! and so now, i just found out that a and b are going to florida together!! when i am just with a, or just with b, we get along PERFECTLY!! but when it is all 3 of us, they always "team together"!! i hate it soo much and it seems like a (my "best-friend" i guess) is like.. annoyed with me, or just likes b better!! i can't stand this, and i am so confused, because they are fine with just me, but then if it is al 3 of us, then they just basically totally ignore me! (especially a) AND a is in cheerleading and so she invites b to all of her competitions, and one time she promised me i would go to one, but then she just said she "forgot". i don't want you to say, "You should talk to her about it," because she is really emotional and would just use her age-old line, "why can't i have other friends?" plzz help kuz i really want this friendship to last!! thanx sooo much i am 13/f (link)
that's really hard. they should realize what they're doing to you by now, which they probably do, but they keep on doing it anyway. i mean, how could they not notice? i know you get along with them really well when you're alone but maybe you could try making other friends. in fact, why don't you try this little experiment where you're really nice to them alone but around the 3 of them, hang out with this other girl instead of them *like what they do to you*. chances are they may not even notice but if you do it for a week or so, they might. doing that helps you make a new friend who wouldn't do this to you and could possibly even make your old friends treat you differently *in the good way*. and is b that could probably talk to her be like "ok why is that whenever i'm around u only we get along real well but how come when its the 3 of us, you and a totally ignore me!!" i know u said you didn't want to talk but mayybeeee...ahh well good luck!! :)

Okay, I have two best friends and sometimes it seems like Dannie will only tell Marissa things and then she'll just tell me some stuff because she thinks I'll tell someone or not believe her. She's my best friend why wouldn't I believe her? What could I say to her to let her know that I won't tell and I'd always believe her...because she always thinks I doubt her. And I want us three to be friends like we used to be again. (link)
well did you ever do anything to make her not trust you? accidentally tell a secret of hers to somebody? or act all sarcastic whenever she told you something? those could all be reasons on why she's acting this way. if you did any of those (or others), then apologize to her and say that you won't do it again and to just give you another chance. or if you never did, then that's just really random she's doing that. ask her why she's being like this, not really trusting you and doubting that you won't believe her. she's your best friend, of course you'd believe her. tell her exactly what you told me, like how you want the 3 of you to be like you used to be again. trust me, heart to heart convos actually do work (sometimes...but it's worth a try at least!!). good luck!! :)

I have two like really close freinds but wat sucks is we always r jealous of one another? Like and we always tend to be really clicky with one another how can we ALL just get along? (link)
stop being jealous of each other. everyone has their good traits (and things) and their bad traits/things. do you and your friends sort of brag around each other? that might be what's making everyone so jealous of each other. stop bragging, believe me it only makes things worse. is one of your friends really rich? is she CONSTANTLY invited you and your other friends to her mansion to show it off? maybe you could hang out at the movies, or someone else's house instead, to avoid jealousy. there's always SOMEWHERE you and your friends could go to. and if you have a really expensive, nice louis vuitton purse that your friends are all jealous of (and tend to fight about), hide it next time they come over so nobody will really mention it. and whenever a fight about it starts, change te subject immediately. good luck with your friends!! :)

ok, so i'm gonna b going to a boarding school next year, and i'm leaving my school to a different state, but my parents are still going to live in the town i live in right now. i have this friend sara, who i have become really close to since i moved here 3 years ago. she's really nice and fun in her way, but unlike me, she's not really all that socially outgoing. when i told her i was moving, she started changing wants to do everything with me. school projects, sleepovers, hang outs...everything! she's even starting to befriend my other more "popular" friends who she doesn't even like all that much. It took me really hard work to get to the social position i am in today, and when she's all around my more popular friends they think i'm weird for liking sara. I don't mind having sara by me all that much, but it's just that making her embarrass herself infront of the popular crowed i'm in and sticking by me is starting to get me really pissed off! i can't just say "hey, i understand your feelings but i need my own space," because she's very emmotional. wht should i do? help! ~peyton m. (link)
i think she really likes you, so she wants to spend as much time with you as possible before you move. which explains why she's started doing everything with you and hanging out with your more "popular" crowd. she probably wants to be popular too, like a lot of girls do. without hurting her feelings or telling her really, the next time she wants to come over and you're sort of sick of her, make up some excuse for her not to come over for your own time. make sure she doesn't find out though. if she doesn't find out, it won't hurt her feelings and she'll never know. i mean, it's mean to lie to your friends but this is sort of for a good cause. and for the popular people, you could maybe have somebody else tell her, not you. just don't have that other person mention you. if you can't do that, think of it this way- you're moving next year anyway so she won't bug you and embarass herself (while embarassing you at the same time, that is). good luck!! :)

