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Ok I started this advice site to help out others. My friends say I give good advice but they could just be saying that to be nice lol. Tell me what you think by rating me (1-5, 1 l worst, 5 best). Good or bad, your rate will be appreciated!! Thank you!!
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Basically I'm 13 and i love to draw, swim, play volleyball and soccer, dance, sing, and hang out with friends. i love collecting purses haha, i have this huge purse collection in the back of my closet, most of them i never even use lol. i also like the shop and travel. i make madprofiles and i LOVE movies haha. i pretty much like anything non-academic related lol..god i'm so glad summer's started. anyways that's pretty much all about me!!
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I think you have to be an advicenators member..i'm not really sure, so you have to ask me a question and when you log onto your username, under My Questions, you see my response and you are given the choice to rate it from 1-5. I think that's about it, cyass!
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okay.. so my boyfriend totally wants to have sex with me and i am 11 years old and have had sex before.. but he has never had sex with anybody before and i dont want to do it with somebody unexpierenced because he might not be good and might not satisfy me!! so my friends told me to just do it and if hes not good then just dump him.. but he is cute and his parents drive a benz and he gets 40 dollars a week for chores and he spends a lot of it on me.. which i love because i love it when people spoil me. he has already bought me a dooney and bourke purse and for the winter he bought me a pair of uggs. we have been dating for like 6 months.. what shold i do?
Spoiled & Sexy (link)
just have sex with him and if he's not good for you mrs. spoiled, dump him. it's obvious you care more about how he molests you (and gives you gifts) more than the person he is. yeah and it seems like you're the type of girl who dates only rich guys and guys who are experienced with sex (pretty much). hun you are always going to meet virgins in life (especially 11 year old boys. wtf and most 11 year olds don't have sex). do whatever but if you get pregnant at age 12 and end up having to take care of a baby in middle school and drop out, that's your problem. my only advice for you is to stop being so horny and do stuff other 11 year old girls do. good luck with doing that!! :)

Ok well me and this gilr (I'm also a girl, 13) "X" got inTO a physical fight, for something that I did'nt dO.She thought that I cursed out her mom on the puter. After the fight she's been giving me like looks that are suppose to intimidate me , which sometimes do, the school set up peer mediation which never happened and it's been like 4 weeks. Now im not sure what to do I'm afraid maybe if nothing get's solved another fight will occur! I am accually a lil embarrased to go to the office and tell them to set it up, im afraid I will look like a wimp. PLEASE TRY TO HELP ME OUT (any suggestions will be good right now) (link)
i know it might sound scary (and totally worthless) but you have to talk to the X girl. or somehow send the message to her non-face-to-face *can you think of any ways?*. tell her that you never cursed her mom out on the computer. does she even have any proof of that? try your best to convince her that you didn't and that you're totally innocent. it's like a court, you know pretend you're a lawyer and find out ways to prove that YOU are innocent and been accused guilty. i'm sure you can figure something out babes. and next time, avoid physical fights. catfights are normal but physical fights are just...wrong, especially for something like cursing out someone's mom on the internet (something like that doesn't DESERVE a physical fight over it). try to ignore her looks, and avoid seeing her. seeing her gets you uncomfortable and nervous and you don't want that. ok yeah well good luck dealing with her!! :)

ok.. so there are these 2guys who like me. one of them ( lets call him brad )use to be my boyfriend. we went out for about 3 weeks and then he said we didnt see each other enough and he wanted to just be friends. he told me that whenever he got a car he would ask me back out because he still likes me alot. he calls me everyday and hes like my best friend. but there is also this other guy ( lets call him john ) who i like too. john and i talk all the time and we go places together too. the other day he told me that he loved me and that he really truely meant it. i told him i wasnt ready to say that because i still have feelings for brad. john got upset and wont talk to me now. i feel like i hurt him by telling him that but if i didnt i know it would have gotten worse. i tried telling brad about what happened with me and john, and he said he wasnt mad at me but at john. i dont want brad mad at john because they sre friends and i dont want john mad at me. what should i do? (link)
is it me or are there a lot of brads?? ok sorry off topic...anyways this is what i think-but i think you could go out with john because you and brad aren't going to go out until he gets a car anyway. john and brad are friends so they'd probably understand. but ehh, you sort of screwed that up lol with getting john mad at you and brad getting mad at john. try talking to john and tell him that you really do love him but that you like brad too. go out with him, if he'll let you, he might think of it as pity dating or just using him. try to be nice to him because he's mad at you, generosity leads to forgiveness faster. and explain to brad that he doesn't need to be mad at john. he shouldn't ruin his friendship just because of you (tell him that, it makes you sound like a better person haha...and it's also kinda the truth too). tell him that john deserves to be mad at you *tell that to john too* and apologize to both of them. apologizing might sound like the lamest thing ever but it seriously works like a charm. so do it and say a bit more stuff that what i gave you and good luck with john (and brad)!! :)

