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Ok I started this advice site to help out others. My friends say I give good advice but they could just be saying that to be nice lol. Tell me what you think by rating me (1-5, 1 l worst, 5 best). Good or bad, your rate will be appreciated!! Thank you!!
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Basically I'm 13 and i love to draw, swim, play volleyball and soccer, dance, sing, and hang out with friends. i love collecting purses haha, i have this huge purse collection in the back of my closet, most of them i never even use lol. i also like the shop and travel. i make madprofiles and i LOVE movies haha. i pretty much like anything non-academic related lol..god i'm so glad summer's started. anyways that's pretty much all about me!!
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I think you have to be an advicenators member..i'm not really sure, so you have to ask me a question and when you log onto your username, under My Questions, you see my response and you are given the choice to rate it from 1-5. I think that's about it, cyass!
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okay my bestfriend was going out with this guy and of course they were inseperable but neither were us. so the three of us always hung out. so right before spring break he dumped her because he was going on a cruise. of course he just said he didnt like her anymore but when he came back he wasnt very queit about what he really did on that cruise. so my best friend was extremley pissed. but at the same time, from spending so much time with him, i liked talking to him about alot of stuff..i guess we were pretty close. so a month later..last sunday actually he told me that he liked me. all year. even when he was going out with my best friend. out of shock i told him i thought i liked him too. i was obsessed with him all of last year but when they started going out i pretty much got over him. he even told my best friend he liked me. i kept reassuring her that ill tell him i dont like him but i dont know what to do because i dont know if i dont like him. my best friend is my number one best friend but i dont want to screw my friendsship with that guy either. so i dont know if this can makes any sense but any advice will do. im fourteen and im a girl. thanks alot (link)
ok you need to decide whether you like the guy or not first. if you do, and you want to go out with him, don't ask him out right away. wait for your friend to cool off from the breakup, and then you could do something about it. if you don't, then you could still remain friends with him. yeah you already told him you liked him but you could always sort of take that back. explain that you still want to be friends, and that you just don't think of him like that (also because your best friend might get real mad, but don't tell him that lol) tell your best friend that even if she won't speak to him, he's still your friend because the three of you were really close before. tell that to the guy too, if he's upset about you being with your best friend.

I've liked this kid for a few months now and we recently hung out and we did stuff and we aren't going out. But I know he likes me.. he is 16 and im 13.I don't want to go that far with him without going out with him But on the other hand I really do like him, I feel like if I hang out with him again Im gonna do stuff I will regret but if I don't do stuff he won't like me. I know he isn't the type that if I don't do stuff with him he won't talk to me .but I just want him to really really like me and if I do stuff I think he will ask me back out. Please help (link)
i don't know, maybe you should just go out with him. you obviously like him and he likes you back, and you'll regret doing things with him without you going out with him. so instead of worrying, just ask him out (or have him ask you out, whatever..give him signals that you WANT him to ask you out) and then you can do that stuff you might want to do. and if he really does like you, he won't just suddenly not like you just because you don't do stuff. don't let this get in the way of what you truly feel. why do you "not" want him to ask you out? if you do like him, then you should do what you want to do, and it seems a bit as if you want to do stuff with him, even though you "don't", if you get what i mean. ok sorry this is sort of confusing...anyways good luck!! :)

Okay i jsut broke up with my boyfriend and i was doing good you know trying to find someone knew.. so my best friend decided she wanted me to meet her friend who is a guy. So i meet him and hes awesome like i liked him as soon as we started talking. Then things god bad he told me online he likes my best friend and he is always asking me how to talk to her and how much he likes her. It wouldn't bother me that much but she definetly flirts back and she knows i like him. Should i tell him how i feel or keep giving him advice so he can get closer ot me best friend? (link)
well you probably shouldn't tell him how you feel because if he really did like you, he would have told you by now. he likes your best friend obviously so if you won't be too jealous of your best friend if they ever hook up, give him advice on how to become closer and closer with your friend. if you tell him, emotions might go haywire and i don't know, he may not hang out with you anymore. it's really up to you and what you think the consequences are going to be like. your friend probably likes him too because she flirts back. she possibly introduced him to you even though she liked him. you could maybe return the favor by giving him advice on how to become closer with her. or you could tell him both, about how you feel but still give him advice? that might be a bit weird but you can't really decide between which so you could do both. good luck!! :)