ok i have this friend and he just told me today that he cut i have tried everything i thought of and it is not working he lives in another state and i have no contact with anyone around him i have told him that its bad and many other things be all he said was "it makes me feel better" and i dont know what to do im worried about him
thanks (link)
that's real tough. it's good that you worry about him but do you know anyone else who lives near him? if you do, have them talk to him or try to make them stop, the same things you've been trying to do over the phone and stuff. if not, well i know this might sound stupid but unless you want to risk your friend to become suicidal...maybe you could talk to their parents? i have no clue, that could totally ruin your friendship though and you don't want that. you can't do anything about it when you live so far away. cutting sometimes leads to suicide and you really don't want for him to kill himself. i'll recommend you to call this number... 1-800-999-9999. it's the covenant house nineline and it's supposed to help out with family and such problems. i don't know how good it is because i've never called it before, but i got it out of a CosmoGirl magazine. it says that it's confidential soo that should be okay. i'm sure it's safe but if you don't want to, i can totally understand. sorry :( well good luck with helping your friend!! :)

Hey, heres my problem. My one friend always gets all this stuff like... perfumes for example ( she has Victoria Secret, Hollister, A&F, and Ralph Lauren and a bunch of others..).. which she nevers wears..they just sit you figure, i can get them right? Well wrong. " I don't wanna smell the same as you! " and i told her how other people own that too, and she went," i haven't smelled it on them!" And this is happening with a bunch of other stuff to... i want a certain color dressy thing, i can't get it cause SHES getting that color she told me to get a black one.. FOR SUMMER! and then with sunglasses...and like EVERYTHING...even hair! Im a blonde, shes a brunette. I asked her once how i should wear my hair and she went," Curly, because i'm wearing mine straight and i don't want to have the same hair as you." And i counted all of the same things she bought as ME and we have like six of the same things! I went shopping for a ring and i showed it to her, and a minute later she pulls my ring off the shelf and goes," Im gonna get this one! " and i went,"...uh..thats the one i was looking at." and she went," oh. But i saw it first." and i was like,".. i was here like three minutes before you..." ... but ANYWAYS..also, even though she DOESNT want us to look alike.. she ends up getting the same thing as me.. so whenever i go over her house i gotta mark like all my stuff like my straightner so i know its mine...and ugh... this just always happens.. and i don't really think she's trying to copy me..and it really gets to me sometimes because theres so much stuff i want but i have to get it either in a different color, or not get it at all. i dont know.. i have no idea... but PLEASE HELP..!! =/

p.s. i hope this letter didn't sound to snooty like " oh i want this and this! " like some stuck-up

Almost Identical (link)
don't worry you don't sound snooty at all. your friend sounds really annoying actually, doing this to you *even if she isn't doing this on purpose*. i think she really likes your style and taste in things, but she always tries to force you to get a different color or not at all to make it seem that she doesn't. tell her what you told me, how she's always "copying" you but like she forces you to get something different. something's up with that and seriously, if you don't talk to her and this continues, you might not be able to take it anymore and EXPLODE. but first experiment. go shop with her and pick out this totally HIDEOUS outfit and cry "oh this is so CUTE!!!" and see what she does. if she doesn't buy it then it's probably because it's so hideous lol. if she does, she's definitely copying it (unless the hideous outfit isn't actually that bad...but choose an ugly one). and then if she does buy it, she'll force you not to buy it so you wouldn't have to buy that outfit!! lol just TRY it out and the results may not necessarily mean anything but whatever.
also next time when you buy, let's say a straightener *even if you already have one* and find one you like, you could suggest another brand or kind to your friend, but if she doesn't go for it and wants to get the one you're getting, then yeah she's definitely COPYING. but it could work, who knows she might get that other straightener. anyways good luck with her!! :)

lol i wrote too you about my best friend rach & how she hates me all of a sudden because my X friend hates me? But i only hate my X friend because she turned tarshy & sluty and now she has something going on with my bff thats a guy & now he is all about her and shes always all over him... and i know that he is too good for her.. Im getting readyy upset about teh whole thing... I mean and since my friend rachael hates me because that trashy girl hates me .. and i juss don't get why because i thought wer were better friens then that? (link)
i'm sorry to say this, but i think you should probably go off to find some new friends. i mean, you could always still try hanging out with them and be friends with them again. try to put the past behind and start over again. but you can only do that if you're willing to, and even harder, get them to be willing to do the same. it's not going to be easy to do that, and plus what kind of "friend" would hate you for that reason? that's not what friends do. i think that girl needs to learn is that if she wants to keep friends in life, she needs to change the way she treats them.
if all else fails, try making new friends who wouldn't do something like that to you. try having casual conversations with them at first, hang out, and then go to the movies together and all that. good luck! :)

