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Ok I started this advice site to help out others. My friends say I give good advice but they could just be saying that to be nice lol. Tell me what you think by rating me (1-5, 1 l worst, 5 best). Good or bad, your rate will be appreciated!! Thank you!!
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Basically I'm 13 and i love to draw, swim, play volleyball and soccer, dance, sing, and hang out with friends. i love collecting purses haha, i have this huge purse collection in the back of my closet, most of them i never even use lol. i also like the shop and travel. i make madprofiles and i LOVE movies haha. i pretty much like anything non-academic related lol..god i'm so glad summer's started. anyways that's pretty much all about me!!
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I think you have to be an advicenators member..i'm not really sure, so you have to ask me a question and when you log onto your username, under My Questions, you see my response and you are given the choice to rate it from 1-5. I think that's about it, cyass!
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Ok so thers this guy and i like him but im not shure if he likes me. I mean at the begginging of the year he found out i liked him and he didnt have a problem with it. Than mi friend told him i didnt anymore and than he started talking to me. Now all he does is star at me in class and laugh at what-ever i alot of people think he likes me but im not shure...i dont want to ask him or any of his friends if he does ecause i dont whant to get embarrased...Can u tell me how to find out if he likes me in a way thats not obvious?
tahnx-confuzzed in love (link)
have one of your friends ask him because a lot of people still thinks he likes you anyway so it can't be that suspicous. he may not tell the truth, but it's worth a try. and he stares at you in class...hmm does he stare at you a lot in particular? if he does, there's a chance he likes you and the reason he laughs at everything you say is because it's the "i love you so i'll pretend i hate you" trick many people pull on their crushes. but you never know so just have your friend ask him. i can't really think of another way, maybe anonymously email him lol? ok that will not work haha good luck with him! :)

hey me and this guy have known eachother since we were like 1 and everything and just last year i started liking him ... well we went outa and he cheated on me after 2 months so i dumped him but i still had feelings for him so we went out 4 more times and then this year at the beginning we went out then he cheated on me with my friend and we were apart until jan. and then got back together and then for valentines day he got me a necklace and i wore it all the time untill a week or so ago because we were going out and then i heard he was with this other girl so i gave it to him and said have fun with it cus this is the last time u r gonna hurt me but i didnt mean it cus i realllllllllllllllly love him u kno the real deal not some pretend relationship or nething and he is with that girl now and im not with ne1 because im still stuck on him....should i get over him or should i tell him i still love him and ask him to be with me? ~ signed helplessly 12 year old in love (link)
babes honestly you should move on. he's cheated on you so many times, you've given him enough chances to prove himself trustworthy but that's enough. you can't let him do this to you. you don't deserve a guy who constantly cheats on you, no matter how gorgeous, athletic, smart, funny, and just PERFECT he is! if you go out with him, he's most likely going to cheat on you again and you'll feel more lonely than ever. he's not worth it and he's been using you all along. seriously, he might actually find it funny if you tell him you still love him after all the times he's cheated on you, don't make a fool out of yourself in front of him. move on and look for other guys out there who wouldn't do something like this to you. i know it's hard but think about it, he's not worth it. good luck! :)