Well i started datin this guy Dan and this kid jeremy and andrew at school started talkin shit about my bf. I guess they wanna kick my bf's ass which i dunno id they would do that.As i was sayin they wanna beat my bf up and sayin all kinds of stuff like he's cheatin on me and he gives gurls rides home all the time after school! i dont kno if i should believe them. I dont wanna break up wit Dan he means so much to me! please help me because i dont even kno wut to do anymore (link)
i wouldn't trust them if i were you, unless your boyfriend is acting really suspicious and isn't exactly what you'd call trustworthy. but seriously they're most likely making it up because they hate Dan for some reason. They probably just want you to break up with Dan as to make Dan's life even more miserable, so please don't fall for (as i said in the first sentence, there is an EXCEPTION!!!). anyways you should find some way for jeremy and andrew to just leave your boyfriend alone. they're acting like real brats doing that to him (and you). tell them to mind their own business and that they're acting like immature jerks *that's what they deserve to hear but you don't have to do that lol* don't break up with dan because first off those guys are probably lying and he means a lot to you!! don't break up with dan unless you have a real reason. "these guys have been saying that you're cheating on me" isn't a REAL it is sort of a common reason but you don't have any proof of this at the moment!! good luck!! :)

There is this boy and i really like him!! I dont know what to do because i like him so much and i want to be with him. But today i heard this girl liked him and i think he likes her to!! I dont know what to do. (link)
ugh i hate it when that happens!!! they haven't hooked up yet have they? act before they do! are you friends with this boy? hang out with him. flirt. do whatever it takes babe. if not, make friends with him! like whenever he needs help, be there for him. have casual conversations with him. make him laugh. FLIRT (but not too much!!). dont stalk the guy but be around him more often. you can't be with him if you do nothing about it. if they do end up going out or whatever, it will bum you out tons but it's the way of life, and it happens to EVERYONE ... trust me!!! if he hooks up with her before you can really do anything about it, sorry but it's his decision and you can never force a guy to fall in love with you. that's like this one guy who likes you but you don't like him can make you just suddenly love him. sorry but that's not how life goes. while they go out, try not too be too emotional, it just makes life worse crying and being jealous. look for new guys and try to ignore them as best as you can. when they go out, there's nothing you can really do, like never try to ruin their relationship because that's just about the bitchiest thing anyone could ever do. i mean, it's not like the boy even knows you like him anyway *does he??* anyways good luck with him!! :)

ok i go out wit this kid nd he told me he lyks his x styll but now he sayin he dosnt.. nd then today i found out that his x was askin him questions like do u lyk me styll nd hes lyk yeh nd all this shyt im totally confused wut should i do im in love wit this kid... (link)
he might not be telling you the truth. he might still like his ex but is afraid of telling you. ask him for the TRUTH and tell him that he can tell you anything and you won't get mad at him.
tell him that you heard about the x and he saying that he still liked her... and if he still doesn't admit it, then figure out the truth from someone else. ask someone who's actually trustworthy, not someone who makes up rumors a lot. you can still go out with him but just make sure he doesn't hook up with his ex when he's going out with you! and make sure he doesn't lie to you all the time!! but if you seriously don't trust him, you could give him a chance but if he backfires it, forget about him. good luck!! :)