Hey, I moved to Chatham three years ago, and I like it a lot - but there's one thing that I don't like, I haven't had time for my old friends back in Mattoon(where I used to live) and now I haven't seen them in 5 months - and I'm missing all of them like crazy - and i dont excatly know why and I really wanna move back to Mattoon again but then I'd miss all my friends up here way too much. What should I do? Should I talk to my mom? I don't know what to do, please help!! (link)
you can still keep in contact with your friends in mattoon with phone, email, aim, mail, or fax. you should stay in chatham because you're already living there and plus if you move, you'll miss all your friends is chatham and it'll jsut start all over again. ask your mom if you can go back to mattoon to visit your friends because you miss them a lot. she might let you. if mattoon is near chatham, then you probably could and then you could hang out with them. i've actually never heard of neither of those places (did you make it up to keep your identity safe lol?) if your mom won't let you, maybe one (or several) of your friends could visit you. but don't lose contact with your friends, it sucks when you do because you miss them so much but always worry that they've completely forgotten about you (trust me, it's like the worst feeling ever). good luck with seeing you friends!! :)

I like this guy named john. he used to like me alot but he had a girlfreind, he cheated on his girlfreind with me. and now the girl hates me...and we used to be freinds before that. he always flirs with me, and we did shit even though we wernt together. then come to find out john did shit with some other girl, so i asked him about it and he completly lied and said he didnt. so then 2 days later i bitched at him more untill he said that he did lie. he said that it happend " a mad while ago " but i know that was a lie cuz it happend only 3 days before.. so i said, well i thought you liked me a " mad while ago " and he just was like whatever i dont wanna talk about it. so that got me really upset and i was cryin. and i G ot on IM around 1 in the morning, and he was telling me how sorry he was and how he did like me. ever sience that he hasnt been flirting with me at all, so 2 weeks later after hardly speaking he told me he did like someone else. and that killed me. i was so sad.. and i still am. so last night we were talking on IM and he was flirtign with me! ugh. and he still likes that other girl and not me. and it made me feel happy and stuff that we were flirting.. but then we didnt even talk in school. but now he flirts with me, and its so confussing. and even if he dsont like me, i just cant get over him.. i love him. i just cant, i know hes not the one for me and i know taht i can get better but i still want him and only him...HELP (link)
seriously, he cheated on you with 2 other girls!! that does not sound very all. and he lies to you too, with all that "mad while ago" stuff. and he might have lied to you about liking you because the nex day, he didn't even talk to you at all. and he might still be lying to you about not liking you, when he might because he keeps on flirting with you. he doesn't sound like he'd make a very good boyfriend to me at all. i know you love him and can't get over him, but he doesn't deserve to go out with a girl like you. i know, you think i'm a total bitch now and that i don't understand you AT ALL. trust me i do, and even if you did go out with him, he'd most likely cheat on you (or flirt all the time with another girl) like he did before, and you'll end up feeling a lot worse and hurt than you do right now. but boys are immature and they grow up, so you could probably give him a second chance. just keep on flirting with him on AIM and if you've had enough of him, go up and talk to him about WTF he's doing to you. he likes another girl, yet still flirts constantly with you. there's a pretty good chance he might like you. anyways good luck!! :)

ok, so i'm gonna b going to a boarding school next year, and i'm leaving my school to a different state, but my parents are still going to live in the town i live in right now. i have this friend sara, who i have become really close to since i moved here 3 years ago. she's really nice and fun in her way, but unlike me, she's not really all that socially outgoing. when i told her i was moving, she started changing wants to do everything with me. school projects, sleepovers, hang outs...everything! she's even starting to befriend my other more "popular" friends who she doesn't even like all that much. It took me really hard work to get to the social position i am in today, and when she's all around my more popular friends they think i'm weird for liking sara. I don't mind having sara by me all that much, but it's just that making her embarrass herself infront of the popular crowed i'm in and sticking by me is starting to get me really pissed off! i can't just say "hey, i understand your feelings but i need my own space," because she's very emmotional. wht should i do? help! ~peyton m. (link)
i think she really likes you, so she wants to spend as much time with you as possible before you move. which explains why she's started doing everything with you and hanging out with your more "popular" crowd. she probably wants to be popular too, like a lot of girls do. without hurting her feelings or telling her really, the next time she wants to come over and you're sort of sick of her, make up some excuse for her not to come over for your own time. make sure she doesn't find out though. if she doesn't find out, it won't hurt her feelings and she'll never know. i mean, it's mean to lie to your friends but this is sort of for a good cause. and for the popular people, you could maybe have somebody else tell her, not you. just don't have that other person mention you. if you can't do that, think of it this way- you're moving next year anyway so she won't bug you and embarass herself (while embarassing you at the same time, that is). good luck!! :)