I just thought I'd tell you thank you for you're advice - it really worked( the one about Mattoon and Chatham and by the way they ARE real, they're just small towns in IL lol) anyways - thank you so much! and I kinda have another problem - lol - okay this guy named Austin, he's been one of my best friends since we were in diapers - and I fell in love with him in 5th grade - i mean i've liked him since kindergarten(dont ask - i never believed in "cooties" so yeah)but I finally fell in love with him in 5th grade. We went out all through 5th grade and all summer and then we broke up. Then we started going out near the middle of 6th grade and that lasted for at least 2 months? and I still really really like him. When he dumped me I cried for like a long time. I found this new kid at the beginning of 7th grade named Anthony and I really thought I had gotten over Austin but i didnt. ( by the way we broke up because I moved to Chatham ) - we live 2 hours away, so i don't know how it'd ever work out - but I'm totally and completely head over heals for this guy, he doesn't know I still love him because he has a girlfriend - who is one of my good friends. but this weekend( memorial weekend ) i hadnt planned on doing anything and he IMed me on MSN saying he wanted me to come down to visit him because he misses me and we need to hang out because he's been having a *crisis* in his life or something - he told me that him and his girlfriend have been getting in a lot of fights and he really just wants to hang out with me and catch up with me this weekend. I don't know if that means he likes me or if he just wants to see me since we haven't seen each other at least 5 months? He never really seemed to care much until he realized him and his girlfriend might break up. I don't know if I should tell him I still love him incase he has feelings for me? I don't know what to do so please help me =(
-Head Over Heels For Him (link)
anytime :) just go over and see how he acts. don't say anything about your feelings to him until you've actually been around him for a while. if he seems like he cares about you more than a friend, then you should definitely tell him. if it doesn't really seem like it, you should tell him anyway. he might like you and you don't want to miss the opportunity. tell him during the middle, so as to the beginning it may scare him off and the end would be too late to do anything about it (if he does like you back). if it seems like he doesn't like you, then it's up to you whether you tell him or not. if you truly love him more than anything, tell him because you won't be able to hold it in anyway. if you like him only as like a crush, then you could hold it in, whatever. good luck! :)

okay i have this problem and i would just like to know how to deal with it. I was going with this guy a little over than a year ago and we weren't going out we were just hooked up and acted like boyfriend and girlfriend, and as time went on it just died. Recently I started likeing him again. and he was kind of leading me on and now he's going out with a new girlfriend! I was shocked when i heard about it. No offense to her but she is a little immature and doesnt really seem like the type of person this guy would be into. But what do i know? Okay so last night i was at a party. It was a surprise for me and my friend didnt invite him but earlier he was telling about how bored he was so when my friend brought me out to dinner as a decoy so people could get tto the party spot we invited the guy. And he came, still going out with his girlfriend. He figures its okay to hang out with me since his girlfriend hangs out with other guys. mind you evryone know that i like this guy includeing his girlfriend. so last night we were going for a walk with another couple and i guess he is kind of into me. So he was telling me how we could hug and stuff because his girls friend was around. and then he was saying maybe next weekend and stuff to me. and he was hitting on me all night. and i think their destine for breakup so could you please just tell me if he's worth waiting for. I really really like him and think he's great. and i would just like to know what you think of this whole situation.

-Elizabeth, 14 (link)
yeah it sounds like he might be worth waiting for, with him giving you all these signals and everything. just wait a while, maybe a week or so, but if he doensn't start doing anything with you, you should stop waiting for him. just move on and look for other guys, because if you wait to long you'll get devastated and it'll just make your life a lot worse. i think he might like you the way you put it so keep on flirting and hanging out with him and see how it goes!! i hope you end up going out with him again! good luck! :)

ok so theres this boy named cory and theres this other boy names matt well i went out with cory before but i never met matt but on Friday i will but cory told me he still liked me but now he hasnt called in like 3 or 5 weeks and i dont know if i should just wait and see if he will call or just start talking to matt i mean when i first get to meat matt cory will be there and im afraid that he will get jealous but i wanna met matt because all my friends say he's really cute and matt wants to met me so should i call matt and tell him i wanna met him or just want for cory to call?? sorry if its confusing but i have no one else to ask =] (link)
3 to 5 weeks is a pretty long time without calling. honestly, i'd call matt to go meet with him. he seems like a pretty nice guy. and don't feel bad for cory, it's his fault he didn't call you so you deserve to be able to make plans with another guy. but you should eventually call cory and ask him why he hasn't called you in so long. maybe he has a good excuse, like family problems or whatever. plus, it's not like you're really going to hook up with matt the first time anyway *well you might but it's less likely*. good luck!! :)