hey, im 14 yearold female freshman.. so heres the thing.. theres this one guy ive liked since xmas.. like back then it wasnt big enough to do anything about it and hes had 2 gfs since then and ive been with one other guy. but yah im a really outgoing and loud person and all like everyone describes me as loud and fun. but around him i shut up i cant talk serioulsy its not like me at all. hes a really funny guy and ima really funny gal and him and my bestfriend get along GREATT and me and her are so alike. but george.. the guy i can never seam to talk to. i had to invite him to this party once and i was nervous but i did it.. i talked so fast i sounded like a fag but i dont know what else to do. cuz i cant even have a chance unless i start talking to him. also my best guy friend.. anthony, says i shoulndt like him and he really hates him what should i do?? (link)
don't worry, that's exactly like me too!! when you're around him, pretend that he's one of your friends that you're funny and wild around. pretend he's just this random old guy, not your crush who you totally gag in front of. think of it this way, it's a lot more embarassing to not be able to talk around him than actually TALK and yet say something embarassing!! talk normally, even talk slow (it's a lot better than fast!) practice talking to yourself in front of the mirror and know what you're going to say. just do that the first times or so, so you can talk to him better. don't chicken out!! and believe in yourself!!! gain confidence!! be yeah. afraid of sweating? don't shake, stand as still as a statue. (just try not to be TOO stiff!). and put deodorant on before you talk to him haha. and a mint too i guess in case ur breath stinks!. lol good luck!!! :)

Ok.. well my mom works for social services. and she got this job when i was in third grade (i'm currentlly in 8th) and ever since then shes been SO overprotective. She doesn't like for me to do things without her knowing every single detail. She's takin the lock off my bedroom door. so that she can walk in at any given moment just to see what i'm doing. And it's getting worse every day. Even when i was in 3rd grade i didn't have a 'bed time' but now she's making me go to bed at 9 oclock. it's getting really bad. i'm getting ready to be in high school and i still have a bedtime. i feel like such a child because i never get to do anything. And i've tried talking to her. And i've told her that i think she is to protective. Yet nothing ever changes. What should i do?
14/f (link)
think of it this way, your mom obviously cares about you since she's so overprotective. yet 9:00 is a really early bedtime. tell her instead to knock before going into your room instead of just walking in. i mean, you could be naked from the shower and she just randomely walks in. next time she should KNOCK and then come in *that's what most mothers do*. if you tell her to go away, make sure to explain to her WHY so that'll actually make her leave (that's what the case usually is). you're going to high school next year, and like nobody has a 9:00 BEDTIME in high school!! it depends on your high school, but high school can give you so much homework that you may have to stay past 9:00 to do it. make it slow at first. tell her to make your bedtime go to 9:30. then after a little while, tell her 10:00...and so on. you have all summer for her to do that. and if she doesn't, dude you're going to high school and in 4 years, you're going to college and you might as well have her get used to giving you more freedom because in 4 years you will be OFF ON YOUR OWN!! it's not like you're 5 anymore. ask her, why do you need to go to bed so early anyway? she's afraid you won't get enough sleep? that's about 10 hours of sleep (even on schooldays!!) that's a lot of sleep... and you could afford less anyway. you have to try talking to her and i'm sure that if you're reasonable enough and all that she'll give you more freedom. if not, then you should talk to a counselour or youth group or whatever to ask what to do. seriously, moms tend to listen more to other adults more to their daughters so it's worth a try. anyways i hope i helped!! good luck with your mom!! :)

How can you get breast cancer. How do you know if you have it. If you apply pressure on the all the time will that affect you? I need help!

*giVe mE tHe aNsWeR*
i rate 5's ! (link)
honestly, people haven't found out the truth about where cancer comes from. you can get it from genetics, lipids (fat), certain blood types, smoking *but that really ends up as lung cancer, not breast*, or just the type of person you are really. you can find out if you have breast cancer if a mysterious lump grows on it, then go to the doctor to verify it. cancer is the overproduction of cells (BAD ONES!) that can really infect your body and KILL you! and applying pressure doesn't affect your chances of breast cancer lol...i dont't think it really doees anything. anyways breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in USA so WATCH OUT!! the earlier you see the doctor the better (they can eliminate it better with less bad cells).

hey well i am 11 and i have to keep a secret from all my friends puberty i wanna tell them but im afraid they will tell every1 and then ill be picked on plz helpp !!
everybody goes through puberty. like seriously, it's nothing to be ashamed of because it's completely normal. if they pick on you, that's really stupid and immature (no offense). tell your best and most trustworthy friend first and see what happens. if she picks on you, she just proved she's not a very good friend. if she doesn't, then that's cool and you can tell others if you want but you are risking getting picked on. are your friends the kind of people who'll pick on you? plus, plenty of girls start puberty at your age. who knows, your friends could have had it too. when you tell your friends, make sure to tell them not to tell anyone. puberty isn't a bad thing anyway, it means you're growing up and getting more mature (and pretty). yeah it's true, does make most girls prettier making their breasts larger, butt bigger, and all that *basically SEXIER lol*. and you don't have to mention this to your friends but it does make you (fatter). just try to watch your diet and everything!! your friends might find it gross but they'll have to go through it just like you. if your friends seem like the type of people to tell everyone, then maybe you just shouldn't tell them. maybe you could tell an outsider friend who goes to another school if you really want to spill. good luck! :)

