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Hey:) I'm Julie. I'm a fun girl and I like to live life to the fullest. I have a lot of friends and I guarantee I have either been in your situation or know someone who has. My friends always turn to me for advice and I would like for you to feel that you can too. Anyone who approaches me on this site I will react to as though you are my friend. Your problem is my problem and I will help you with finding a solution. I have dealt with everything from drug addicts, to people with depression, to men saying every line in the book. I've been to all time lows as well as situations so weird and funny that you don't even know what to do. I have asked the questions that seem too awkward to ask face to face so do not fear asking me anonymously. I love awkward, embrace weird and live to help. Ask me anything and I will help you to the very best of my ability. Thanks for reading.
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i've been dating my boyfriend for almost 2 months. we've been long time friends, and dated once before, but now its becoming more serious. lately, he's been getting tutored by his ex girlfriend. she goes over to his house, and he goes to hers all the time. they used to have a really close relationship, and now its getting back on track. he says i have nothing to worry about and he wont ever go back to her. i feel very jealous and insecure. i dont know what to do. please help.

There's two ways of taking this. 1, you can tell him how uncomfortable in makes you feel and that you'd like if they studied in a more public setting or with more people. Or 2, you can be laid back and trust him. Trusting him may be hard to do since it's an awkward situation but it will make him love you 20x more. The fact that you trust him and won't let something like that get to you will actually be sexy to him. Either option is acceptable. Do what ever makes you feel better. Personally I would let it be though because saying something could possibly push him into her arms. Hope I helped!

think my friend needs some serious help he has an obsession with a girl he hangs about with but she's not interested but he won't give up he insists on trying to make her love him which isn't going to happen she told him this last time they were out and he took 60 paracetemol so I was told.

He tends to lie about things as well and exaggerates on the truth to make himself look better I'm not sure what to do and he's becoming a danger to himself. The girls already cut all ties with him and isn't hanging out with him now but now he's even more obsessed.

They have never dated or had any sexual expereince what so ever with each other.

any advice would be appreciated or the name of the condition if it exists.

he is 20 years old and refuses to see a phsycologist and makes up lies about things going on his family and such whnever he knows your right to make it sound like everyone is against him. (link)
Honestly the best cure for being stuck on someone is to find someone new to place your affection on. If your friend refuses to seek help try taking him out to meet some new ladies. Go to the bar, the club, and parties. Make sure he looks his best and maybe when he goes to the bathroom tell some girls to approach him. Be his wingman for the night. Show him he's a desired man and doesn't need to obsess and be depressed about 1 lady because there are plenty of fish in the sea! It may take some time but you can help him through it in that way. Hope I helped!

okay, so lately i've been noticing that while i work out i get this smell. like my vagina gets really moist and thats all i can smell. as if i'm turned on.
is this normal? i didn't worry about it until my boyfriend mentioned he noticed it on the tredmill.
how do i get rid of it? or why does it get like this?

18/f. 180lbs. 5'4.
if that helps. (link)
Some girls(and men) discharge when working out. Perfectly normal. The smell differs from person to person but discharge never smells good. Lol. There isn't a way to get rid of it but you should use plain water 2 or more times daily to clean. Scents used in attempt to mask the smell can actually make the odor stronger. Also I reccomend wearing cotton panties because they allow the most ventilation. Hope I helped!

I Had Sex For About 30 Minutes and And Then About An Hour Later I Started My Period. I Don't Think The Condom Broke Or Slipped Bhut Somebody Help Mhe (link)
Sometimes sex can cause your period to come. My friends who are sexually active have had the same thing happen to them. You're just on your period. No worries! :)