how do i lose weight ?
i'll give you several ways and you can choose a few of them or all of them, whatever way you want.
1) exercise. if you're still going to school, make sure you actually DO SOMETHING in PE. exercising really does help. and do 10 pushups every morning and nigh EVERYDAY until you start losing weight. jog around the neighborhood, work out at country clubs, swim, do whatever it takes babe.
2) eat right. don't eat too much junk food. eat more fruits and vegetables *i'd recommend fruits because i personally hate vegatables*. eat low-fat food, if you're addicted to soft drinks, drink them diet, and cut down on snacks. definitely avoid foods such as donuts, beignets, pie, and cake. stop eating as much little by little so it doesn't feel as if you're starving yourself
3) don't loaf around all day. get up and do something (this sort of belongs under exercise). even walking around or moving is so much better than watching tv or sitting at the computer all day.
4) get an active hobby, like sports, dancing, ice-skating, rollerblading, gymnastics, etc... there's tons you can do to make yourself healthier and lose weight.
5) take vitamins. there's this type of vitamin you can take that makes you lose weight better *i forgot what it's called sorry!!!* but just like go to a drug store and ask for it.
good luck!! :)

My friend alex is not very smart she doesnt care about her grades n whenevr we discuss our grades she doesnt say nething n makkes fun of us and she kinda of rubbing off on me like instead of studying we go to the malll n fail the test the next day were starting highschool n ma mom wants me to find a new friend but i dont wanna make her feel baad what shud i do?
-?friend til' the end? (link)
in high school, all of your grades actually matter. middle school is basically just preparation for high school. the colleges you apply to look at your high school grades and if they're bad, then you don't have a very good chance of getting into that college. tell alex that you love her and all, but that in high school, you need to focus more on your grades because of the college issue. whether you get into a good college or not doesn't matter sometimes *smart people go to bad colleges sometimes* but you do want to get into a good one nevertheless. that could probably get the idea into alex's head that she needs to sort of do better in school too. but tell her that you still have summer together, and you two can spend as much time as you want having the time of your lives ok? that won't make her feel too bad. as for your mom, tell her it's only for the summer and not for the school year. keep on being friends with alex over the school year but don't let her be a bad influence to you. good luck!! :)

Ok i really like this guy...but he dont show any interest in me...i hang out with guys all the time and when i do he gets jealous but yet he said he dont wanna girlfriend...i dont kno what to do because i am sooo in love with him...but i dont wanna ditch my guys friends if he isnt my boyfriend...What should i do and say to him? (link)
no you shouldn't ditch your guy friends!! they're your friends and you should never give them up. if you do, they're not real friends. still keep hanging out with them, including the other guy. anyways, the more he gets jealous, the more likely he might ask you out lol. all you can truly say to him is "ok you get jealous everytime i hang out with my guy friends but then why don't you just ask me out..?" or something like that without relaly pointing out that you like him yourself. and flirt with him *as in the doing part* too, so as to not make him overly jealous...that could be bad lol. good luck!! :)

Ok, well im 13 and ive liked, like my best friend since 4th grade when he moved here.. and we kinda went out 4th grade and 5th grade but i mean it wasnt really a relation ship because we wre like 10 - 11 and yeah, but i think i still have some feelings for him and he dosent at all and he is pritty rude to me sometimes, he lives right down the road from me and he comes over all the time and were always really close like were together alot . i dont want to ruin anythin that we have as far as out friendship.. i think i should leave it aloe but all of my friends tell me we are really cute together but im not sure..give me your read on the story
i think you should take a chance. like if you don't, you never know, you could have missed a great opportunity. if you're too afraid to admit you like him just to find his side of the story, then you could maybe have a friend go ask him who he likes. and "suggest" you because you two are like best friends and make a cute couple together. she'll tell you what he said. even if he says no, he might still be lying. like he'd honestly tell his crush's friend that he likes her..? the only real way to find out is to actually tell him or have someone else tell him, or ask one of his friends who he's told his crushes to. just try, what's the worst that could happen? your friendship ends because you happen to like him...come on it's not like that's going to happen. you could be talking about your future husband here haha. plus you two are friends, it's so much better than if you don't even know the guy at all. good luck!! :)