Ok i kinda no what to do but im not sure if i should. Ok Im going out with this really really sweet boy John and hes great!! We used to go out for 9 months.. We both picked to brake up cause he moved to NY and we stayed together for a while after but we both cheated in the same week and yeah. Now its like 9 months later hes still living in NY and were going back out. Its been a month now that we got back together and its great(even if we dont see each other) He was my frist love you no. Well we wont be able to see each other till we drive and were both 15 and wont drive till next year. I hate it. But now things are changing im none as a slut(im not one though) and im boy crazy i love to flirt and i feel bad. But theres another thing im falling for my other ex i got with after me and John broke up, Mark, wow what a sweetie there and if i got with him id never look at another boy again. Im so scared to ask him out though cause he likes another girl. He told my friend a week ago he likes me and wants to get back together. He also told her that he was going to ask me out. He didnt and i talked to him like three days later after he said this and he told me he likes some other girl at his school on his track team and i no that aint me cause i dont go to his school and im not on his track team. I no if i dump John he'll be heart broken. But if i stay with him hes going to be heart broken from all the stress from being far apart and im just trying to do whats best. And John cheated on me before so how do i no he wont do it again and The thing is i dont know whats best. Thats why im sending this What should i do? dump john or stay with john? Go out with Mark? Tell Mark how i feel? I no mark will never cheat on me like John might cause Mark is the kinda boy every girl wants in her life but the only reasion i dumped him was cause i didnt see him alot not really at all but we didnt really try and we both talked about this again and we said we would try hardest we could i would go to every baceball game he would come over every weekend and we would hang all the time. See ill see Mark and ill never see John well i will in a year if we are still together
What do you think? thanks so much for reading this for me your the best even though i dont know you

Im 15/f/PA/Ashley (link)
in my opinion, you should go out with mark. i know, you're thinking "BUT WHAT ABOUT JOHN!!!???" you have to choose one of them and cheating is the worst choice you could make at the moment. first off, john lives all the way in NY so you can't really have a good relationship anyway. if you don't have a good one, there's a high possibility he'll cheat on you. i mean, it's not like you'd ever find out anyway. he already cheated on you before too. and your relationship will be full of so many emotions and stress that aren't even worth it. you and john should just be friends, and when you see each other in a year just act like long lost buddies, unless you want to hook up with him and you've broken up with mark by then lol.
mark is closer to you and he does like you. he probably told you he liked another girl because he didn't wnat to admit to you that he liked you. but even if he was telling the truth, just because he likes another girl doesn't necessarily mean he won't go out with you. like if you're going out with him and see him flirting and hooking up with that other girl a lot, then you could forget about him. but you said that mark will never cheat on you though. ask out mark, or wait for mark to ask you out. if you ask mark out or if mark just never ends up asking you out, then you could consider john. i know that might sound like you're using john, but you're stuck between two guys and that's just the way it has to be (unless you don't want to go out with either one, which isn't exactly what you're going to do lol). mark would make a better "boyfriend" than john, not because he's sweeter or anything but because he's closer and won't cheat on you, etc... i don't know these guys, who knows! good luck on them!! :)

ok, my friends boyfriend saw a commercial on mtv about animals being killed to eat and now he thinks he is fat and doesnt eat meat. Its alright that he dont eat meat, but he thinks he's fat and barely eats. hes muscualr ( a wrestler) and i am getting worried. i dont want my friend to go through life with a boyfriend like this. what should i do