i broke up with my x about 2 1/2 weeks ago because he thought i like my best friend whos a guy and he got all jealous so i dumped him . im in 6th grade and weve been going out on and off but in between weve always been close friends and all but now he is ignoring me and he makes fun of me. i asked him whats up and whys hes acting like this and he just said " what are you talking about? " and he says he still likes me but he doesnt seem to act thst way. can you help me?

signed__confused & miserable (link)
i'm sure you might have already done this, but you may not have been clear enough to him. ask why he's acting like this, like ignoring you and making fun of you, when he says he still likes you. if he still likes you, why does he pick on you? it might be the "hate" love (where when you like someone, you're mean to them to make it seem like you don't like that) but he already told you he liked you so that's weird. maybe he doesn't want others to think he likes you. maybe he doesn't like you and he's just saying that to make you feel better. ask him why couldn't you two remain the close friends you used to be instead of like this, ignoring each other. you might have already asked him all this and i'm really sorry if you have...this is going to be totally worthless then lol. or find out what's up, do you think he might be dating another girl? he might be being mean because he doesn't want his girlfriend to think he likes you, when he really does. good luck!! :)

Ok...I really like this guy hes cute,funny,and perfect for me, last year we liked eachother but we both and a bf/gf and we don't have the heart to dump people so nothing happened...then this year i sit next to him in one of my classes and he flirts with me ALL the time and im just a big flirt so i flirt back, and he starts it but he won't ask me out and i asked him if he wanted to dance with me and he told me to dance with my ex...its hurt my feelings, i can't tell if hes a big flirt or if he likes me, he gives me all the signs and he gets really close to just confuzed please help..thanx! (link)
i think that he still likes you but he's sort of being weird about it. he flirts with you, gives you all these signs, and liked you last year. but he won't ask you out and told you to dance with your ex... it's might be because he's sort of mixed out about whether he likes you or not, so he doesn't know if he should really dance with you. or he wants to try to make it seem he doesn't like you that much for some odd reason and told you to dance with your ex. and he can't make up his mind whether to go out with you or not. he's probably having a lot of decisions and second-thoughts about everything in his mind, so give it some time. on the other hand, he could just be a big flirt, who knows? does he flirt with you just as much as other girls? if he does, the answer is most likely just a big flirt. how long has be been acting like this? if only a short time or so, you could give it a few more days i guess. school is coming to an end so if he wants to ask you out, he should do it soon. if it's been happening a long time, maybe you could make the first move. he might be too shy to ask you out. some guys are just like that. you could ask him out, even if it's usually the guys who ask the girls out. if you're too scared, you don't have to. do whatever but i hoped i helped!! :)

Hey..I'm 15 years old.. and for the past 2 years me n this guy have been really close and we've been doing stuff.. we went out for about 9 months and then broke up and went out in the summer again.. n he's been telling me he loves me so much like more than a best friend and that I'm the best thing that's ever happened to him.. but he won't go back out with how can he love me so much but not want to be with me like that? If he loved me that much there wouldn't be anything from stopping him from going out with me right? But if he met some girl he really like he would give her a chance...just not me... and sometimes I think he's using me or playing games... what do i do? (link)
well there might be another reason...maybe he just doesn't want to end up going out again and again with you, even if he likes you. or he wants to date other girls or something. i don't know, the mind of a guy is very complicated *sigh*. i don't think he's using you really but on the other hand, i don't even know him. just ask him why he won't ask you out when he says he loves you so much. and why he'll date any other girl except you. or if you want to be silent, keep on hanging out and flirting, give him signs saying "I LOVE YOU!!!". does he even know that you like him back? maybe he's not asking you out because he's afraid of rejection. and i know this might sound like a stupid question but do you even like him? you never said you did but i'll just take it that you do because you're worried about him using you, but sometimes girls don't like a guy anymore but just wonder why he isn't asking them out, even if they're just going to say no anyway. okay sorry about that..anyways good luck!! :)

