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Ok I started this advice site to help out others. My friends say I give good advice but they could just be saying that to be nice lol. Tell me what you think by rating me (1-5, 1 l worst, 5 best). Good or bad, your rate will be appreciated!! Thank you!!
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Basically I'm 13 and i love to draw, swim, play volleyball and soccer, dance, sing, and hang out with friends. i love collecting purses haha, i have this huge purse collection in the back of my closet, most of them i never even use lol. i also like the shop and travel. i make madprofiles and i LOVE movies haha. i pretty much like anything non-academic related lol..god i'm so glad summer's started. anyways that's pretty much all about me!!
How do you rate me?
I think you have to be an advicenators member..i'm not really sure, so you have to ask me a question and when you log onto your username, under My Questions, you see my response and you are given the choice to rate it from 1-5. I think that's about it, cyass!
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Hi.. My name is April. i am 15 and I live in San Diego.. Both of my parents were traveling when the tsunami hit and they were both killed. i am so stressed out. theres nothing i can do for the pain. i have tried smoking pot and doing other drugs which tends to help for a short time.. but then once i high wears off, i just go back to the same lonly feeling. for the time being i am living with my 3 sisters at my aunts house, but she already has 4 children and they are not the most wealthy family, so its been just all one big struggle. i am failing school because i cant concentrate. all i can think about is my parents and how much they meant to me. my mom was my best friend in the whole entire world.. and tomorrow, May 21st, is her birthday. i dont know how to handle the pain. i have considered suicide .. and if i do do it i am going to do it tomorrow so i can see my mommy on her birthday. so please give me some advice because your the last person i am counting on.. (link)
omg i am so sorry about what happened to your parents. it's hard to take the pain when you lose a loved one, and i'm so sorry. but your mother wouldn't want you to do this for yourself. she's watching you from above, and imagine how she feels when she watches you smoke pot, do drugs, fail school, and committ suicide. your mother would want you to keep on living your life, without her, and do well in school and just be happy. it's hard because you may think there's nothing more to live for because your mother is dead but your mom wouldn't want you to stress out this much. you'll eventually join your mother but for the moment, keep on living your life. your mom wants you to do that. and you still have your sisters, and your aunt left. there are many children in the world who have no family left. homeless children, starving children. and your mother is always with you, even if she is no longer living. please don't committ suicide, your parents wouldn't want you to suffer that fate without fully living your life. let time pass by, it cures over time. to relieve the pain, go see a counselour or therapist and ask them how you can handle the pain without doing bad things (such as suicide and drugs). don't do drugs either, they may seem to make life better but they end up making it so much worse. try to relieve your pain in a healthy, good way. good luck :)

Hey, I moved to Chatham three years ago, and I like it a lot - but there's one thing that I don't like, I haven't had time for my old friends back in Mattoon(where I used to live) and now I haven't seen them in 5 months - and I'm missing all of them like crazy - and i dont excatly know why and I really wanna move back to Mattoon again but then I'd miss all my friends up here way too much. What should I do? Should I talk to my mom? I don't know what to do, please help!! (link)
you can still keep in contact with your friends in mattoon with phone, email, aim, mail, or fax. you should stay in chatham because you're already living there and plus if you move, you'll miss all your friends is chatham and it'll jsut start all over again. ask your mom if you can go back to mattoon to visit your friends because you miss them a lot. she might let you. if mattoon is near chatham, then you probably could and then you could hang out with them. i've actually never heard of neither of those places (did you make it up to keep your identity safe lol?) if your mom won't let you, maybe one (or several) of your friends could visit you. but don't lose contact with your friends, it sucks when you do because you miss them so much but always worry that they've completely forgotten about you (trust me, it's like the worst feeling ever). good luck with seeing you friends!! :)

oh, my, GOD! my sister and my mom can be SUCH bitches sometimes. first of all, my mom always compares me to my sister, from school-trouble-EATING HABITS! please tell me what to say to my mom about it, it just drives me over the edge!

thanks. benny. 13/f (link)
it's a mistake many moms make, comparing the younger sibling to the older one. i know exactly what it feels like. my older sister goes to an ivy league college and has just gotten into one of the best medical schools in the country. you can just IMAGINE how much my mom wants me to be like her!!!! except i never will be, because i'm stupid. anyways explain to your mom nicely that you are your own person and nobody can force you to be someone else. nobody except you can control who you are. plus constant comparing makes you feel like a bad person, and that's definitely not what a mom should be aiming for. on the other hand, try doing better in school, stop getting in trouble so much, and maybe cut down on eating habits... but make sure your mom understands that she hurts you feelings and totally ANNOYS you whenever she compares you to your sister. tell her that you'll try to become a better person, just for her to PLEASE stop comparing you. you have better traits and can do better things than your sister too. good luck!! :)