ok.. at the beginning of the school year i was known as a good person, nothing bad was said about me.. im a cheerleader-so a good bit of people knew me. ok to the main thing. my best friend (well call her amiga).. well weve been friends since around the middle of the year. we both ride horses and now we share one. lately, people have been talking about me.. not in a good way. i havent done anything wrong. the thing is, amiga.. didnt have the best reputation when we started being friends.. and now her reputation has rubbed off on me. i dont like being hated or talked about in a bad way. i like being good with everybody.. my other friends are kind of being distant towards me now and i hate it. i dont want to lose all of my friends and be left with one. "amiga" is always sarcastic and can be really mean at times. everytime someone gets mad at me, she always has something to do with it. i really want to start hanging out with my other friends more and kind of backing away from 'amiga'. i still want to be friends with her but just not best friends- how can i kind of back away from her?? PLEASE help me

well just stop going to her house as much, like without hurting her feelings you could give her a little "lie" about this family thing or whatever. and don't talk to her AS MUCH anymore, like still talk to her but not as bffs that much. once people sort of see you back away from amiga, they might start talking to you again and you might make new friends. then you'll get a better reputation. ok's not that easy. if amiga follows you everywhere and is like "attached" to you, you could say you have to go somewhere and she can't come and you could talk to other people too, if you can. i'm sorry that wasn't really a lot of help, but that's pretty much all you can really do..good luck! :)

ok i like this one guy((lets call him jake)) n i realllllllllly like him i liked him since 4th grade and i am in 6th(( the end)) our lockers are rite next to eachother and we talk sometimes n he seems fine like he doesnt turn red or anything like that but i do! i get realllly nervous but i only want to go out with someone who likes me first casue i dont want to be like a fool n say i like him n then having me get made fun of so how do i get him to like me?....i talked to his cousin online n i asked him he does jake like n he said me but i dont know if he was lying?
B3CKi (link)
honestly, the cousin is the only source you've gotten so far on this. does his cousin seem like a trustworthy person? or can you not tell? maybe you could find another source, like a family member or friend *only someone who's trustworthy. you don't want them to spill!* if you can't, you might as well just trust the cousin unless he seems like a person who lies all the time. and i know this might sound weird, but you could maybe have your friend go and ask him who he likes. not like he'd tell but sometimes they do, idk it's probably a bad idea lol. good luck!! :)

ok, heres whats happening. my best friend ((lets call her a))and me have been really close for 3 years now. ((4th grade - now, 7th)) we did basically everything together, but now, she is kind of drifting away from me, and onto another one of my good friends, ((lets call her b)) they have been doing.. like EVERYTHING together now, spending EVERY weekend together, and everything! i am on the same soccer team as b, and so i enjoy times with her too, ((3 is a really bad number 4 friends kuz someone always gets hurt, but i love both of those friends to death)) but now b is inviting a to all of our games and tournaments and everything!! even the out-of-town ones!! and so now, i just found out that a and b are going to florida together!! when i am just with a, or just with b, we get along PERFECTLY!! but when it is all 3 of us, they always "team together"!! i hate it soo much and it seems like a (my "best-friend" i guess) is like.. annoyed with me, or just likes b better!! i can't stand this, and i am so confused, because they are fine with just me, but then if it is al 3 of us, then they just basically totally ignore me! (especially a) AND a is in cheerleading and so she invites b to all of her competitions, and one time she promised me i would go to one, but then she just said she "forgot". i don't want you to say, "You should talk to her about it," because she is really emotional and would just use her age-old line, "why can't i have other friends?" plzz help kuz i really want this friendship to last!! thanx sooo much i am 13/f (link)
that's really hard. they should realize what they're doing to you by now, which they probably do, but they keep on doing it anyway. i mean, how could they not notice? i know you get along with them really well when you're alone but maybe you could try making other friends. in fact, why don't you try this little experiment where you're really nice to them alone but around the 3 of them, hang out with this other girl instead of them *like what they do to you*. chances are they may not even notice but if you do it for a week or so, they might. doing that helps you make a new friend who wouldn't do this to you and could possibly even make your old friends treat you differently *in the good way*. and is b that could probably talk to her be like "ok why is that whenever i'm around u only we get along real well but how come when its the 3 of us, you and a totally ignore me!!" i know u said you didn't want to talk but mayybeeee...ahh well good luck!! :)