ok i have this friend and he just told me today that he cut i have tried everything i thought of and it is not working he lives in another state and i have no contact with anyone around him i have told him that its bad and many other things be all he said was "it makes me feel better" and i dont know what to do im worried about him
thanks (link)
that's real tough. it's good that you worry about him but do you know anyone else who lives near him? if you do, have them talk to him or try to make them stop, the same things you've been trying to do over the phone and stuff. if not, well i know this might sound stupid but unless you want to risk your friend to become suicidal...maybe you could talk to their parents? i have no clue, that could totally ruin your friendship though and you don't want that. you can't do anything about it when you live so far away. cutting sometimes leads to suicide and you really don't want for him to kill himself. i'll recommend you to call this number... 1-800-999-9999. it's the covenant house nineline and it's supposed to help out with family and such problems. i don't know how good it is because i've never called it before, but i got it out of a CosmoGirl magazine. it says that it's confidential soo that should be okay. i'm sure it's safe but if you don't want to, i can totally understand. sorry :( well good luck with helping your friend!! :)

Hey, ii am 12 and my boyfriend just dumped me and he juss got me pregnant! my parents died so ii live w. my aunt, and shes poor, so there's no money for the baby, and i hate abortions, they are sick and mean! so dont tell me to get an abortion, they juss arent fair! and even worse - my boyfriend had sex w. my best friend and now she's pregnant and she's 13. so yeh it sucks. =/ i'm failing school, and i'm too young to get a job. and i've done basically everything wrong . and it's too late to change. pls help me, and my twin sister is perfect, and my aunt is so proud of her and practically hatez me. nd she sent me to an alternative school [[gateway]] and ii haven't learned so ii dunno whut tha hell is wrong w. me, but i'm such a bad kid. ugh, pls write some goooood advice, or aleast worth reading. love yah

-- pregnant PREteen (link)
i'm really sorry about all that :( that's why you shouldn't have sex when you're not even a TEENAGER. well you could have your baby and set it up for adoption. when you're older, you could probably adopt the baby for yourself. ok so your boyfriend basically gets you pregnant and leaves you all alone to take care of the baby all by yourself???? omfg and the same for your friend too? and he just has sex with your best friend right after he dumps that bitch doesn't even deserve to get a girlfriend!!! and sorry about how your aunt hates you and how your twin sister is like perfect, that must really suck. my older sis is perfect too, but it's worse when it's actually your twin. anyways maybe you could get a tutor. i mean, i know it's expensive but it's worth you actually LEARNING something. try your best, have study groups with friends. those actually really help, i'm doing it everyday for finals. and i know it might sound dorky but make a time schedule for your time so you don't end up wasting time and get some breaks while studying and doing homework, so you don't die of exhaustion. have a 15 or 10 minute break every 45 minutes or hour of homework and such. ok i hope this helped and if not, i'm really sorry :( at least the adoption thing helped?? good luck! :)

Hey, I had written in here before.. i was the one you called a boy magnet. lol. and im so confused. Out of the whole situation before I picked Alex, and now we're going out. but tommrow my best friend, Andrew, is coming over and idk if Alex would be mad if he found out. Me and Andrew had gone out before too, but it was kinda messy, cause me and my xxxxx-bf Joe had just broken up and I went out with Andrew and i still liked Joe, and idk it just was messy. But me and Andrew still managed to be best friends. but like, ugh im so mad too cause im known as a slut, even though i havent done anything to bad. but its like all the girls are jellous cause a lot of guys like me? and im not being self-absorbed, but like thats what my friends say that the girls are just jellous. And i hate it, ill like walk by and there like "theres Tammy the whore" and it really makes me upset.. =/. im totally boy crazy, and i've had SOOO many bfs i cant even count. so i can see why;d they would get the idea im a slut. but im not and i just wish they could get to know me before saying that. and now with Andrea coming over everyones gonna like make up stuff saying I cheated on Alex, which i would NEVER do! One, because I love Alex so much, and Two, Andrew is like my brother? and that;d be soo wierd. Ugh idk. im just so confused. Please help.