me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 6 months. and were almost getting into the sexual stuff. slowly but were getting there. well like last night he had my phone between his legs thinking i wouldnt try to grab it. well i tried to grab it and he grabbed his "stuff" and said "never!" but he was laughing. and then another time i was laying with my head in his lap and i was talking to him and my hand like rubbed against his chest and he said "hey! that was my nipple!" then he kinda like tried/acted like he was going to grab/touch my boob but he didnt really. well my question is can i get a guys perspective..or girls. on what his hints are meaning is he just being dumb? or is he hinting something? what can i do to get us both more comfortable with touching eachother? thankyou in advance... (link)
Boys love sexual stuff. To me it sounds like he is trying to subtly hint at the fact he wants to do more with you. There are 2 ways to go about the situation. 1 is when making out with him try making things hotter. Like grind on him and maybe even mess with his pant line and wear something hot of course. Lol. He'll either try to do more or ask to do more. If he doesn't, suggest it to him. The other is to have a serious talk with him about your relationship and ask if he's ready to advance sexually. If you guys have been together 6 months a talk like this shouldn't be too awkward. Hope I helped! :)


So there's this guy I like, let's call him S. He's 16, almost 17, not that that's important, just thought i'd add it in.

I mostly know him through school trips we've both been on. The first was a year ago, and although we didn't talk much then, he still seemed to be fond of me, always saying hi to me, trying to start conversations and asking me to come hang out with him and his friends.

Then he always say hi and hugs me if he sees me out.

Then the most recent school trip, which I only got back from a couple days ago, was when I started to fall for him. Although he is a flirt with everyone, he was always teasing me, comforting me if I was a bit down, putting his arm around me, walking beside me, trying items of his clothing on me, putting accessories on me in shops, taking pics of me, standing beside me in pictures.

We ended up flirting a lot, sharing food, sitting with each other, constantly making eye contact and smiling at each other when no one was watching. It was like we had some kind of connection, when other people were talking we would make eye contact with each other and smile (or nto smile sometimes), as if we were sharing some kind of private joke.

After a while, my friends sensed that there was something going on between us, and left us on our own. S had obviously wanted them to, because when they said they wanted to leave he said. "Okay, you go. Me and M will stay here." and then he asked me to come sit next to him. So we sat and it wasn't uncormfortable at all. He kept looking at me in a kind of intrigued way, like he couldn't quite work me out. I made a comment about him, and then, he suddenly seemed to get a little more serious, like he cared what I thought about him, and asked if he really appeared that way, then tried to explain why. But he started to kind of get confused with it, it was really cute. Then he studied me for longer and we made eye contact, and he started saying what he thought about me, which was along the lines of, I act innocent but I'm mysterious and he can tell just by looking into my eyes that there's something more to me, that he thinks I'm a bit of a bad girl, but I'm hard to work out. I never gave him a straight answer to that, just kind of smirked or smiled and made eye contact and then would change the subject, which I hope keeps the mystery. Then he bought me a drink (:

When we were with everyone again he mostly talked to me and joked about, and once when talking about something he loved and found we had in common, said, "Ohmygod, I think I'm in love!". I know he wasn't being serious, but there must be something to it.

However, after that, he didn't really speak to me on the flight home, apart from saying hi every now and then, though sometimes I'd catch him watching me. Oh, also he asked for my number and gave me his.

He hasn't contacted me since the trip, except for saying "snap." next to one of my facebook updates.

What should I do? I really want to get to know him more and get him to like me more, but I don't know how. I have his facebook and number, but I don't ever really see him. Any ideas?

Also I should add that he is generally quite a flirty guy. It's just that to me, he seemed genuinely interested.

Thanks, x
i have been with pleanty of players and that is their game! they make you feel so special and unique, like youre the most special girl on the planet and then it turns out theyre using the same likes on 15 other girls. if the guy is known for being a man whore and still hasnt contacted you, i honestly think you should move on! either that or you can try starting the conversation with him one time and see if he tries to talk to you after that. i advise you find out all the dirt you can on him. im not at all trying to hurt your feelings but i know a lot of guys like this. you may feel different but in his eyes you are most likely just a piece of meat or a prize to win.