hey, ok well one of my friends has COMPLETELY changed, and i dont know what to do to help her. Shes jumpin from guy to guy and even was goin out wit like 3 at one time .. and there all like 1 or 2 years younger then her and in lower grades. I mean shes like disgrateing herself to them and becoming a whore, but i know shes not one! me and another one of my close friends tried talking to us but she went all insane-o and was like OMG YOU CALLED ME A WHORE!!!! when we totaly didnt we were just trying to tell her she was gonna get herself in mayjor trouble. Can you plz just help me find a way to talk to her? thanx a bunch gorgeous (link)
i know this may not be what you want to hear, but i think your friend is changing for attention. the fact that she's dating 5th and 6th graders really proves that. and dating 3 guys (especially elementary school kids) is just wrongg... and it's obvious that she isn't going to change.
you can't really change her without talking to her (i can't think of any other ways sorry) but don't call her a whore this time. say "ok what is going on with you?? you've completely changed and we want the old you back, the one who doesn't date guys constantly and cheats. the one who doesn't go out with little boys. why are you doing this? is it for attention? well you've obviously gotten our attention, so can you please stop now?" and invite her to go shopping or something with you later. if that doesn't work, give it some time. a week later, if she still doesn't change, ask me for advice again...if she does it for too long, who knows what she'll do.

hey!! i have these to friends named lindz n nicole..ive known lindz wayy longer so nicoles kinda new n the group n nicole kinda likes lindz more than me cuse shes always havin her over n stuff but idc...neways lindz is always talking about nicole behind her back then wehn were all together she acts like shes nicoles friend wehn i soo knoe that she really hates her..n nicole buys it! n has oover all the time n vis-versa**how evr u spell it :\**m now wehnever i try to hang out nicole lindz gets mad @ me!? so please help me oout :\ --shawtee lee (link)
ok so it seems as if there's a three-way friendship battle going on. well if lindz hates nicole so much, she should just quit hanging out with her. she can't keep on pretending to like her forever...she may not be able to take it anymore after a while. lindz shouldn't get mad at you because she hangs out with nicole more than you hang out with her! you COULD lie and say you hate nicole too but that's not the right thing to do. tell her that you want to see what nicole's like and if you end up not liking her, you'll stop hanging out with her (since nicole's kinda new). or just tell her straight up that you like nicole, and if she suddenly hates you for that, she's a bad friend. true friends are by your side no matter what, and you should do whatever you want to do. don't let your friends control your life. good luckk!! :)

Hey. K, well just last year me and this girl, Mariah, were best friends. Like we were inspereable and did everything together! We loved Halloween and would dress up in home made costumes and then go trick or treating around her nieghborhood. And over the summer i pretty much saw her every day and the two of us were like two peas in a pod. Well this year for Halloween we planned to be fairiess =P lol but yeahh and we planned it like months in advanced and we made them at our house and we were so sikedd for halloween. So halloween came and we showed up at school in our costumes and everything was going greatt. But then on Halloween night we were supposed to go trick or treating and i was online all day and asked her to leave the times to go to her house at on my away or to call my cell while i was at ccd. So when i came home she didnt leave any messages or never called. I was kinda bummed b/c she went to the party we were gonna go together with with some other girl. I callled her house , but she was out with some other kids. I sat at home all halloween and just watched scary movies and cried =( and after Halloween this kid started a pettion about me and then he told me mariah hated me and siad all this stuff..and stupid me i believed him..but i guess none of it is true =\ so now i lost my biffle and i really miss her. like i walk through my barn sometimes and just reminice b/c i miss the old times just me and her. Like this year has been so rough for me..everythings been going wrongg! Any ideas on how to get my best friend back?? Please help! (link)
omg that's so sad, i'm sorry :( that's such a crappy way to spend your halloween!! well that was pretty rude (and insensitive) of her not to leave any messages or call at her, and just leave you behind. i don't know what happened, but basically she just started ignoring you and started hanging out with other people? maybe she's hanging out with the so-called "popular" people??
i don't know why mariah would just hate you all of a sudden when you two were just so close!! have you talked to her at all since halloween?? i think you should just go up and talk to her about it, be like "what happened? like we used to be bffs and now..." stuff like that. or have one of your friends talk to her. you can't get anything out of her without having someone talk to her about it and get information out.
i'm really sorry!! that must be really hard on you :( but like maybe you should try looking for a new bff? but if mariah doesn't become friends with you again, you might as well just make friends with someone else, so you won't spend the rest of your life being depressed over someone who doesn't want to be your friend.
sorry, that wasn't exactly something you wanted to hear. well i hope i helped out somehow and you can IM me anytime you want!! good luck with mariah!!