-Tammy (link)
ok tell alex ahead of time about andrew coming over, but explain to him that andrew is your best friend and like your brother, so you'd never hook up with him. and plus you love alex anyway so you'd never cheat on him. you're totally allowed to have your best friend come over, even if it's a guy (or ex).
and how did those other girls find out about andrew coming over? and i'm sorry to say but i do sort of understand why those girls would call you sluts (even though i'd never do that and that's a horrible thing to say). you've dated countless and how old are you again lol? you're only a slut if you become practically a prostitute and hook up with any random guy and do stuff with them. i'm sure you're not one but girls tend to spread fake rumors all the time and it's stupid, but that's what everyone does. maybe to prove that you're not, lay off dating for a while. dating too many guys tires you out anyway. i'm not saying for you to dump alex but whenever you do break up, take a break from guys. plus, if you date too many, once you're single you won't be able to take it very well since you're so used to being with a guy. do you have lots of short relationships? next time you go out with a guy, make sure he's someone you'd actually go out with a long time, not just for like 2 days. good luck!! :)

ok im dating this guy.. hes so sweet to me and weve been dating for 4 months--almost 5. lately weve been fighting tho and we never do 'coupleish' things you know. theres this other guy in my homeroom (we'll call him bob). well me and bob dated before and ive always liked him. weve been talking more lately and i like him again. i just dont know what to do about my b/f. i love him so much its just.. the other guy. when we dated we always did stuff (not like WOW) but coupleish things, i guess i just miss that kinda stuff. anyways, what should i do? should i break up with my b/f and go for "bob".. or just stick around and go with the flo?

i think you should go out with bob. you want to more than your current boyfriend. you need to be happy with who you're dating. even if your boyfriend is sweet, you've been fighting and he hasn't really been doing things with you, so it's sort of been ..boring for you i guess. if you're afraid of hurting your boyfriend's feelings, maybe you could give him a warning that if he doesn't start doing "couple-ish" things with you and doesn't stop fighting with you all the time, then you may have to dump him. if that happens, go out with bob. don't stick with the guy just for pity, or fear of going out with bob...idk only go out with someone because you like them, not for anything else. good luck!! :)

ok so i just broke up with my boyfriend because he kissed one of my best friends. and his freind has a girlfriend who is my friend but he likes me... i like him too but i dont wanna like take him away from her cause she is my really good friend. like one day we hooked up and i feel really bad for his girlfriend. but i like him!
what do i do

-- confused (link)
it's good that you actually care about what you're doing to your friend by hooking up with that guy once. some girls just wouldn't care and steal the guy away. anyways that was a mistake but just NEVER tell your friend about it, that's something that could end a friendship. i think that you and the guy should just be friends and don't hook up with him anymore. think of it this way, imagine you had a boyfriend and one of your friends comes along and steals him by hooking up with him constantly. that would totally suck and you'd probably hate that friend. you don't want that to happen to you. who's more important, friends or guys? it's usually friends, they'll be by you no matter what. guys tend to come and go (there are definitely exceptions though). wait and see if they break up. if he becomes single, then you could hook up with him. but not when he has a girlfriend. good luck!!! :)

oh, my, GOD! my sister and my mom can be SUCH bitches sometimes. first of all, my mom always compares me to my sister, from school-trouble-EATING HABITS! please tell me what to say to my mom about it, it just drives me over the edge!

