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is it just plain wrong for a 15 year old straight male to babysit? (link)
No it means that you will be a better father when you grow up.

ok it all started one saturday when my moms friend neede a babysitter! I am grounded and i am not allowed to leave the house. But i really neede the money. MY lil sister got offered to babysit the next Saturday. She is only 10 and i am 15. I was soooo mad at her 4 doin that to me. She made a face at me like she was proud that i didn't get to babysit. Should i hate her and ignore her? I needed the money to raise for a car. I have always wanted a car. should i try and be as rude as possible or just get over it. Since my sister gets $50.00 for 5 hours! Please help me! (link)
ingnore her she is little

whats a good name for a female chihuahua? I rate 5s for really cool and creative names :) (link)

1.It depends on how you look at the dog if it looks like a name that best fits her than go with it.

2.Try some mexican names.

Some people say that if you put toothpaste on a pimple overnight than it will go away. Does anyone know if this is true? Has anyone tried it? (link)
In fact it is true Because I tried it once

I saw this advertisement and it was for shards glass freeze pops and i dont know what is it so if someone could explain to me what it is and what it does and why it is so addictive that would be great (link)
It is a program for you to recive anwsers to your Qustions!

read advice get advice make favorite read feedback advicenators

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