Ok.. well my mom works for social services. and she got this job when i was in third grade (i'm currentlly in 8th) and ever since then shes been SO overprotective. She doesn't like for me to do things without her knowing every single detail. She's takin the lock off my bedroom door. so that she can walk in at any given moment just to see what i'm doing. And it's getting worse every day. Even when i was in 3rd grade i didn't have a 'bed time' but now she's making me go to bed at 9 oclock. it's getting really bad. i'm getting ready to be in high school and i still have a bedtime. i feel like such a child because i never get to do anything. And i've tried talking to her. And i've told her that i think she is to protective. Yet nothing ever changes. What should i do?
14/f (link)
think of it this way, your mom obviously cares about you since she's so overprotective. yet 9:00 is a really early bedtime. tell her instead to knock before going into your room instead of just walking in. i mean, you could be naked from the shower and she just randomely walks in. next time she should KNOCK and then come in *that's what most mothers do*. if you tell her to go away, make sure to explain to her WHY so that'll actually make her leave (that's what the case usually is). you're going to high school next year, and like nobody has a 9:00 BEDTIME in high school!! it depends on your high school, but high school can give you so much homework that you may have to stay past 9:00 to do it. make it slow at first. tell her to make your bedtime go to 9:30. then after a little while, tell her 10:00...and so on. you have all summer for her to do that. and if she doesn't, dude you're going to high school and in 4 years, you're going to college and you might as well have her get used to giving you more freedom because in 4 years you will be OFF ON YOUR OWN!! it's not like you're 5 anymore. ask her, why do you need to go to bed so early anyway? she's afraid you won't get enough sleep? that's about 10 hours of sleep (even on schooldays!!) that's a lot of sleep... and you could afford less anyway. you have to try talking to her and i'm sure that if you're reasonable enough and all that she'll give you more freedom. if not, then you should talk to a counselour or youth group or whatever to ask what to do. seriously, moms tend to listen more to other adults more to their daughters so it's worth a try. anyways i hope i helped!! good luck with your mom!! :)

this is really embarasing to say even though its annonymous. im 16 my bf is 20 i was on birth control and went off and tuesday i went to go back on it and they give you a pregnacy test to make sure your not pregnant before you go on birth control. well results were positive and im pregnant. the lady gave me papers on abbortion and my mom is understanding and i am going tomorow to get it done.
i have never been so scared in my life. i feel like this murderer for killing this baby that hasnt done anything wrong. but on the other hand i am so not stable to have a baby. what should i do i know ill regret this for the rest of my life?

you probably have no clue what to say but if you were in my position what would you do :O( (link)
you could have the baby and set it up for adoption. yes you're have to do all these papers and you're giving your baby away to a completely new place, but it's a better feeling than knowing that you just killed a living being. you probably shouldn't keep it, like you're still in high school (unless you dropped out) and you wouldn't have time to take care of a baby anyway. maybe when you're old enough, you could adopt your baby!! that's the best thing i can come up with, just never give your baby away to this random woman, give it to a GOOD orphanage that will actually take care of it and treat it right.
this is actually too late because you probably sent it a few days ago (for all i know). i hope that you somehow thinked about this idea and did it instead of murdering a baby. hope you made a good decision!! good luck!! :)

hi. my name is Sam. im 14 and i just started going out with this kid josh and i really like him he asked me out on valentines day =) .. okay well every boyfriend i have my mom never really likes then like she is always like "cant you do better" or "he isnt cute" or stuff like that just like negitive things .. well i haven't told her about josh cus i dont want to know what she has to say about him but it's hard keeping it from her bc like i cant hang with him or she will get suspicious about it. and she doesnt care that i have a bofriend but she doesnt want me to hid things from her. but i just don't know if i should tell her and risk hearing all the negitive things she has to say as soon as she meets him or still keep it a secret. could you help me i relaly need it =) (link)
well, i think you should tell her because you can't keep it away from her forever and the truth is going to spill out sometime anyway, unless you break up josh like tomorrow or something. but the longer you keep it away from her, the more angry she's going to be when she finds out. but you never know if she's going to say negative things about him *even though there's a pretty high chance she is, since she always has*. and also if she does, tell her that she should accept your boyfriends because you love them and that she doesn't control your love life. you love them and that's that. she can't change that. and plus she can't force you to dump them anyway so what can she really do?
so what you should do is tell her, and when she starts saying negative things you should tell her what i just told you. she can't tell you who to date or not, who to marry. good luck!!

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