18 female
I have been with my boyfriend for 9 months now, nearly 10 and we havnt had sex!
we have stayed over night with each other and went through all the steps but when we get to the stage of actually having sex he pulls away!
I know he isnt a virgin because I know a girl he has slept with! is it me? (link)
if he didnt like you he wouldnt stay with you. its definately not you or his level of attraction. he might just be trying to be respectful or may not want to do it before he thinks youre ready to. if you really want to let him know. im sure hed be more than willing to. hope i helped.

Am i a slut if ive been fingered and eaten out at age 11? (link)
it depends on your relations with the person, and if there was more than one person. youre young but youre not necesarily a slut if he was your boyfriend or something, or if it only happened one time. a slut however gets around and goes far with lots of guys they have no relations with, which i really hope you as a 11 year old were not doing. lol. hope i helped!

I'm 16/f, 5"1 and 93 pounds....sadly a 32A. If I went up to like, 105 pounds, could I conceivably increase a cup size? (link)
everyones bodies mature at different rates. my mom told me that my body relates to hers and she didnt get the large cup size she has today until she hit 20 so maybe youre that way as well. you cant be positive of the fact they arent going to grow. also everyone has weight affect them in different ways. for some it will go to their breasts while others may gain the weight in their stomache or thighs. you could give it a shot but considering your small size you probably have a very fast metabolism. eating more might not even cause you to gain weight because of that. there are pleanty of actresses that are amazing and sexy who dont have large breasts such as: jennifer aniston, eva longoria, miley cyrus, keira knightley, natalie portman,kate hudson etc. and if you are really interested on at least making them appear larger try water-bras or push-ups. they may even have growth pills. but honestly, you dont need boobs to make it big in hollywood. hope i helped!

I don't know if anyone in particular is good with "sex" questions but.. i have a slight problem in that department. I've been with my boy for 4 years now but only have been having sex for 1.5 yrs of it. The problem is.. he doesn't last long at all, but he used too. Any tips as what to do? We intend on getting married but I can't if sex just isn't fun. Is that low to say?!.. Anyhow, I hope you can give some kind of advice. Thanks. (link)
if you're planning on staying with someone for the rest of your life they should be a good fuck. part of marriage is sex and there is nothing wrong with you wanting it to be enjoyable for you. I've heard that boys can control when they go, like he can just try to last longer and he will but he's being selfish. guys who I know drag out the process to make it more enjoyable for their girl, that's what your boy NEEDS to do. obviously if you're considering marrying him you guys are really close. you should be able to talk to him about anything, even this. and once he starts being better about going longer there are a million things you guys can do to make sex more exciting! I'm a cosmo reader and they have crazy new sex positions/tips like every month. either buy it or I can recite some of their tips to you if you'd like. best of luck girl!

i am 20 year old male and i been with My girl foralmost three years and we have a baby on the way but a year and some time ago i cheated on her with this girl and we messed around twice WITH protection and she got pregnant the baby is now five months and and every since she was pregnant i asked for a dna test and she refused to give me one saying things like no and she would think about it i saw the baby once when he was a month but i say pic of the baby and the baby have my nose and my lips so what should i do should i jus take care of a baby that i dont know is mine because i dont want to seem like a bad person i really am trying to but the female is making me feel like see is hiding something (link)
because of the possibility that the child could be yours i think you should take care of him. and whether you will or not i think you should promise that you will help her with the child even if it isnt yours but that you just want to know the truth and have a DNA test. or you could even take the child out and get the test without her knowing. those are both decietful things to do but the fact that she could be conning you into taking care of a child who isn't yours is way worse. hope i helped! please let me know how it all turns out.

im in a bad relationship its violent dramatic and we dont trust each other but somehow we do love each other. we cant let go adn dont want to we want to make it work but were so alike its hard. he says really hurtful things and so do i but we always forgive. last night it got way more crazy and i havent slept ate or thought straight since. i keep crying and i really feel like he wants to be with someone else now. how do i feel better or make this work (link)
you have two options.. either break things off and move on. find someone who you can get aalong with better, there are pleanty of other fish in the sea. OR you can try talking things out with him. address the fact that you guys's fights are a big problem and work on treating each other better. if things dont get better see if you really think the relationship is worth it despite the fact he makes you feel like shit. personally im not one to be with someone like that but if you can tolerate it and you really like him that much you should stay with him even if he wont change. hope i helped!