Hey ok so im really good friends with this girl.. and well i kind of did stuff with her brother uhm yeah and he went back and told her what we did.. so now she hates me! But i couldnt help it.. i really like him and now she gets on my case about lieng to her and i cant stand it because she doesnt understand because she thinks that she is the only one that can feel strongly to her b/f!.. And even her mom tried talking to her about it and i still think she doesnt understand.. but ive also went out with her brother before and she didnt care.. and i dont know what to do or to say to her.. and its making me mad that i cant even talk to her about it and the fact that she doesnt trust me either!!! (link)
i can understand how she could get a little mad, but she sounds like she's overeacting. you even went out with her brother before, so why is she getting so hyped up now?? did you do A LOT of stuff?? if so, that's probably why she's mad. she might find it really creepy that her brother and good friend are doing it together (if that's what happened!!!).
if you didn't even do that, and didn't really go far, and she still hates you, that's sort of weird. maybe she's afraid that if you and her brother hook up, she'll be left out. it's possible that's what she feels.
i think you should talk to her about it, tell her that she's overeacting, and just tell her what you just told me right now. yeah i know she refuses to talk about it but you have to let her know! if she's truly your good friend, she'd talk to you. just give her some time to cool off and then talk to her. good lucK!!

Hey i think this advice column is great but i need some help. Here's my story. I am on track at school and i am on a medley team. (two laps around the track split up but 4 people) there is this girl who is not a good runner who says that she was signed up first to be on our team for 1 lap. and she wasnt here yesterday so we had this other girl go it with us. She is amazing and we all want her to stay. My whole group doesnt know what to expesially because one of our runners is best friends with the girl who isnt that great. What should we do? our meet is on monday!

signed-Track Troubles (link)
did that girl (the amazing runner) sign up? are they allowed to be on the team without signing up? if she did sign up, but that let's say "bad" girl did sign up first, it is fair that the bad girl gets to join the team. but she wasn't with you during a meet so that's a minus for her. maybe you could kindly suggest for her to join another sport she's better at? or could you just make this special and add her in? maybe you could make her a sub? i'm sorry those are bad...

if that amazing girl didn't sign up, you shouldn't have her join the team.
if she did sign up, but she signed up last then you should probably not have her join. it's just not fair to that bad girl then...(i know, it sucks but that's life )=)
if the amazing girl didn't sign up last but did sign up, maybe you should instead get rid of the person who signed up last? if you signed up last then nvm lol
ask the bad girl if she really wants to join track for the sport. maybe she only wants to join b/c one of her friends is in it. that could probably explain why she's bad.

sorry you may think i give horrible advice but i'm not really good in these situations. try browsing some of the highest rated advicenators. sorry!! i hope i helped though...=)

okay so here is my major problem... My old friend (whom i haven't been friends with for a while) all of a sudden met this guy who is like my best friend & i do have feelings for him.... and this girl well too make it nice is sorta trashy?? but so now they both like eachother and i confronted her like why would you do that.... and she went all off on me... so we started going at it harshly.. & my best friend is still friends with her.. & when we were fighting the girls goes well rachael( my best friend) doesn't even like you and blah blah she always talks behond your back... & now my x best friend (rachael) like wont even talk too me anymore & she hates me??? I just dun get why she would ? i never really did anything too her but shes like taken this girls side ( who took the guy i like ) ??? Im soo confussed! please help... (link)
ok i'm a little confused? let me make this clear, so your old bff went out with ur guy bff and now you two are fighting b/c u like that guy bff. and rachael, your other bff, is mad at you b/c she's friends with your old bff. if that's wrong i'm so sorry, i'm not sure!! please make it more clear...and i'll help ok? i'm sorry i'm stupid lol

Me and my friends Kristen Beoncka and Denielle have been friends for along time now. wev been doing baton together and its so much fun. Well me and Kristen just resently quite but this year Denielle has been hanging out with a new group of people..and has been blowing us off .. big time. like everywhere we invite her shes lyke no sorry im going out with Victoria or whoever. We like basically talked to her about her changing and about her ditching us and leaving our whole group out but she seems like she doesnt care at all. shes all like "Yah im sorry im just busy" yah i mean were all busy to but can she not make time for us .. wev told her that several times even keep getting in fights with her and Victoria and them.But still it feels like we lost a portion of our group we have tons of people in it, its just that were all lyke sisters and brothers and once one is feels like theres a whole yah know? i really need help on getting her back with us.not to ditch her other friends becuzz we all have other friends to its just wev tried you have any more sugestions..? (link)
that really hurts when a friend does that. i think you and kristen should have a maybe a one-on-one girl talk with denielle about this. just tell her what you just told me, how you hate losing her, how much you miss her, etc.. if that doesn't work and she really doesn't want to be friends anymore, maybe she just moved on. sorry but that's what happens sometimes and not all of your friends are going to be bffs. but the serious girl talk should probably give her her senses back, unless she truly 100% ditched you. but if you need more advice, IM me or just ask again. good luck!! =)

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