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Okay, i went over to my friends house this one night and this guy that i liked was over there. The thing is that he had a girlfriend. Well, we were on his AIM and his g/f told me to call her, next thing i know i am on the phone with her and she broke up with her boyfriend. About 5 minuted later she was with another guy. I felt so bad for this other guy! So, me and this other guy started to flirt next thing i know we were holding hands and stuff. i felt really bad for doing this when my best friend just broke up with this guy but all that was going through my head was that she is with another guy so why should she care.

well, the girl who's house i was at told this other girl everything that me and this guy were doing and my BEST FRIEND got pissed and called me a whore and slut. it was such a suprise i couldn't believe it! she has another friend and she cheats on her boyfriends and she doesn't get mad at her. the next day of school i was dreading! but first thing she did was walk up to me and we talked for like 5 minutes and she wasn't mad at me anymore...the thing is that i was mad at her for saying all of those nasty things about me. and you can ask anyone at my school i am not a whore or slut.

i still hold this against her but at the same time i'm nice to her, should i still be mad or what?

confused (link)
Dear confused,

I don't think you should be mad at her because she apoligized. But I mean if she were ever to do it again, (call you a slut and stuff) I would just tell her you don't want her to call you that. Because I mean she should be anyway right? She's your best friend! What's with that? Hope I Helped :)


Me and this guy (lets call him Joester haha) are friends with benifits. His friend told me that Joester wants to make out with me. Part of me wants to that way I could piss off my x-best friend and because Joester is really hott. But part of me doesn't want to because after making out you do gross stuff that truthfully I dont want to take part in. Am I over reacting please help I rate really high (link)
I don't think you're over reacting. YOu should have to do anything you don't want to. If he's hot, I say you make-out with him. But if you don't want to go further, tell him you don't. Hope I helped :)


I'm looking for a song to kind of go out to my boyfriend, because his song to me is Differences by Ginuwine or I Promise by Jagged Edge, and I kinda wanted to have a song for him too. So if anyone has any "songs" kind of hip hop or R&B type-ish music, that would be awesome! If it could be a girl singing it about a guy, that would be MOST appreciated also. Thanks! (link)
I don't know what it's called but it goes like

1 you're like a dream come true.
2 I just wanna be with you.
It's a cute song! Hope I helped!


for stores like aero, abercrombie, hollister, etc, when your on the websites, where do you click to get to swimwear? I can't find it anyhwere! (link)
For Hollister, you would click on bettys. And then drag the mouse over one of them to see it! Hope I helped :)


Hey whats up ok id appreciate if you all read this it hurt's so much to esplain but it would mean the world to me if you answered it, I will rate evryone a 5just for reading my problem!!! Thanks!

-Ok my name is stephanie I am 15yrs old and I live in jacksonville florida, I have lived here since I was a baby I was born and raised here. Thing is I have a boy im inlove with and I know its hard to find someone that you will love and care for and stuff but I really do! It all started in the 6th grade I had alot of fun and stuff and I met Josh I didn't really liked him and stuff but we were always best freind's and I told him everything and we would always mess around with each other and stuff. But we went out for like a day but I told him he was too much of a friend to me. So then like we were bet friends alll 6th grade, Then round the corner 7th grade came, And I still kept in touch all summer and we got together and I swear he was my first kiss, first serious bf everything (and yes im still a virgin). But yeah we gott into 8th grade and went on with out realtionship so we were like best friends at the same time but like middle school sweethearts if that makes since. We kinda grew up with eachother and changed like with each other and like see the thing is he moved last summer, And I talk to him like occcasionally on the computer and he talks to me and like I called him like few monthes ago to check up on him and we called each other today. And I kno he is coming in 10days to Jacksonville to visit. Thing is its hard to say but I love him alot and like ive only been in like what 2 relationships since me n josh split cause he had to move. And like I dont kno something tells me he wont be stayin here cause he told me he doesnt know if he is gonna move down here yet cause like his mom is poor and stuff and his sis is in college and he doesnt wanna b like in her way cause she is busy and stuff. So like I dont kno what to do honestly im freakin out and I know if he comes back likehe is to visit im gonna get even more attached to him then I already am! But he said he will try n talk to his sis bout it, But I dont kno her so I really cant judge her actions if he wanted to move back! I really wish there was something I could say that is really sweet and will make him come back!! PLEASE ANYONE I LOVE THIS BOY TO DEATH JUST ANSWER ME!!! I have aol my screenname is MOMMYSLILBOO so please answer me! I appreciate it all and Ill rate you all a 5!

-stephanie- (link)
Dear Stephanie,

I know what you mean. My best friend since i was little moved and I only got to see him every 3 years. I would just tell him that you miss him a lot and would do anything to get him back! Tell him that you really like him. If you don't want to say that you like him like that. Then say it as a friend. If you really want him to stay so bad you'd do anything, I'd talk to his mom about them moving back. Tell him how much their family means to you. I hope this helped.


Hey so thairs this guy i really like (i mean alot)and some times he flerts with me at lunch and i flert back and today one of his friends came up to me and said he liked me right in front of him but he said he didint, and my sister was makeing up stupid jokes like you two are gunna make out and stuff and all he did was smile and i not 100% sher he likes me plzzzzz answer me i'll rate 5's plz plz plz!!!!!!! and if he dose wut should i do? (link)
If he does like you I say go for it. Have one of your friends ask him out for you if you're too embarrased to do it yourself because you like him a lot (as you've stated above) so I'd think it'd be nervracking. But I think he does like you. And if not, he's a jerk for leading you on! Because From what you say, it seems like he likes you a lot! Hope this helped!