okay.. how do i know when my period is coming?
~confused (link)
well you basically come of age, like it's usually around age 12. people have it before or after. sometimes you might find some clearish white stuff on your underwear ahead of time but that's not the case for everyone. and i don't know, it just comes when you least expect it, but don't worry about it. bring extra pads in your purse or whatever just in case. i'm not really sure how you just KNOW but see about the underwear thing ok? good luck!! :)

me and my bestfriend were totally close nd ive liked him for like 1 year nd he really liked me so i said i'd go out with him .. but then a week later we broke up nd i love him so much but he doesnt like me anymore.. do u know what i could do to get him back (link)
unfortunately, you can't FORCE a guy to like you again. sorry hun but if you really doesn't like you anymore, you can't really do anything about it except keep on being friends, and hope that he'll start to like you again. but he might still like you, so keep on flirting and giving him signals. also keep on being friends with him, he probably liked you in the first place because you were a good friend and all. so keep on being that same good friend and i hope it all goes well for you!! good luck!! :)

Okay, I have two best friends and sometimes it seems like Dannie will only tell Marissa things and then she'll just tell me some stuff because she thinks I'll tell someone or not believe her. She's my best friend why wouldn't I believe her? What could I say to her to let her know that I won't tell and I'd always believe her...because she always thinks I doubt her. And I want us three to be friends like we used to be again. (link)
well did you ever do anything to make her not trust you? accidentally tell a secret of hers to somebody? or act all sarcastic whenever she told you something? those could all be reasons on why she's acting this way. if you did any of those (or others), then apologize to her and say that you won't do it again and to just give you another chance. or if you never did, then that's just really random she's doing that. ask her why she's being like this, not really trusting you and doubting that you won't believe her. she's your best friend, of course you'd believe her. tell her exactly what you told me, like how you want the 3 of you to be like you used to be again. trust me, heart to heart convos actually do work (sometimes...but it's worth a try at least!!). good luck!! :)

hey im 12/f and im not like fatt im just like kinda well idk im a size 4 and i waas wondering what kind of bathing suits will make my stomache and thighs look smaller and where to get them? no bikinis! and my familly isnt poor AT ALL but like not 200 dollar bathing suits lol =]
thanks a bunch x0ox0ox0ox (link)
if you get the two piece where the top is just like a bikini top and the second piece is like a skirt, it makes your stomach smaller. a tankini sometimes makes it look smaller too. one pieces don't really work lol. don't buy ones with polka dots, those really do make you look fatter lol. bathing suits with vertical stripes do make you look skinnier, DO NOT get horizontal stripes!! the design actually does help. you could get pretty cheap swimming suits at target, limited too (lol), and pretty much just any department store (actually basically any clothing store..almost). you don't have to get a designer bathing suit to look good lol. those are the only ones that would cost that much. good luck!! :)

im 12, and a long time ago my best friend (girl) went out wit my udda best friend (boy) buht i had a crush on the boy. She knew i liked him. Than i covinced her to break uhp with him, kinda with my other friend (girl) and she dumped him, then i thought mayb he would go out with meh, instead he asked out this other gurl, than this other girl, than another, and another and another, soo many, and now i think i like him again, a lot! and he doesnt hang out wit meh anymore, so its kinda heart breaking, and i dont kno wut to do..should i tell him? or juss try and move on? and wut if i told him and he juss tells his friendsz or sumthin and laughs.... (link)
is he the type of person who would laugh at you? if he is, maybe you shouldn't tell him. plus if he's the kind of person to do that, that wouldn't exactly make him the best boyfriend either. but you should take chances in life, and if you never ask him, you might have missed a great opportunity. he could have asked you out and you end up dating him for years and years to come!! on the other hand, it may not work out so well, but that's okay. how about when you tell the guy that you like him, and he does end up laughing at you and making fun of you, say "omg haha you actually believed me!!" and say it was a dare from one of your friends (make them actually dare you to do that). then he won't laugh about you anymore because he thinks you really don't like him when you really do lol. hey it could work!! good luck!! :)