thanks. benny. 13/f (link)
it's a mistake many moms make, comparing the younger sibling to the older one. i know exactly what it feels like. my older sister goes to an ivy league college and has just gotten into one of the best medical schools in the country. you can just IMAGINE how much my mom wants me to be like her!!!! except i never will be, because i'm stupid. anyways explain to your mom nicely that you are your own person and nobody can force you to be someone else. nobody except you can control who you are. plus constant comparing makes you feel like a bad person, and that's definitely not what a mom should be aiming for. on the other hand, try doing better in school, stop getting in trouble so much, and maybe cut down on eating habits... but make sure your mom understands that she hurts you feelings and totally ANNOYS you whenever she compares you to your sister. tell her that you'll try to become a better person, just for her to PLEASE stop comparing you. you have better traits and can do better things than your sister too. good luck!! :)

okay so i had just asked that question about my boyfriend .. im the spoiled one. and on first note.. you didnt have to be rude to me when you answered but thats besides the point. okay, i took an ept test and it came up positive. but the last time i had sex i hadnt gotten my period yet, but it came the next day. my friends told me it probably just read it wrong so i did 3 more and 2 out of 3 said positive. but when i had sex i hadnt gotten my period yet? what do you think? (link)
ok sorry for being rude. anyways did you have sex anytime after you had your period? maybe when you got your period, some sperm cells sneaked in and got fertilized in your fallopian tubes with your egg. that's a really rare chance though and i don't even know if it's possible. and dude you're 11 and you're what are you going to, abortion? kill an innocent life because of your horrible mistakes? i'd suggest you set it up for adoption so it can live a normal life without an 11 year old mom and an unidentified father *unless you get a DNA test, or you actualy KNOW*. also try doing the tests a bit more, since one of the times came out negative. just to make sure!! good luckk :)

okayh i have 2 qoutions =)

1 * My sister has this boyfriend named kaylin and hes wicked nice and hot and shes wicked pretty she looks like paris hilton its crazy .. back on track ... well shes 16 and hes 19 and i tottaly understand at that age your gonna wanna do " stuff " and i just think my sister has had sex soo many times it scares me .. like one time i was driving home with her from school and a kid goes to her soo Melissa when we gonna fuck in your backseat and she goes in a whisper " my sister [ cough cough ] .. " and i go huh ? and she goes nothing .. what do you thinkk ??

2 * I really like this kid named josh [ jt ]and im like obbsesed with him and he likes this girl name dimond and im just soo sad laytley he knows im like obbssed but he dosnt seem to like me .. its like im envisible .. i cry every night over him and i cry all the time in shool =( i cant stop like right now !! ahhh...
- please help and thank you (link)
1. was that kid who told your sister to ..uh fuck kaylin? if not, she's totally cheating on her boyfriend. i don't really think you should get involved in this because it is her personal life and older sisters HATE it when their little sisters get in the way...TRUST ME. and yeah i do think she's doing a bunch of "stuff" but your parents have done it and so has almost every adult you've ever seen. i know, creepy huh? lol anyways try not to think about it because thinking about your family members doing it is a very disturbing image lol!! but try not to think about it, whenever you do just remind yourself that it's normal and your sister isn't a horrible person for doing this and that someday you'll do it too..or just totally switch to thinking about something else. my sister is 21 and she has DEFINITELY done it but i don't think about it all the time. i have better things to think about than that, i mean the more you think about it the more perverted you actually get. lol so just try to NOT think about it. after a while, it'll fade away anyway. good luck!! :)

2. well sorry but you can't force a guy to like you. that's almost as if any guy in the world could force you to fall in love with them, and that's not the way life's like. instead of crying, try flirting and hanging out with him. become friends and see what happens. he might ask dimond out but even if he does, it's not the end of the world. this happens to everyone and you might think "oh i love him more than anything!!" that's what SO many girls think TRUST ME!! try to stop crying and whenever you do, quickly wipe your eyes and wash your face, to avoid getting even more emotional and drying out like a prune. all you can do is hope for the best and try not to cry too's bad for you. good luck!! :)

well here is the thing i like my best friends brother .. he is 11 and i am 13 . she doesnt think i should go out with him . but i really like him .. and i dont know what to do . PLEASe help me !! xo thanks so much


confused soul (link)
your friend probably doesn't want you to go out with him because he's 2 years younger than you *at this age, it does make a difference. later on, it doesn't really matter*. and he's her brother, and if you date him, she might feel left out of the "threesome". or she might just think it's weird, who knows.
anyways if you really like him, you shouldn't let others opinions influence your decision! go for it!! like for instance, women weren't allowed to vote about 80 years ago. many people thought it was wrong for women to gain voting rights but women stood up and fought their way for voting rights anyway!! and the men's (and some women's) opinions scared them but they did it anyway!! and guess what, they SUCCEEDED! ok that was a horrible example but you should still just go for it and if your friendship is ruined because of this, than she isn't a very good friend. this is really long so sorry but if you need more help then just IM me at sappyacorn2!! good luck!! :)