Theres this guy on my bus and he liked me the year before last ALOT.
Well today on the bus I was shocked when he compared our hand sizes and marveled over how small mine were, and then he held my hand like fingers laced. He held my hand for a minute, then let go, and kept doing that at random times. But he finally held on for the rest of the busride before we had to get off
and he gave me his aim and his cell phone number even though it got taken away.
I dunno if he likes me or not because hes pretty flirtatious but I soo hope he does but what do you think? (link)
I can't for sure say he likes you but it sounds like he's interested. I think there's obviously potential for him to like you considering he used to and that all you have to do is catch up with him and he'll be yours. He obviously wants to talk to you if he gave you his contact stuff so talk to him and see how he acts. Also if you get the guts try and ask questions subttley to find out how he feels. Lastly see if he suggests hanging out. If he just wants to chill at your house or something he most likely doesn't like you very much and just wants to use you. Alright I hope i helped! :) Good luck!

i like this guy, and my friend found out that i like someone, but she doesn't know who, but she wont stop asking me, i usually tell her everything, but for some reason i don't want to tell her this, but now she knows that there is someone, will she be offended? and should i tell her? (link)
if shes a good friend and you trust her i dont see any reason why you shouldnt tell her. she might feel hurt if you dont, it may make her think you dont trust her. if you really feel strongly about not telling her you could say someone else or just be honest and say that you really dont want to share it. explain the fact that you do tell her almost everything but this is one thing you just really would like to keep to yourself

Okay so my friend talked me into going to 4-h camp over christmas break. I was really excited cause we would get to spend some time together. We turned in our applications together so we would get the same classes. But the thing is over this past weekend I've kinda relized I really DIDN'T wanna go to 4-h camp. I mean I just wanted to in the first place to make my bff happy.

So my mom was happy to call and have them take me out of it (aka 4-h camp).
~The real problem i have here is how my BFF acted:
I told her on msn messanger yesterday here's how it went she is KT: I'm MG:

MG: Hey kt, wats up.. :)

KT: nothing much I"m bored, hey what baithing suit are you packing for camp? I'm thinking two peice or one... what do u say?

MG: KT, I've got some bad news...

KT: :( what.?

MG: I'm not going to camp. I'm sorry but I relized that I really don't want to go. I so so so sorry, but I just can't!

KT: WHAT WHY?????????????????????????????

MG: Well.... I'm not used to being away for a week, and I really don't want to go. All in all I just don't think I would have fun. BUT maybey next year! SORRY.

KT: Sorry?? SORRY??? I thought you were my friend? It's not to late you can still go! I'll be there. I'll be lonley without you.

MG: I'm sorry my mom already called and got me outa it


and that was it what do I do I don't wanna go but i don't want her mad at me!! (link)
honestly at the moment your friend was overreacting. she was upset because she was looking forward to you comming. i dont know how your friend is. i had a friend who hated me for a long time because my mom pulled me out of a vacation with her. the best thing you can do is give the situation a little time. hopefully she will get over it and if she doesnt you should sit her down and have a talk about it. and if you talk to her about it again dont say you didnt think it would be fun. thats offensive. hope i halped!

on facebook i used to have my profile set up with applications first before getting to my wall, and somehow i switched it, how do i switch it back?
secondly i added the bumper sticker applicationa and my friend gave me a bumper sticker and it says its in my profile, but it doesnt show up, some other random sticker does, how do i get the bumper sticker to show up (link)
arranging things on facebook is incredibly easy, you just drag and drop them where you want. as for the bumper sticker application.. its really messed up. if within a couple days it hasnt fixed itself delete that icon and tell your friend to send it again.