A teacher randomly handed out 4 math books to four children in the class. The names of the students were inside the book.
a.)what is the probability that each child got his/her/ own book?
b.) what is the probability that no child got his or her book?

How do i solve this? and what are the answers? (link)
A.) 1/4
B.) 3/4 because there is a 4 people, so if they did get their own book, then the other 3 wouldn't. So yeah that's right!

What's the song that goes "He is everything you want, he is everything you need. He is everything inside of you that you wish you could be" ? or it might be she.. i dont know but what is it, who sings it and where can i get the video? (link)
It's called "Everything You Want" by Vertical Horizon. You can watch it on Yahoo Videos.

I love denim skirts and flouncy skirts from abercrombie! ..the problem is..They are too expensive! Do you guys know anywhere I can get a bargain skirt?..don't say ebay! Thanks! (link)
I would say Plato's closet. They have cheep clothes there!

I'm 16 F and I've never had a boyfriend. I know some of you might say, "Don't worry! When the time comes, it comes.." The problem is that I hang out with a bunch of preps..and all my friends have already had boyfriends..:-( I'm the only one out of that group that's never had a close relationship with guys! It's kinda sad..if you ask me! The question can I get guys to notice me..what can i do to make myself look prettier (I'm pretty ugly compared to the other girls)..How can I start convos with's already hard enough to talk to girls! Thanks (link)
Hey hun, okay you're 16 and you've never had a boyfriend. That's how my life is bound to turn out too! SO if you think you're alone you're not. I'm not 16 though I'm 13. Maybe it's not your physcial appearence. Maybe it's your height. That's why no one likes me! I'm 5'8 and going into 8th grade. And I know it's not because I'm not pretty, it's because of my height. I know you think I'm too young to understand all this. But trust me I get it! Having all your friends have boyfriends. Going to movies and then their boyfriend putting their arm around your friend and you have to watch. Then they tell you everything about it and you just wish you could have it. Well my advice, is to be yourself. Flirt more, and go for the guys that are cute. Wear eyeliner and Mascara on your top lashes. If you have cute eyes, they will deffiantly show! Wear cute clothes and curl/straighten your hair so it looks adorable! And who knows, maybe you'll have a guy in no time. But like everyone tells me, wait. You don't want to waiste your first boyfriend on a dork, unless you love him! It'll be romantic and you'll be glad you waited. By the way, don't listen to that LuckyCHarms person. He needs to stop giving advice if you ask me.

me and my mom dont have a very good relationship! i am 13! i want to tell her so many things but i am usually too embarrassed to tell her! there isnt really anybody else to talk to about stuff! i want to be able to tell her what happens at school and who i am going out with! i would also like to get her to let me go to the movies on friday nights! dont say jsut talk to her about it bc i cant! its not that easy! thanx! (link)
I know it's not easy to talk to your mom. It took me until I was 13 until I started letting her in on my life. Just go up to her and say you want to do something. Just start out slow. You don't have to talk to her right away. Just invite her to a movie. You don't have to talk. Then sooner or later you'll get better at talking to her. It might take a while, but it's worth it if she's the only one you can talk to.
Hope this helped! :)

-Sam Louise

ok there is this boy at skool he really likes me but I dont like him aand he gives me alot of nice things but I dont like him and I dont want to tell him so what should I do and should I give him back his things or keep them???? Please help QUICKLY (link)
I had the same problem. I didn't like this kid at all! He would always say he'd bring me back stuff from vacation and stuff, but I'd always say no don't! Because I didn't want to lead him on. Just tell him that you just want to be friends and that you can accept his gifts. Just tell him nicely he'll understand.
Hope This Helped IM me for anything else BrUnEtTe1431

OK I am a little young but please take this seriously! My best guy friend, he's 13, his dad died today. He has a heart attack =( well I know he probably doesn't want to talk to me yet but how can I comfort him. I really don't know how to appraoch him. I might write hima letter tellign him how much he means to me and how special hsi dad was... is that a good start? Any ideas.... I want to make this as easy as I can for him. Thanks for your time. (link)
I had a friend of mine's mom pass away a few weeks ago. And my choir teacher told me that no matter what you have to try not to cry. Because he needs your shoulder to cry on, not you to cry on his. And what you thought was an awesome idea! I would so write him a letter about how much he means to you. Most of all though, let him know you care. Let him know that you're always going to be there for him no matter what the problem is. He'll thank you for that.

My best friend stuffs and everyone knows it! She went from flat, from a 32 C in Except she doesn't know that everyone knows, how do I tell her but not make her mad at me?
CoNfuSeD FriEnD (link)
Dear Confused Friend,

I would tell your friend that people think that she stuffs! Say you don't but just tell her that you over heard people talking about it or something. And just tell her that if she does that she might want to stop, just incase she does because peopel call her fake. If she yells at you then she's not a true friend. Because she would be thanking you for telling her people could tell.

this girl i know is really buggin me! she used to be my best friend but shes not anymore. she did a lot of mean stuff to me so im not close with her anymore but my other friends are. I try telling them to be careful around her cus i dont want what happened to me to happen to them but they dont listen. what should i do??? (link)
My advice to you is to tell them flat out what she did to you and how bad you felt and that they should listen to you if they don't want the same to happen to them. And that you care about them and what happens to them so you're just giving them a heads up

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