okay .. i am 15 me and this guy were dating for a year and we were soo in love.. we spent everyday everynight together.. we talked about anything and everything.. we were best friends and boyfriend and girlfriend..and then one day we got in a huge fight and i told him i wanted sum space jus to think things out .. but i still loved him to death .. but when i sed i wanted space he got rele upset and took a bunch of pills and he came home like that..when his mom saw him like that she sent him to live with his dad in rhode island for a while ( i live in connecticut ) when he left i was devistated .. he called me and we talked on and off..and then when he comes to visit sumtimes i see him..but now all we do is fight because we are both so fusterated with the situation.. his mom sed he could come home ...but his dad got rele upset and wanted him to stay with him .. so he stayed because he felt bad leaving his dad all alone it is almost summmer and he is going to visit for summer a little bit ..and i wanna see him and i wanna like be with him again so bad.. i miss him soooooo much and he says he misses me but i dont noe wut to do .. i jus want things like they use to be and i want him to move back so we can be together..when he comes this summmer what should i do to get closew ith him again ? so he knows i care and still love him ? please help me (link)
you should mention how much you miss him and want him to move back, even though he may not for his dad's sake. but don't talk about it too much, spend most of the time catching up, talking, hanging out, etc... just being friends. be a bit flirtatious and all, make sure he realizes how much you still care and love him. don't talk about it all the time because you shouldn't be spending your time with him being all dramatic, you should spend it having fun together. that's what he'd want to do. hanging out and basically having fun with him will make you two closer, even if it's just all casual. i mean come on, summer is a time to just chill :). you are only with him for so long. good luck!!

ok so i'm 13 and i have a really great bf. but i cheated on him and had sex with this other guy thats in 9th grade. and thats not the worst though:( I hooked up with 2 other girls about a week later. i feel really bad because my bf has no idea and he treats me so good and i dont want to break his heart. what do i do? and also i kind of have been hanging out with girls more lately and i think i might be that bad?

-confused bisexual (link)
i know you already know this, but you SHOULD NOT have done that to your boyfriend! imagine if he did it to you? and he treats you really well too, that was really unfair of you to do that. so everyone makes mistakes, but still. if i were you, i'd stop hooking up with people (unless you actually turn out to be bi and start liking girls, then you could dump him for a girlfriend i guess...or another guy). if you don't want to break his heart, then don't cheat on him anymore. simple as that and if you feel the urge to hook up with someone STOP, think "my bf wouldn't do this to me..why am i doing this to him??". and being bi is totally not a bad thing!! most people you know aren't bi but that doesn't mean anything, it's just who you are and there is nothing wrong with being bi. people only make fun of bisexuals because they're different, and it's just stupid and mean that they do that. sorry i support gay rights, dude they can't help it, but yeah it's not bad at all don't worry about it :) good luck!!

Okay, I like 2 boys at the same time 'nd they both like me too. What should I do because one of them is my boyfriend but the other one i've known longer 'nd i've liked him ever since.. What should I do? (link)
you stick with your boyfriend for now but if things with your boyfriend don't go so well, then you can go out with the other guy. or if you actually like the other guy and would like to go out with him more, then follow your heart and go out with him. don't have feeling sorry for your boyfriend get in the way. you have to decide which one you like better. or you could just stick with your boyfriend to see how things go, maybe you might start liking him more. do you think the other guy will make a better boyfriend than your current one? plus you've liked the 2nd guy longer anyway. well good luck!! :)

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