Worried (link)
tell me this, is he actually fat? muscular doesn't count as fat. make sure that the guy knows that if he continues to barely eat, his wrestling career won't go too well. and if he barely eats, yeah it'll make him lose weight but it'll also get the stomach to digest some of his own body parts and that gets really bad. ugh just make sure he doesn't go anorexic and FEED hiM! and also if he wants to be a good wrestler, he should eat meat. meat makes you stronger, which helps A LOT if you wrestle. anyways just somehow tell him that or have your friend tell him that. maybe your friend might break up with him, who knows. then you won't have to worry about your friend having a boyfriend liek that *but even then, i'd still probably look out for that guy*. i know all my advice is "tell him this, tell him that* and you're probably SOOOOO sick of it now but it's THE BEST ADVICE i can give you!! it's not like you can suddenly make him think the way you think or anything. i hope he starts eating right again!! good lucK! :)

i am going out with this kid and he likes me a lot and ii liek him a lot but he always flirts with other girls .. sometimes right in front of me ! and his best friend lieks me buht he has a girlfriend .. he's planning on dumping her .. and he said he'll go out with me if liek ii liek him and everything .. but im scared to go out with him because im afraid my boyfriend will get mad at him and me :-/ what should ii do

siGned «-- cOnfuSed (link)
i'm sorry to say but this is sort of the truth, flirting isn't necessarily "cheating" so you don't have a TRUE reason to break up with your boyfriend. flirting to other girls is really bitchy so you could take that against him. tell him that you're tired of him always flirting to girls in front of you, you're his girlfriend after all!! if he says something like "look i'm allowed to flirt with other girls. just because i flirt doesn't mean i like them as much as you" but still. the other guy seems better than your current boyfriend. you want to break up with your boyfriend (it seems) so you should dump him.
don't go out with his best friend right away though. give it some time. after you break up with your boyfriend, don't date anyone and then after a while *when your boyfriend is probably over you and moving on, and wouldn't care THAT much if you date someone else*, then go out with his best friend. when you're not dating anyone, tell the best friend that you like him but that you want to take a break, and after your break you'll go out with him. hopefully it'll all work out for you! good luck!! :)

hey. yea i really like this boy and i think he likes me and all put the thing is that wen ever we hug he like trys to finger me?! Im always like stop it! but i havent even had my period, can i even get fingered?
Thanks.13/f (link)
ugh that's really perverted. tell him that you like him and all but if he continues to try to finger you, you'll going to call it quits. i know you may not want to but that's so gross and who knows how much further he might try to go with you? he could RAPE you for all i know!! (fingering usually leads to rape). why should you go out with this boy who continues to finger you and gross you out? you like him but it seems as if he's only using you to finger. he probaby doesn't "like" you because if he really did, then he would have stopped by now. and yes, you can get fingered even if you haven't had your period. lol sorry, i noticed you didn't really ask for advice about him, only about the period. sorry if you didn't want to hear my advice for that guy!! lol ok anyways i hope you get that guy to stop!! good luck! :)

okay .. well ive really liked this guy for a long time .. & he broke up with his girlfriend to go out with me & we went out for like a week. but then he just decided to break up with me because he says i didnt trust him.. & i just cant get over him & he knows that i still like him & he says he still likes me to! but i really just dont know wat to do. plzz help me! (link)
you have to let him know that you trust him. did you do something specifically that made you seem like you didn't trust him? apologize for that (if you haven't already). next time he says something that sounds completely unbelievable, just agree to it saying "i believe you". if he starts laughing and being all omg i can't believe you believed that!! then just tell him "well i trust you for what you say because we like each other and you blamed me for not trusting you for saying the truth. i'm sorry for not trusting you" that could either make him happier or get him weirded out, whatever. or he may just not even care. don't be like "YEAH RIGHT!" around him because that really makes it seem like you don't trust him. try to be make him seem more "trustable" around you. once he realizes that you trust him, there's no reason for you two to not go out! you both like AND trust each other!! well i hope i helped!! good luck with the trust issues!! :)

this is really embarasing to say even though its annonymous. im 16 my bf is 20 i was on birth control and went off and tuesday i went to go back on it and they give you a pregnacy test to make sure your not pregnant before you go on birth control. well results were positive and im pregnant. the lady gave me papers on abbortion and my mom is understanding and i am going tomorow to get it done.
i have never been so scared in my life. i feel like this murderer for killing this baby that hasnt done anything wrong. but on the other hand i am so not stable to have a baby. what should i do i know ill regret this for the rest of my life?