ok i like this kid.. he knows i like him.. and i talk to him on the internet and everything but he never talks to me.. or asks me anything.. does that me he doesnt like me or hes shy? he has a girlfriend but he talks to my other friend alot.. but i dont kno what it is?
there are several reasons he could be acting like they are:
1) he likes you but has a girlfriend so he doesn't want to really talk to you. he wants to stick to his girlfriend and doesn't want you to get in the way.
2) he doesn't like you. talking in real life is more intense than talking on the internet. seriously, i talk to some people that i never even talk to in real life a lot.
3) he hasn't made up his mind so he doesn't know whether to like you or not. so he decides not to talk to you in real life but talks to you online instead, in case it turns out he DOESN'T like you.
4) he likes you but he's just shy. internet chatting is so much easier to do than actually talking face to face.
5) he likes your other friend. like he talks to you online because you're his crush's friend and all but in real life, he sort of ignores you.
6) he likes you and is using your friend to get closer to you because he's shy.
7) he doesn't like you and the only reason he talks to you online is because you IMed him first (that's only if he never IMs you) and he can't really just ignore you unless he really hates you.
lol yeah you didn't really give me that much detail but that's all i can really think of!! good luck with finding out! :)

Hey, heres my problem. My one friend always gets all this stuff like... perfumes for example ( she has Victoria Secret, Hollister, A&F, and Ralph Lauren and a bunch of others..).. which she nevers wears..they just sit you figure, i can get them right? Well wrong. " I don't wanna smell the same as you! " and i told her how other people own that too, and she went," i haven't smelled it on them!" And this is happening with a bunch of other stuff to... i want a certain color dressy thing, i can't get it cause SHES getting that color she told me to get a black one.. FOR SUMMER! and then with sunglasses...and like EVERYTHING...even hair! Im a blonde, shes a brunette. I asked her once how i should wear my hair and she went," Curly, because i'm wearing mine straight and i don't want to have the same hair as you." And i counted all of the same things she bought as ME and we have like six of the same things! I went shopping for a ring and i showed it to her, and a minute later she pulls my ring off the shelf and goes," Im gonna get this one! " and i went,"...uh..thats the one i was looking at." and she went," oh. But i saw it first." and i was like,".. i was here like three minutes before you..." ... but ANYWAYS..also, even though she DOESNT want us to look alike.. she ends up getting the same thing as me.. so whenever i go over her house i gotta mark like all my stuff like my straightner so i know its mine...and ugh... this just always happens.. and i don't really think she's trying to copy me..and it really gets to me sometimes because theres so much stuff i want but i have to get it either in a different color, or not get it at all. i dont know.. i have no idea... but PLEASE HELP..!! =/

p.s. i hope this letter didn't sound to snooty like " oh i want this and this! " like some stuck-up

Almost Identical (link)
don't worry you don't sound snooty at all. your friend sounds really annoying actually, doing this to you *even if she isn't doing this on purpose*. i think she really likes your style and taste in things, but she always tries to force you to get a different color or not at all to make it seem that she doesn't. tell her what you told me, how she's always "copying" you but like she forces you to get something different. something's up with that and seriously, if you don't talk to her and this continues, you might not be able to take it anymore and EXPLODE. but first experiment. go shop with her and pick out this totally HIDEOUS outfit and cry "oh this is so CUTE!!!" and see what she does. if she doesn't buy it then it's probably because it's so hideous lol. if she does, she's definitely copying it (unless the hideous outfit isn't actually that bad...but choose an ugly one). and then if she does buy it, she'll force you not to buy it so you wouldn't have to buy that outfit!! lol just TRY it out and the results may not necessarily mean anything but whatever.
also next time when you buy, let's say a straightener *even if you already have one* and find one you like, you could suggest another brand or kind to your friend, but if she doesn't go for it and wants to get the one you're getting, then yeah she's definitely COPYING. but it could work, who knows she might get that other straightener. anyways good luck with her!! :)

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