So my next door neighbors moved in less than a year ago, and its been hell. They're forever in my house, and they take things only to not return them or give them back in poor conditions. Its not only clothes, but shoes, chairs, butter, spices, irons, etc. They're perfect freeloaders. I was FED UP, so this morning I argued with the mom (they're 3 girls) and completely cursed her and her 18 year old out. I did apologize over the phone, but when the lady told me to do it in person, I cursed her out some more and clicked on her. I certainly don't regret it, but I feel bad for my mom. We're the completely opposites, she's the soft, loving type who feels bad about hurting people's feelings. I know it sounds pretty mean, but does anyone have any techniques to get stuff off your mind? Also its gonna be awkward seeing my neighbors, and I hate feeling like I have enemies, but I will fight her if she even looks at me wrong. Can anyone give their opinions? What would you have done? (link)
you went a little overboard there. you had every right to be pissed and completely get where you're comming from. i dont think i would have been able to restrain myself in that situation either. maybe it would be a good idea if you attempt an apology again but this time with your mom with you. that will probably keep you from bitching them out again and your peaceful mom can clear the air. thats what moms are for, cleaning up our messess:). and if that doesnt end up working... avoid, avoid AVOID! hope i helped.

how do you get rid of the wall-wall. Cause when i look at other peoples profiles some of them have their wall-wall so you cant look at the conversations between them
how do i do that? like make the "see wall to wall" under every comment invisible or something. Thanks (link)
im almost positive you cannot hide that. the reasoning it doesnt show is because the other person may have their page set to private you cant read the wall to wall if youre not their facebook friend.

This is long by the way, but I really need help.

Okay, I honestly needed to come here, I'm just so confused and apathetic towards everything.

Firstly, before I begin I'm suffering from depression. Not a small playground type depression, depression as in I'm seeing a counsellor. So what I'm about to tell you is no good to add onto that.

I've lost the little friends I had left tonight. I'm not going to rant on about who's fault it is. I don't even know. I don't know if I'm in the right or wrong, all I know is I don't have friends left.

What happened was we've been on last legs for a while. They've been disagreeing with something I believe in strongly, and although I tried to clear that out of the way of the friendship, they just couldn't let it go. I'm not saying this is bad or blaming them for anything.

Well, yesterday we had a sort of argument. I tried to tell them my point of view but they wouldn't really listen. Then they would ignore me. So needing to rant, I confined to some internet friends.

Today, I found out they read my rants to my internet friends. I'm not sure how, I know my internet friends didn't tell them. I didn't even drop names, and they don't know they exist.

So we're not friends anymore. They feel as if I betrayed them, and I lied to make them look bad. When the thing is, I couldn't tell them because they wouldn't listen and ignored me. And I suppose it was a TINY bit exaggerated, you know in that way you fight with your parents then recount it to your friends? Honestly reading back now though, everything I said was truthful.

Anyway, it's pretty rough. How do I learn to move on? It's only really sunk in now I'll be spending every day, every weekend in my house doing nothing, and I won't see the city for a long time.

Also, there's this internet forum we all go on. Should I continue posting on that or leave it? Out of all of us, I have the highest post count and I spent the most time on it, and the people there know me better, but since this is screwing up my head so much I just don't know what to do =S (link)
this is the decision you have to make... do you want to gain these friends back or do you want to move on? in order to gain these friends back it may take alot of work. considering they read that site maybe you could type some form of an appology to them or something. that may help, and continue to show you care and you truly want to be friends again. if you wish to move on then you will have to be open to putting yourself out there. its not easy to make good friends but not impossible. considering all that youre going through already i think you should remind your old friends of that. if they continue to behave this way though i think its best to just move on. hope i helped!

so my firend said that guys like asain girls, i asked why and she said its cuz their "tighter" im guessing tighter down there. Is that true? and do guys really care about that all that much? (link)
i have alot of guy friends and a brother so i know some things. hah. all guys have different preferences. i dont know of any with asian fetishes though but as far as that goes guys interested in sex like girls who are tight down there but in all honesty many are desperate. guys will basically take what they can get.

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