you probably have no clue what to say but if you were in my position what would you do :O( (link)
you could have the baby and set it up for adoption. yes you're have to do all these papers and you're giving your baby away to a completely new place, but it's a better feeling than knowing that you just killed a living being. you probably shouldn't keep it, like you're still in high school (unless you dropped out) and you wouldn't have time to take care of a baby anyway. maybe when you're old enough, you could adopt your baby!! that's the best thing i can come up with, just never give your baby away to this random woman, give it to a GOOD orphanage that will actually take care of it and treat it right.
this is actually too late because you probably sent it a few days ago (for all i know). i hope that you somehow thinked about this idea and did it instead of murdering a baby. hope you made a good decision!! good luck!! :)

hi, i dont know what to do, my best friend says that shes dating someone that is famous, and she says she has all these expensive things, but somehow alot of people (including me) don`t believe her, and i know she's my best friend, and i should but its so hard, please help me

signed - CONFUSED? (link)
does she have any proof? maybe you could meet this so-called famous person since you are her best friend! if for some reason she won't let you, ask for for a photograph of her and the famous person together. who exactly is that famous person anyway? it is hard to believe but it COULD be true (you never know!!!). famous people do date and your friend could be one of the lucky girls!! does she show you the expensive things her "boyfriend" bought for her? she could be making it up, as if trying to get attention or trying to show off to everyone even though it's not truly happening to her. it's just to make everyone else jealous. and if she actually IS dating a famous guy and she brags about it all the time, you have to tell her to stop bragging about it because it's making her seem like a bad girlfriend as if she's only dating the guy because he's famous and rich (which probably IS the only reason she's dating him...not trying to be offensive to your friend but it is the only reason most commoners date celebrities!!!) hope this all works out for you! good luck!! :)

okay . . im 12 years old and alot of my friends are startiing to make otu with there boyfriends and like whenever we go somewhere they tell me to make out with my boyfriend and like i dont no wut to do becuase like im kind of afraid to because i dont think i really no how to (( thats kind of embarresing )) but like i dont no .. i want to make out with him but i dont no how . . what should i doo ?

_pLease_heLp_me_ (link)
all you do is basically kiss your boyfriend on the lips, close your eyes, and if you want to go further, you could french him. frenching is kissing with tongue motions. you should probably put your arm around him and lean you body into him so you're closer. do it at a time when you two are alone, it's easier to do that the first time without your friends surrounding you being all "ohhh ahh" lol. or your parents with mouths gaped in horror at the sight of you making out with a *gasp* boy. but i'm sure you have enough common sense to figure that out already lol :)
also you should take a breath mint before making out (if you happened to predict the time) to spare the guy. it can be totally embarassing to have your breath smell horrible the first time. anyways, even if you're too scared to or you just don't think you're ready yet, that's totally fine. everyone has different times, some girls make out with guys at a really young age, some even at 18 or older. it's okay, your decision!! good luck! :)

ok ive been sexually active since i was 15 ++ ive never gotten preganent but .. with the realtion ship i have now i`m having trouble getting my man to ejaculate or have a boner and its no fun any more what should i do?? (link)
you can't force a man to ejaculate or have a boner. you could still have sex without doing that, it's called withdrawal. that prevents you from having a pregnancy, which might be what he's trying to do. on the other hand, he just doesn't want to do it with you. maybe wait for him, or find another guy who will. maybe your man just lost interest in you possibly. you never know but if this continues to happen, then you could consider dumping him for someone else.
blah blah blah yeah you're probably like "oh god wtf am i doing getting stupid advice from a preteen!!!" but if you don't want a baby or STDS (nobody really wants STDS lol soo..) use a condom or pill or diaphraghm with spermicides or the withdrawal method i mentioned earlier (basically removal of the penis prior to ejaculation). lol yeahh whatever good luck!! :)

hi. my boyfriend is SUCH a material boy. he likes me, but yesterday (we go to school together) he looked at my lips (and i kind of have hair above my lip) and he noticed and was like "haha when we go to the dance i'm bringing tweezers!" i'm sure he was kidding. but.. yeah. and we went out 3 other times, and he broke up with me all 3 times after like 1 week. how do i know this time isn't different?

loved? (link)
not trying to sound mean, but your guy doesn't exactly sound like the best boyfriend. that hair comment was pretty immature (even if it is sort of funny, in the lame way). and dumping you 3 times in one week is bull...he needs to make up his mind!! like 3 times in a month or longer is OKAY but a week isn't really. yes, it is possible that this time could be different and that he FINALLY made up his mind about you. if i were you, i'd give him one last chance and if he screws this one up, then forget about going out with him again. just remember that sometimes it does take time for a guy to make decisions but it can get overboard. when it goes overboard, you have to move on or get your heart broken once again. i hope i helped!! :) gooD luCK!!!

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